My Weekend With Michael – A Love Story By MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE (Chapters 1-6)

**Note:  This is a fictional story.  The contents are only for your reading enjoyment. 

Rated Mature: For readers over 18 only.



Michael was coming over to my house for dinner on Friday at 7:00 pm. We planned to eat and then catch a late night movie afterward. To my surprise, he arrived unexpectedly an hour early, so I was not ready. I wished that I had more time, but I was glad he had arrived. My mind was so hurried the whole day, thinking about what I would do first upon my arrival home. I rushed home from work, showered, put on a sexy, frilly, short-sleeved top, some fitting jeans and very cute sandals. I began cooking. I intended to change to something a little fancier before he got there. When I answered the door his eyes quickly appreciated what I was wearing. He had one hand in his pocket and the other around a bouquet of flowers. His overnight bag was next to him on the ground. He quickly withdrew one hand and held it out to me to shake.

 “Hi! You must be Valerie!”

He smiled brightly. He was even more handsome in person than I could have imagined.

I shook his hand. I could not believe that Michael Jackson was actually standing on my doorstep!! “Hi, Michael,” I warmly greeted him. “Please come in and make yourself at home.”

He reached down and got his bag. Once he stepped inside, he placed it in the nearest corner. He handed me the flowers and kissed me on the cheek.

“These are for you. I hope you like flowers.”

I felt a warm heat wash over me as his lips made contact with my skin. I tried to hide it as best I could.

“Yes I do, these are very lovely. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gesture. Won’t you have a seat while I put these away?”

“Yes, thank you,” he responded as he sat down.

 I could feel him watching me as I left the room. My insides had turned to jelly, but I played it cool. After finding a vase and putting my arrangement in some water, I yelled to him from the kitchen that I was going to bring out an appetizer. He said ok.  I brought out a tray with a spread just for him. I had prepared a mango salsa dip and tortilla chips for him to munch on while dinner was cooking. I offered him a glass of my delicious, homemade iced tea. His eyes lit up as he tasted it and I knew that I had won him over. He said the salsa was delicious and very different. I bashfully told him thank you.

“Aren’t you gonna eat some?” he asked as he loaded another chip with salsa.

“I’m fine. I don’t want to spoil my dinner. I made it especially for you.”

“Thanks Val. Do you mind if I call you that?” He did not wait for my reply before he continued. “It’s really good. I appreciate it.” He flashed his most dazzling smile and I melted!!

I somehow managed to speak. “Uh, since you are a little early, dinner is not quite ready yet.”

 Michael looked a bit remorseful as he was chewing.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. I usually run a little late but I am working to change that. I guess I went too far the other way, huh?”

 “Oh, no it quite alright, I don’t mind you being early at all. I was wondering if you would be ok if I left you momentarily to change into something else. I won’t be very long, I promise.”

Michael stopped chewing and swallowed. He looked me over slowly once again.

“Why do you want to change? I think you look beautiful as you are…..”

His words kind of lingered in the air and danced around my head. Michael thought I looked beautiful?!! I didn’t even have any make up on!! I quickly looked down. I felt the heat rising in my face. I was sure that he could see it.

“Oh, thank you. You are very kind. I don’t even have my make up on yet….”

He gave me a very serious look. “I’m sure you look lovely when you put it on, but you look good with it off. I mean it. Don’t change a thing.”

 What could I say after that? “Alright, if you insist.”

“I do.” He patted the seat next to him. “Come, sit with me.”

 I obeyed. He saw my photo album on my coffee table and asked if he could look at it. I told him he could. As he reached for it, I got up and turned on my stereo. I put on a mix of some my favorite singers for us to listen to like Sammy, Frank, Nat and Roberta. He was amazed that I liked so many of the old entertainers. He said the mix was cool.

I watched him as he started to look through the album, moving his head to the rhythm of the music. I began to study him while he was preoccupied with the album. He was not as shy as I thought he would be. He was very confident and charming, but yet courteous all at the same time. He wore a red shirt, black pants, white socks and of course loafers. His hands were large, yet gentle. His curly black hair hung in strands from under his black fedora hat, which he obviously forgot to take off his head. His features were gorgeous. He had thick dark eyebrows and beautiful, dark brown eyes that seemed to change hues of brown. They sat under jet black eyelashes. His mouth was incredible. His teeth were even and white. He smelled divine!! He was a total babe!! He must have felt me staring at him because he looked up and smiled bashfully and giggled. I was so embarrassed that he caught me staring at him. Then he suddenly remembered that his hat was still on his head. He quickly took it off and laid it on the coffee table. His lovely mane was pulled back in a pony tail.

 “I’m so sorry, where are my manners?”

“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled reassuringly at him. He smiled back. God this man is so sexy!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

 We continued to sit on the couch, chatting while we waited for dinner. I sat closer to the end of the couch with my legs curled under me.

“Now, I want to know all about the pictures in your album.”

 Then he began to ask me questions about the pictures. I almost felt like I was being interviewed, but I didn’t mind. He didn’t talk too much about himself. I understood that he was trying to get to know me, so I waited until he felt comfortable before I asked any him any personal questions. When Frank started singing “The Way You Look Tonight,” Michael’s eyes lit up.

He jumped up suddenly and said, “Let’s dance, girl!!” Before I could reply, he pulled me up and grabbed me around my waist. He began to twirl and lead me around. I was giggling so much it was ridiculous!! He was an excellent dancer of course and very easy to follow. After the music stopped, he continued to hold me as we laughed and turned during the silence of the intermission for the next song. It was very nice and I enjoyed being in his embrace. He held me in a gentlemanly fashion. Still laughing, I politely pulled away.

“I’d better check on dinner. It should be almost ready now. Would you excuse me?”

“Oh, sure. Is there anything I can help you with?” he politely inquired.

“I got it. You just relax. Enjoy the music while I am gone.”

He sat down as I turned to walk away, but I felt his eyes on me again. I began to finish up the last few preparations. I took the serving dishes to the table and carefully laid them out. When dinner was ready, I invited him to the dining room. The table looked like this:

As his eyes took in the spread, Michael smiled when he saw it.

“Val, this is a beautiful table.  Thank you for going through all this trouble.  Everything looks and smells great!!  I love the ambience of the room with the candles and everything!”

I looked at him sideways because I was just in awe how he noticed every little thing and how polite and complimentary he was. He made me feel appreciated. I was glad I took the time to make him a special meal.

“Thank you, Michael.  I’m glad you like it.”

He quickly came over and pulled out my chair.  I sat down as gracefully as I could with him being so close over me.  After I was seated, he sat down.  I asked him if he minded saying the grace.  He looked pleased that I asked him.

“Sure!” he replied. He reached for my hand and we bowed our heads and closed our eyes as he prayed over the food.

For dinner, I made vegetarian lasagna, tossed salad, homemade garlic bread and my famous strawberry shortcake for dessert. He didn’t know about the cake because I was saving it for last as a sweet surprise.  Michael loved the meal and complimented me lavishly on how good it tasted.  I am a good cook, but I was very flattered hearing it come from him since he had traveled all over the world and had eaten many places. When we were done, I started to clear the table. He asked if he could help and I told him no. I asked him if he could wait in the living room and I would bring out the dessert to eat before we left for the movie. While I was doing that, he was busy checking out my movie collection. I heard him yell in delight as he looked through the selections. I had many cartoons, comedies, including The Three Stooges, (his favorite), musicals and old movies.

“You have a great collection here, Val!!” He yelled to me in the kitchen.  “You have a lot of my favorites here!!  I love The Three Stooges and Shirley Temple!!” He began to list what he saw.  I can’t believe you have Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly…!!!”

I smiled to myself.  “Thanks!! I love the old stuff!! They don’t make movies like those anymore!!”

“No, they don’t!”

As I brought our dessert in the living room, he asked if I would mind if we stayed in and watch several movies he had selected instead. I said sure and we started watching the films. We laughed till we cried as we watched movie after movie. It was 2:00 in the morning when we saw the last one!! It was not a problem for him to stay so late because I previously had asked him to bring an overnight bag for the weekend. I quickly told him not to jump to any conclusions.  I explained that I wanted to take him to a little spot that I know and it would be easier if he stayed over to leave the next day. I also thought it would be nice for him to just to get away from the limelight. He loved the idea and agreed.

“Where will I sleep?” He inquired at the time.

“In my guest room, of course!!” I exclaimed.  “We also have a suite with two SEPARATE bedrooms at the place that we are staying at!!”

He laughed and giggled. “Ok, I was just making sure that you weren’t trying to take advantage of me………”

“Ha, Ha! Very funny! Maybe I should be worried about you instead!!” I shot back.

“Maybe you should,” he countered.

I fell dead silent on the other end, not knowing what to say.

“Are you still there? “ He seemed worried now.  “I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just teasing you.  I’m so sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s ok. Let’s just forget it. I trust you,” I said.

Then he briefly fell silent.  “Thanks.  That means a lot.”

We cleaned up our dessert dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I showed him to the guest room.  We formally said good night or good morning rather.   I went to my room and prepared for bed. The plan was to hit the road by 8:00am.

The next morning, we got up very reluctantly at 7:00am. Michael did not like to get up early and really neither did I, but I was used to it more than he was.  I had to call him several times before I finally got him up with the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  I cut up some fruit and made coffee. We ate breakfast, took our showers and started on our adventure. Since I knew the way, I drove. It was only an hour’s drive to Herrington Harbor. I had rented us the Barbados Suite. When we arrived, we were still tired. Michael smiled and said that he loved the atmosphere of the place as he peeped up cautiously to look around.  I went to check us in and get our keys so no one would see him.  We quickly settled in with our bags and stuff. We decided to take a nap because we were still groggy. When we woke up, it was lunch time.  We washed our faces and brushed our teeth to freshen up. Michael had brought a disguise, but he needed my help to put it on. I felt badly for him that he had to go through so much trouble just to go out, but I didn’t say anything to him about it. When we were done, you couldn’t recognize him except for his famous trademark shoes and socks.  He didn’t want to take them off. He didn’t think anyone would put two and two together if they looked at his feet.  It took 15 minutes, but I finally convinced him to change into a pair of sneakers and off we went.

The place was beautiful and very cozy. There was a gentle breeze blowing all along the pier as we walked.  Michael reached out and grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it.  I smiled at him and gently squeezed it back. We walked hand in hand, swinging our arms as we proceeded to the Mango’s Bar and Grill for lunch. The food was excellent.  No one suspected that Michael Jackson was eating amongst them. I could tell that he was a little uncomfortable at first as he looked around. But I began to chatter to take his mind off of it.  Soon he began to relax and became his normal self.  He smiled.  He reveled in the fact he was actually enjoying doing something ordinary that everyone else took for granted.  I marveled at that. Then we spent to rest of the day walking around and exploring. We found a gift shop, where we brought two kites and a Frisbee. Michael quickly put the kites together for us and we flew them along the beach. Then we played Frisbee for a while. We were like two little kids!!

