Tribute To Charlie Chaplin – The Composer

Sources: New York Times – By Michael Cooper | Edits and Pictures – By All Things Michael


A century after his Little Tramp character first appeared on screen, Charlie Chaplin is remembered for many things: as the derby battled, mustachioed comic symbol of the silent screen; as one of the first true international superstars, as an actor, writer and director who helped elevate film to a respected art form even as he enjoyed enormous popular success.

But it is another, often overlooked aspect of Chaplin’s creative output that will be explored this weekend in New York; his work as a composer.

Chaplin, who was reared in English music halls and played several instruments by ear but could not read music, composed the music for his films, beginning with “City Lights” (1931), relying on musical assistants to help him translate his ideas into scores and soundtracks.  Music played an especially outsize role in his first sound features, which were essentially silent films set to music, and he and his collaborators later won an Oscar for the score of “Limelight.”


The New York Philharmonic will play Chaplin’s score for “Modern Times,” his 1936 satire on mass production, on Friday and Saturday, while the film is screened in Avery Fisher Hall, the ensemble’s latest foray into the kind of cinema Karaoke that many that many orchestras have embraced in recent years to try to draw new, more visually oriented audiences to concerts.

And Chaplin, who conceived “Modern Times” in part as a comic commentary on the dehumanizing aspects of a mechanized, industrial world, might have appreciated the path his film music took to 21st-century live performances.


Timothy Brock, who will conduct the Philharmonic’s performances, restored the score in 2000, doing painstaking research to transform a recording into something real people could play on real instruments.

Mr. Brock, a composer and specialist in silent-film music, was asked by Chaplin’s heirs to reconstruct the score of “Modern Times,” which contains some of the most familiar music Chaplin ever wrote. Its love theme was later given lyrics and became the popular song “Smile,” which has been performed by singer including Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson



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Hrithik Roshan’s Ode To Michael Jackson!

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The best dancer in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, has danced Michael Jackson’s iconic dance moves in the title track of BANG BANG that is releasing tonight! Check out glimpses of Hrithik doing an MJ in the video that will also feature Katrina Kaif at her smouldering best! This song has been titled BANG BANG and is a complete party number.


Talking about the song and him doing Michael’s moves, Hrithik Roshan says, ”I have idolised Michael Jackson since the time I first moved to a dance beat, I remember learning the moves through play pause mode for hours. I love his style and energy so when Bosco and Sid (Siddharth Anand) said Micheal Jackson, at first I thought there’s no way I could match up, but then I reframed that and did it for my love for him in my own style, my own way and where there is love, there is no fear. That made it fun. The BANG BANG title track itself is outstanding which empowered me further. It’s my ode to the inspiration he has been. This is an out-an-out dance/party track. It’s high on glamour, scale and Katrina and I have danced our hearts out.”


Produced by Fox Star Films, BANG BANG releases on October 2. The film has been directed by Siddharth Anand.

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Michael and Hrithik

Michael and Hrithik

Stevie Wonder Is Taking ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ On Tour After 38 Years

Sources: Mashable- By Brian Anthony Hernandez | All Things Michael


Stevie Wonder’s 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life is almost always listed on music critics’ rankings of top albums of all time.

Now, 38 years later, the music legend will to take the album on tour — performing such classics as “Isn’t She Lovely,” “Sir Duke,” “I Wish” and “Another Star” in a whole new way.

The 64-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee announced the arena tour this week at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles before performing “Isn’t She Lovely.”

“I decided to call it the Songs in the Key of Life Performance because it’s not going to be exactly, you know, just like the album, meaning the lineup, but it will work perfectly well for how it feels best live,” Wonder said onstage.

Songs in the Key of Life has become a favorite for the music elite, including Elton John and George Michael, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey also singing its praises.

Michael talks about the album at 4.52

The North American tour will kick off at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, hit Toronto and then end at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. Tickets go on sale Sept. 20.

