Jackson 5 Founder Recalls Michael Jackson

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Kota Kinabalu: Not many can claim they had been a father figure in the art scene to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And not many can share meaningful moments they had with him, too.

Motown legend Bobby Taylor, 81, who is in town for the Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival, is among the few who was entitled to that privilege.

“We were together from the time he was eight till he was 15. Thriller is my favourite,” said Taylor, who discovered Jackson 5, a band which Michael was part of with his siblings when they performed at the Regal Theatre in Chicago.

“We did Want You Back, ABC, I’ll Be There, Maybe Tomorrow, Ben and he and I just clicked. In fact, the fondest memory I had with him would be him falling asleep on my lap when we worked at the Regal Theatre.

“He stayed with me all the time and wouldn’t leave, and we were at the theatre from 9am till 12 midnight for ten straight days. Those memories are the ones I cherish the most,” he added.

Taylor was set to perform alongside local talents such as Liyana Fizi, May Mow, and Akademi Fantasia 2013 winner from Tawau Faizul Sany & The Hybrid apart from outside acts such as Gugun Blues Shelter and The Rio Sidik Quartet from Indonesia and Shun Ng from the US, on Friday.

The music fest will end on Saturday. Around 4,000 music fans are expected.


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MJ Tribute: Youth Musical “The Glove” Coming To Anthony Bean Theater, New Orleans

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A youth musical, “The Glove,” will be presented July 24-26 and 31 and Aug. 1-2 with Friday and Saturday shows at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 3 p.m. at Anthony Bean Community Theater, 1333 S.  Carrollton Ave. in New Orleans. Tickets are $15. For information or tickets, call 504.862.7529.

Anthony Bean Community Theater and New Orleans Recreation Development Commission are working together to present the show, written and directed by  Bean.

The show features James Compton V, Brittani Johnson, Chyleah Green and Alivia Duplessis.

In the show, the year is 2011 and Michael Duplesis, a devoted fan and namesake of Michael Jackson, is having a hard time dealing with the death of the amazing mega star. Michael D’s only wish is to own one of the infamous gloves of his idol. The glove he believes is the source of Jackson’s power. He believes the glove gave Michael Jackson the ability to stand on his toes, kick his legs up and moonwalk across the stage.

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(center) James Compton V plays the lead Michael Duplesis.

Jackson’s hits such as “Thriller,” “Man in the Mirror,” “Beat IT,” and “Billy Jean” will be featured in the show. More than 75 ABCT/NORDC summer campers ages 7-17 will perform in a tribute to Jackson.

The creative team includes: Vic Woodward (scenic), Lyn Caliva (lighting designer), Kiersten Moore (choreography), Asia Nelson (vocal directions), Ms. B (costumes), and Staci Tolliver (stage manager.)


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Evan Ross Discusses New Music, His Mom Diana, And The Best Michael Jackson Story

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With music flowing through his DNA, it’s no surprise Evan Ross is pressing pause on his acting career to pursue a career in music.

Over the past year, Evan’s been recording tirelessly with his longtime friend and musical mentor Dallas Austin. After enlisting T.I. to lace his new single “How To Live Alone” with a dope verse, we caught up with Evan at the Westwood W hotel in Los Angeles just hours before he was scheduled to step foot on stage.

During our time together, Evan discussed in detail how he became good friends with legendary producer Dallas Austin, his mother Diana Ross not being a stage mom, his new single “How To Live Alone,” and of course, his marriage to pop star Ashlee Simpson.

But what’s an interview with Evan Ross without a great story about Michael Jackson?

On the six-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we asked Evan to share a great MJ story with us, and what he shared was absolutely fascinating.

Evan’s currently readying his major label debut, which is scheduled to drop later on this year. Watch his exclusive interview.


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Chris Brown Talks Fatherhood, Michael Jackson’s Influence And More

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Notoriety seems to stalk Chris Brown like a shadow, but since the arrival of his daughter, Royalty, last year, the American R&B and hip-hop artist claims he is a changed man.

“It definitely puts life in perspective,” the 26-year-old Brown tells 48 Hours ahead of his performance at Dragon-i on July 22. “My little baby girl has helped me learn a lot in the past couple of months. Not only about being a father but about me as a person. She has helped me in so many ways already I can’t begin to list them.”

As a chart-topping singer — and sometime actor — the modern 24-hour media cycle seems tailor-made to fit the story of Brown and his rise to fame and fortune — as well as his well-publicised legal issues.

Here’s the youngster from a tiny US town in Virginia named Tappahannock (population just more than 2,000), who sang in the church choir and taught himself to dance by watching Michael Jackson. His self-titled debut album — released in 2005 when Brown was just 15 years old — made it to the second spot on the Billboard charts in the US and offered up a single ( Run It) that went straight to the top and made him a star.

Twelve Grammy nominations have brought one win (for his 2012 album F.A.M.E ) and all seven of Brown’s studio albums have made it to at least top 10 on the charts. So you might say the man has been a bit of a story, but Brown says he is comfortable with celebrity and with the way genre fans has followed his every move for the past decade.

