10 Unique Smoke Art Posters Featuring Iconic Personalities And Characters

Sources: PRLog | All Things Michael


Nov. 14, 2014NEW YORKThe famed personalities are: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Heath Ledger in his guise as The Joker.

The soft, misty edges of each design alludes to the haunting, impermanent, fragile nature of smoke, and the untimely deaths of many of those pictured only serves to add to the spooky, ghostlike aura.

Mielu comments: “Why smoke?  Because the lines are beautiful, the transparency forms different shades of black and grey and the lines of smoke make striking portraits”.My posters give a whimsical look to well-known characters, casting an almost ghostly light on them. I use easily recognisable portraits, but take them to the next level with my distinctive smoky style.”

The young artist is selling his work via crowdfunding platform, indiegogo. Each portrait is printed on high quality paper, and they can be ordered in four different sizes, ranging from small to extra large.

The posters are dispatched in protective cardboard tubes, with the exact dimensions and prices listed below:

- A3 – 11.7 x 16.5″ (297 x 420 mm) $30

- A2 – 16.5 x 23.4″ (420 x 594 mm) $40

- A1 – 23.4 x 33.1″ (594 x 841 mm) $50

- A0 – 33.1 x 46.8″ (841 x 1189 mm) $60

The complete range is also available at a discounted rate, dependent upon your preferred size.

Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln

Marlyin Monroe

Marlyin Monroe

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

The Joker (Heath Ledger)

The Joker (Heath Ledger)

Mielu says: “I love how these posters have turned out; they flow seamlessly, giving a deconstructed, abstract feel. This is a new, fun way of creating portraits and I would love to continue developing my work, but I need help with funding”.

“If you’re looking for something to hang on your wall – whether at home or in the office – these are guaranteed to spark conversation because they are rare pieces that really stand out.”

Each portrait is carefully made with attention to details; it’s a skillful process that requires equal measures of patience and creativity. The artist concludes: “These are beautiful and unique designs that I would love to share with you, so you can love them as much as I do.”

For more information visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/personalities-smoke-po….

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One of the World’s Best “Run The Jewels” Murals Is In Denver

Sources: The Village Voice – By Isa Jones | Edited By – All Things Michael


Run the Jewels is one of the most exciting musical projects happening now. The collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P is having something of a heyday, raising an amount of money that surprised even them for a cat-related remix project called Meow The Jewels, getting featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to Complex. Oh, and the duo just released an album. The frenzy continues with a graffiti project called Tag The Jewels, where artists from around the world took on the Run the Jewels logo.

There have been entries everywhere from New York to New Delhi, but one of the most widely-circulated came from Denver, courtesy of Gamma Gallery.

The artist behind the project, Gamma Acosta, contributed a handful of variations on themes ranging from police violence to religion to Lord of the Rings. The one that’s earned the most attention so far is Thrill the Jewels, featuring the duo as the werewolf and zombie from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. You can watch it come to life in the timelapse video below.

Acosta is, according to our sister paper the Westword, a well-known street artist in Denver.

More murals from Gamma below.

jesusjewels-thumb-565x377 lotrjewels-thumb-565x377 policejewels-thumb-565x377


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15 Nostalgic Pieces Of Art From 90s Pop Culture

Sources: Teabreakfast.com – By Tyler Young| All Things Michael


If you are unfamiliar with Xavier Payne, consider yourself acquainted. He is a young, vibrant artist from Nashville, TN and has a collection of art that will take you on an amazing journey back to the 90’s. Xavier’s distinct attention to detail turns iconic works from film, music and TV into vibrant paintings that will leave you in awe.












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Photographer Christopher Makos Shares Photos of Michael Jackson And More In New Book

Sources: Mail Online | All Things Michael


American photographer Christopher Makos has released a new book featuring stunning celebrity photographs taken over the past three decades.

Among those featured are Brooke Shields,Michael Jackson and Calvin Klein at a 1983 party at the American Museum of Natural History in 1983, Queen Elizabeth out at Ascot back in 1991, and photos of actors Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon taking in 1983 and 1980 respectively.


Matt Dillon in 1980


Rob Lowe in 1983

The book, Everything: The Black and White Monograph by Christopher Makos, which is published by Glitterati Incorporated,is available to purchase now.

Queen Elizabeth at Ascot in 1991

Other photos include OJ Simpson, John Lennon hanging with Liza Minelli, and a gaunt looking Mick Jagger taken out in Montauk, New York, back in 1977.


Mick Jagger in Montauk, New York in 1977  

Makos, who was born in Massachusetts in 1948 has worked with many of the greats in his lifetime, apprenticing with Man Ray in Paris and collaborating with Andy Warhol.

