Zendaya Lists Dressing Up Like Michael Jackson As One Of Things To Know About Her

Sources: USA Today – By Jaleesa Jones | All Things Michael


In case you needed another reason to love Zendaya, please allow us — or rather, Glamour— to give you the exhaustive list. The 19-year-old K.C. Undercover actress and singer is featured in the magazine’s March issue (on national newsstands today) and dishes on 19 facts you may not have known about her in a Glamour video.

Her rightful stanning over The King of Pop: “There was a period of my life where I dressed like Michael Jackson.”

Her unabashed honesty: “My very first acting gig was James and the Giant Peach and, let’s just say, I didn’t have any lines.”

Her love for pizza: “I’m a vegetarian but I don’t like vegetables. Well, technically, I like vegetables but I would much rather have a pizza.”  (Wouldn’t we all?)

The CoverGirl also discussed the importance of using her star power to champion causes.

“I don’t just sing, dance, and act because I love it.”

Zendaya told Glamour, adding, “You have to have a purpose, and mine is to connect with the world, to get across messages that are important.”

The most important message she’s campaigning to get across? HIV/AIDS awareness. Zendaya is an ambassador for the UNAIDS Foundation and is currently coordinating a return trip to South Africa to speak at the International AIDS Conference this summer.

“AIDS can affect everyone,” she told the magazine. “If I can make it cool for young people to buy a certain handbag, maybe I can make it cool to be safe, protect yourself, get tested—to love yourself.”

For more details on Zendaya’s activism and rising fame, access the full feature here.

Check out some of Zendaya’s past clothing tributes to Michael below.




Irish Trad Musician’s Does Epic ‘Thriller’ Cover With Nine Fiddles


An Irish trad musician has covered Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Thriller’ with nine fiddles using an Acapella app.

Niall Murphy has been a trad player for the past 17 years and regularly experiments with different styles including bluegrass, country, and pop.

He has toured with bluegrass legend Dan Tyminski (guitarist with Alison Krauss and Union Station and singer of Avicci’s ‘Hey Brother’) which inspired him to try different techniques.  He currently plays with Cara Dillon and Breaking Trad.

“Micheal Jackson is one of my favourite singers and arrangers,” he says.

“Before starting to record, I arranged the piece for nine fiddles. Some tracks are melody, some are plucked bass lines, some are replicating the brass section and using a fiddle technique called ‘the chop’ I replicated the percussion sound.

“When it all played together I was surprised at the outcome. It mightn’t be exactly like his own version but the idea is there I think, I hope!”

Niall hopes to show people how versatile the fiddle can be and he has posted several videos to YouTube showcasing its possibilities.


Sources: Independent – By Aoife Kelly | All Things Michael

Monster Releases Names Of Celebrity Lineup For Michael Jackson Tribute

Painting by Kenneth Scott

Today, as promised, Monster electronics released the names of the celebrities who will perform at the Heal the World: A Tribute to Michael Jackson at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Axis Theater on January 7th for its annual awards show and concert.

Among the entertainers will be the Jackson’s, members of Aerosmith, George Benson, Ne-Yo, Christina Milian, Rick Ross and Luis Coronel. NBA legend and entrepreneur Magic Johnson will host the event. Producer and record label exec Vassal Benford will conduct a 30-piece orchestra. Additional special surprise guests are also planned. About 5,000 annually attend Monster’s annual retailer awards and concert at CES.

Monster’s CEO and founder Noel Lee wants to put on an especially uplifting event at this year’s CES. Jackson’s single Heal the World from his 1991 album Dangerous fits right into this year’s theme.

“This year’s tribute to Michael Jackson is truly fitting. His song ‘Heal the World’ truly speaks to the needs of today’s times and Monster feels that it’s part of our obligation as corporate citizens to bring social consciousness to CES to help fight terror, violence, and to clean up the environment for future generations.” 

