Michael Jackson Flipbook

Source: MJWN


A Michael Jackson fan has created the ultimate MJ flipbook.

As the paper pad is flicked through, you see images of Michael dancing trademark routines including ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat It’ and his famous moonwalk.

Take a look at it for yourself:

Read more: http://www.mjworld.net/news/2014/04/12/michael-jackson-flipbook/

David Redon Remixes Vintage American Advertisements with Pop Icons

Source: Hypebeast

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Through their music, the likes of Kanye West, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Outkast have grown to become worldwide symbols of American pop culture. This is a stark contrast from the past, where fictional icons and domestic brands – Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam, Palmolive – were all but cultural ambassadors for the U.S. With a subtle sense of humor, French artist David Redon has reworked the new icons into the old ones, presenting contemporary pop culture symbols across a series of boldly-colored illustrated posters. Check out more of Redon’s work at his portfolio site after enjoying a preview above.

Fullscreen capture 452014 74452 PM


Read more: http://hypebeast.com/2014/4/david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-advertisements-with-pop-icons

Seven Musicians Immortalized As Peanuts

Source: Metro – By Tina Campbell


Ever wondered what your favourite musicians would look like as a peanut? Happy days - you’re about to find out.

Lovingly crafted by artist Steve Casino, aka Painter of Nuts, each sculpture takes him around 20 hours to construct.

From musicians to superheroes, he even takes custom orders for special occasions from his website and Facebook page.

Now, without further ado, take a look below to see seven music legends immortalized as nuts!

Not just the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is the King of Peanuts too.


RIP Queen front man Freddie Mercury. His singing always did have the crowd going nuts.


Jimi Hendrix is the nuts with his guitar.


Check out Elvis Presley shaking those peanut hips!


Nevermind Starman, this David Bowie is a StarNUT.


Sir Elton John giving a cracking piano solo.


Get on down, it’s James Brown – as a peanut!


See more peanut characters: 

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2014/03/29/from-freddie-mercury-to-david-bowie-and-even-james-brown-7-cracking-musicians-immortalised-as-peanuts-4673181/

MJ Painting One Of Featured Portraits At Artist Kai Guetta’s National Debut Of The “Now Royalty” Collection

Source: Daily Candy / Miami Herald / PR Newswire


“Now Royalty” is series of 27 original oil-on-canvas portraits of hip-hop artists, including Beyoncé and Jay Z, Kanye West, and Michael Jackson, in royal regalia. Coinciding with Miami’s Winter Music Conference, the exhibit features a diversity of urban music super stars.


Artist Kai Guetta’s exhibit is making its U.S. debut, includes ​works previously shown in the subway station at the famed Louvre-Rivoli museum in France.

“The ‘Now Royalty’ collection has brought my art into a new light,” said Guetta. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the States where the musical geniuses in Row Royalty are revered by fans. I hope it will open some creative doors for me, which will allow me to get back in the studio and create more work. Whatever comes of it, I’ll be thankful for.”

Fullscreen capture 3272014 102717 AM

A special reception will be held Starting March 28,2014, Kai’s “Now Royalty “ collection will be showcased at the LULU Laboratorium.  A reception will be held on March 27th at 7pm. Hours of Operation for LULU are Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and  Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm. The laboratorium is closed on Sunday. (Address: 173 NW 23rd St. Miami, Florida 33127).

About Kai Guetta:

Kai is an international artist that started at a very young age.  He was constantly surrounded by graffiti and street work and decided that this was his passion.  At age 14, Kai was dedicated to get his father to quit smoking so he began his first street art campaign, ‘Morons.’  He plastered the city with this image and he gained more and more attention, earning a reputation in the street art community.

At the age of 18, he was accepted into the most prestigious art schools in both the United States and France. He chose to attend CalArts and Ecole Nationale Superior Beaux Arts Des Paris.   Kai’s style of art is a combination of major artists including: Damien Hirst, Banksy, and Koons to name a few.  Kai followed with more work that addressed consumerism and society’s addictions.   Los Angeles Magazine recognized him as being on the forefront of street artists.

Kai’s work has been shown in worldwide galleries including Los Angeles Lab Art, New York Taglialatella, and this month at Lulu Laboratorium.

Read more: Daily Candy

Photographers Capture Keith Richards, Michael Jackson In New Exhibit At Equinox Sports Club

Source: The Hollywood Reporter – By Debbie Emery

Source: MJJ-Free Forum Zone

Source: MJJ-Free Forum Zone

A collection of black and white images of iconic musicians by Timothy White and Stephanie Pfriender Stylander debuted at the West Los Angeles club on Thursday.

