Sonny G Debuts ‘American Music Icons’ Tribute

Sources: The Pueblo Chieftain – By Amy Matthew | Edited By – All Things Michael

Cab Calloway, Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson, James Brown and Michael Jackson had more than music in common — and Sonny Gonzalez (known as Sonny G.) is ready to illustrate the foot-tapping connection. 

Gonzalez, a Pueblo native, will debut his production, “American Music Icons,” today at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. The performance will start at 7:30 p.m. After learning some of Jackson’s dance moves for a show while he was in high school, Gonzalez continued expanding his impersonation over the last decade. During that time, he was building his acting career with a long list of parts in commercials and corporate training videos, on TV and in theater.


Sonny G

As he studied Jackson, he learned through the King of Pop’s own interviews who influenced his dance style. The names that kept appearing wereCalloway, Presley, Wilson and Brown. Eventually, Gonzalez, 28, decided to move behind the camera and develop his own show tracing the timeline of all five performers.michael-jackson-thelavalizard

He went through hundreds of videos and listened to each man’s music to better understand the emotions of the songs, which he said find their way into their mannerisms and choreography. In the show, he lip-syncs to some of each singer’s biggest hits.

“Jackie and Elvis had similar movements,” Gonzalez said. “Between Jackie’s footwork and Elvis’ hips, you get James Brown. Cab Calloway was just way out there with his clothing and his movements.”


Jackie Wilson

Sure enough, watch Calloway and you’ll see the origins of the moonwalk, a little Elvis hip shake and arm windmill, the frenetic, all-over-the-stage dancing of Brown. “Michael was all four of the other characters rolled up into one,” said Gonzalez. “When you see him at the end of the show, you’ll understand where he derived his hip movements and his beats.” Gonzalez’s Elvis moves even got him a job last year in an Starz/Encore movie channel promotion for Elvis month. He had to be approved by Elvis Presley Enterprises, which controls every facet of The King’s legacy.


Cab Calloway

“They’ve invited me to Graceland for their big Elvis impersonation contest they do every year,” he said.



Developing his own show provided Gonzalez with an enormous lesson in music history. “I was surprised at the connections,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know who Jackie Wilson and Cab Calloway were, but if you watch the videos I watched, they’re still relevant today. The music, dance moves and energy — you see them in everyone from Justin Bieber to Usher to Lady Gaga.”

Though he’s lived in Denver for nearly a decade, Gonzalez said he wanted to premiere his show in his hometown.

“We’re all about the arts in Pueblo,” he said. “I want to let people know Pueblo’s a positive place and you can make it if you have a dream and the tenacity to get it done.”

The performance will be filmed by Pueblo company Luminous Media Arts. Tickets for “American Music Icons” are $20. They are available at the arts center box office.

The evening will include a Halloween dance party and a costume contest with cash prizes.


WHO: Sonny G.

WHAT: ‘American Music Icons’

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. today

WHERE: Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center, 210 N. Santa Fe Ave.

TICKETS: $20 at arts center box office

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Justin Bieber Sings Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Sources: Ad Hoc News | All Things Michael


Justin Bieber sings the Michael Jackson “The Way You Make Me Feel” song in a new Instagram video, his latest tribute to the late King of Pop. The Biebs has cited Jackson as a major influence for years, once telling Vanity Fair, “Everybody loved him, and that’s what my goal is — to basically make people happy, to inspire them, and to have everyone root for me.”


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Q&A Launches New Smartwatch And Shares His Thoughts On Apple, Michael Jackson, And Beats Co-Founder Jimmy Iovine

Sources: CNet – By Richard Nieva | All Things Michael


SAN FRANCISCO — is no stranger to technology. After all, he’s the grammy-award winning artist and member of the Black Eyed Peas who once rapped, “I’ve got that rock and roll, that future flow.”

The musician — born as Will Adams — also served as Intel’s creative director and has a founding stake in Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and streaming music company that Apple bought for $3 billion in August. He has also been a vocal proponent of STEM — or science, technology, engineering and math — education.

On Wednesday, added one more thing to his portfolio: He launched the Puls (pronounced Pulse), a sleek minimalist wrist-worn device — he insists it’s “not a watch” — onstage at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference at the Moscone Center here.

The watch can make calls without pairing with a smartphone.

The watch can make calls without pairing with a smartphone.

The device stores music, has a voice navigator named Aneeda powered by the speech-tech company Nuance, and makes phone calls without being paired with a smartphone. While that’s rare when compared with the rest of the smartwatches that have already been unveiled by other companies — including the Apple Watch, coming early next year — it won’t be alone. Samsung’s Gear S watch, demonstrated in September, will also make calls. Network partners for the Puls are AT&T in the U.S. and O2 in the U.K.

While the musician gave the device a proper coming out party on Wednesday, he first showed it off in April, on a British talk show.

The market for wearables is nascent but promising. In 2013, 9.7 million wearables were shipped, according to CCS Insight, a research firm. By the end of 2014, that figure is projected to jump to 22 million units. And by 2018, 250 million wearables will be in use, the research firm estimates.