“I want to highlight a social consciousness of solutions that the consumer electronics field can think about,” he said. “For instance, if you can have a fingerprint reader on a iPhone, why can’t you have one on a gun? My goal is to stir up innovation around affecting the world.”


Sources: USA Today  | All Things Michael

Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade And Sons Dress As Jackson 5 For Christmas Photoshoot

Sources: Daily Mail – By Cassie Carpenter| All Things Michael


Gabrielle Union and second husband Dwayne Wade, Jr. donned afro wigs with their sons and nephew for a Jackson 5-themed Christmas photo shoot.

The blended family looked just like the Grammy-nominated boy band, fronted by Michael Jackson,  from Indiana during their seventies heyday.


Even the four family dogs got into ‘costume’ for the retro video, which the 43-year-old actress shared on Instagram Friday.

The Jackson 5’s classic carol Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town blared as the family posed on three-time NBA champ’s customized court.

At 33, the 6ft, 4in basketballer is nearly a decade Union’s junior, and their shoot happened on his customized court.

2FA061A400000578-3375023-image-a-62_1451174665058 2FA0619800000578-3375023-image-a-64_1451174703247

Gabrielle is stepmother to Dwayne’s sons Zaire, 13, and Zion, 8 (with ex-wife #1 Siohvaughn Funches), and son Xavier, 2, (with Aja Metoyer); as well as his nephew Dahveon, 13.


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Here’s What We Ignore Most About Michael Jackson

Sources: ABS CBN – By Duey Guison | All Things Michael


We’ve always known or try to know him as the King of Pop, performing his onstage signature dance moves singing his monumental hits “Rock With You,” “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Remember the Time” or “Smooth Criminal.” But, indeed, Michael Jackson is more than the music legend that he is, inspiring billions of fans and influencing generations of artists.

And, this is exactly what we ignore most about the celebrated pop icon–he is an outstanding, self-sacrificing humanitarian!

Jackson is notable for his multiple charitable efforts. “Jackson is best known for his music, but he possibly touched just as many people through his love and compassion for those less fortunate,” said in the opening statement of this website on the pop icon’s charitable works.

Even with his phenomenal success as an artist, Jackson has set the example to other artists by giving back, whether through monetary donations or spending some time with the less fortunate. To name a few, Jackson was an advocate for helping underprivileged children and for research to treat cancer.

If you would analyze some of Jackson’s songs, they are in fact more than your typical pop songs that you would sing along with your friends. Take the case of “Man in the Mirror,” which talks about Jackson’s desire to make the world a better place to live in.

With the lines “If you wanna make the world a better place/Take a look at yourself and then make a change”, Jackson’s message to his audience is very clear: That change begins with one’s self, hence the “Man in the Mirror”.

Another striking Jackson song has to be “Black or White”, as it tackled on racial harmony, an issue that remains relevant today in light of discrimination and racial stereotyping. Even if it is a danceable pop song, the song delivers a message that everyone can relate to, especially with the lines “I Said If You’re Thinkin’ Of Being My Brother/ It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White”

“Heal the World” is also a socially relevant pop song from Jackson himself. Like “Man in the Mirror”, the song also talks about making the world a better place (in this case, through helping out children living in war-torn countries). In fact, this song best showcases Jackson’s advocacy for world peace and unity, a good reason why thousands (or maybe millions) of his fans were in grief when Jackson died in 2009.


Six years later, we still get to enjoy Jackson’s socially relevant music with The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. With shows from December 14 to 15 at The Theater at Solaire, let UK-based group BEN make everyone, fan or casual music lover, appreciate Jackson’s hit songs. A lot of us Filipinos have yet seen the pop icon perform live, and this is the closet we can get to witness Jackson’s energetic performances live.

