Funny Talking Animals Video (Billie Jean Bird)

Source: 96.5 KVKI – By Robert and Erin / Youtube – By nenadkrstevski

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This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest animal videos ever made. It comes from the BBC and it’s called “Funny Talking Animals.”  And it’s also guaranteed to make you laugh out loud…and if you don’t believe is, just wait for the Michael Jackson bird (starts at 4:02).

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Michael Jackson Black and White Cover By Sam Westphalen – The Busking Sessions

Source: In Baton Rouge

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Here we have Sam Westphalen performing Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” for our new “Busking Sessions” series filmed in Hoiser Lane Melbourne.

An Inside Look at the “Michael Jackson One” Cirque Du Soleil Show

You Tube – By WSJDigital Network

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Jamie King, writer/director of the “Michael Jackson One” Cirque Du Soleil show and former MJ backup dancer, talks to the WSJ’s Lee Hawkins about the challenge of doing a show that lives up to Jackson’s high standards and his working relationship with John Branca, chairman of The Michael Jackson Co. and co-executor of Jackson’s estate. According to the estate, Jackson has sold more than 50 million records since his death, and 70 percent of his sales come from outside the United States. King also discusses “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour,” which he also wrote and directed.


Incredible! Ohio State Marching Band Does Smooth Criminal Lean And Moonwalks Across Football Field In MJ Formation!

Source: YouTube – By Lori Schmidt / Fear The Hat (Blog)

Ohio State’s marching band performed a tribute to Michael Jackson this Saturday (10/19/13), and what salute to the king of pop would be complete without an anti-gravity lean and a moon walk?

This is so amazing! CP♥

Video: London Seniors A Scream In Thriller Parody

Source: Metro – By By Mike Donachie

London’s musical seniors are at it again, but this time it’s spooky.

The Waverley Mansion retirement home residents had already grabbed international attention with YouTube videos of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Now, specially for Halloween, they have recreated Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The videos have been led by recreation coordinator Sarah Urquhart, who wanted to find a fun way to help residents learn about technology.

People have viewed the videos from all over the world.

Michael: The Last Photo Shoot Documentary (Snippet)

Source: Vimeo – By / The Jackson News

“Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” is a fascinating behind the scenes look at Michael Jackson’s last magazine cover photo shoots and the struggle to make them happen. It is a unique story told through the eyes of several of Michael’s closest friends, photographers and stylists that had helped Michael prepare for his planned comeback in 2007.

In 2007, after several years of living over-seas in seclusion, Michael returned to the United States wanting to make a comeback onto the music scene. Taking the cover of L’UOMO Vogue for its October 2007 issue was Michael’s first step. On September 14, 2007 in New York, Photographer Bruce Weber and Vogue Fashion Editor / Michael Jackson’s personal stylist Rushka Bergman captured the magic of the King of Pop for the 25th Anniversary of the release of Thriller.

On September 24, 2007 in Brooklyn, NY, Michael Jackson did an interview and another photo shoot for Ebony Magazine for its December 2007 issue. This was Michael’s first United States interview and magazine story in a decade.

Michael had a love for art and being an artist himself, Michael had said that he had wanted to be photographed in a space “where art lives on forever.” Ebony selected the Brooklyn Museum of Art as the location. While many magazine covers were done throughout Michael’s career, the Vogue and Ebony shoots were very important to Michael as these were for his comeback. Through these photos, Michael’s image as art lives on forever.

Along with never before seen footage of Michael, “Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” contains engaging interviews with Rushka Bergman (Contributing Fashion Editor of L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and Michael Jackson’s personal stylist), Phillip Bloch (widely considered to be one of Hollywood’s premier fashion stylists), Bruce Weber (famed photographer and filmmaker) and Kabuki (legendary make-up artist from Northern England known for his unique flair and artistry with make-up and imagery and one of the most exciting talents in fashion today).

There are captivating interviews with Bryan Monroe (an award winning journalist, CNN Politics editor, team leader of the winner of the Pulitzer Price Gold Medal, former Vice President and Editorial Director of Ebony and Jet Magazines and the journalist who conducted the last major interview with the King of Pop – Michael Jackson), Harriett Cole (Life stylist author, nationally syndicated advice columnist, former Editor in Chief of Ebony Magazine and Creative director for Michael Jackson’s last cover photo shoot) and Michael Amir (Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff for Michael Jackson).

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Witney Carson and Sasha Farber Ballroom Duet To Dangerous At Gina Starbuck’s Art4Life Gala

Source: Youtube – AfterBuzz TV

Witney Carson (So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 and Dancing with the Stars – All Stars) and Sasha Farber (Dancing with the Stars) perform a sexy duet to Michael Jackson’s Dangerous at Gina Starbuck’s Annual Art 4 Life Gala. Filmed by Giselle Ugarte.

Rare Behind the Scenes of “Black or White” – Sage with Michael Jackson

Source – YouTube – By sage andthesaints

Administrator’s Note: Michael is such a sweetheart! ♥ ♥ For those who don’t know, Sage is the little girl who dances with Michael in the indian scene in the Black or White short film.  Sage’s mother is Joanelle Romero. Joanelle and Michael attended the Garner Street elementary school in the 6th grade where he asked her to go steady.


Sage has grown up to a be a beautiful young woman and  is now a singer.