It was now evening and we decided to go back to the cottage. We took quick showers and changed to our pajamas. I wore a cute and frilly two piece pajama set.  Not Victoria Secret, but it did do my figure justice. Michael wore dark striped lounging pajamas.  He told me that I looked cute.  I blushed and compliment him as well. We had bought some groceries with us. This time, I let Michael help prepare dinner. I showed him how to chop the veggies.  While he did that, I cooked the meat filing. We made a quick dinner of chicken burritos and peach ice tea. We decided to play some board games.  Michael beat me repeatedly at Monopoly since that was his favorite game. When we switched to checkers, I beat him!! We still were not sleepy so we sat on the screened porch and looked at the stars. Michael pointed out the constellations to me. Since I am a romantic sap and a lover of the outdoors at night, this was perfect.  Michael was so intelligent.  That was very attractive to me. He was well read and knew a little bit about everything. I was no slouch either.  I loved to hear how his voice changed pitch when he talked about anything that made him excited or touched him deeply. His voice became deep and very, very sexy.  I was extremely engrossed in his conversation and his company. We talked for hours about everything and anything. I don’t think that either of us wanted it to end.

“You know, I have really enjoyed talking with you,” Michael began.  “You’re very funny and smart.  You really put me at ease.  I usually don’t feel that way unless I am on the stage.  I feel like I have known you for years.”  He reached over and took my hand in his.

“I feel the same way, Mike.  This is one of the best weekends that I have ever had.”

He stared at me intently.  “You are very beautiful, Val. I don’t just mean on the outside, but you are inside as well.  I really like you, a lot.”

I quickly looked down, blushing.  “I like you too, Michael.  A whole lot.”

“Wow, you said a whole lot!!” He teased.  “I’m really happy to hear that.”

He rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand, slowly caressing it.  I got goose pimples as he did it.  We didn’t say anything else as we just sat there, enjoying the view and each others company.  I noticed a few clouds starting to roll in but didn’t pay it any attention. We finally decided to go to bed. He hugged me tightly for a moment. He leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. It was something about the way that he did it that made my heart race afterwards.  I slipped from his embrace and then we said good night. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and settled in for the night. My eyes closed quickly as I drifted off to sleep, thinking of Michael.

Later on, there was a crashing sound of thunder. It was so hard it shook the cottage. The street lights flickered but they didn’t go out. I jumped up in the bed. My heart was racing. The winds were blowing wildly outside and the waves were crashing. I was very nervous being so close to the ocean. I got up to look out the window. Ominous, dark and heavy clouds were low and swirling. The lightening flashed and turned everything white. I quickly got out the window and jumped back in my bed. I tried to close my eyes and forget that it was happening. A large clap of thunder and lightning hit again and when I opened my eyes, I saw this dark figure looming over me. I screamed. Then I heard laughter. The figure reached over and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. It was Michael!! He immediately cracked up when he saw the scared expression on my face. I hit him with my pillow.

“Michael!! That is not funny!! You scared the daylights out of me!!” Despite my irritation at him for scaring me, I must admit that I found his chuckle quite cute!!

“I’m sorry girl, but you should have seen your face!! Oh man that was priceless!!”

“Please turn the light out while it storming!!”  I insisted.

He quickly turned it off when he saw that I was serious.  He looked genuinely concerned and asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was kind of scared. He said nothing. He pulled back the covers and got in with me. My eyes grew big as saucers once I realized he was getting into bed with me, but he couldn’t my see my reaction. He simply reached over, put his arm around me and laid my head on his chest. He rubbed my arm as he calmly began to sing a slow ballad to me. As I listen to the vibrating sounds coming from his chest, combined with his soothing tenor, I began to feel protected and calm. When he finished the song, he began to sing another one for me. I was in heaven.  I felt so relaxed, I snuggled him tighter. Then he suddenly stopped singing. I looked up at him to see why. He looked down at me. He began to gently caress my cheek.  I could see his smoldering eyes, sparkling in the dark. He was so handsome. Then he began to sensually kiss me. He slipped his tongue in my mouth as he tasted and explored it. I kissed him back. I melted into his body as I began to softly whimper. His kisses were intoxicating.  I had never wanted anyone so badly in my life. We made out for a few more moments.  He gently pushed me down under him as he rolled over on top of me.  His eyes never left mine.  He carefully removed my top and tossed it to the side. He began to kiss me all over my bare skin.

“Uhmm, your skin is so soft……..” he whispered. “I love touching you.”

I responded in a soft, quick moan. My body was aching for him to be inside me.  I felt so sexy and young. His mouth finally made its way to my breasts.  I put my arms around his neck as I reveled in the pleasurable sensation he gave to my breasts.  He took his time to make each nipple harden and extend to his seductive stimulation. I ran my fingers through his hair as my body moved against his bulge.  I felt myself becoming wet between my legs.

His removed my pajama bottoms.  He stroked my womanhood expertly with his fingers.  My moans became louder as I became extremely slippery. He gently nibbled and kissed my ear.

“Your ***** is so nice and wet, baby….” he whispered.  “It’s just how I like it….can I tear it up now, girl? I’m about to explode if I don’t!”

I was so shocked by what he said.  Even talking dirty he was polite, asking for permission to enter me. I was so totally turned on by it, another surprise to me. It played well into his seduction. I closed my eyes and prepared myself.

“Yeeeessssssssssssss, Michael!!” I exclaimed.  “It’s all yours!!!!!!!”

I cried out shamelessly as he plunged his huge penis deeply and quickly inside me. He began to ride me unmercifully to ecstasy. He felt like creamy, smooth silk, pounding inside of me over and over again. Soon, I lost consciousness of everything around me. I was only aware of the aroused sensations of our bodies and his throbbing member sliding in and out of me.  I tried my best not to scratch him with my nails as my fingers dug into his back, pushing him further in me. He then hit my sweet spot!  OMG!! I was no longer on this earth!  I didn’t hear the pounding rain or the winds from the storm raging outside……only the sounds of our heated lovemaking.  He made love to me several times through out the night and each time was incredible!  Our sexual appetites were insatiable.  I did not know that I could climax multiple times in a row, but that night I did.  It was an earth shaking experience for me.  Michael was a superb lover and the best that I had ever had.  He made me his naughty girl that night! I will never get over it, not that I would want to!!

As our eyes opened up on Sunday morning, I was kind of shocked. It was so surreal. It seemed like a dream fantasy, but when I looked over and saw him there, I knew that it was not. I was waking up with a man in bed with me for the first time in several years, not to mention, fornicating all night right before the Sabbath.  I probably should have been ashamed, but now I was at a point where it didn’t bother me.  In fact, I actually felt liberated. I wanted some more. I boldly began to make love to him again.  I wanted to make sure that he never forgot me.  I wanted him inside me, thrusting and making my womanhood pulsate and throb to his rhythmic gyrations. He accepted the challenge and satisfied me more than I ever knew possible.  When were finished, we didn’t say much. Words were not necessary.  We communicated with our eyes, touches and kisses. This time we took a shower together.  We kissed and held each other through the duration of it. I washed his back and he washed mine……we felt hungry for each others touch, it seemed. Then we ate.  We mostly picked at our meal because we were not hungry…… least not for food.

Since today was our last full day together we had planned to have a picnic. I packed some food to last us for the rest of the day.  We took some books and found a very secluded, shady, private area on the beach. Michael only wore sunglasses and a hat pulled low over his head as a disguise today. He seemed bolder, not bothering to worry about if he was recognized. We set up camp and just hung out reading, eating and discussing books, frolicking in the surf and having a wonderful time. We kissed and fooled around a bit as well. As the day got late, we went back to the cottage to shower and change. We packed up our belongings and quickly put them in the car. I went to check us out while he laid low in the car. We stopped to grab a bite to eat in the car as we while we drove back to my house. After we arrived, we quickly unloaded the car and hurried inside. We decided to have some more strawberry shortcake for dessert. I even wrapped up some cake for him to take with him for when he left in the morning. He wanted the recipe but I told him that it is a big secret and he would have to come back if he wanted more. I was teasing him and he knew what I meant. He smiled.

“Getting another piece of THAT DELICIOUS CAKE would be nice.” He seductively smiled and teased. “I must do that….very soon.”

As he spoke, his eyes were drawn between my legs. Then he slowly looked up between his lashes into my eyes.  I knew that he meant he wanted more than piece of cake.  I felt myself becoming warm and tingly all over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.  He wrapped his arms around me in response and nuzzled his face onto my neck. I was missing him already and he had not even left yet. We decided to watch some more old movies while we sat quietly on the couch. He held my hand the entire time.  I curled up next him, occasionally resting my head on his shoulder. I never had felt so comfortable with a man before. Since I had to go to work the next day, I told him I needed to turn in. I hated to, but I was tired. He said he was tired too. We looked at each other but neither one of us moved. I kissed him softly on the lips and said good night. I turned and headed to my room.  He followed. I assumed he would turn and go to the guest room since he said he was tired. When I got to my room, he was standing right behind me.  He pressed his huge erection against me. Then he reached out for me.  He began to slowly undress me, kissing me in select places as he went.  I closed my eyes in anticipation of his sensual exploration of my body. Despite my tiredness, I was more than ready to make love with him.  My body demanded it. He had programmed it well in such a short time. Oh well…… much for any sleep tonight!!

As the early morning light crept across my room, I woke Michael up so he could leave without being noticed. We kissed and held on to each other, trying make every second of our final few moments together last.  We exchanged personal cell phone numbers and he said he would be in touch soon.  He told me he wanted to see me again, sooner rather than later.  I told him to let me know when he was available and I would be ready. He kissed and hugged me one last time as he gently caressed me under my chin.  He picked up his overnight bag, his doggie bag with cake and left.   I closed the door and laid on it for a few moments, thinking about what an incredible time we had.  Then there was a knock on the door.  I peeped out through the opening. It was Michael! I quickly opened the door and stepped aside to let him in. I thought that maybe he had forgotten something, but he said he just wanted to kiss me one more time.  I was wearing nothing under my robe and it became untied as we were kissing.  When he saw my robe opening, his eyes became enflamed with passion. His large hands began to work their magic on my partially nude body.  We had to do it one more time.   I wanted to call out for work for the day, but I knew that some things were due COB and I couldn’t take off.  I did call in late, though.  After we were done, we showered together. This time, Michael left as I was leaving the house.  When I came to work, I had the biggest smile on my face!!  I felt people were staring at me curiously but I didn’t care. My boss gave me a look for calling in late because of the deadlines we had to meet, but he didn’t say anything.  He knew I was his best worker and I always came through with results. I didn’t care even if he was upset. I was practically glowing!! I felt as if I was floating on air with each step that I took. I had not felt this good since the last time I was……in love?