Some of the music industry’s most iconic performers have been captured in a new photography collection titled BLOWUP by Timothy White and Stephanie Pfriender Stylander that debuted at Equinox Sports Club in West Los Angeles on Thursday.

Now members of the flagship fitness club can be inspired in their workouts by towering black and white images of Bruce Springsteen, Bjork, Shania Twain, Nelly, a teenage Britney Spears — and even Keith Richards dragging on a cigarette — that are displayed in the lounge.

“I had done a few hotels including the Soho Grand in New York, the W in Hollywood and the Sunset Marquis hotel,” White told The Hollywood Reporter. “The scale of this club is like a hotel with big, high ceilings and voluminous space, so it needed a certain size to bring people to the lounge area and to make it exciting and somewhere other than working out.

“Music is a part of exercise and brings a kind of energy, so it broadens the experience of Equinox.

“I wanted to mix it up and show a variation of music styles,” said the photographer, whose exhibition with Pfriender Stylander is a blend of two unique visions, personalities and techniques. “My background started in music then it ended up in Hollywood,” added White, while his partner’s style is more fashion-based.

“Capturing a new side of them and creating a really different photograph is part of our challenge,” said White, of the stark images that feature many of rock’s most recognizable stars.

“My favorite photo is Keith Richards, which is Stephanie’s, and the Nelly photo that was taken up in Harlem under a bridge, which creates a great graphic but is perfectly protected from the elements. It is one of my favorite places to shoot.”


White’s previous exhibition at Equinox Sports Club featured Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman, who attended the opening in Jan. 2013, and he went on to explain the difference between shooting the two professions.

“The one thing about musicians is they are more open than actors to exploration and constant change of who they are. They are looking to be bold, more outrageous and willing to try things in a different way,” he told THR.

“My Michael Jackson photograph is such a raw, unique of image for him. It is kind of a skull and crossbones. All I got from him during the shoot was his vulnerability, and I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him it was all OK,” revealed White.

The BLOWUP exhibit is on display at Equinox Sports Club, and White’s work can also be seen at the Morrison Hotel galleries in Soho and West Hollywood.

Read more: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/photographers-capture-keith-richards-michael-690141

Experience Pop Culture In An Astronaut’s Footsteps

Source: The Verge – By Valentina Palladino/ Marcusjulienlee

Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal

Scott Listfield has been painting an astronaut across the world for over a decade. In 1999, the artist began the painting series as a way to explore the the peculiarities of the present day. He was inspired by the dreams of flying cars and living in space of the mid 1900s, and even as recent as 2001. We’re not quite there yet, but our world in 2014 is a strange place that we often take for granted.

Listfield says that some of his most popular paintings are those that feature the astronaut among pop culture icons, but sometimes the most poignant ones have him experiencing something deeper about the human condition. “Every once in a while I come up with an idea that reminds us that there are bigger things in the world than ourselves,” Listfield says. The painting “Lost Highway” captures the experience of the astronaut traveling in an unknown city, climbing a big hill, and gazing out into the twinkling lights of a city in which he is a stranger. “I have no idea what that feeling is,” Listfield says, “but every now and again I want to try and put it into a painting.”

Listfield continues to paint the astronaut, and currently there are over 130 paintings in the series. You can see them all onhis website.

Images courtesy of Scott Listfield

"Rock the Casbah"

“Rock the Casbah”

"Hollywood Prime"

Death to Humans


“Hollywood Prime”


Lost Highway

Read more: http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/7/5481240/scott-listfield-astronaut-painting-series

Thriller …… Glows!

 Source: Gallery Nucleus & MJWN


Illustrator James Jirat Patradoon originally hails from Australia. Patradoon has exhibited his work internationally from USA to Asia and back, as well as having his work in publications.

He has created a limited edition piece for Gallery Nucleus’ recent rock and roll themed art exhibition, ‘Like a Rolling Stone: A Rock & Roll Reflection,’ which opened in February and closes on March 9th.

Nucleus presents an international roster of creative talent, bringing the wild history of rock and roll’s worldwide influence into our gallery space. The exhibition features artwork from a variety of artists reflecting upon rock and roll’s richly exciting timeline, so rock enthusiasts will want to mark their calendars!

James Jirat Patradoon’s limited edition piece “Glow in the dark” poster, pays homage to Michael, the King of Pop, in a way like no other!! The text at the bottom reads “Thriller” in Japanese.