  • Nov. 6: New York City, Madison Square Garden
  • Nov. 9: Washington, D.C., Verizon Center
  • Nov. 11: Boston, TD Garden
  • Nov. 14: Chicago, IL @ United Center
  • Nov. 16: Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
  • Nov. 20: Auburn Hills, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills
  • Nov. 22: Atlanta, GA @ Phillips Arena
  • Nov. 25: Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
  • Nov. 29: Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • Dec. 3: Seattle, WA @ Key Arena
  • Dec. 5: Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena

Spotify users can listen to the entire Songs in the Key of Life double album below:

“Thank You Michael!”: A Tribute By James Delisco

Sources: James Delisco | All Things Michael



I am Delisco James and I have created this new Michael Jackson show with a personal touch. There are many impersonator shows out there THIS IS NOT ONE of them; this is more than that because we ACTUALLY sing, act, and dance everything live and we have so much fun and so will you.  There is a story, my story, your story, and our that connects us all together with a soundtrack where every song in the show you are guaranteed to love.

Michael Jackson is the reason why I do what I do today in singing and dancing and sharing my story of overcoming the obstacles that were before me as a Foster kid, and young man growing up in America. Let me share my personal story with you.

I never spoke a word until I was 5 years old.  The very first song that I sang in front of an audience was ‘Ben’ by the young Michael Jackson. When I sang the song, I saw many people crying…I felt that there was something special about how I was communicating to the audience. I realized at 9 years old that there was something special about it. Little did I know that three years later, I would be moved again by an encounter with the future King of Pop. A lot of people don’t know this, but whenever he went on tour, he invited underprivileged to see the show for free and I was one of those kids. He blocked a block of seats for the inner city kids and he would surprise them. We didn’t know where we were going and we walked in and it’s a Michael Jackson concert. I cried for the first time in my life from the emotion of being moved by the music. As a 12 year old kid, I thought ‘I’m gonna do this,’ I’m going do the same thing  one day…It’s really come full circle and time for me to give back.

After winning a reality competition on the “E! Network” a few years back, where Virginian and Las Vegas legend, Wayne Newton, gave me the name “The Entertainer.”

Since that time, I have performed internationally and has had a successful Las Vegas concert run at the Las Vegas Hilton.  Those successes, has led to a steady gig as lead vocalist for The Music of Michael Jackson, a national touring show which features MJ’s biggest hits treated to full orchestra arrangements. It’s a tribute. It’s paying homage to him. I do Michael’s moves, but I have my own signature moves as well.

This show touches many hearts wherever it lands and it is a vehicle to keep MJ’s legacy alive in a positive light.  As a fan, I know what Michael and the Jackson’s did for me personally and I want to share that with the world. Your contribution will go toward a great project that is bringing forth light and LOVE into a dark world because we really need it in these uncertain times.

Thank you,

James Delisco

Thank you Michael!

“Thank You Michael” is the first single off James Delisco’s 5 song EP and concert event (The MJ Experience). The new single and concert event is dedicated to Michael Jackson and is designed for his fans both old and new. This is NOT an impersonator show, it is unique celebration to Michael Jackson and his 50 years of amazing gifts of music he has given and continue to give the world.  This is ‘The Entertainer,’ ‘Broadway Star,’ and singing and dancing sensation Delisco James’ way of giving back to his mentors’ legacy, as well as introducing MJ’s music to a whole new generation. With his band, featured singers, dancers, light show, and ever changing set list, James through his personal story as an underprivileged child who was invited to see Michael live when he was 11 years old delivers an incredible MJ Experience. James is known for performing and touring internationally with symphony orchestras, but after breaking from that he recreates some of Michael’s most electrifying moments; including the days with his brother’s in the Jackson 5, and his groundbreaking performance of ‘Billie Jean’ on Motown’s 25th anniversary special. The show’s finale, a recreation of the epic video “Thriller”, will leave the audience spellbound and remind us why Michael Jackson will forever be the “King of Pop” and this fans way of saying “Thank You Michael.

What We Need and What You Get

We need funding to finish recording the single “Thank You Michael”

Finish recording the 5 song EP that “Thank You Michael” will be a part of

Design new website with online store

Combine all social media to promote the show and single(s) worldwide

Build following with massive online presence

Acquire Merchandise for the show i.e T-shirts, Gloves, Posters, Souvenir books, etc.

Audition and hire new cast members and band

Rehearse the new show and take it on tour in the European, Asian, South African, and Australian markets first where MJ is great demand then bring it back to the US and the Americas.