Chapter 2:  HOW IT ALL BEGAN

Love?  Was it even possible this soon? I was suddenly stunned that the thought had even entered my mind.  I arrived in front of my office door. I quickly unlocked it and put my purse and bag away. As I sat down at my desk and turned on my computer, I quickly began to dismiss the idea.

“You are really trippin’ now!!” I said to myself.  “How can you fall in love with someone after spending only a couple of days with them?  I mean it is true that we got to know each other better and talked about practically every thing, but how can you really say that you love someone that soon?”

I never believed in love at first sight. That was for fairy tales only.  But I had slept with him a little over 24 hours after he came to visit! That was something that I had NEVER done before and it was a shock.  That’s why I felt comfortable having him spend the weekend because I figured nothing would happen. I didn’t know what came over me to just give it up so easily like that, not once but repeatedly!  I kind of felt like I had been too easy, but I also knew that I was not. I had not had sex in many years.  In fact, I practically forgot that it was even a desire anymore, except for when I was talking about Michael with the girls on the forum!  Some men had tried to seduce me but failed miserably. I had long since grown tired of the games and had stopped dating completely. What was it about Michael that made me cave so quickly and easily?  He didn’t even pressure about me it as some had.  It……just….happened! I had no explanation for it.  Maybe I didn’t need one.  We just clicked, even from the beginning, when we met first online. Michael may have initiated it when he crawled into bed to comfort me during the storm, but I sure as heck didn’t resist it either.  As usual, I overanalyzed it for what it was.

“Was it because he’s a celebrity?  No. Was it because he was rich and handsome, maybe? Definitely not because of the money! But handsome……”

Michael was more than handsome, he was fine and sexy! He could make me melt like butter! He was also very sweet, loving, intelligent and charming…. but so were some of the other men I had met.  But Michael was different and I knew it.  He had a certain charisma that the others lacked.  He was totally genuine and was not afraid to show how he felt about things.  That sweet quality made you trust him. Even if he had told me to strip naked as soon as he saw me the first time, I would have done it, without question!!   The thought of that suddenly made me warm all over as I remembered our passionate weekend!! I began to fan myself with my hand.  Some irritating co-workers, who sat near my door, looked my way. They turned to whisper to each other and then looked back at me.  When I realized what they were doing, I got up and closed my door.

“Nosey vultures!!” I mumbled to myself.

One of the many things that I hated about my office was how much people loved to gossip and keep things stirred up. No doubt people were talking about me arriving late with afterglow written all over my face.  It didn’t matter that I was here practically everyday, on time and stayed long after they had all gone home. Since I was the Office Manager, I had to stay above the fray.  I had to work with upper management and subordinates.  The two groups did not get along. Staying neutral in the midst of the disagreements between the two levels was very hard and stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cordial to everyone, but I keep my distance.  I can’t allow myself to get caught up in their gripes with each other.  It all was very juvenile to me. It made my job very lonely because I couldn’t get close to anyone.  In my previous appointment at my former agency, I had friends and relationships with others.  As a matter of fact, I still kept in touch with many people there. But this office was like a toxic cancer.  It seemed to slowly eat away at everyone’s morale, whether they were right or wrong in their actions.  I couldn’t understand how an office so small had so much drama.

I knew that I had a lot to do for today and in order to do it, I must put my thoughts aside from this weekend and analyze it later.  I did not want to be here late today. I needed to go home early and make up for lost sleep from the weekend. I immediately blushed and smiled when I thought about why I was tired. Once I dug in for today, my thoughts focused on the job at hand. Time began to fly by……

Michael had finally arrived home at his ranch.  It had been a long, tiring flight from Maryland to California.  He still could not believe how wonderful his first date/weekend with Valerie had gone.  He previously would have never agreed to go a blind date on the other side of the country, but he was glad that he had.  But it wasn’t exactly a blind date. They had met online through one of his fan websites.  He occasionally liked to go online incognito to his main fan sites and check the latest goings on about him.  It was his way of keeping up with his adoring fans and seeing what they thought about him. It also gave him ideas about what they wanted to see and hear for his performances.  Some things he saw online made him blush!  He obviously did not see himself as the sex symbol that they did, but yet he was fascinated by it.  Some wrote both racy and mild fanfic stories about him.  Others wrote poetry and love letters. They posted pictures and videos of his performances all over their threads. Then one day, he saw her user name, “MJ IS A CUTIE PIE!” He really liked it!!  Everyone call her Cutie or Cutie Pie for short around the forum. Out of curiosity, he went to her home page and read her profile.  She seemed friendly and down to earth.  She was also quite funny. Her page went on and on about how much loved and adored him since he sang with his brothers as a child.  He read all her blog entries.  She had posted funny stories she wrote and some beautiful tributes about him.  Because she seemed to be so genuine and fun, he decided to follow her posts around the forum.  She would say and do some zany antics that made him split his sides laughing.  But when someone was hurting or in need, she was right there to give words of encouragement and support.  He also loved the way she always ended her posts with the phrase, “Much Love” with a little heart after it.

Since he had set up a fake profile, he decided one day to send a private message or PM to her.  He told her that he had added her as a friend and asked for her to accept him back.  She responded right away with a friendly and hospitable reply.  Once they became friends, he began to ask her questions about herself. She would answer, but very cautiously.  He decided that the best way to break the ice with her was humor and it worked like a charm.  They would laugh and act silly about things on the forum.  They eventually ended up exchanging their IM usernames and began to chat everyday.  He always looked forward to their daily conversations and they became the highlight of his day. She sent a picture of herself to him and he liked what he saw. She was of medium height and weight with short black, wavy hair.  She had a beautiful smile and cute brown eyes. She also had a nice body.  She did not think that she was anything great, but Michael thought she was lovely. He eventually wanted to meet her.  So one day he casually asked for her phone number and she gave it to him!  When she asked for his number, he quickly thought up a lie and told her that his phone was disconnected at the moment. When she asked him how he was going to call her, he told her had to wait for payday to get it turned back on.  He would call her and give her his number as soon as it was reconnected. She was very sympathetic about it, which made him feel guilty. He hated lying to her but he didn’t want her to find out his identity by accident.  He really liked this girl and he wanted to be the one to tell her the truth. They planned to talk on Thursday at 8:00pm after she got home from work. As he the time grew closer for him to call her, he was so nervous.

“What if she doesn’t believe that I am Michael Jackson and hangs up on me?” he thought.  It wouldn’t be the first time that it happened when he called people himself.  “I have to come up with a plan so she will believe me.”  Then suddenly it dawned on him what to do to prove it if he had to.

I had had a long hard day at work.  I was really tired and could not wait to get home.  I would have bathed and jumped right in the bed if I have not expected my forum friend to call tonight.  As soon as I hit my bedroom, clothes started to come off and land wherever I threw them.  I ran a hot bubble bath, lit a few candles, put on some soft music and dove in.  I lay there for a while, allowing the days stress to leave my body.  I was so tired that I literally drifted off to sleep.  I was jarred awake when I heard the phone ring.  I jumped quickly up in the tub and almost slipped.  I was trying to catch myself while attempting to stand at the same time.  I looked like a slapstick character from a Jerry Lewis movie, trying to balance myself and get out of my large garden tub at the same time.  I was still wet and covered in bubbles as I grabbed a towel and raced naked to the phone.  By the time I got there, I was sure it had gone to voice mail.

“Hello?” I breathlessly answered.

“Is this Cutie Pie?” the male voice asked.

“Yes, it is.  Is this Man In the Mirror?”  That was my forum friends’ name.

“Hold on,” the voice replied.

I made a face and looked at my receiver.  “Hold on?  What kind of greeting was this?” I thought to myself.

I was beginning to think that I had made a big mistake giving this man my number.  I was about to hang up when I heard some saying hello in the background. I put the phone back to my ear.

“Hello? Who am I speaking with?” I replied.

“Cutie Pie? It’s me, Man in the Mirror.  How are you?” he asked.

“Oh, hi” I responded cautiously.  “How are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

Then dead silence.  I raised one of my eyebrows in suspicion.  I had hoped that I had not nearly killed myself getting out the tub for a dry conversation all evening.

“So……who was that other person on the phone when I first answered,” I inquired.

“Oh, nobody.  Just a friend who called for me, until I could get to the phone.”

“Oh.”  More silence followed.  I couldn’t take it!!  But there was something strangely familiar about his voice, so I lunged forward with our conversation.

“So, you got your phone back on?  You must be relieved.”

“Yes, I did.  Sorry I couldn’t give you my number right away.  Would you like it now?”

My mind was saying no, but I did not want to be rude so I said, “Sure.  Let me get something to write with.  Hold on.”

I put down the phone and found my little notebook that I keep by the phone for messages and a pen.

“I’m back.  What’s your number?”

“It’s 805-764-5267”

I was curious about the area code because I didn’t recognize it. “What area code is this?”

“Los Olivos, CA.”

I liked CA.  This peaked my interest.  I seemed to have heard that of area before but it didn’t dawn on me just yet.

“What’s it near?”

“It’s in Santa Barbara County.”

Suddenly it came to me why it sounded familiar.

“Isn’t that the county that Michael lives in?”

I heard him chuckle a little on the other end.

“Yes, you’re right.  You know your Michael Jackson trivia very well, don’t you?”

“Well, of course!! I am a die hard fan!  Isn’t this a small world that you live in the same county as Michael?  Have you ever met him or seen about the town?”

“Uh, yes.  As a matter of fact I have.”

I began to realize that I was still standing there naked so I wrapped the towel around my body.  I was beginning to air dry so I sat on a nearby chair.

“Oh you are so lucky!! I wish I could meet him!! Did you talk to him or anything?”

“Yes, all the time. As a matter of fact…….I know him personally.”

I stared at the phone is disbelief. Was this guy trying to impress me?  Did he think that I was stupid or something?  This was not turning out so good.

“You know him personally?  How?” I didn’t mean for it to sound like he was lying but that is what I was thinking.

“I know him because……I am Michael Jackson.”

“Ok!”  I thought.  “Time to say hello to Mr. Click!”

“Are you there?” he asked when I didn’t respond.

“Look sir, I thought that it would be ok to give you my number but I see that I have made a terrible mistake.  I am sure you mean well, but if you are trying to impress me, it’s not necessary.  Up until this point, I have enjoyed talking and chatting with you, so I don’t see the need for lying!”