“I don’t think [people today] put too much emphasis on celebrities,” says Brown. “Celebrities, a lot of the time are artists in some way — musicians, actors, painters, even athletes. Growing up, I idolised celebs like Michael Jackson because of his amazing dance skills and singing talent. Celebrities are role models, as well as just normal people. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.”

My little baby girl has helped me learn a lot in the past couple of months. Not only about being a father but about me as a person. ~ CHRIS BROWN


While Jackson is an obvious influence, as Brown’s career has developed the singer has expanded his range — and hardened the edges of his music. He says he is always listening out for new sounds.

“My music is always evolving and changing,” he says. “I find influences for my music everywhere. My sounds and tastes have changed over the years due to the industry changing. New artists and new sounds are always being released. I think it’s very important for any musician to be able to allow new sounds and influences of the day to change their music.”


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Michael Jackson Played In The Styles Of 20 Famous Guitarists | VIDEO

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What would happen if 20 of the most famous guitar players played a Michael Jackson medley together?

Guitarist Andre Antunes answers that question in this brand-new video, as he mimics the playing styles and riffs of David Gilmour, Brian May, John Petrucci, Carlos Santana, Slash, Jimi Hendrix and 14 others over a bed of Jackson hits that includes “Smooth Criminal,” “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.” And no, Eddie Van Halen is not represented here, in case you were wondering.

Antunes, who is from Portugal, has been a popular favorite on GuitarPlayer.com, where we’ve previously featured his videos for “Uptown Funk” and “Get Lucky,” each played in the styles of 10 different famous guitarists.

This new video appears to be a response to Antunes’ fans who have requested that he represent their favorite guitarists. Throughout the video, Facebook messages appear with requests and comments for certain players.

“That’s awesome but no slash?” :’( :’(  writes one Facebook follower.

“don’t forget Frusciante,” writes another.

Antunes goes a little further in this video than he did in his earlier videos. After copping Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” intro riff, which he plays atop “Billie Jean,” Antunes takes a brief intermission to set his guitar on fire, à la Hendrix (with gasoline, however, rather than lighter fluid). As you’ll see, the guitar in question is his budget Strat-style Rocker. You didn’t expect him to torch a real Strat, did you?

You can keep up to date on Andre and his music on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Nigel George Dedicates A Video Tribute to Michael Jackson: “MJ You Are Loved”

Sources: Music Dish Network | MJ Gif – By aga2691 |All Things Michael

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Full of powerful longing and love, Nigel George dedicates his new single “MJ You Are Loved” to one of the greatest artist, songwriter, composer, choreographer, and entertainer of our time; Michael Jackson. Nigel’s sigh that begins his song symbolizes the longing filling his soul. Nigel’s smooth and gentle voice portrays the love for legendary Michael Jackson that many people held in their hearts. The lines, “You Are Loved. We don’t deserve you. That’s why you’re moonwalking on a cloud” not only portrays MJ’s choreography genius but also how he was held on a pedestal by many people. The video adds imagery to the great thought and meaning put into this song.

The images shown on this video are synchronized perfectly with the lyrics. It shows many images and videos of Michael Jackson which brings back the humanity and splendor that he brought to the many audiences around the world. The vigil being depicted towards the end of the video shows how Michael Jackson was able to bring people of many races and backgrounds together through him and the love that all people had for him and his music. Thanks to artists like Nigel George, Michael Jackson’s spirit and music continues to live on, even after he is no longer with us.


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Administrator’s Note: The single is available for purchase on Amazon Digital Music and iTunes.

Netflix: Chris Tucker On Michael Jackson

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Tucker is an excellent impersonator, a talent that even made him a favorite of Clinton’s, whom he imitated repeatedly at the former president’s behest while the two were traveling through Africa together. But perhaps more than anyone else, he’s an eerily flawless mimic of the late King of Pop — and not just his voice, but his dance moves, too.

Tucker indulges his audience with some old material and some new — he told his jokes about how Jackson enjoyed the music of Rick Ross and 50 Cent when he hosted the BET Awards in 2013. The two men would ride around in Jackson’s car, and Jackson would start rapping along to “In Da Club” in his trademark soft-spoken falsetto.

Tucker also talk about his experience on the set of the “You Rock My World” music video. He would screw up shots because he was supposed to be dancing and he couldn’t stop watching Jackson. Apparently Jackson decided one day to start calling Tucker “Christmas.”

Tucker recalled visiting Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and yes, he took the train to Jackson’s front door. Jackson would be sitting in his living room, Tucker said, like Michael Corleone.

“You’d be sitting there talking, all of a sudden, something magical would happen, like two giraffes walking by the window,” Tucker said. “You’d be like, ‘What the f— was that? Michael, was that two giraffes just walked by the window?’”

And Jackson would answer, as if giraffes in one’s front yard was a perfectly everyday occurrence:

“‘It was three. It was three giraffes, Chris.’”


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