He is also the man who introduced Warhol to the work of two of the biggest artists of the eighties, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

His photos have appeared in magazines including Interview, Rolling Stone and New York, and he is displayed in over 100 galleries.

Ivana Trump at her apartment in the Trump Tower in 1990

Ivana Trump at her apartment in the Trump Tower in 1990

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Introducing Swiss Painter Gabinka

Sources: Don Bleek | Edited By – All Things Michael


Swiss painter Gabinka is currently working on a new series of paintings dedicated to legendary musicians who have passed. She’s completed paintings of Elvis PresleyMichael Jackson and is currently working on Bob Marley.

To see and purchase Gabinka‘s paintings, visit www.gabinka.net.


According to a press release: “What does Swiss, Gabriela Geenen aka Gabinka, have in common with the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson? Passion? Yes. Amazing talent? Yes. The connection lies in the hands of manager, Dieter Wiesner. Mr Wiesner represented Michael Jackson for over a decade and now manages, Gabinka, as she makes her introduction into the art world in the United States. With her Pop Art style of work, Gabinka expresses experiences, feelings, and emotion but also flirts with hints of sex, power, and pain.  Painting, drawing, and sketch, are all instinctual traits for Gabinka and the messages and expressions in her art are limitless. Many of Gabinka’s masterpieces feature monsters and “the horned one.” As a child, Gabinka often had dreams of monsters, prompted by her difficult childhood in the communistic rule in, Czech Republic. The turning point in Gabinka’s life was when she turned 18 years old, at the end of the revolution, which brought relief and the opportunity to discover the free, western world. Gabinka was born on October 26, 1973 in Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic.”


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Michael Featured In “Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography”

Sources: Agora Gallery | Edited By – All Things Michael | MJWN


Illumination: an Exhibition of Fine Art Photography presents images which leave the audience in awe of the inherent talent and vision of the artists represented. Each work on display has a story to be told in the single scene before us, evoking strong emotional and aesthetic reactions individual to every piece and every viewer. The result is both impressive and unforgettable.

The surreal portrait photography of French artist Love U Sev is both compelling and otherworldly. Love U Sev approaches her photographs in an entirely new way, superimposing her own self-portraits with portraits of American singer Michael Jackson, without retouching either image. The resulting picture is a figurative study in contrast and juxtaposition, as elements of each face emerge and recede to create a surrealistic and highly emotive effect that is almost abstract in its execution. The driving force behind Love U Sev’s art is a deep and abiding love. Indeed, these photographs were inspired by two intense dramas that occurred in the artist’s life: the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 and that of her husband in 2010. The emotional depth of the resulting images is nothing if not intense. And the truncation of the artist’s own face is both symbolic and deliberate, for as she explains “I am not whole any more… these photos are my heart slept on glazed paper.”

AK1DA1E618_0644_4591_B37E_B9447FBEBA28 AK12C0FE0B_237A_4F4A_8647_C2FDAA2D6365

From Love U Sev:

“I have always been in a position to soak up the magic of photography – my father was an amateur photographer and my mother was into everything related to art. Yet I did not realize that this was a way for me to express myself artistically until five years ago, as a result of two events which impacted me dramatically; the deaths of first Michael Jackson and then my own husband. Through my work, I have found a way to speak about love.

In the series on display, I work with portraits and layers, often using a self-portrait as a whole or a part of the work – generally showing only half of my face, symbolizing the fact that I no longer feel whole. Yet I also concentrate on the architectural elements and the industrial heritage of my country, bringing all of these interests and aspects together to create rich, layered images.”

Love U Sev currently lives and works in Paris, France.


The exhibit will run November 4 – November 25, 2014 with an opening reception on Thursday, November 6, 2014, 6-8 pm.

The Agora Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001. Call 212-226-4151 for more information or visit: Agora Gallery

Former Nurse Recreates Famous Artworks Using Unwanted Junk

Sources: Daily Mail | All Things Michael


British artist Jane Perkins, a self-described ‘re-maker,’ uses discarded plastic objects to re-create iconic portraits, including those of the Mona Lisa, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and the Royal Family.

‘I use anything of the right size, shape or color,’ the full-time mother, artist and former nurse, based in Exeter, Devon, writes on her website. ‘Toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry, curtain hooks and springs, etc.’

Ms Perkins browses charity shops and yard sales tirelessly to find objects which will fit into her work, much like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, and none of the items are painted to alter their color. ‘Everything is used exactly ‘as found,’ she maintains.

Ms Perkins, whose current body of work is called Plastic Classics, started making her portraits eight years ago, after 17 years of working as a nurse and then ten years as a stay-at-home mom.