“I’m not lying.  I really am Michael Jackson!” he insisted. “You gotta believe me!”

I was starting to get really ticked off.

“Ok, I am going to hang up now! Good-night and please don’t call me again!”

“No! No! Please don’t hang up! Let me……let me sing something for you.  You name any Michael Jackson song and I will sing it completely from start to finish.”

I knew that I would get him with this.  I planned to pull out a song that I was certain he would not know even half the words to.

“Ok, since you insist.  Sing “Be Not Always.”

“Be Not Always? Gee, it’s been a while…..”

“You said any song, so sing it or I’m hanging up the phone!”

“Ok, ok!! I think I got it now.”  He started to sing. “♫ ♪Always….be not always.  And if always, bow our heads in shame…..♫ ♪”

His melodious tenor filled my ears with such a sweet, heartfelt, yet tormented sound.  I literally could not move as he sang through the song with the same emotion that Michael did on the Victory album.  I heard the tears in his voice as he was singing. And then I believed him. I started crying too. I still said nothing.  No words would come out.

“Cutie, are you there?” he said as he struggled to gain his composure.  “Please say something! I’m telling you the truth!”

“Michael… is really you!! That was just….just so beautiful.  I love that song! I can’t believe that it is really you!!”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth about who I was earlier. I hope you are not mad at me.”

“No, I understand why you did it.  But can I ask you something? Is this something that you do regularly with your fans?  I mean why did you pick me?  I mean I am only one of thousands of fans on that site.”

“No, I don’t normally meet people this way, but I do pop in on the forums from time to time.  I generally don’t respond but I spotted your name, read your profile and then followed your posts.  You are very funny and I like the way that you always try to encourage people. I wanted to get to know you.  This is the only way that I could do it.”

I was totally speechless.  I felt honored that he would go to such lengths to meet an ordinary person like me.

“Well, I am at a loss for words here, but thank you for picking me as a friend.  I feel like I have won a prize or something……I just don’t know what to say right now.”

“Just keep talking to me the way you did before you knew it was me.  People always treat me differently.  It’s like I am alien or something.  I even had one fan ask me if I used the bathroom!! I just want to be treated like a normal person.”

“Alright Michael, I can do that.  Let’s start over.  Hello, my name is Valerie Peterson.  It’s nice to meet you!”

He chuckled softly, “My name is Michael Jackson. Pleased to meet you, Valerie!”

“Good! Now that all the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s talk!”

He chuckled again.  “Ok!”

So that’s how I met Michael Jackson.  We talked non stop for the next two hours. Once I got over the shock, talking to him was no different from talking to any other friend.  I liked him a lot. I felt privileged that he wanted to get to know me.  Over the next several weeks we talked at least once a week.  Both of our schedules were busy but we never missed our phone time.  We still chatted on line but it was not like hearing each other’s voices.  Finally, we decided it was time to meet and that is how it all began.


Chapter 3:  Whatever Happens

As usual, rush hour traffic coming home was horrible.  The Washington DC Metropolitan area is known for having some of the worse traffic in the country.  If you live here, you accept it, but you never get used to it.  But today, I didn’t seem to mind it as much.  As a matter of fact, I was kind of mellow all day.  I noticed that the things that usually set me on edge just kind of rolled off my back today.  I even had a little extra bounce in my step! I guess it is true that sex relaxes you.  I have Michael to thanks for that! Since I had not had sex in years, I hadn’t noticed how I gradually uptight I had become. I felt it all the time. Usually by the end of each day, my shoulders would hurt from stress knots.  I felt no pain today!! But I was really tired.  Since I had arrived to work late, I did not have the time to chat with Michael as I usually did at lunch. Instead, I sent him an offline message that I couldn’t talk because I had to work through lunch.  I told him that I would catch him later.  He was not signed on. I figured he was still on the plane home.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to cook anything for dinner because there was still some lasagna left from Friday.  When I arrived home, I checked the mail.  I looked through it briefly to see if anything looked important. Only bills and junk mail! It could wait another day!  I threw the mail on the counter with my keys.  I took off my clothes and hopped in the shower.  It wasn’t until I was about to put on one of the dorm shirts that I sleep in, that I noticed his shirt.  It was the white dress shirt Michael had worn from the harbor on yesterday.  He must have forgotten it in our haste to get out the door this morning.  It had fallen behind the chair where we had tossed our clothes the night before. My clothes were still lying there on the chair and the floor. I began to pick up the clothes.  I could smell Michael’s cologne on his shirt.  I held it up to my nose and stuck whole face in it as I breathed deeply.  It smelled so divine, just like him!  Memories of our weekend began washing over me.  Suddenly, I missed him tremendously and longed to feel his arms around me.  I decided that I would wear his shirt to bed tonight.  I would eventually send it back to him, but I just wanted feel like he was still there, touching, holding and kissing me….

“Oh Michael……..I wish our time together could have been longer.  I really miss you,” I thought to myself.

I quickly put his shirt on and tightly wrapped my arms around me.  I was trying to feel his essence from the shirt.  Then my stomach started to growl.  I remembered that I didn’t really get to eat today so I headed towards the kitchen to heat up the food.  I usually eat very light or not all in the evenings during the week but today I need some sustenance.  After I heated up the food, I sat on the bar stool at my kitchen counter top.  I said my grace.  The food tasted even better several days later!!

“Why is that?” I thought.

I checked my work Blackberry as I ate to see if I had any emails that I needed to answer before going to bed. This was my night-time ritual.  Thankfully there were none because the current projects were completed today.  I turned it off and laid it on the counter top.  I stared at my personal cell phone.  I thought about calling Michael, but decided against it. I did not want to look desperate and clingy.  We had not talked about the status of our relationship now that we had been intimate.  I didn’t want to scare him off by reading more into it than maybe it actually was.  Besides, I was not sure if he had taken the whole thing to be nothing more than a weekend rendezvous.  Plain and simple: a booty call!  I figured that I should play it safe and wait and see if he called first.  Maybe then we could discuss it.   Then again, maybe not!  I was so confused about what I should do. I had not been in this predicament before.  What’s the protocol after you initially have sex?  Is there a book for dummies like me who didn’t have a clue?  I sure did need it now if there was!! I couldn’t even call my best friend Susan to talk about it.  First of all, she was a very straight-laced Christian woman.  I did not want to let her know that I had sex all weekend or hear her mouth about it!!  She would probably pass out from shock! Secondly, I could not tell her about Michael.  That had to remain a secret to the grave, if need be.  I would never kiss and tell or betray his trust. I decided that the best thing to do would be to wait it out and not call him.  I wasn’t even going to go on the forum tonight either in case he was there.  This was the first time since we became friends that we have not at least communicated during the day whether by chat or through the forum.  I guess that why sex complicates things.  I cleaned up my dishes and decided to read and listen to some music while my food digested.  But my eyes had other plans.  Within 15 minutes, I was fast asleep on the couch.

Michael finally was home and settled down for the evening.  After arriving from the airport, he had spent the afternoon with his voice coach Seth Riggs.  Michael liked to rehearse with Seth for two hours a day, six days a week.  Michael now sat at the desk in his office and turned on his laptop.  When he signed into his IM account, he saw that Val had sent him a message earlier in the day.  She wouldn’t be able to chat during her lunch as usual.   Since he missed her there, he decided to see if she was by any chance on the forum.  She was not there. He decided that maybe he should just give her some time to get caught up at work, especially since he was partly responsible for her being late today.  He began to smile as he thought about the past weekend.  He really enjoyed himself.  He enjoyed everything from the food, the harbor, to just being free to walk around without being mobbed.  He couldn’t even remember the last time that he was able to do that.  He was grateful to Val for picking out such a good place to get acquainted. She was so sweet and kind.  She was fun to be with and very intelligent.  She was beautiful and sexy, but very shy about it.  It had not been his intention to sleep with her this weekend, but after spending so many weeks chatting on-line, talking on the phone and then finally meeting her, it just seemed like the natural thing to do.  It had been a while since he had been with someone, but that was not why he did it.  The night of the storm, she was so afraid. She looked so sweet and vulnerable.  It made him desire to hold and protect her.  He thought that singing would make her feel better and get her mind off the storm.  But as he lay there with her in his arms, she felt so good.  She was soft and warm.  The sweet fragrance of her hair tantalized his nose. Her curvy body pressed up against him reminded him of how attractive he was to her.  He couldn’t concentrate on singing any longer.  When she looked at him with those pretty brown eyes, searching his face, he wanted to kiss her and he did.  She warmly received his affections.  Once he began making love to her, it was like he couldn’t stop.  She made him hunger for her.  Each time they did it was even better than the next.  He could tell from when he first entered her that it had been a while for her too.  It made him feel special that she allowed him to make love to her.  But now that they had been intimate, what did it mean exactly?  He knew that he wanted to see her again.  His feelings for her were more than just being friends.  Being a guy, he was not quick to think that he was in love, but he knew that he truly cared for this girl.

“I really need to think about this some more,” he thought.  “I want to do what is right. I can’t wait to see her again………..”

The phone woke me up from my sleep.  I groggily arose from the couch, confused about what day it was.  I reached over and grabbed for the phone.  I missed the receiver because I was still in a fog.  I didn’t even bother to look at the caller ID.  I managed to retrieve the phone from its cradle. Maybe it’s Michael……

“Hello?” I sleepily replied.

“Well hello, stranger! Did you get my messages? Where have you been?  I have been tried to reach you all day yesterday.”

It was Susan, my best friend. I had to admit I was disappointed that it was not Michael, but I did not let on. I sat up and rubbed my eye with my free hand and yawned again loudly.”

“Oh, hi Susan… are you?”

“Ooooh, listen to that yawn!!!  Did I wake you?”

“Yes, I had fallen asleep on the couch trying to read.”  The book had fallen in the floor.  I reached over to pick it and place my bookmark where I had left off.

“Why are you so tired?  Did you have a rough day at work?” She inquired.

“Just the usual deadlines….no biggie,” I casually stated, hoping she wouldn’t keep asking me questions.  I knew what was coming.

“Oh…… that why I couldn’t get you?  I was beginning to be concerned when I didn’t hear from you.”

I loved Susan, but she could be a bit annoying when she turned into Miss Private Eye!!

“Oh, I’m alright.  I just needed to rest and just get away from it all.  I decided to take some quiet time for me, you know, try to relax before my week began again,” I cleverly answered.

“Well, you certainly are tired for someone, who tried to relax. So…….what did you do?

“I decided to spend some time at Herrington Harbor. I just wanted to hang out near the water and enjoy nature.”

“Oh my, why didn’t you tell me?” I knew it was coming.  She sounded slightly offended that I didn’t invite her. “We could have ridden up there together.”