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To learn more about this unusual piece of art, and the work of Gallery Nucleus, please visit here.


The King of Pop and MDNA mural TimeS Square at Chor Boogie Studios

Originally posted on :

Just recently painted a new commission at 120 West 42nd st a interior of a building called the cubes.. right at Times Square you walk outside the building you see the new years Ball right there .. Equity office properties commissioned the piece and gave me free range as long as it did not get them in  trouble.. so i chose some pop Icons musicians ..and basically i painted well the king of pop Michael Jackson and the queen as well Madonna.. if in NYC and Time square area feel free to take a look..  Final Wall Piece (Darryl) photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

View original

Michael Painted In Nutella

Source: MJWN/ Paula


Who needs a paint palette, easel and brush when you can have a pot of Nutella, a knife and a kitchen floor?

Well that’s exactly what German fan Stephan Gerick used to paint a portrait of Michael, depicting him from the Bad Tour in the late 1980s. And what a great job he did of it as well! Watch him create his masterpiece…and we won’t blame you if you feel a bit peckish afterwards!

The music used in the video is called ‘Hope’ and features a part of Michael’s speech from the 1993 Grammy Awards.


Michael Jackson: King of Pop Art – Closing Reception

Source: Matt Cottman Gallery (Email)

Matt cottman

Hello Art Lover,

Your  invited to get your MoonWalk Groove On at the Closing Reception of the Michael Jackson: King of Pop exhibit this Saturday, March 1, 5pm – 8pm. 

The Michael Jackson paintings are colorful, dynamic and full of energy. 

We will have Michael’s music, light refreshments, powerful positive vibes and laughter. 

See you Saturday!!!

Mark Cottman

◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙

Parking is available in the Shofer’s Furniture parking lot on Hamburg St. around the corner from the gallery for $5. Only park there if you see the attendant.

There is a parking garage two blocks south of the gallery on Lee St. Make a left on Lee St. parking garage on left.

Mark Cottman Gallery
1014 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Will the Real Michael Jackson Please Stand Up

Source: The Examiner – By Oswald Copeland


Artist Mark Cottman and “Little MJ” Larry Lancaster III

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…tum, tum, tum tum. Say that loud several times in rhythm, followed by the organ sounds of doop, doop! What do you get? The beginnings of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

I’m in South Baltimore, and I’m hearing the same sound; it is a Michael Jackson event. Minutes later I am talking to Michael Jackson, but he is not dancing, he is a civil servant with the State government.

More of the curious, are coming through the door, as several familiar selections of Michael’s followed one after another. And then, in he came, dressed in Black, hat, sequined gloves, and spats. Shortly thereafter he was announced. His hands flayed, his body torqued, his feet scribbled messages on the shiny hardwood floor, he was Baltimore’s Michael Jackson!


The re-enactment was applauded by all present. Larry Lancaster III (his father is Baltimore’s famous comedian Larry Lancaster), was accompanied by his mother Andrea Better (watch the entire video, MJ performance starts at 6:17).


Prolific Baltimore Artist Didn’t Hesitate To Pursue His Dream (Video)

Source: CBS – By Ron Matz


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Fifteen years ago, he left his job as an architectural engineer to pursue his passion and that passion has turned into a successful career as an artist.

As we celebrate Black History Month, Ron Matz has more on a man who didn’t hesitate to pursue his dream.

Marc Cottman is a self-taught artist who left his job 15 years ago to pursue his love of painting. He’s become a prolific artist.

“I had to teach myself how to paint. When I look at all the work in here, there are about 80 to 90 pieces. I must have had a few things locked in my imagination so it’s been a great journey,” Cottman said. “I was working for the state of Maryland as an architectural engineer. I started in the late seventies and left in 1999. This is my 15th year of being a full-time artist. The only way I can describe it—I was fortunate enough to realize what I was born to do before it was too late. It was a very comfortable decision.”

That journey includes Black History Month. There’s Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and, this year, a tribute to Michael Jackson. Paintings include the two Michaels: Thriller, Michael walking on the moon and a red-haired King of Pop.


Fullscreen capture 252014 85412 AM

“The Michael Jackson paintings are for Black History Month. Thriller stopped the world. Everybody was tuning in when it was on MTV. It really started the birth of superstar music videos,” Cottman said. “I always had this vision of Michael moonwalking on the moon. I did a painting of him in his Smooth Criminal outfit, moonwalking on the moon.”

