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“I was searching for seven days for his contact and one day I sent this e-mail to his lawyer. First off, I didn’t even know if the e-mail address I sent to was the correct one. My phone starts ringing and [the voice] says. ‘I’m the lawyer for Michael Jackson from Washington, DC.’ I already saw myself in the court. And then she says, ‘Mr. Jackson confirms your cover ofVogue magazine.’ So I said, ‘Please Madame, could you confirm this please once more, so that I’m sure that this is the truth’ because I couldn’t believe that this was the truth. And she said, ‘Absolutely.’ I didn’t even count five minutes before the e-mail came already confirming the cover of Vogue with Michael Jackson, and then my life changed.


I learned that when we did the photo shoot with Bruce Weber. It was with literally 1000 [pieces of] clothing. 66 designers and nobody said no. This one jacket he had with sequins was eight kilos! The next day, Michael called my boss and asked if I could style him to be his personal stylist. And then Michael called me and said, ‘Where are you now?’ I said that I was in the house prepping for the next day for my photo shoot. He said, ‘I cancelled your photo shoot. I’ll come to pick you up. We’re going to Las Vegas!’

I never moved out of his house. I was always there. He chose me. When he died, I cried for days. I needed water to calm myself down. I said, ‘Why did you die? Why did you die?’

I think in some way he’s always here. I was in this chair when he died. I almost died too. We were making the shoes and my cousin texted me. ‘Rushka, I don’t know where you are, but can you please press news now? Something is going wrong with Michael Jackson,’ And in the same second when she texted me, someone else said, ‘Sweetheart, where are you? Do I need to come to your studio?’ When I asked why, she said, ‘Something is going wrong.’ The same second, my younger sister asked, ‘Rushka, are you okay? Are you in the studio? I have to tell you some bad news. I don’t know if this is the truth, but your friend Michael Jackson has passed away.’ I have the chills. I said,  ‘This is not possible.’ Everybody came here and I was on the floor, screaming. I couldn’t even believe that this was real. I was thinking that this was all made up. Can you imagine myself? I’m making Michael’s shoes with Jonathan (my assistant). Michael was in charge of absolutely everything; if he said, ‘I want this’ then this is it. He was a genius; pure genius.


Michael Jackson was a virtuoso of music, avant-garde dancer and fashion icon. He was the boldest master. His originality and richness defined the music of the 1980’s until today. At the same time, he was a great father and a true humanitarian. His heart was bigger than the planet–even bigger than the galaxy. His gentle and spiritual nature made him one of the greatest people that will ever walk the Earth. The more I got to know him, the more I loved him–it was magic. He was so beautiful, he had the power of love. I miss him very much and I will never forget him. He will stay in my heart and his music will live with us, as we always used to say ‘Forever, Darling!'”

- As told to us by Rushka Bergman

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“During [Michael’s] glory in the 80s, he was a powerful individual and his style was so remarkable through his choices on the stage: the beautiful sequinned glove, white socks, the military jackets, the Thriller red leather jacket, sequin tuxedo pants, and the penny loafers. These were his trademarks.”


“Michael Jackson, Hilary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Michael Fassbender, Shia LaBeouf, and Robert Pattinson are some of the most memorable talents that I have worked with.”


“I did something very revolutionary by putting Michael Jackson in clothes by haute couture women’s designers such as Balmain by Christophe Decarnin, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and John Galliano. Michael Jackson was always known for wearing iconic jackets, but because he was a true innovator and creator, I moved him forward with new avant-garde looks from the best designers in the world. Balmain jackets, with their pagoda shoulders as well as his famous Givenchy baroque gold-studded jacket and Napoleon Bonaparte jacket by John Galliano are true to his legacy but extremely modern. At the same time, he kept his look very sophisticated and classic; bespoke tailoring by Tom Ford, and schoolboy looks by Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme. He always liked to mix styles, but with my influence and taste, I sculpted his image.”


“[Jackson’s children] are genius kids. They were so close to me, I recently spoke with Prince because he is the oldest. Paris is so beautiful. Just like her father, she has the guts. That girl is too smart. I adore, adore her. Michael Jackson was twenty-four hours, and his kids, they’re so sweet, they’d be spoiled, but you’d never believe it in your life.”


“I’m making an exhibition of Michael Jackson’s best clothes, that you’ve ever seen in your life. That is going to tell you everything about him. They think it will come out in a year and a half or two years, because now we are in the process of the book, because it is a very big production.”


“My work is all about the dream.”


“I would not switch closets with anyone. Buying clothes is my biggest guilty pleasure!”