“Well, it’s like I told you…….I needed some quiet time, no offense.”

“Um, hmm,” she muttered.

“It was kind of spur of the moment, really.”  I quickly added.  She didn’t say anything. “Oh boy,” I thought. “Are you mad?” I asked her.

“No, I understand.  You don’t have time for an old lady.”

“Oh, brother!!” I thought as I shook my head.

Susan and I had known each other for eleven years but we became best friends in the last eight years.  We met when we worked in the same building.  At my first impression of her, I thought she was mean.  She used to give me a hard time every time I would visit her office.  She was the Executive Assistant to the Fire Chief. I found out later that she was not mean, but just plain mischievous.  We became close friends when my ex husband walked out.  I did not tell anyone at work except for my supervisor.  I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but one day I confided to her what was going on and she was very supportive.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Susan is about 25 years older than me but she doesn’t act like it.  We act silly and play all the time.  She’s been married for 36 years.  She always checks on me, which is very sweet, but at times like this, she can be a wee bit irritating.  I feel like she is my mother or something.  But she has a good heart and I can tell her anything and no one will ever know. I don’t trust easily, but I do trust her completely.

“Susan, you know better than that. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

“I’m just teasing you, Val.”

I could hear her switch gears by the tone of her voice to a lighter mood.  We both loved to tease each other this way.  I can give her a hard way to go too sometimes.

“So how was it?  Did you see any men up there?”

I immediately froze. “Why, of all times, would she say that?” I wondered. “Of course I saw men,” I quickly rebounded. “But you know I am not on the prowl for any random guy on the street!”

“I didn’t say that you were on the prowl.  You can meet a nice guy anywhere, you know.”

“Well, I didn’t meet any guys there,” I said.

That’s the truth.  I met technically met Michael over the internet!!

“Susan, you are just like Tom.  Why do you always worry about me meeting someone?”

Tom Nelson was my former supervisor.  He supported me through my separation and divorce.  Other than Susan, he was the only one who knew what I was going through.  He is like father figure to me.  He always stays in touch to see how I am doing.  He is afraid that I will grow old with only a bunch of cats to love.  His concern, like Susan’s, is very sweet, but also annoying at times.  I will not be forced into anything I am not ready for.  It has to be the right time and person.  I’m very firm on that.

“I’m not pushing you, but I just want you to think about it sometimes.  You never want me to introduce you to anyone…..”

“No!!” I quickly interrupted. “If it happens, it happens.  Can we drop the subject?”

“Yes ma’am.” She conceded.

“I love you girl, but I am pooped.  I need to go to bed properly.  Are we still on for this coming weekend?”

“Sure.  Just call me and let me know what time you want to meet for lunch.”

“Ok.”  I yawned loudly again.  Some for effect and some for real!! “Well, I will catch you later.”

“Ok, Val.  Talk to you later.  Good night.”

“Good night.”

I hung up the phone and lay down on the couch, covering my eyes.  If she only knew who I was really with!  I began to think about Michael.  I wondered what he was doing right now.  I decided not to torture myself.  I got up, turned off everything, checked the locks and went to bed.

The rest of the week kind of went by.  We were in the middle of our agency actuarial study in preparation for the annual audit.  Things are always hectic during this time but frankly, I welcomed the distraction.  Michael and I had not spoken the entire week and it was bothering me more than I was willing to admit.  I couldn’t help but think that I blew it by sleeping with him. I still couldn’t bring myself to call him or even chat with him.  I hoped that I had not misjudged him to be a nice guy and fallen into the players trap.  A small voice inside of me told me that Michael was not like that, but how could I know for sure?  My old trust issues were weighing me down.  Could I have been blind? What do you do in situations like this? I tried to push the thoughts that I was having out of my mind.  Maybe it’s best to just move on forget and about it.  He probably has.  I felt a little heartbroken.  Better to find out now than later, I guess……….. :(


Chapter 4  Let’s Talk

Michael had a very restless and unfulfilling week.  He was busy as usual, but his mind was in Maryland.  He had not talked to Val since he left and it was troubling him.  He knew she was always busy from what she told him about her job but she had always found time to talk to him.  He wondered what was going on.  Maybe he had offended her by seducing her.  Then he thought about it.  He knew that she had enjoyed having sex as much as he did.  So what was the problem?  “Women are so complicated!” he thought.

Michael never allowed himself to solely commit to anyone, especially having seen all the issues his father and his brothers had in their relationships, not to mention the extramarital affairs.  He even had scars of his own.  He was in no way like his brothers or his father, but he had secretly had a few affairs.  He would never betray the identities of the women he had been with, so no one had been the wiser.  It deeply troubled him that people thought that he was either asexual, gay or even a virgin.  It was none of their business really. Michael had nothing against anyone’s sexual preference; he just didn’t want to be categorized.  He loved women and they loved him as well.

He realized that he was tired of being alone.  He always wanted to have a wife and a big family one day.  His lifestyle made that very difficult to happen.  He was beginning to think that maybe that would never happen, but after meeting Valerie, he started to feel hopeful once again.  If there was a chance that she might be the one, he didn’t want to blow it.  He missed her. A whole lot more than he expected.  She made him laugh.  She treated him like a normal guy.  He loved being around her. He decided that he would call her tonight, but first he sent her a PM and an email to let her know of his intentions, just in case she had other plans.

At lunch time, I sat at my desk as usual, eating and working at the same time.  I decided to take a quick break and check my messages.  I saw that Michael had sent me a message!  My heart quickened as I clicked on the link:


 Hey Cutie girl!

What’s up?  I haven’t heard from you or seen you around the forum lately.

Are you ok? I am a bit concerned. I would like to call you this evening if you are available to talk.  Let me know.

 Fondest regards,

 Man In the Mirror       

P.S. I just wanted you to know that I had a great time this past weekend.  It was the best time that  I’ve had in a long while.  Thanks for everything. I’m still thinking about that awesomely great cake of yours………so moist and mouth watering delicious! ;)

As I read his last comment, my face flushed immediately as I remembered our last conversation about cake.  Michael is such a rascal!!  I smiled as I replied back:



How are you? I am available this evening. The best time to call will be around 8:30pm. I’m so glad you had a good time.  I enjoyed hanging out with you immensely. Thanks for your compliments.

I’m glad you liked the cake! :)   I’ll talk to you later.  Enjoy your day!

 Much love.♥

As I pressed the send button, I felt immediately felt both relieved and excited.  Now at least, I knew that he hadn’t forgotten about me.  But as always, my annoying rationalizing side took over.  “OMG, what should I say to him and what will he say?” I thought.  My practical head voice took over.  “Stop it!  Just wait until he calls and take it from there!”  I agreed and waited for his response.

Michael saw her immediate reply to his email.  He smiled as he read it.  He responded back:

Cool.  Talk to u later, girl. ;)


He continued to smile as he logged out, closed his laptop and put it away.  This was the happiest that he had been all week and it was because of her.

I smiled when I saw his acceptance.  Even the way he wrote it sounded sexy to me! My heart fluttered excitedly.  I continued to go about my day, but my thoughts kept sneaking over to daydream about Michael…….his touch, his kiss, his…………well I think I better stop before I have a meltdown right here at my desk!! Until tonight, Michael!!

At 5:30 on the dot, Michael picked up the phone.  Their time zones were three hours a part, so it was still in late afternoon in CA and night time on the east coast where she was.  The phone began to ring once, twice, three times………….then she finally picked up.


He loved hearing her voice.

“Hey girl, it’s me.  How are you?

I smiled like a Cheshire cat as I looked down bashfully at the floor.  His voice was so darn sexy!!  I could feel the heat rising slowly in my face and moving rapidly to other places.  “Calm down, woman!!” I told myself.  I tried not to let him know the excitement I was feeling.

“I’m fine Michael.  How are you?”

“Better now since I’m talking to you.  Where have you been?  I haven’t seen you on the chat or the forum.  I have to admit that I was kind of worried.  Are they working you too hard?”

My heart melted at how sweet and honest that he was.  He didn’t try to pull that pretentious guy thing like he didn’t care.  I was glad for his honesty because I was planning to honest with him.  His directness did make it so much easier.

“I have been pretty busy, but that is not why you didn’t hear from me.”

He fell silent for a moment. “Oh?  Why is that?”

Here I go…….

“Well, frankly I really didn’t know…….I mean…….after our……ah….our weekend together.  I wasn’t sure if……if…..I would…..ah….talk to you again.  I mean, I’m not used to……you know and……..I just figured I should wait and see.  I didn’t want to be……ah………. pushy or anything…………oh, geesh!! I’ll just shut up now!!!”

Michael laughed.

“Why would you think that you wouldn’t hear from me again? Honestly, give me a little more credit than that!!”

I suddenly felt ashamed for ever doubting him.

“I should have known better.  I’m so sorry. I’m quite embarrassed right now.  Will you forgive me?’

“Of course I forgive you.  It’s perfectly understandable.  You don’t have to explain anything to me.  But promise me one thing…………”

“What’s that?”

“Promise me that if something bothers you, let me know right away. Don’t be afraid to talk to me.  I won’t bite…..…..”  His voice dropped to a very sexy whisper.  “Unless………….you want me to!!”

I could have screamed and fainted right there!! I composed myself as much as I could.

“Ah……..ok……I’ll do that……..that’s nice!”

What a dumb response!  What was wrong with me?  The man had reduced me to a silly school girl!! I could hear him cackling in the background.  He was getting such a kick out of this!

“Girl, you are too funny and too cute!!”

“Ah……..thanks?” Gosh! I could have kicked myself again!  He was still laughing.

“Stop laughing at me!!” I pouted.  “It’s not funny!!”

Suddenly, I realized how silly I sounded, I began to laugh too.  He really cracked up then.  We continued to laugh for a few moments.  It seemed to ease the tension or least my tension.  He didn’t seem phased at all.

“I was being quite silly, wasn’t I?”

“I’m not saying anything! That’s a trick question!!” He chuckled.  He sounded so cute!

“I guess you’re right.  So, what do you want to do now?” Little did I realize I’d set myself up again.

“Well……ah……I could think of some stuff, but it would take me at least five hours to get to you to do any of it!!”

This man was such a big flirt!! If people only knew this side of him!! This time I decided to get a hold of myself and flirt back.

“It wouldn’t take five hours to get to me if you learn how to fly like Peter Pan.  I would be Tinker Bell.  I would sprinkle pixie dust all over you and take you to places in Neverland that you have never seen before!”

I must admit that I felt right proud of myself at that moment.  Michael did not miss a beat.