He has two new paintings. Purple Reign is a tribute to the Baltimore Ravens and Let’s Go O’s is old school and new, from Memorial Stadium to Camden Yards.

“I have a new painting, Purple Reign. I wanted to show the excitement of the Ravens from a fan’s perspective. Baltimore is a die-hard sports town, football and baseball,” he said. “Let’s Go O’s has elements of old school Baltimore Orioles. There’s Memorial Stadium,. You have the beer, hot dogs and popcorn. You also have Camden Yards.”

This is Marc’s best seller, 25 scenes of the city. It’s called This Is Baltimore.
From arabbers and crabs to the Washington Monument—and no regrets from a man who loves what he does.

“My best seller is This Is Baltimore. I did it in 2011. It was an immediate hit. Once people saw it, they got very excited. It has 25 images of Baltimore. We have the arabbers, the Washington Monument, the Bromo Seltzer tower, the Moorish Tower in Druid Hill Park, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and more. Baltimore is a great American city,” he said.

Cottman is a graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. For more information on his artwork, click here.

Video: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9804237


Jeannie Pritchard Creates A Very Special Michael

Originally posted on mjjjusticeproject:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 5.07.08 PM

Welcome to Jeannie Pritchard who does a very different type of artwork, she paints and repairs dolls and ceramics and has recently created a very beautiful and unique sculpture of Michael Jackson. She models clay by hand and she does a beautiful job, she is a very talented lady.  Thank you Jeannie for talking with us and sharing your beautiful artwork.

Firstly, I would like you to tell us a little about your art work and how you were able to come up with this beautiful and interesting art form of Michael?

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 5.07.35 PMJeannie:  As a child, I loved the Jackson 5.  I remember singing along to their music especially  Michael’s, I loved his music and his dance. He was so talented and so misunderstood.  When I heard Michael had died I felt a need to do something, and at the time I was at Southport College, I decided to make…

View original 611 more words

Bareface Digital Artworks

Source: MJWN


An artist calling himself Bareface specializes in digital art and he has sent us two of his pieces to show to Michael’s fans. Here they are for you to enjoy.



You will also be able to follow him on Twitter @barefacetee. You can also follow his blog here.

Bareface says this about his images,

“Bareface is me expressing myself creatively and sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the creative journey.”


The Untold Stories Behind the Michael Jackson Series

Source: A Place In Your Heart – Rev. Catherine Gross Blog Talk Radio

Michael's The Giving Tree

Michael’s The Giving Tree

Donna has been known as a visionary in her approach to all her endeavors. Highly intuitive and having a keen sense of forward direction, she has used these abilities throughout her life. Her creative expression, imagination and perfectionism are what make her illustrative work impressive, informative and inspiring. 

In 2009, three months after the passing of Michael Jackson, a series of inexplicable and unequivocal events compelled Donna Massa-Chappee to create “The Michael Jackson Series”. This is a narrative of Donna’s own personal experiences. Donna shares 12 hand drawn illustrations. Her purpose is to inform, inspire, and explain the mysteries of what was to come if Michael had lived, what he wanted us to know, and most importantly to share the true meaning of his legacy with the world and the many generations to come.

Planet Earth This illustration is my interpretation of Michael's poem called "Planet Earth." It's about his life, his journey, and unending appreciation for our planet. You can listen to him narrate this personal and deeply emotional poem on his "This is It" CD.

Planet Earth
This illustration is my interpretation of Michael’s poem called “Planet Earth.” It’s about his life, his journey, and unending appreciation for our planet. You can listen to him narrate this personal and deeply emotional poem on his “This is It” CD.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

The Clown

The Clown


The Scarecrow

Twas the Night

Twas the Night

Whatever Happens

Whatever Happens

Michael's One World

Michael’s One World

The Indigo Child

The Indigo Child

Michael's Crystal Children

Michael’s Crystal Children

The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children

Heal The World

Heal The World


Famed Rock Photographer Lynn Goldsmith On The Icons She’s Photographed [Video]

Source: edge fire island/CBS News


Photographer and author of “Rock and Roll Stories” Lynn Goldsmith is revealing her backstage tales from years of photographing rock stars, such as Bono, Patti Smith, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

See video here: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/famed-rock-photographer-on-the-icons-she-snapped/

More pictures of Lynn’s photoshoots with Michael



Michael Jackson Carlo Riley Reveals Life-Size 3-D Hologram Of Michael Jackson

Source: PRWeb


Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2013- Michael Jackson “appears” to be alive and well in Los Angeles… at least for the next couple of weeks. Michael Jackson look alike/ tribute artist/ impersonator, Carlo Riley of Forever Dangerous recently revealed that he will release a life-size 3D hologram of the reclusive superstar from his private collection just in time for the 25th anniversary of the BAD tour, and 30th anniversary of the Thriller album. Riley is offering this last free glimpse of Jackson for public exhibitions worldwide.