Create a new video campaign for further promotion

To find out more, click here

Administrator’s Note:  I became a follower of James Delisco after my first experience with The Music of Michael Jackson tribute show in 2010. What I love about him the most is that he pays a wonderful tribute to Michael, but in his own unique style. His shows are vibrant, fun and energetic. He will actually dance with members of the audience and will get you to actively participate. It made me feel that we were all a part of the tribute to Michael and not just spectators. The singing is magnificent! When he sang, “Human Nature,” it brought tears to my eyes and I felt like Michael was really there.

You have only heard a snippet of his life story, but when I heard him tell it with such detail, I was moved to tears again. It was heart wrenching to hear what he went through as a child, then secondly, to know that Michael’s generosity and talent not only inspired him, but also gave him hope to become the entertainer that he is today.

All Things Michael

Please note: Contributions, along with Indiegogo fees and charges, are not refundable.

Twitter VP Katie Jacobs Stanton Dishes About How This Social Medium Is The Operating System For News And Why It Launched MJ’s Video

Sources: Guardian – By Ben Cardew | Edited By – All Things Michael


After being part of Barack Obama’s social media-savvy White House team and State department, it was perhaps a logical career step for Katie Jacobs Stanton to move to Twitter.

Now, four years after joining the company, Stanton has been promoted to Twitter’s vice president of global media. Her new role involves working with media companies to help them get the most out of Twitter as a distribution platform for their content. She is at the forefront of Twitter’s efforts to increase the revenue generated from distributing content, via advertising and other means, following its successful stock market flotation in November.

While she settles into her new job, the debate rumbles on about whether Twitter – which defines itself as a technology company – is effectively in the media business these days, following its decision last month to suspend accounts distributing images of US journalist James Foley’s beheading.

“Twitter was something that I couldn’t live without,” Stanton says, looking back on her decision to leave the State department in 2010. She is back in her San Francisco home after a year in Paris as Twitter’s vice president of international market development.

“I had seen first-hand the impact that Twitter had with a lot of initiatives while I was at the White House and the State department. I knew this was changing the way that we would consume information, that we could never go back.”

Her role can involve anything from offering education on Twitter analytics to premiering content, as with Twitter’s recent Michael Jackson music video launch.

“The label and the [Michael Jackson] estate knew that Twitter is a place for breaking information,” Stanton says. “It is the best way to distribute information that is going to reach the world’s largest audience, not just on the Twitter platform [because] this content gets embedded, it perpetuates into the fabric of news.” For Twitter, the Jackson video meant that users spent longer on the platform — useful for a company that is looking to sell more ads and eventually turn a consistent profit. [...]


“We don’t create our content, we aren’t a publisher per se,” she points out. “But we give our users and our partners around the world the opportunity to create content, to consume content and to connect with others about the content they feel so passionately about.”

Would Twitter ever create its own content? “That is not our thing,” Stanton says. How about charging media companies to distribute their content? “I don’t think so,” she replies, firmly. “It is not really part of what we do. We are a free service and a free platform.”

For broadcasters Twitter has arguably already proved its worth in this way, with viewers taking to the platform to discuss live programming, but Stanton believes newspaper and magazine publishers can also benefit.

“Twitter makes it easier to consume a lot of small bursts of content in a simple fashion,” she explains. “A lot of our users will get a snapshot of what is going on in the world, then they can go back to the various newspapers or magazines, to be able to consume that content.”

The message to media companies is clear: Twitter is not a rival creator; it is a platform for distributing and promoting your content. [...]

Not that many of today’s reporters will need to take lessons in Twitter use. As exasperated editors the world over already know, journalists have eagerly taken to the platform. “Journalists are like our PhD students,” Stanton says. “They have been active and early on Twitter since the very beginning and they intuitively understand the value and the reach of Twitter.”

Twitter, in turn, can help journalists to produce better work, she believes. “Twitter is this operating system of news,” she says. “How can we help journalists to move faster and reach more witnesses and reach more users and to get the pulse of the planet, writing about things they know people care about?”


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Michael Jackson Tribute: ‘MJ Is Forever Alive’ By Kenichi Ebina

Sources: All Things Michael  |You tube – By Ebiken


Kenichi Ebina is best known for winning the eighth season of America’s Got Talent on September 18, 2013. His solo act, labeled ‘dance-ish’ by Ebina, features his unique self-taught style which combines acting, storytelling, and a number of different dance styles, including freestyle, hip-hop, mime, martial arts, jazz, and ethnic dance. He frequently interacts with characters on a video screen behind him, who have all been created and played by himself.