This isn’t the first wearable device that has put out. Last year, his company launched the foto.sosho, an iPhone case worn around the neck that costs $475. The accessory essentially turns your iPhone into a fancier camera, with things like a keyboard, interchangeable lenses, built-in flash and photo editing. On Wednesday, also talked about other connected-wearables his company makes, like shoes, a bag and a jacket.

CNET sat down with in San Francisco, hours before he launched the watch on stage. Below are excerpts of the conversation, edited for length and clarity.

Question: You’ve done wearable tech products before. Why did you think it was important to get into this space? The wearable conversation has been led by tech alone. And the fashion world has called it “fashion” for decades. They don’t say wearables. The reason they say wearables is because there’s technology inside of the things you put on your body. And I want to enter the conversation, and suggest, ‘Hey, here’s a device we are bringing to market that is non-tethered.’ And we want to design it from the standpoint of expression.

We’ve created other components that allow you to have two days of [battery] power, or utilize the device with jackets. We’ve created shoes that allow you to weigh yourself and count your steps. Because what good is it to count your steps from your wrist if you don’t know how much you weigh? So we’re completing the conversion by looking at it from a perspective that most folks aren’t looking at if from.

Wearables haven’t gotten mainstream quite yet. What do you think companies haven’t yet done right? And how is your product different? That’s a hard question. Because I don’t want to knock other people’s attempt to bring awesome technology to culture. So it’s not my place to say what awesome companies are doing right or wrong. What’s my place is to tell my team what we should aim to do right. Because it’s all relative. Some people like things that I don’t like. I like things some people don’t like. I want to use my energy to corral my team to think of things other companies haven’t thought of.

My colleague saw you at the Apple Watch launch event last month. What do do you think of the watch? That’s an amazing piece of technology. It’s awesome. It’s beautiful. It’s Apple. They’re like the most amazing company on earth. [Pauses.] They’re the most amazing company on earth.

You are both in the wearables business now. Do you see them as a competitor? There’s a guy that I worked with in the past — I’m going to use music as a metaphor. Before I worked with him, he was my idol. His name was was Michael Jackson. He did the most amazing music on earth. He entertained us all. He showed us what to do when you’re successful.

Michael Jackson was the most amazing artist ever. But that didn’t stop me from doing music — because Michael Jackson made music. I didn’t look at Michael Jackson as a competitor. He was my inspiration. He made me want to make music too. Apple makes me want to make products. How can I compete with those guys? Those guys are the masters of the universe. Literally. And they’re my inspiration. And they make amazing stuff.

Speaking of Apple, you have a founding stake in Beats Electronics. What do you think of the company’s acquisition by Apple? That came out of the blue. That’s a blessing. Jimmy Iovine, that guy’s amazing. I showed Jimmy my device, and he’s proud of me. Because most people have ideas and are afraid to execute them. And when people tell them no, they stop.

I funded this. People in world are waiting for someone to give them money. They say, hey, I’ll promote your product. That’s going to cost you. Rarely are they ever willing to put down X amount of dollars.

I know Jimmy Iovine is one of your mentors. What advice did he give you as you were starting this company? Jimmy would say, [starts doing Iovine impression] “Whatever you do will, just gotta focus on it. You can’t be doing a million different things. You already do too much. Focus on it.”

So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years. I’ve got to build this company. Not only for me but for the kids I’m telling to get into STEM. I’m telling them not to hang out on the corner, and learn to code. And then I’m not doing the same thing?


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Please listen to Will’s beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Michael. It will have you in tears. It’s starts at 1:18

Amazing Girl With Asperger Syndrome Will Perform Michael Jackson Tribute

Sources: KoloTV  | Edited By – All Things Michael


RENO, NV – 13-year-old Falynne Lewing’s infatuation with Michael Jackson started when she saw his Thriller video at the age of 5. That inspired Falynne to learn his moves, and when she first showed her family, her mom Michelle says they were blown away.

“It was unbelievable. Our jaws dropped. We couldn’t believe that she could do something like that on her own,” she says.

Falynne hasn’t had any formal dance training and only started really working at her craft a little more than a year ago. Despite having Asperger Syndrome, which has been classified as an autism spectrum disorder, Falynne has an incredibly positive attitude and a huge heart.


“The peace, the love, the message that Michael wanted to share with the world, Falynne equally wants to share that same message,” says Michelle.

Falynne had trouble with her speech until the age of 7. She was also delayed in learning how to walk, which seems hard to believe when you see her move. The teen is transformed into a dancing machine when she hits that stage.

“Once that beat or the bass starts, I just can’t help but move,” she says.

10570339_345255698958559_9090199123768919172_n 10609569_362453427238786_1789740814304710707_n 10644278_360880757396053_97608128162297020_o 10646992_350387585112037_8011847443151424194_n10609569_362453427238786_1789740814304710707_n

Her kind nature along with her incredible talent seems to always draw a crowd. Falynne’s mom says when they recently attended Vid-Con and Michael Jackson’s final resting place in southern California people surrounded her.