Jackson commissioned and sat for the hologram in 1989, shortly after completing the BAD tour. Using state-of-the-art technology, Jackson was able to fully preserve his life-size youthful looks and smile at their zenith. 360 holographic images in full 3D are combined to produce a “parallax stereogram” that allows viewers to personally connect with Michael and experience looking directly into his eyes as he greets them with his changing expression, body positioning and angelic smile. Jackson was clearly a pioneer to be preserved in this medium so long ago.

Michael Jackson’s legendary guitarist, Jennifer Batten- who now headlines Forever Dangerous, says viewing the hologram was “like taking a step back in time. So real… it’s scary!”

Jackson was famously intrigued with the idea of preserving his youthful image. In his last known interview he quoted Michelangelo, “I know the creator will go, but his work survives. That is why to escape death, I attempt to bond my soul to my work.”

The soul of The King of Pop does indeed appear to reside in this life-like apparition.

Riley says, “You can actually experience Jackson’s life-size presence through the magic of holographic technology. His energy is stored in it like a battery — you’ve just got to see it to believe it! I always feel the same energy viewing the hologram, as I did the day I met him at the Thriller 25th anniversary party.”

Now is your once in a lifetime chance to experience Michael’s vivid presence face to face, and treasure the moment forever.

Visit http://www.almostmj.com





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Fire At Bollywood Artress Sridevi’s House Destroys Michael Jackson Painting

Source: International Business Times – By Arijita Bhowmik


Bollywood couple Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s house has been damaged by fire rendering it inhabitable.

On Saturday, a fire broke out at the veteran actress’ Lokhandwala bungalow and damaged a portion of the house including precious items.

The flames reportedly engulfed the actress’ bedroom, which housed several of her belongings. Apart from her wardrobe, her valuable artworks were also engulfed in the fire.

The actress, who is a skilled painter, had gifted daughter Jhanvi a Michael Jackson painting, which was damaged in the untoward incident.


“Yes, amongst the damages is Sridevi’s painting of Michael Jackson,” the actress’ manager told the Times of India, confirming the news.

The flames caused due to a short circuit was said to be a minor one as one fire engine was used to bring the situation under control. However, the fire has left the posh mansion largely inhabitable forcing the Bollywood family to look for an alternative.

The family had initially moved to the Kapoor home, but is now said to be looking for a new habitat due to space issues.

“The home is now inhabitable. It will have to be redone entirely which will take months. Though they spent the night at Boney’s brother Sanjay Kapoor’s home, they cannot all live there for long due to space constraints,” said a source to Mid Day.

At the time of the incident, Sridevi was present in the house along with daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.


Artist Adds Mandela To Jazz Club Mural For Pop Legends

Source: Freep


Artist Curtis Lewis II of Farmington Hills answers questions at the unveiling of his mural at Bert’s Warehouse jazz club in Detroit. Some personalities in the artwork include Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. / Tim Galloway/Special to the Free Press

Artist Curtis Lewis II was just starting on a mural depicting pop music legends at a Detroit nightclub when news broke about another legend — Nelson Mandela.

The South African leader’s Dec. 5 death got Lewis thinking, and he talked with his art patron Bert Dearing, owner of Bert’s Warehouse jazz club in Eastern Market.

The two made a quick decision: Above the faces of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Elvis Presley, Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and other music greats, Mandela’s smile should beckon. This week, Lewis unveiled his work of Mandela’s image crowning the mural of musicians, drawing applause from about 40 people in attendance.

“This is fabulous,” said Faune Carter, 66, of Southfield who heard about the unveiling on a radio show.

Once Dearing and Lewis settled on adding Mandela, Dearing wanted to balance the South African hero’s likeness with that of another icon of equality. So in the upper corner opposite Mandela’s perch, Lewis brushed on Martin Luther King Jr.

“I feel great about it,” said Dearing, 69, who founded his namesake jazz club in 1968.