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Mary J. Blige Was Inspired By Michael Jackson And Diana Ross’s Role In The Wiz


The Wiz Live!’ airs on Thursday, December 3 at 8pm on NBC. The highly anticipated show is a remake of the 1975 version of the famed Broadway Play The Wiz starring, Stephanie Mills as Dorothy, and the 1978 film version featuring Diana Ross (Dorothy), Michael Jackson (Scarecrow) and Richard Pryor (The Wiz).

Life-long MJ fan and singer Mary J. Blige plays Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West in Live! She pays homage to Jackson and Ross for their role in inspiring her as a child:

The Wiz means so much to me,” professes Mary J Blige. “It changed my life, as a kid in the inner cities it’s hard to believe so when you see Michael Jackson and Diana Ross who are the untouchable entertainers of our time—it kind of makes you believe you can do it too because it’s Michael Jackson—so it just gave me hope; it inspired me; it encouraged me. So to be apart of something that can do the same thing for another generation I couldn’t ask for more in my life.”

Sources: All Things Michael |Vibe 

Home Alone’s Devin Ratray Talks About When He Met Michael Jackson

Sources: Complex – By Khal | All Things Michael


What’s your favorite story from the Home Alone era?
Michael Jackson came to visit the set of Home Alone 2. That was a pretty memorable day.

Please go on.
It was a Saturday rehearsal, we were just rehearsing a small scene. It was us running out of the house getting into our vans. When I got out of the transport van, Macaulay came up to me and said, “Come here, I want you to meet somebody.” He wouldn’t tell me who, but he was very excited. I followed him into the back of one of the prop airport vans that was there, and in the backseat of the van was Michael Jackson—long gray overcoat and gray fedora and sunglasses. This is seven o’clock in the morning on a Saturday, in February, in the middle of Illinois. I didn’t know what to do or say. But suddenly I’m shaking Michael Jackson’s hand without the glove on. What do I say? I said “Hi, I’m Devin and I play Buzz.” He said, “I know, it’s a real pleasure to meet you!” And I just stood there and I said “Yes, Michael Jackson, it is a real pleasure to meet me.” That kind of made him smile. I was able to make him laugh and that brought his guard down a little.


The only thing I thought to say, I had brought my video camera with me—I was making my own sort of documentary behind the scenes and had this big VHS 1992 video camera and I just said out loud, “Hey, do you think I could interview you later on camera?” He said as long as Macaulay was there. So later, while we were waiting to do another rehearsal running out of the house, Michael comes into the house to use the bathroom. Macaulay said it would be a good time to ask him some questions, so I asked him some questions on camera. I’ve had that tape for like twenty years.

Yeah I never showed it to anybody.

I was going to say, have there been plans to try and turn that into something for the public or are you just trying to keep it for yourself?
I was keeping it mostly for myself. It wasn’t until Michael passed away that Entertainment Tonightcontacted me. They’d heard rumors of me having this tape. I thought now would be a good time to pay tribute to the man. I didn’t want to profit from it, you know? I didn’t accept money or anything. I just thought it would be a good time for a tribute because nobody had ever seen it before—it was just sort of my little piece of history and my connection with Michael.


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Nick Jonas Names His Picks for 5 Best Male Pop Singers of All Time: MJ Is His #1 Choice

Sources: Billboard – By Keith Caulfield | All Things Michael

Nick Jonas blossomed as a solo pop star in 2015 with top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hits like “Jealous” and “Chains,” and is currently riding the charts with his latest single “Levels.” Jonas of course rose to fame as one-third of the family band Jonas Brothers, but broke out as a popster in his own right, and sold more than 2.5 million song downloads in the U.S. in 2015 (according to Nielsen Music).

When it comes to his picks for the best male pop singers of all time, there’s no question that Michael Jackson is leading the pack. “I think Michael Jackson is probably my favorite. So many amazing songs and such a humongous pop culture influence for so many years,” says Jonas. “A legend.”

Who else made his list (in no particular order except for the King of Pop)?

1. Michael Jackson

2. Elvis Presley

3. Justin Timberlake

4. Bruno Mars 

5. George Michael