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Join UNICEF’s Children Without A Voice Campaign #EveryChildCounts

Sources: Examiner  – By Victoria Poller | Edited By – All Things Michael

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#IMAGINE is a UNICEF initiative uniting millions of people to raise awareness and funds for children’s rights globally.

In collaboration with David Guetta and Yoko Ono, we are bringing the world together to create the largest sing-along ever.

According to Geoff Herbert of, The #IMAGINE project aims to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and bring awareness to UNICEF and its mission. Supporters and participants are encouraged to donate to the organization’s programs for education, health care, clean water and emergency relief for children in more than 150 countries worldwide.

To participate, fans can download the TouchCast app (currently only available via Apple’s App Store). They then record themselves singing “Imagine” along with Lennon and others by tapping the red record button, along with a personal message imagining what a better world for children would be like.

Recordings can also be shared on social media with the hashtags #EVERYVOICECOUNTS and #IMAGINE. Guetta will then mix all the celebrity and individual recordings into a multi-lingual “world” version that will premiere on New Year’s Day in New York City’s Times Square.

Don Jazzy is scheduled to perform with: Idris Elba, Katy Perry,, Courteney Cox, Angelique Kidjo and more at The Unicef Imagine Singalong to raise awareness for children’s rights and mark the 25th anniversary of the convention on the rights of the child. The Imagine Project, which also features actor Hugh Jackman and singer Nicole Scherzinger, is being supported by the late Beatles (John Lennon) star’s widow Yoko Ono.

Every voice counts. Especially yours. You’re not the only one. You’re part of an amazing group of like-minded people who believe that every child counts. In the days and weeks ahead, you’ll learn more about how UNICEF, together with caring people like you, is working to create a world fit for children. To find out how to sing along with John and create your own version of Imagine sign up below. We hope you’ll join us.

Sing with John and help UNICEF protect the rights of children.

DOWNLOAD the TouchCast app,

SING #IMAGINE with John Lennon,

SHARE with friends to be a part of the largest sing-along in history. #EVERYVOICECOUNTS

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Michael Jackson – Advocate And Global Ambassador For Children


All Things Michael believes that the mission of the Imagine campaign falls in line with the vision of Michael Jackson, a long time advocate for children’s rights. In 1992, Michael founded the Heal the World Foundation to make the world aware of the rights and needs of all children around the world and also to help improve the world we live in, without violence and free of diseases.


The organization built playgrounds, provided immunizations and funded scores of children’s causes around the world. It helped pay for a Hungarian boy’s lifesaving liver transplant and co-sponsored an airlift of more than 46 tons of relief supplies to war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.The organization built playgrounds, provided immunizations and funded scores of children’s causes around the world. It helped pay for a Hungarian boy’s lifesaving liver transplant and co-sponsored an airlift of more than 46 tons of relief supplies to war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.

Michael’s Heal L.A. project was established to help aid inner-city children after the Los Angeles riots in 1992. The program was intended not only for LA but for urban cities throughout the United States. Michael aid the program was inspired by President Clinton’s call for the nation to unite in recognition that “we must care for each other.”

In 2000, Michael Jackson launched his global initiative for children, ‘Heal The Kids.’


“Heal the Kids is about making a difference and trying to help adults and parents realize that it is in our power to change the world that our children live in.”

The goal of ‘Heal The Kids’ was to help developing the relationship between parents and children. It educated parents on the importance of giving their children the love, support and devotion that they so badly need, to stop the cycle of neglect and improve the communication within families. It is also devoted to fostering programs that help all children gain the love, attention and quality time they need to prosper and flourish.

As we all know, Michael Jackson was a true humanitarian. He spent his entire life helping children and many others in need. He has visited hundreds of orphanages and hospitals all around the world during tours, to help children, bringing bring them smiles, love, gifts and happiness. His charity work throughout his lifetime has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World records for the ‘Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star.’ He still holds the record to this day.


Michael Jackson’s Children Bills of Rights

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. These children are a reminder of the preciousness of all life, especially young lives untouched by hatred, prejudice, and greed. Now when the world is so confused and its problems so complicated, we need our children more than ever. The mission of Heal The World, my mission, is healing, pure and simple. To heal the world, we must start by healing our children. Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. We have to heal our wounded planet. I wrote this song for everyone in our world in an effort to help bring global harmony.”Michael Jackson on ‘Heal The World’.


Let’s us all continue in Michael’s memory to Heal the World, each and everyday. #makethatchange

Michael Jackson’s Signature Eats ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s On The ‘Eat It’ Contract

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2007 Comerica CityFest - Day 2

Michael Jackson’s signature is so big, it exerts a gravitational pull stronger than the “Gargantua” black hole in Interstellar. Not only does it make its mark all over Jackson’s side of the document, but it also invades Weird Al Yankovic’s sovereign space.

