Check Out Mary van der Heijden’s Amazing MJ Dolls!

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Mary van der Heijden’s love for Michael Jackson has turned into a creative passion. What started as a collection of dolls originally made in 1995 dressed as Michael in the Black or White short film, has now grown into many replicas of the iconic style that made him famous for many eras.

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When Michael died, I was so very sad and upset I felt I just had to do something to remember and honor him. I always loved to sew and to do needlework, and when I saw a doll with a smooth criminal suit on the internet, I decided to try and make one for myself. It turned out nice, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied and I didn’t keep it myself. Then one of my daughters asked me to make the golden fencing outfit from the Dangerous Tour, it turned out very nice and that was the start of many more.

I spend a lot of time searching for the right material because I like the outfits to be as close to the original as possible. Some only take a few hours to make, but others take weeks, like the jacket Michael wore while performing the song ‘what more can I give’. This jacket is covered with thousends of stones and they are put on one by one.I make many outfits, from the early years when Michael was part of the Jacksons, or Jackson 5, until the outfits that were meant for ‘This is It’.

mj Dolls

Most of my dolls have restyled / rerooted hair and repainted faces so that they match to how Michael looked when he wore that specific outfit. I cannot do this myself, therefore I am very happy that my dear friend Elke Diehm from Germany makes them for me. Without these beautiful heads, for me, my dolls wouldn’t be half as nice! We share our love for Michael and are very thankful he brought us together.

Mary’s talents has even gotten the attention of Michael’s long time designer Michael Bush and his brother Jermaine Jackson. Her attention to every little detail makes the accuracy of these outfits truly amazing.

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Check out the video below.

To find out more about Mary’s dolls and how she makes them, click here.

Please note that none of her dolls are for sale.


Tito Talks About Michael And Thriller Live: “I Miss Him Every Moment Of The Day”

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It’s more than five years since Michael Jackson died, but the music he and his brothers made lives on in the form of a stage show spectacular.

The late, great king of pop gave his tick of approval for the celebration to be created  – and now after a six year stellar run in London’s West End it’s happening here in Australia.

Entertainment editor Richard Wilkins spoke to original member of the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons, Tito Jackson, about Thriller LIVE and his brother’s legacy.


“I love my brother, I miss him every moment of the day, if there was anything I could do to have him back I would but life is life if I could bring him back I would, but life is life.

“He had so much more to give the world, I just wish he was here to give it,” he said.

On the musical, Tito said he is proud to have created music with “longevity that lives on into people’s lives, [enjoying us] doing what we love, and that’s entertaining.”

“This is as close as you’re going to get to see what the original Jackson 5 were like with Michael Jackson,” he said.

Check out the tour dates for Thriller LIVE here.

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The Little Toy Train

Sources: In The Studio With Michael Jackson – By Brad Sundberg | All Things Michael

The Pinnacle List

Every year around this time our house is full of decorations as we are getting ready for Christmas. I was walking upstairs a couple evenings ago and I noticed something I have seen countless times before, but I haven’t really told the story very often.

When we started building Neverland, one of the first projects was the train. Yes, eventually there were two trains, but I am talking about the “little” train, not the big steam train that would come later.

The little train had several “issues” that had to be worked out (it would seem to always get stuck at the bottom of a slight incline past the main house, and guests would sometimes have to jump off to give it a push), but it was a fun little train. I found some “light classical” music to play on the little train, and Michael liked it. It was one of our first ranch projects together, so it holds a lot of good memories.

Before too long the big steam train was commissioned. A much larger project, a pretty amazing music and light system was installed (if I do say so myself), and soon the big train became a central focus at Neverland. I’ve told you about the big train before, but it really was beautiful. You could hear the whistle on it from anywhere on the ranch, and on a clear night you could hear it miles away. It goes without saying that Michael had a Disney-type fixation with trains, and why not? Trains are just cool.

Fast forward a bit to 1994 – the HIStory project in New York. We invaded the Hit Factor on W. 54th like a small army, and immediately starting setting it up for an MJ album. We brought in racks of equipment, Bruce’s personal mic collection (I think it was 15 Anvil cases!), speakers, amps, computers, heaters, copy machines, tape machines – the works.

One of the countless projects was to prep Michael’s lounge. We gave him a pretty large private room on the ground floor down the hall from Studio 4. He and Lisa Marie hung out in there quite a bit, and he would use it for meetings, entertaining guests, etc. Matt Forger and I set out to create a room that he would hopefully get a kick out of. We brought in movie posters, Bugs Bunny and Disney artwork, toys and stuffed animals, a TV and stereo, anything that we thought he would enjoy. I’m not gonna lie, it was a fun project. Over time his guests and fans would send more items, which were added to the now-cluttered lounge.

One of the things I purchased and set up for Michael was an LGB model train. I’ve always loved trains, and it just made sense to have a train that was similar to the big stream train back at Neverland chugging around his lounge. It was one of my favorite parts of the room, and it always made me happy to see it slowly chugging around the tracks when I would go in to talk to Michael about something.

The project ended, and we delivered a pretty cool album (side two is my favorite, if I can talk in old-school terms), and we started packing up the studio – not a small feat. Through a vigorous arm-wrestling match, I wound up with the little train. (At least that’s how I remember it.) The truth is, I really wanted to bring it home, and that’s how it worked out.

The train has been part of our family since 1995, and every year my girls set it up around a small Christmas tree upstairs. The train has been used to carry their dolls and stuffed animals for years. It has been involved in home movies, skits involving dolls not quite getting out of it’s way in time, and so on. You know… train stuff.