This is Kenichi Ebina’s tribute performance to Michael Jackson from the San Francisco HipHop DanceFest in 2009.

Art Raffle In Honor Of Kelly LaFluer

Sources: Michael’s Solders of Love – By Poli Bruckner | All Things Michael


In memory of Kelly LaFleur, for September, we are conducting a raffle of this beautiful 11×17, hand sketched art piece. 100% of the proceeds will benefit a charity that Kelly was dear of and in her name. Kelly was an intricate figure and asset to our community. We feel confident that Kelly would appreciate us coming together and helping the children of the world. Please join us Soldiers, in this labor of L.O.V.E.

1 raffle ticket $3
3 raffle tickets $5
7 raffle tickets $7

Make payments to PayPal to or inbox me about another form of payment. As with any raffle we conduct, after the winner is announced, we itemize the contributors.

The winner will be announced via video, on September 30, 2014.



Rest in Peace, sweet angel.

Poli Bruckner

(Michael’s Soldiers of Love)

We also sadden to hear about Kelly’s passing. May she rest in eternal peace and may her work for children continue on through the hearts and hands of others. ~ All Things Michael


Flashback Fridays: Nigerian Michael Jackson Copycats

Sources: The Kush Chronicles | Eidted by – All Things Michael

Okay, I gotta apologize for letting this slip…this post was actually meant to go up on Michael Jackson’s birthday last week Friday but I don’t know how I managed to just forget. I knew I was cracking my head up to try and remember what special entry I was planning on doing in memory of MJ but i couldn’t so I just did the vague one I did last week…after all, I had to say something.


Anyway, in today’s Flashback Friday…I suddenly remembered what I wanted to do and it was on Michael Jackson copycats in Naija*, way back in the early 80s. Back then Michael was such a hit that Nigerian artistes, both established and upcoming (and even the unknown) started imitating his style. The trend became a social epidemic on the music scene; all manners of wannabes flooded the scene. Some even went as far as outrightly copying MJ in looks or in name.

Check out the photos of old school 80s albums way back then.

chrid mbachris_mba_love everlasting 2

Chris Mba was popular to a measure back then but man what’s with these MJ album cover rip offs? The first photo is a copycat of MJ’s ‘Off The Wall’ album (see MJ photos above) And what’s with the orange? The second is also a rip off of MJ…notice how he deliberately displays his white socks – a Michael Jackson dress trend.


I don’t know who the two dudes above are but the first album (Emma Dorgu) has the dude outrightly striking the ‘Off the Wall’ pose completely, no creativity just plain copycat. I don’t know if he thought he could differentiate with the cap on his head. It just resonated as another ‘okoro feeling funky’. As for the artiste Rap Dazz, he still manages to strike his own pose while trying to copy the MJ look (hair and funky Jacket) from the ‘Beat it’ song.

Jeffrey Bonkiki gyan_ feelin alright

Jeffery Bon also does a partial copycat by having the ‘Off the Wall’ look and then striking a pose which is a partial copycat of the MJ Thriller album. As for Kiki Gyan, he wears the ‘Off The wall’ look and completely copies the ‘Thriller’ album pose. Maybe it wasn’t easy to acquire a white suit or maybe there was fear of getting it dirty in the photo studio used back then.

moses jackson 2

I left this last dude for the last because his own case was far different…not only did he rip off MJ’s last name, he also adopted an identical facial look! He wasn’t even so bothered about his costume looking exactly like MJ’s or could it be that he couldn’t afford a black or white suit? He just banked on his name and face doing the work; with all the jerri curls, penciled eyes and glossed lips. Now that was a good one, I wonder how many Nigerians where entranced by his Naija version of MJ. I never heard his music back then, so I wonder what it must have sounded like…I doubt if it could have been good because we had a few rubbish songs just as we had good ones.

Is there anybody out there who knew this guy? Holla back, I need to know what he sounded like.

Have an awesome weekend y’all!

Special thanks to Comb & Razor for the images

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Administrators Note: *Naija is slang word for a native Nigerian