Earlier today, everyone’s favorite polka enthusiast found, scanned, and posted the signature page of his “Eat It” contract with the deceased “King of Pop” on Twitter.

Since the 1980s, Yankovic has parodied songs and music videos by famous musicians and bands. The champion accordion player is so well known for it, he even released eight new videos for eight days straight to promote last summer’s “Mandatory Fun.” It went on to become Yankovic’s first number one album in a…

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Billboard Legend of Live Honoree Lionel Richie Remembers His Time With The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson And His Snake

Sources: Billboard – By Gavin Edwards | Edited By – All Things Michael


Lionel Richie splays his body over an armchair in his palatial Beverly Hills mansion, with a scarf wrapped around his neck and The Police playing on the sound system. “I don’t need five or six homes,” he says. “I just need one good one.”

In fact, Richie, 65, owns two — the other is in his hometown of Tuskegee, Ala. He grew up with his father, who served in the military, and mother, an English teacher, in a house on the campus of Tuskegee University. Tuskegee was also where he majored in economics and joined The Commodores, who debuted at a college talent show in 1968 and went on to be a leading funk band of the ’70s with hits including “Brick House.”

The group also showcased Richie’s gift for ballads (“Easy,” “Three Times a Lady”) which, perhaps inevitably, led to a solo career that started in 1981. Richie himself has scored 13 top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits, including five No. 1s: “Endless Love” (a duet with Diana Ross), “Truly,” “All Night Long (All Night),” “Hello” and “Say You, Say Me.” While never a critical favorite, Richie steadily constructed an enduring catalog. In 2012, he revisited his songbook, reinterpreting his smashes as duets with country stars from Kenny Chesney to Kenny Rogers. The resulting album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200; naturally, Richie called it Tuskegee.

Richie has been married twice, and has three children, one of whom is reality star Nicole Richie (which means that Joel Madden, lead singer of Good Charlotte, is his son-in-law), and two grandchildren. He has sold 23 million albums in the United States, according to the RIAA, but in recent years has been better known for his relentless touring, playing everywhere from Bonnaroo to the Middle East, where he has a huge following. On Nov. 20, he will be named a Legend of Live at the 2014 Billboard Touring Awards. “The essence of who you are is onstage,” says Richie. “The performance is the cherry on the cake for all the work you did in the studio.”

What did you buy with your first big record-company check?

I bought a Yamaha piano, which happens to be in the other room. For all the songs I had written up to that point, I would go to a house on campus called the theater shack, which had a piano in the corner. I would stay all evening, and from there I would go to a place on campus where the choir rehearsed and play on that piano. Finally, I figured that I needed to have a piano. At the same time, I bought a silver Datsun 280Z 2+2. I still have that too, by the way. It was one year older by the time I got it, because I kept trying to negotiate. Finally, the next year’s cars came in and the guy said, “Lionel, take the car off the lot. We got to send it back anyway. You got your price.”

Do you still have the green sweater from the cover of your first solo album?

I sure do. And I’ve got the “Hello” sweater. The only thing we didn’t think about was the “Hello” bust [the statue from the famously cheesy video] — it was so god-awful, I wanted to get as far away from that thing as I could. But the clothing we have: all the “Dancing on the Ceiling” clothes, the outfits from the Olympics [Closing Ceremony in 1984]. Ultimately, it’ll be in a Lionel Richie museum somewhere. I held on to as much of it as I could. Not a lot of The Commodores clothes — when you’re leaving a band, you don’t have the presence of mind to say, “Can I have my uniform?” You just try to get out of the room. It’s like divorce. You walk into your wife’s house and say, “Can I have that lamp? Oh, I didn’t think so. OK.”

Did it get ugly with The Commodores?

I say this about marriage and I say this about bands: Everyone remembers the last four months of the breakup, but they forget the 15 years before that. You didn’t stay there because you were in misery. You were kicking ass. I loved being in a band for two reasons. One is that it’s the most fun you’ll have in your life, to come backstage and have all the inside jokes. But the most important part of being in a band is that if anything goes wrong, I can blame somebody else.

Which group was tougher to open for, The Jackson 5 or The Rolling Stones?

Oh s***, did you say that? The Jacksons. No, the Stones. The little kids came to see Michael, Tito and Jermaine, but they also had, thank God, mothers and fathers. So we just had to keep them entertained with top 40 stuff. The Stones — whooooo, boy, when you walk out on that stage, it’s trial by fire. Half the audience is completely stoned, and the other half is kind of stoned. Stevie [Wonder] opened for The Stones; they booed him offstage. Prince did it — it doesn’t really matter who you are. They didn’t come to see you. We survived it. And when The Commodores finally went to Madison Square Garden, Mick [Jagger] would come back and sit at the sound board.