She took on a degree in Textiles, started collecting objects to use in her work, and since then has enjoyed a highly successful career in her chosen field. Her portraits have so far appeared in 45 exhibitions in locations from London and Brussels to Hong Kong and Singapore.

The original portraits sell for between £2000 – £2600 ($3270-4250), and limited edition prints are available from £95-195 ($150-320).

‘I enjoy using materials which have a history, and love art with an element of fun and the unexpected,’ she writes.

1411065631562_wps_4_kiss_me_kate_JPG_MUST_LIN 1411065974520_wps_29_Jubilee_Queen_MUST_LINK_T 1411065989545_wps_32_88_Shades_of_Grey_MUST_LI 1411066006733_wps_34_Princess_Diana_MUST_LINK_

Ms Perkins sources her materials primarily from charity shops, yard sales and recycling centers, and often gets donations from friends and neighbors.

‘I tend to live with a piece for a while to make sure it works,’ she explains of her process, which takes an average of three weeks per portrait. ‘Usually, I run out of a particular color and have to go out searching in order to finish a piece.’

Ms Perkins uses a glue gun to affix the objects initially, so that she can ‘pull things off’ and move them around.

‘When I’m happy with the final result, I paint the whole work with a layer of diluted PVA glue,’ she writes.


Pictured, Jamaican sprinter and Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world 


Pictured, a representation of The Afghan Girl, a famous photo taken for National Geographic in 1985 by Steve McCurry and once hailed ‘The First World’s Third World Mona Lisa’


Pictured, a re-make of Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring, c.1665


I love beginning a new piece. As I find materials, I sort them into individual, color-coordinated carrier bags or boxes for each future work,’ she explains.

‘Starting a new work is a bit frenetic as I rush to find places for the larger, more interesting materials.

‘I get so engrossed when I’m working that I completely lose track of time and cups of tea frequently go cold!’

Speaking of her Mona Lisa re-creation, she explains finding a small plastic doll that was perfect for the mouth. ‘I’ve been looking for a small doll for Mona Lisa’s mouth – went to a car boot sale yesterday, and within five minutes, found exactly what I was looking for,’ she wrote.

‘This is a rare occurrence! Usually, I collect random items and find a use for them later.’


Ms Perkins limits herself to spending £20 (about $32) on each shopping trip, as she has a tendency to get ‘carried away.’

‘Re-interpreting work by previous artists is nothing new,’ she writes. ‘Centuries ago, artists learned their craft by re-working paintings by their predecessors. Picasso famously copied works by many artists.

‘And Da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa has been re-worked many times by artists including Marcel Duchamp, who gave her a beard.’


Pictured, a portrait of British TV personality Chris Evans


Pictured, a rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 Impressionist painting, Sunflowers


Pictured, a do-over of Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt’s 1908 painting, The Kiss


This recreation of Italian painter Sano di Pietro’s Angel of the Annunciation, c.1470, uses toy soldiers and a Barbie crown atop the angel’s head


Mellow Lego: Dinosaurs, monkeys, shells and a plastic key make appearances in this rendition of Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, Starry Night


Masterful: Look closely and, among many beads and buttons, you’ll find part of a Nokia phone cover, pieces of Lego, a Shrek figurine, an alligator and a plastic fish. Pictured, a textural re-working of Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s The Japanese Bridge


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Michael Jackson Mosiac In Pennies

Sources: Talia Hayward Arts | Love Survives| All Things Michael


Talia Hayward is a Zambian born artist with an instantly recognizable style. Her work needs to be seen to be believed. The mosaics contain extremely fine detail achieved through Talia’s painstaking effort, creating her portraits using thousands of Talia’s signature medium of coins as well as washers, buttons or paper.

IMG_2934-copy IMG_2987-copy

Growing up as an orphan in a third world country had its challenges,  she was often deprived of the basic means to create art. This did not stop her, on the contrary, it made her more resourceful and hightened her creativity. With an innate talent, passion for creative arts and hard work, she developed her skill throughout the years.

“Art is in me” she says. “Everything that is, is art and to have the ability to bring my imagination to life is a gift that nothing could take away from me not even deprivation. I found myself intrigued and drawn to the concept of mosaic, the idea where small independent objects are placed together to create a bigger picture. It is very much like real life, just like a mosaic, we all are small objects that paint a bigger picture.”


Talia creates intricate photo-realist portraits often forcing the viewer to question if her mosaics are, in fact paintings. Each work comprises many pieces, all  fastened by hand, and impressively finished.

Her mosaic work is bought by private clients and international organizations. Talia Hayward is available for private portrait commission and can create personal mosaic portraits from photography.


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