“Is that a promise?  Don’t say things like that to me if you can’t back it up, girl!  I just love to play dress up.  I happen to know where I can get that Tinker Bell outfit just for you, my little nymph!  But instead of pixie dust, I prefer to use whipped cream……it tastes much better licking it off!!”

“Jesus Christmas!!” I thought. This man was sooooooo turning me on!! I didn’t care anymore!

“When can I see you again?” I breathlessly asked.

“Soon, baby, soon,” he smoothly said.  “In fact, I wanted to know if you could come out and visit me this time.  I will send you an open ticket.  When you decide when you wanna come, just let me know, then hop on the plane.  It’s just that easy. Whatcha say?”

“I’d say I’m on my way, once I clear it at work.”

“Excellent.  It’s all settled then.  I will send you a ticket by express courier tomorrow.”

“Since I am not home during the day, it probably would be best to send it to my job.”

“Ok. I will send it there. What’s the address?  I’m ready when you are.”

I gave him the address.

“You should have the ticket by noon tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you again! Look, I’m sorry Val, but I gotta go.  I have a meeting with my manager this evening.  Shall we resume our online chat tomorrow at our usual time?”

I smiled.  “Yes, I wouldn’t miss if for the world.”

“You’d better not!  I’d hate to have to spank you the next time that I see you.  Then again, maybe I will anyway!!”

I was turning all kinds of shades of red.  “Michael!”

He was laughing again.  “Ok, I’ll stop.  At least for now.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Sweet dreams.”

I thought to myself, “I know I will have sweet dreams tonight, my sexy boy!” But I actually said, “Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Cutie Pie.” The way he said it sounded like a term of endearment and not just my forum name.

“Bye, sweet dreams to you too.”

I really wanted to say, “Bye hot stuff!!! I can’t wait until you rock my world and make my eyes roll back in head again,” but that would have been too much, even for me!  Or maybe not!”

Neither one us of hung up the phone.   So much like high school, but fun!!

“Aren’t you going to hang up?” he asked me.

“I was waiting for you to hang up,” I replied.

“Ladies first, you hang up.”

“No, you hang up!”

This was ridiculous!!

“Ok,” he said.  “When I count to three, we both hang up. Alright?”


“Here we go……one……two…….three!”  We still didn’t hang up!! We started laughing.

“Seriously, let me try this again, ok?”

“K!” I was still giggling.

He fired off rapidly this time.  “One, two, three, goodnight!”

We both hung up this time as we each slammed down the receiver.  I was laughing and hugging myself.  Wow! This turned out to be better than I expected.  Michael was definitely interested in seeing me again and I knew that I want to see him.  I began to look at my calendar to plan when I would be taking off.  Of course I would courteously plan it around work priorities, but they owed me.  I hadn’t had a real vacation in three years!  I decided that once I set the date, I didn’t care what came up at work, nothing or nobody was going to stop me from seeing Michael Jackson.  Nothing!! Can you blame me after that conversation?  I didn’t think so!


Chapter 5:  Will You? (Not What You Think!!)

The next day, my ticket arrived on time, as promised.  Since my office is directly located near the lobby, I can see everyone who comes to the front desk.  My heart beat sped up as I saw the courier hand Marna, the receptionist, the letter envelope and his electronic clipboard to sign.  I was hoping that she would bring it straight to me as soon as she got it, but I didn’t want to be obvious about it.  Sometimes she would just lay deliveries to the side until her brain would finally reminder her, “Hey, you should give this to someone!” She was 23 and very sweet, but hardly motivated to do much without constant prompting.  After working for us for three years, sometimes she still acted as though it was her first day!  After he left, I saw her turn with the package and head my way.

“Good girl!” I thought.

This would make up for me being miffed at her for being 15 minutes late this morning and I had to cover for her.  She was always late to arrive to work, but never late to leave for lunch or to just leave for the day, PERIOD!  She always made sure that she left exactly at 5:00pm!  Not 5:01 but five on the dot!! Her biggest concern the whole day was what time she would be relieved for lunch!!  Since I was responsible for the front desk, I had to make sure that we have coverage at all times, especially when the office opens.  Rosie is usually the first of the relief staff to arrive and she will usually fill in, but she was off today.  You may ask, “Why does your agency keep her?”  That’s a question I have asked myself everyday.  She has her good points. Her attendance is very good.  She is very nice to customers and she gets along with everyone in the office.  That’s not something that everyone here can do.  It’s sad really. She is the third receptionist we have had since I have been here.  It hasn’t gotten worse or better, just……….I don’t know!!

Enough about her, ok? Let’s open that package!!

Marna stepped into my office and gave me the package. I thanked her and waited until she left.  I looked at the delivery receipt, which contained my name and address. The return address was one that I didn’t recognize from California.  I pulled open the tab.  I saw a regular letter envelope inside.  I pulled it out and opened it.  It was a hand written letter and some sort of reservation. Puzzled, I began to read.

To My Sweetest Cutie Pie,

I know you were expecting plane tickets, but I decided to do something better than that.  I wanted to surprise you.  I have reserved a private plane just for you.  I figured that it would make it easier for you to leave, based on your schedule. It’s all set. Just let me know the date and your plane will be ready to fly.  I hope it’s not too much.  I just want to make sure that you get here safe and sound and without delay.

Just make sure that you have the reservation information and a picture ID with you when you get ready to board.

I can’t wait to see you again…..I miss those pretty brown eyes of yours.


My mouth was slightly opened.  A private plane? Oh, my……….this man was not playing around!  I never had anyone to do something like this for me before.  On one hand, I thought his gesture was very sweet. On the other hand, I wondered if maybe it was a bit too much, too soon.  The way he greeted me didn’t escape me either.  He called me “My Sweetest Cutie Pie!”  Mercy!  I could have melted on the floor!  I reread the letter a couple more times, savoring in words of his sweetness and sensitivity.  How could you not be wooed by such thoughtfulness? I put everything back in the envelopes and stuck it in my carrying bag.  I looked at the clock.  I still had a couple of hours before it was time to talk to Michael.  I smiled to myself as I resumed my work.  I wanted to make sure that I was finished with this report so I could chat without interruption.

I had just hit the send button on my email to forward my report to Charles, my supervisor, when Michael’s dialogue box popped up on my screen, right on cue at 2:00pm. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it. Since he was not an early riser, I usually took a later lunch to give him time to get up and take of business before our chats.

Michael: “Hey, girl!  How ya doin’?  Did you get the package?”

Me:“Hey yourself! I’m doing fine.  I did get the package. Thank you so much. Would you mind holding on while I get my lunch?  I  just finished a report and I hadn’t had the chance to get it before our chatI only need to run to the fridge and I will be right back.”

Michael: “Sure, take your time.  I am not going anywhere.  I will wait all day for you, fairest maiden!” *curtsy to the lady*

I felt the heat rising in my face and I wanted to scream.  Instead, I ducked my head towards my lap and raised my knees upward.  I quietly waited until I could compose myself before I lifted my head.  How can he make me have this type of reaction and he is not even here?!  The man’s charms were like kryptonite and rendered me powerless.  It was exciting, yet frightening at the same time.

Me: “Ok, brb.

I got up from my desk to get my lunch from the kitchen.  I tried to appear normal, but inside I was running.  I like to eat while I chatted with Michael as a cover so people would know that I was on my lunch break.  I was trying to minimize interruptions because they were so rude sometimes.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  When I got back to my office, I closed my door and laid out my spread.  I was too excited to eat, but I had to make it appear as if I was going to eat.  I would at least eat a little.

Me: “I’m back! Sorry I wasn’t ready.”

Michael: “No problem. What’s for lunch today?”

Me: “Nothing exciting, just a turkey sandwich, chips, some fruit and a diet soda.”

Michael: “Sounds good, except for the soda. I thought you were going to lay off those? You know that stuff is no good.”

Me: “I know and I have. I am only drinking one soda a day now.  Then I will start to cut back per week, ok?”

Michael: *smile* “I’m just concerned about your health.  I just want you well and strong when you come to visit me.  I can’t have you getting sick on me for what I have planned…..”

Me: *smile* “Aww, you’re so sweet! What do you have planned? Please tell me! It will help me to decide what to bring with me.”

I took a small bite of my sandwich. Once again, I was stupidly clueless.

Michael: “Oh, you won’t need much.  The weather is good.  Just you and some shoes, maybe…….stilettos preferably.”

Me: “Just shoes?  I love heels, but I don’t want to only wear heels the entire time. What am I supposed to do about clothes?”

I took a drink of my soda.

Michael: “Oh, I don’t mind if you don’t wear any. The staff may be shocked but I will be most appreciative!”

The drink almost came through my nose.  After wiping my face, I was blushing again!!  I felt that he was laughing his butt off at me.

Me: “Michael! You are so bad! You are embarrassing me!”

Michael: “You know you like it, don’t you?”

He was challenging me again.

Me: “Um, can we discuss that later?  I am at work you know.”

Fast thinking, girl!

Michael: “You’ve got a point, I’m sorry.  I’m letting you off the hook for now, but not later.  Remember that…………”

Even though he was only typing, his words were loud enough for me to actually hear them.  It was as if he was right there, whispering in my ear.  A shiver went through me.  I know that I am most definitely in trouble. I put a few chips in my mouth, mostly out needing something to do at the moment.

Me: “So how long should I prepare to stay?  I need to know for my leave request.”

Michael: “You can stay for as long as you like, a week, two weeks, a month… doesn’t matter.  You need a nice long vacation and I am more than happy to accommodate.  You decide.”

Wow! I stopped in mid chew.  I really couldn’t eat now.  I swallowed, took another sip of my drink and pushed it all to the side.

Me: “You really mean that? You don’t care how long I stay?  What if you get tired of me?”

Michael: “No, you can stay as long as you want.  I won’t get tired of you.”

I sat for a moment and then a devilish idea came to my head.  “Let’s test that theory, Mr. Jackson!”

Me: “Ok, then why don’t I stay a year? I’ve always wanted to live in California!  I could always find another job. Guess this would be just as good a time as any, huh?”

I laughed and I hit enter.  My time to play now!  He didn’t respond right away.  Got him!!

Michael: “You know, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  In fact it would be great!  You can sell your place there or rent it out and you can live with me.”

I was speechless.  Every time I tried to play his game it backfired on me. Was he serious?  No, he couldn’t possibly be!!  Guys don’t ask you to move in them at the drop of a hat? Do they?  Of course not! What’s wrong with him?  What’s wrong with me? Putting ideas like that idea in his head!  I’m not getting swept up in a whirlwind romance to be dumped later.  No, sir!

Me: “You’re kidding, right? I swear you play too much. You’re completely over the top!”

Michael: “I’m not kidding.  The more I think about it, it makes perfect sense to me. This would solve everything and we would always see each other.”