You had to prove to the rest of them that you were worthy of coming into the fraternity. You had to just suck it up and get it right. And your stage performance was the s***, man. That’s what you lived and died on. Because I don’t care if you did put it on the record, you pulling it off is it.

What do you remember about writing “We Are the World” with Michael Jackson?

I’m on the floor in Michael’s bedroom. I don’t think he had a bed — he just slept on the floor. There’s a bunch of albums around the wall, and there’s a carpet and a little bench. I’m writing the first verse — “There comes a time” — and I hear over my shoulder, hhhhhhhhhhhh. There was a python. A boa constrictor, a python, who cares what it was. It was a big, ugly snake. I’m from Alabama — what you do with a snake is you call the police and you shoot the thing. I was screaming. And Michael’s saying, “There he is, Lionel, we found him. He was hiding behind the albums. We knew he was in the room, we just didn’t know where he was.” I said, “You’re out of your freaking mind.” It took me about two hours to calm back down. “You got any more animals in here I didn’t know about?” Quincy [Jones], Michael, Stevie and myself got together, and we organized all these people in less than a month. That’s crazy. But what I remember was the foolishness that I endured to get some lyrics out. […]

What haven’t you done yet that you would like to do?

Do it again. Do it some more. We’ve got these new words now. Branding. Well, that means the other stuff didn’t work. (Laughs.) “Oh, I’m into branding.” Oh, OK, you’re not selling records, right?

But that’s where the industry is now — we have to use these other god-awful words to compensate for the fact that the industry is not the way it was. And that’s a shame, because success to me in this business used to be only determined by two things: record sales and box-office attendance.

Who was your most unlikely showbiz friendship?

Frank Sinatra. When I got into the business, he was untouchable. You didn’t get in the same room with Frank. You think you have security? Homie had security. But around 1991, I got a phone call: Frank is playing the last show at the Hollywood Bowl; he wants you on the bus as his guest. Of course, I was on the bus. And on the bus was Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty. Backstage, Frank said to me, “Kid, there’s a lot of bull***** in this business.” I said, “Yes, sir.” He said, “If you’re lucky enough in this business to have one hit record that the world remembers and asks you to sing over and over, you got yourself a career. You lucky son of a *****, you got more than one and you wrote them all.”

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Renaissance Men: Chris Brown And 6 Other Celebrities Who Make Amazing Artwork (PHOTOS)

Michael Jackson Announces Plans For Summer Residency At The O2 Arena

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10747847_307700832753521_548250656_nChris Brown has collaborated with a bunch of talented artists all over the country, and next weekend some of his work will be highlighted at an art gallery in Los Angeles.

Breezy’s love for art has cultivated a bunch of great pieces for charity; including his own original installments, as well as the work stemming from his friendship with contemporary artist Ron English – like his Fame album cover below.


Following Chris’ latest collab with photographer Karen Bystedt, we take a look at some other celebs with a passion for art. Take a look below at six other amazingly talented celebrities who are also great artists.

Andre 3000:

Andre 3000 of OutkastAndre 3000 is one of the best rappers in the game, he can also sing, and he’s a super dope artist. If you’ve been wondering what he’s doing since last putting out an album, he told the New York Times during an interview:

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Tribute To Michael Jackson Menu – Charlie Palmer Steak (Las Vegas)

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A menu in tribute to Michael Jackson and the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil show at Mandalay Bay.

Hazelnut chocolate bar

Charlie Palmer’s Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

A Letter….A Difference In Death And Life by Sandra Sasvári

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Dear Tom Sneddon,

I woke up today to the news of your passing. Right now, the news have yet to properly break, so I am writing this now, before the Internet erupts with people’s comments – not about you, but about Michael Jackson.

You see, people can’t think of you without also thinking of him. You made sure of that. For twelve years, you dedicated your life to crucifying a man who not only was innocent, but who had never done anything to you. You searched the world to find people who were willing to say he hurt them, not because you believed it to be true but because you wanted it to be true.  And you wanted the general public to believe it was true, too. Why? That is the part I have yet to understand. But no matter your reasons, the results were this: an innocent man…

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Vinyl Halloween Figurines

Sources: The Mary Sue – By Carolyn Cox | All Things Michael


A Large Evil Corporation previously gave us Cornetto Trilogy figurines and a vinyl Jareth the Goblin King, but they have really outdone themselves with this Halloween set. Click through for a pocket-sized zombie Michael Jackson, Carrie, and dancing Christopher Walken. If you dare!

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