Michelle says, “They wanted to meet her, they wanted to hug her, they wanted to see her dance. She brings people to tears when she dances and sings, myself included.”

On October 23rd Falynne will get to show off her talents by taking the stage at the Grand Sierra Resort. Her tribute to Michael Jackson starts at 7:30 p.m. The proceeds from her show will benefit the Nevada Humane Society and the Autism Coalition of Nevada.


“I know that some of the families can’t afford it, so I really want to help them get the medical care they need,” she says.


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Falynne’s Art

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Farah Khan Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson In New The Song ‘Nonsense Ki Night’ From ‘Happy New Year’

Sources: IBN Live | All Things Michael


Mumbai: Choreographer-director Farah Khan has paid an ode to the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson in song ‘Nonsense Ki Night’ from ‘Happy New Year’.

Farah, 49, said she also turned lyricist with the funny song.

In the song, the male actors Shah Rukh Khan, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah are doing signature moves of the late pop star’s ‘Thriller’ and donning his iconic body-hugging shimmery leather red pants and jacket with black design.


“Nonsense Ki Night is also a sort of tribute to my guru Michael Jackson… Check out the thriller inspired costumes and steps,” Farah wrote and added, “It’s my first credit as lyric writer!”

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Ajay Devgn Strikes Pose For Upcoming Film Dedicated To Michael Jackson

Sources: Business of Cinema | All Things Michael


Prabhudeva puts dancing shoes on Ajay Devgn! Devgn fans will have a special treat in store for them as the superstar will be seen grooving as never seen before in Prabhudeva‘s Action Jackson.

The team was recently shooting in Austria and here is an exclusive image showing Ajay Devgn doing quite the eye catching move for the movie!

Many of the Bollywood stars are a fan of the legendary international Pop Star Michael Jackson; Remo D’Souza has left no space undone to show his love for MJ. It was also recently noted that Hrithik Roshan has copied steps of MJ in his latest flick Bang Bang. And Varun Dhawan will be seen with an MJ Tatoo on his arm for his upcoming movie ABCD2.

But nobody has gone to the extent Prabhudeva has in Bollywood. He made a film based on the pop star! Infact, if sources are to be believed Prabhudeva was adamant on keeping the title of the movie as Action Jackson come what may! We sure expect to see a lot of Michael Jackson‘s famous moonwalk on the big screen as far as the movie is concerned.

Ajay Devgn‘s Action Jackson was set to release June 6 this year along with Akshay Kumar‘s Holiday but was later postponed and now the film is all set to release December 5.

Action Jackson directed by Prabhudeva also stars Sonakshi Sinha, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Yami Gautam in prominent roles.


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Usher Talks New Tour, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber And More

Sources: Clizbeats | All Things Michael


It looks like Usher fans have a lot to look forward to! They may remember that shortly after his awesome performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with Nicki Minaj, Usher made a huge announcement for his upcoming UR Experience  tour! The show that he is producing with the help of Live Nation will serve as a stage to help Usher take his fans down memory lane through his seven albums of classic hits while introducing them to his brand new tracks. In that announcement last month he explained, “With The UR Experience, “I want to give my fans an ever-changing live show full of surprises and special guests.” He then whent on by saying

“I am really excited to be with my fans and give them an Usher experience like they’ve never seen or heard before.” More hints and themes behind the tour were revealed earlier this week during an October 3rd interview with New York City’s Hot 97 radio morning show! In that very candid interview, Usher not only talks about the tour, but he also takes some extra time to share personal stories with him and Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and more!  It was one of the coolest interviews we have seen Usher give in a very long time and we are excited to share it with you below! In that interview, Usher mentions that he is going to be touring without a new album released, however if you are looking forward to a new Usher album in the near future we have a feeling you will not have to wait for very long!  Multiple sources have reported that his eighth album tentatively being called, UR is coming very soon! Fans can expect the album to feature his latest gold single, “She Came To Give It To You” featuring Nicki Mianj, and produced by Pharrell Williams, as well as his new single, “I Don’t Mind” featuring Juicy J. Multiple sources are reporting that the album will also include production from the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Brian-Michael Cox and Brian Morgan.

The part about Michael starts at 6:36-13:21

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5-Year-Old Michael Jackson Fan Gets A Birthday Party Fit For The “King of Pop”

Sources: | All Things Michael


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - 5 year old Jaymire Jackson has musical taste way beyond his years. He celebrated his birthday in a very special way Saturday night.

His parents threw him a Michael Jackson themed birthday party. What makes this family unique, is that his dad’s name is also Michael Jackson.

Jackson showed off his dance moves to family and friends at the party.

His parents say he discovered the “King of Pop” all on his own and became huge fan.

“He absolutely loves Michael Jackson,” said Jasmaine Jackson. “We have to tell him…don’t take Michael Jackson to school with you.”

And in case you’re wondering what Jaymire’s favorite M.J. song is? His parents say it’s “Thriller.”



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