Me: “Michael, I can not just pack up and move to CA and live with you. I wasn’t raised that way. In fact, I hope I will have my own room when I come to visit you.  I mean we haven’t even known each other for that long.  Don’t you think that’s moving too fast? You don’t even know me.

Michael: “No, it’s not too fast if you’re sure about what you want. And you’re wrong.  I do know you.  I’m not talking about whatever flaws or imperfections you think you may have.  I mean, I know your heart.  I understand your mind, your hopes and dreams.  I saw the person you are when you are not on guard the weekend we spent together.  You are beautiful and fun and loving.  I cherished spending every minute with you.  This is what I am sure of.  If you are not, then I understand.  I won’t push you.  But my offer is always open if you reconsider.  By the way, I would never disrespect you by assuming that you would stay in the room with me.  You shall have your own room as you gave to me………but even prisoners get conjugal visits every now and then!”

I had to laugh at his last statement.  I was also deeply touched by what he said. He may have been sure, but based on my past history, I was not. Michael was so real.  He could put virtually anything into perspective.  He was so natural and practical. If given the chance, I knew he could convince even biggest skeptic into seeing things from his way and I was a big skeptic.  He was still yet to find that out.

Me: “Michael, I just don’t know what to say.  I just feel so overwhelmed. Things are moving so fast from me.  I am just an average woman, leading a regular life and then suddenly I am seeing the world’s greatest entertainer.  You want to put me on private jets and let me come and live with you.  I hope you will have patience with me but I just need a little more time to adjust.  I’m just not used to all of this. I hope you understand.”

Michael: “I understand and I’m more than willing to give you all the time that you need.  Just don’t be so quick to close the door to possibilities either.  Deal?”  *smile*

Me: *smile* “Deal!”

Michael: “And promise me that you’re not going to bail out on me and cancel this trip?” 

Me: “No, I’m not. In fact, I plan to discuss my time off with Charles today when I meet with him.  Can I call you later on?  I will give you the dates then.”

Michael: “Sure, Cutie.  Just let me know whatever you need to do. I’m at your beck and call, my lady!”

God, how he always got me when spoke in his charming medieval style! I was totally putty in his hands.  I can be stubborn when I feel forced to do something against my will, but if I feel free to make my own decision, then I am more cooperative.  It’s because I have had so many controlling people in my life. He really did understand, at least that part about me.

Me: “Michael, you are so sweet. Thanks for understanding and being patient with me.”

Michael: “I’m a very patient person.  Patience is a virtue.  Some things are absolutely worth waiting for…………….like you. I’m gonna let you go so you can handle your business. I can’t wait to talk to you later.  Our usual time, right?”

I was still thinking about what he said to me.  I am glad I was not talking to him on the phone because I wouldn’t be able to talk.

Me: “Yes, same time.”

Michael: “Ok, I will be there.  Enjoy your day.  Get home safe to me.  Bye!”

Me: “Bye.”

He signed off, but my eyes would not leave his last sentence, “Get home safe to me.”  Then I read his other sentence, “Some things are absolutely worth waiting for………like you.”  I took in a breath.  If I had doubts about anything else about this relationship, his sincerity and his interest in me was no longer one of them.  I had hoped for so long that one day I could let go of my past and just allow someone new in my life.  Maybe the day had finally come. My past was filled with so many hurts and bitter memories I’d soon forget.  I felt tears trying to cloud my vision, but I quickly wiped them away.  No, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, so I just thought about Michael as I closed out the open computer screens and wrapped up my lunch.  I was just not that hungry.  Maybe I could eat it later.

Michael sat at his laptop for a while after his conversation with Cutie.  He knew now without a doubt that she had had issues trusting people.  Not that he could blame her because he had the same issues.  But for some reason he did not feel that way about her, even though she seemed to be reluctant.  She told him that she was married before, but didn’t go into detail.  He just saw a lot of hurt and rejection on her face.  He just wanted to hold her and make it all go away. She didn’t even look at him when she told him. It was if it were something unpleasant she wanted him to know but only mentioned it to get it out of the way.  How could any man mistreat such a wonderful woman?  His head must have been full of rocks.  He didn’t want to do anything to push her away or to make her feel uncomfortable.  He would wait for her no matter how long it took.  He was still trying to figure out what all this meant.  Why was he willing to allow her to move in with him?  He still thought it was a great idea.  He hated being alone, but that was not the only reason. He knew he would never make an offer like that to other women, but it made sense in her case.  Michael knew that he was spiraling towards something he did not want to admit.  He had been there before.  No, he was not ready to admit to himself what his heart already knew.


Chapter 6:  Time to Shop!!


Today was Friday, so I made sure that I left work on time.  After my meeting with Charles, I decided that I needed to do some shopping to prepare for my trip.  Charles had agreed to let me have a three week vacation!  I was in total bliss at the thought of taking some real time away from the office.  Actually, I was on the verge of going stir crazy if I didn’t get away soon.  Charles was very supportive and told me not to worry and enjoy myself. He said I deserved it.  His only request was to make sure that Anthony, my back up, was ready to assume some of my duties, such as time and attendance, customer service, etc, while I was gone.  Sarah, our General Counsel, would hold down the weightier, confidential matters. He told me to have a good time.  The plan was for me to take off in the next couple of weeks.

Since it was early fall, the weather had not quite changed completely. I figured the temperatures were still probably nice in CA, but I planned to check the weather reports and the Farmers’ Almanac to see.  I stopped at the mall.  I decided that the first order of business should be to buy some new under garments.  What better place for that than Victoria Secrets?  Now, before you jump to conclusions, I had thought about this decision very thoroughly and practically before I was certain where to shop first.  With Michael being such a major superstar, I knew that he did not get out much.  I also knew that it was most probable that he would not be able to take me out a whole lot and we would have to stay in.  I plan to take some nice outfits just in case we did, but let’s be realistic.  He is a man and a very sexy one at that!  Since he slyly made his request to me to come with no clothes, I knew what he would like the most.  Not that I was planning for us to do nothing but have hot, glorious sex for three weeks, but it would be silly not to be prepared! I can’t go out there in with granny bloomers, right?  Good! I thought you’d see it my way! ;)  And besides, not everything at Victoria Secrets is underwear. They do sell clothes and shoes in case you don’t know!  I had received an email from them that they were having a sale.  Even better!  I didn’t have time to look on line at work so I asked for a catalogue when I arrived in the store.  I saw a lot of cute items I considered ordering online once I get home.  But for right now, these undies caught my eye:

I found some regular but pretty bras and panties that I liked.  I think I may get in trouble in this store!


That takes care of the underwear.  Now on to the sleepwear!  Not that you really sleep in it!  It’s only window dressing.  A girl only gets to show it for a few minutes (sometimes merely seconds) before it’s quickly taken off, but still why not?  We are trying to stimulate the visual in our man! ;)

V265505_W53 V287667

These are cute and comfy!


I especially liked this.  I won’t be an angel if I wear all this stuff!


I don’t swim but why not?  At least I can look good around the pool!

V357669V381835 V392181

And you know I had to get some great smells as Michael calls them!

V385762 V360842 V322631

Well, as you can see I was running up quite a tab!  This was not something that I usually do, so no need to panic.  With the help of the salesperson, I gave my selections a final review and made my choices.  When she rang up the total including the sales discount, I was too through, almost sickly. But like I said, I don’t do this often so it was nice to treat myself.  As I looked at my bill, I realized I was no where near finished shopping.  I was tired, but I pressed on.  I am not much for marathon shopping as some women are. I know what I like and when I am done, I am ready to go.  I decided to look at shoes on-line at home, to save my energies for more important activities.  I also wanted to get something nice for Michael.  I wanted him to look good for me.  I began my journey.  I found some sexy underwear at one of the men’s stores. And I bought a nice matching silk robe and pajamas.

I took all my wares to the food court.  I was hungry now because I never did go back and eat my lunch.  Again, I have broken my ritual to eat light for the last meal of the day, but you can’t be rigid all the time.  I decided to eat at one of my favorite eateries, Chick-fil-a.  This is my KFC!  They had the best, the most juiciest and tender chicken sandwiches in the whole world!! They are never open on Sunday’s but it doesn’t hurt business at all. They are always busy. but you get quick, fast and courteous service.  I have never had bad food or lousy service at any of their restaurants.

I got my food and sat in a comfy corner away from a loud group of teenagers, discussing and debating about who knows what.  As I ate, I looked at some of my purchases again.  I had truly set myself up.  I believed that Michael was really going to like what I bought.  I at least hoped that I looked good to him in them.  He seemed to like my body. I don’t. I hardly ever think of myself as being sexy.  I can be very shy.  But today, I kind of felt like a vixen! I was preparing for vamping the hottest man on the planet!  You don’t see guys running out buying stuff like this, but this the fun part of being a girl. At least I think so.  I liked to be girly girl, but most of the time I am all business.  I looked at my watch.  It was now 7:00pm.  Time really flies!  I threw away my trash, took my belongings and headed towards my car.  I wanted to get settled before I talked to Michael.  I am sure he will be surprised when I inform him how long I plan to visit with him.  But should I stay that long? Michael could have any woman in the world he wanted.  I feared that he would eventually tire of me.  My ex obviously did.  I don’t want to think about him, especially not now. Those old fears and insecurities were flaring up again. Would they ever totally go away? The nightmares surely hadn’t stopped, even after all these years.  Maybe one day I will have to deal with it.  Today won’t be the day. I planned to keep it that way forever, if I could.

I arrived home with my packages.  I took out the smells but left the clothing in the bag to take to the cleaners. It’s a precaution of mine to clean new undies before I wear them just in case some else tried them on. I took off my clothes and hopped in the shower.  I let the hot water run over my body for a few minutes, trying to relax my mind and my thoughts.  I was hoping the water would wash my blues away.  It didn’t completely, but it helped.  Tonight was my exfoliation/pampering night.  I can’t afford to go to the spa often, but I like to keep my skin soft. At least once or twice a week I use this body scrub cream after my shower gel to remove any impurities in my skin.  I also washed my hair and shaved under my arms, legs and private area.  I always like to apply rich, thick lotions and baby oil on my skin when I exit the shower.  It makes your skin super soft! My favorite bath set is called Black Amethyst from Body and Bath.  I love to layer the shower gel, lotion and body spray. It’s just heavenly! I whipped out the dryer and blow dried my hair.  I pulled my hair back into a pony tail.  I went back to my bedroom and slipped on a short, spaghetti strap gown.  I put on some soft music, turned back my bed and got in. I wanted to get comfy before I spoke to Michael.  I checked my email and then began a To Do List for my trip.  I know what you are thinking.  Yes, I like to have order.  What can I say? I am a creature of habit.  Very boring to say the least!