The funny thing is they don’t refer to it as “Michael’s train”, nor does it garner any special attention. It is just part of our family, part of our traditions. I don’t even give it a whole lot of thought. At least I didn’t… until a couple nights ago when I saw it chugging faithfully around their Christmas tree.

all things michael edit1
It has a few squeaks and scratches, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It is a beautiful toy, and my girls enjoy it. So do I.

Michael, your little train is in good hands, and it has brought many years of joy, laughter and memories to our family.

Thanks… and Merry Christmas


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Discovery Suites Ortigas Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson On New Year’s Eve

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Come and be merry at Discovery Suites Ortigas this New Year’s Eve as it takes you to a trip down to memory lane to honor the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


A thrilling party awaits guests this New Year’s Eve at Discovery Suites as it pays tribute to the King of Pop through a festive midnight celebration entitled “Do You Remember the Time?” The evening commences with a superb dinner at 22 Prime as Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon features an exquisite spread featuring foie gras, US Angus Prime Rib and seafood bar as highlights of the sumptuous menu. After the festive dinner, an exciting Countdown party follows at the Columbus Function Room to usher in the New Year. Beloved fans of the pop icon will surely be captivated by the show band Human Race as they perform the greatest hits of Michael Jackson. The countdown will be made even more special with a panoramic view of the Ortigas skyline lit by amazing fireworks. Tickets to the New Year’s Eve dinner and countdown party is at P 2,650 nett per person. Likewise, a special room package inclusive of two tickets to the event is offered starting at P9,200 nett for a Junior Suite.

Date: December 31, 2014

Dinner: 7:00pm, 22 Prime  |  Show: 10:00pm, Columbus, 42nd floor

When booking online please use promo code: NEWYEAR

To make an online room reservation using this promotion:
1. Select preferred travel dates and key in the applicable promo code.
3. Select preferred room type and fill up the required booking details.
4. Select mode of payment.
5. Status of your reservation will be sent via email for your reference.



Contact Number | 719 6931 / 719 6932 / 719 6934

Address | 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig


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Canucks Fan Shows Off MJ Moves Gangnam Style!

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When most people see themselves on the big screen, they simply stand up and wave, normally at the screen instead of at the camera, but not this guy.

One Canucks fan who attended the SuperSkills event at the Rogers Arena on Saturday just let the beat take him once he heard what we can only presume to be his ‘jam’ played over the loudspeakers in the stadium, as he busted some of the finest moves that we may ever see to PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

Clearly a man inspired by some of Michael Jackson’s famous dancing skills, he also mixes in some sweet body-popping and rightly gets an ovation from the crowd for his display.


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Munro Melano’s Blue Veins EP Is Dedicated To The Creativity, Humanity And Royalty Of Michael Jackson

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Blue Veins is the second EP by Melbourne-based, former Canberran Munro Melano, previously a member of the now disbanded Canberra hip-hop act Casual Projects.

“It’s convoluted,” Melano says about the meaning behind the EP’s title. “No one would ever pick this. The title track to the album is Blue Veins and it’s kind of like my dedication to Michael Jackson. I wrote it in response to when he passed away, and I just happened to be doing a gig at that time, an MJ covers gig, sort of a tribute to him . . . and I got really moved thinking of him.”

“It was a way to try to describe the humanity that is in him, that is in everyone as well, but also his greatness,” Melano says. Explaining that blue veins are something that we all have, given Jackson was also called the King of Pop, “it’s kind of like he’s got blue blood, like royalty,” he says.

It was Melano’s guiding principle during the making of the soulful EP to be led by Jackson’s willingness to take creative risks. This meant taking ideas and pushing them as far as he could. “There’s some deliberately out-of-tune synthesisers on the album, segues and different styles of music,” he says. “Those kind of things you wouldn’t say are safe choices on a poppy recording, committing to those instead of hiding them on the recording, putting them out the front.”

The album is an exciting listen, with Melano’s musical confidence and experience shining through to create a vibrant, warm, bold release. Melano started learning the piano when he was five and says he hated it “with a passion”. He took it up again as a teenager and wound up going to the ANU School of Music to study jazz. It was from here that he joined Casual Projects, a band that enjoyed plenty of love locally and beyond, but it disbanded because of its members’ competing musical interests.

“We were writing for a new album and kind of realising that we had these strongly different musical opinions, and maybe it was better to split the project and push those musical concepts and make two separate or three separate projects,” he says.

Other than his own work, which has also produced three-track EP Running Round, another project to come from the ashes of Casual Projects has been nu-grass outfit Mustered Courage, for whom Melano has also written songs. One of them, called My Hometown, has received a lush reworking on Blue Veins.

The song originally appeared on Mustered Courage’s Golden Guitar-nominated second album, Powerlines. “I wrote the song deliberately for them,” Melano says. “Then when they came back with their version of it, I thought, `Oh man, they’ve got something different out of it to what I saw in the song.’ I feel like theirs is maybe more a sentimental, old-timey thing, and I wanted to strip away a bit of the nostalgia and make it more of a, kind of like sad, triumphant thing.”

Sitting well with the four other tracks on the EP, the song is accompanied by a film clip made from historical 8mm film footage deposited with the National Film and Sound Achieve by a drummer named Leon Isackson. A glimpse into life on the road for an Australian band during the 1960s, the film clip, directed by Sari Braithwaite, premiered before 3000 people at the opening night of the St Kilda Film Festival.

Munro Melano

With: DT Gill

Where: The Front

When:  December 21, 5.30pm

Tickets: $10 at the door


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