At 8:30 the phone rang.  It was Susan.

“Hi Susan. How are you?”

“Hey Val.  Whatcha doin’?”

“Well actually I am making a To Do List.  Anything going on?  Are we still on for the weekend?”

“No, unfortunately a former co-worker of mine died.  The funeral will be this Saturday.  I wanted to go and pay my respects.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Susan.  I understand.  We will make up for it at another time.  I hate to rush, but I’m expecting a long distance phone call. Can I catch up with you later on?

“Sure.  I need to get ready for tomorrow anyway. Good night, Val.”

“Good night.”

I don’t know how I am going to explain to Susan about this situation without telling her about Michael. Maybe by the time that I see her, I will know what to do.  God only knows what her reaction will be, but it’s my life.  The phone rang again.  This time it was Michael.  He was about 30 minutes late calling.  I usually let him call me when he available, just in case he gets tied up with business.  You have to give a guy some space so he won’t feel like your hounding him.  At least that’s what I think.

“Hi Michael.  How are you?”

“I’m good, now that I hear your voice.  Sorry I’m late calling you but some things came up.”

“I understand.  You don’t have to explain.”

Michael smiled.  He loved that fact that she was never peeved whenever he didn’t call her on time.  Other women he dated would hound him about his whereabouts or about why didn’t he call on time or at all.  Michael was a very busy man with a complicated life. He hated being pressured like he was married.  But Val never pressured him.  She always seemed happy to talk to him, no matter when he called.  She was no drama, another plus for her in his book.

“So did you talk to Charles about taking off? Is everything cool?” Michael asked.

“Yes, everything is approved.  I have three weeks off.”

I held my breath, as I apprehensively waited for his response.

“Wow! Three whole weeks?  That’s great!  You should have taken a whole month.  Any chance he would extend it?

I exhaled slowly, sort of relieved.

“He might.  I could ask.”

“Well, I think you should do that.  A month is really not as long as you think, especially when you’re having fun.”

“I just don’t want to wear out my welcome.”

Michael heard a slight sadness in her voice.  He carefully thought about his answer before speaking.

“Baby, I want you to listen to me, really hear me out.  I’m really looking forward……….no, wait………….I’m ecstatic about you coming to visit me. I never do or say what I don’t mean.

Did he just call me Baby?  I just loved hearing him say that. I went silent for a moment.

“Cutie?  Are you there?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry.  I just got lost in thought there for a moment.”

Michael laughed softly. “Well don’t get too lost girl.  I’ll have to come and get you.  I can’t afford to lose you.  I kinda like you.”

Now it was my turn to laugh.  He always seemed to know the right thing to say.

“That’s my girl.  I love to hear you laugh.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to be a downer.”

“Don’t worry about it.  Anyway, how did the rest of you day go?” he asked.

“Oh pretty good.  I did some shopping after I left work.”

“Shopping?  Now, ya talkin’ girl!  Whatcha buy?”

I smiled secretly.

“Oh, just a few things for my trip.”

“Speaking of the trip, I let you off the hook earlier because you were at work, but now I have you at my disposal.”

My smile became really big.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes really.”  Michael lowered his voice into a seductive whisper.  “I need to talk you about you about those conjugal visits…………….”

I felt the heat rise in face and my heart sped up its pace.

“You have my word that you will have your own room, but I do want you to know that I want you to share my bed. Or I can come to your room.  Is that ok with you?”

To him, I replied, “Yes.” To myself, I thought, Good Lord, yes!

“I mean, I don’t want you to think that is all we will be doing, but I don’t beat around the bush.  I go after what I want.  But I would never force you to do anything that you don’t want to either.”

“I know. It wouldn’t be against my wishes.”

“Cool.  Now please tell what it is that you bought.”

“Oh, I have a special surprise for you as well.”

Michael began to get excited like a little kid. “I love surprises!  What is it?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you silly!  You’ll just have to wait and see what it is”

“I have some surprises planned for you as well.  As a matter of fact, after I finished chatting with you today, you inspired me to write a poem.”

My heart was really going pitter pat now.

“I did?”

“Yes, would you like to hear it?”

I could feel the heat rising off his words.

“Of course.”

“Ok, here it goes………………….”  His voice dropped several octaves to a deep, sexy whisper.

How I long to lay between your lovely thighs;

And kiss the sweet lips to the center of your seductive power;

Which renders me totally helpless,

Constantly drawing me between.

How I yearn to find that treasure!

How I melt under the essence of that sweet nectar!

Your eyes, how they sparkle!

Your angelic lips glow like the gentle dew;

Your soft, heavenly skin, entices me

With its sweet, fragrant aroma;

What’s this poor man to do?

There is nothing I can do!

Your love renders me powerless to fight;

So why bother?

For I am your willing slave

Held captive, in the heat of your womanly fire.

Come lay with me, my true love…….forever;

Your tender kisses I will always crave.

Let me feel the eruption of your heated emotion;

Rising and falling, like the waves of the ocean.

I am at the wonderful mercy of this great, turbulent storm;

Like a ship being tossed to and fro in the essence of your love.

How I savor the swelling rise of each pulsating wave!

The stern of my ship is fighting hard to stay on course.

Let me not capsize or burst too soon in your passionate flames!

Then finally, as the waves of this erotic storm comes to an end;

And the raging waters begin to cease;

I will safely lead you to the quiet respite of my loving arms.

Basking together on the shore;

Sharing in the afterglow of our marvelous journey;

Sweetly rest your head, my love;

For you have arrived home safely with me,

Right where you belong.

I was totally spellbound during and after he recited his poem to me.  I had never had anyone to express such passionate words to me.  I was so touched, I wanted to cry, yet I was so aroused, I thought I would surely faint. I could barely speak.

“Michael…………that was so beautiful and sexy!  I want you so badly……….if you were here right now, you would be in so much trouble!”

I didn’t care if he knew what he did to me. His whispery, seductive voice encircled my ears.

“What if I was there?  What if I was right outside your front door?”

“Michael, don’t tease me like that!  Especially when you’ve got me all hot and bothered! I’m practically aching  right now!  What am I supposed to do?”

“Just open the door and let me in.  I’ll take care of that ache, baby………”

Then I heard a knock on the door.  I sat up straight in the bed.  My heart was racing wildly.

“Someone’s knocking on my door!”

He chuckled softly.

“I’m really here, outside your door.  That’s my surprise.  I couldn’t wait until your visit to see you.  So I hopped on a plane after our chat and got here as quickly as I could.”

I jumped up with the phone still in hand and looked out the peep hole.  Sure enough, he was there.  I quickly open the door.  He was leaning against the door, looking so yummy!  His curly hair was slightly pulled back in a pony tail, with loose curls hanging on one side of his face. He was wearing a black jacket and a black button down shirt with the front slightly opened.  I could see his smooth chest and I longed to kiss it all over.  He wore blue jeans and black boots.  He was looking off to the side, with a sexy little smirk on his lips, as if he was in deep thought.

He slowly turned his head towards me.  He looked me over from head to toe.  I couldn’t take how sexy he looked.   Our eyes met.  Then he quickly stepped in and slammed the door behind him as our bodies rapidly moved towards each other.  We started to devour each other as we became entwined in a heated, passionate kiss.  Our arms and hands were all over each other.  I quickly jumped up to encircle my legs around his waist.  He hoisted me up.  I dropped the phone on the floor as he carried me to my bedroom,  as we were still kissing.

Hi,  I hope you like what you have read so far.

Chapter 7 starts on a new page.  To access the new chapters, go the the original link “My Weekend with Michael” link on the top menu listing.  Place your cursor on the link and the new drop down will automatically appear.

See you there!! ;)

Cutie ♥



20 thoughts on “My Weekend With Michael – A Love Story By MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE (Chapters 1-6)

  1. How I long to lay between your lovely thighs;

    And kiss the sweet lips to the center of your seductive power;

    Which renders me totally helpless,

    Constantly drawing me between.

    How I yearn to find that treasure!

    How I melt under the essence of that sweet nectar!

    Your eyes, how they sparkle!

    Your angelic lips glow like the gentle dew;

    Your soft, heavenly skin, entices me

    With its sweet, fragrant aroma;

    What’s this poor man to do?

    There is nothing I can do!

    Your love renders me powerless to fight;

    So why bother?

    For I am your willing slave

    Held captive, in the heat of your womanly fire.

    Come lay with me, my true love…….forever;

    Your tender kisses I will always crave.

    Let me feel the eruption of your heated emotion;

    Rising and falling, like the waves of the ocean.

    I am at the wonderful mercy of this great, turbulent storm;

    Like a ship being tossed to and fro in the essence of your love.

    How I savor the swelling rise of each pulsating wave!

    The stern of my ship is fighting hard to stay on course.

    Let me not capsize or burst too soon in your passionate flames!

    Then finally, as the waves of this erotic storm comes to an end;

    And the raging waters begin to cease;

    I will safely lead you to the quiet respite of my loving arms.

    Basking together on the shore;

    Sharing in the afterglow of our marvelous journey;

    Sweetly rest your head, my love;

    For you have arrived home safely with me,

    Right where you belong.

    is this poem written by you

    • Yes I wrote it. I was thinking about making a poem that Michael would write for the woman he intimately loved and the words just came to me out no where while I sitting under a hair dryer getting my hair done. I wrote it down on the back of an envelope and typed it up when I got home. I really love this poem.

  2. Dear Cutie, like you, I love Michael Jackson very much! I know that’s fictional story, but if that was actually happened to you, you might be sooooooooooo lucky! I like that story a lot!

    • Thank you so much. Actually the story is written based on my life (past and present) combined with Michael’s real life during the Dangerous period with some fiction mixed in. I am trying to finish the next chapter now, but I can’t concentrate on it very well with work, the trial and other drama going on with Michael, but in the story they have drama so I guess I shouldn’t let that stop me.

  3. This story.. o my god I’m speechless. I’ve read a lot of story’s but this one is the best ever! Please keep going and do you have already the second part? Can’t wait *_* <3

    • Hi, Thanks for your compliments and the encouragement! I am glad you enjoyed the story. There is a second part. If you hold your cursor over the menu title of the story that you just read (don’t click just hover over it), the link for the second part will automatically drop down. Then click on the drop down. Chapter 20 was my last update on last month.

      Much love. ♥

  4. “The VS underwear is enough.” You’re sure about that? Ok–I’ll take your word for it. Goodness knows, I am enjoying the story too much to see it cut short prematurely. Anyway, if I were the heroine in this story, a weekend would be far too short to accomplish everything that needed to be done. Hee hee!

    Keep up the good works while I continue to the next section.

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