Artist Nelson De La Nuez Makes Pop Art Collectors Ecstatic; See Last Pieces Purchased By Michael Jackson

Source: PR News Wire


Following the success of his Beverly Hills gallery’s sold-out show of his artwork at the prestigious Art Hamptons Fair, the International pop artist Nelson De La Nuez is now concentrating on the upcoming infamous Miami Beach Art Basel. Evan Lurie Gallery is selling his work at SCOPE at Booth E29 December 3-8, 2013. SCOPE is the largest and most global art fair in the world. Renowned for its uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends that are embraced globally, SCOPE Art shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales of over $500 million and of over 700,000 visitors.

The artist is also featured in the luxurious high-end magazine Private Air Luxury Homes for Nov/December. The article tells the humble beginnings of De La Nuez with a look into his creative mind and quirkiness on his rise to fame. The magazine is given out to private charter jets/lounges and at high-end VIP events, such as Art Miami opening gala for which they are a sponsor. His original works, often created on wood panels and large one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces on canvas have very recently sold for prices that have increased the value of all of his art. “My originals sell faster than I can paint now. My galleries all want them for the high-end art fairs or to sell directly to specific clients and I have collectors who only want originals as investments, but, the minute I have one, it’s sold,” explains the artist. “It’s tough to keep up with painting at times, but there are worse problems to have.”

De La Nuez’s pop art is sold in galleries and auctions worldwide and he’s listed on the “Who’s Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time.”  He is also the owner of the Museum of Humor Art at theMoHA.com He created Nelson De La Nuez King of Pop Art branded items that consist of his own collection of purses, shoes, wallets and more for Icon leather, De La Nuez Heys designer pop art luggage collections that sold out at Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor, limited edition tailored shirts, wallpaper collections for the hospitality industry and luxury homes and more. His “It’s a Glamorous Life!” boxed greeting card set is launching next week. All branded items are sold on his luxury brands site, NelsonDeLaNuez.com

The artist’s designer shoe paintings, “Material Girl” and “Shoe Fetish,” can recently be seen hanging in Neiman Marcus shoe salon in Los Angeles. He made a special appearance/autograph signing and had an enormous turnout of fans and paparazzi.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20131203/PH26175-a )

(Photo: http://www.kingofpopart.com/shop/shop-gallery/material-girl-series/shoe-fetish)

When young Kardashian daughter, Kendall Jenner, Instagrammed his painting from the store, it blew up Instagram to almost 400,000 likes on the art. Videos can be seen via You Tube.


nelson de la nuez opus

Mr. De La Nuez holding the cover of the Michael Jackson Opus. Opus cover  design by artist Nate Giorgio.

Nelson De La Nuez is collected by hundreds in the entertainment industry. His artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians and corporations. His art has been featured on countless television shows including luxury interior design shows. He publishes his art through Pop Land Publishing in Los Angeles, which sells to galleries worldwide. Pop Land Publishing also sells directly to the hospitality industry, including hotels and nightclubs.

Several pieces of his artwork were the last to enter into the prestigious art collection of Michael Jackson before his death. Another piece of art was discovered last week that he had for almost 10 years in a secret bedroom.

The three pieces of art that Michael Jackson bought shortly before his death are seen below .  Mr. De La Nuez personally delivered the artwork to Michael’s Holmby Hills home.

Donut Queen


Read more here: http://www.kingofpopart.com/shop/shop-gallery/pop-surreal-series/donut-queen

Wicked Witch

Read more here: http://www.kingofpopart.com/shop/shop-gallery/pop-surreal-series/the-greatest-show-on-earth **Note: There is a 2nd version of this painting (with Michael Jackson in it) available upon request.

View his art: http://www.kingofpopart.com

Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kingofpopart
Fan King of Pop Art on Face Book

Press interviews, photos, branding interests:
Stacy Ann
Celeb PR Group

Read more news from Pop Land Publishing.


Michael Jackson’s Art For Sale By Better Vision For Children

Source: Better Vision For Children


Michael Jackson’s Drawings For Sale

Michael Jackson was undeniably one of the greatest pop singers of all time. But did you know that he was an incredible visual artist as well?

Opportunity to Purchase Michael Jackson’s Art from BVC

With a blessing from the Jackson family, BVC received several drawings created by the King of Pop from Brett-Livingstone Strong, who owns Michael Jackson’s art collection in conjunction with the Jackson estate.jackson-strong_portrait-150x150

The drawings will be sold to raise funds for underprivileged children’s vision screenings.

If you are interested in purchasing a Michael Jackson’s drawing, Contact BVC (serious inquiries only, please)

Michael Jackson’s Art Featured on CNN

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson and Brett-Linvingstone Strong, were interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan about Michael Jackson’s Art. Click below to watch the interview.

About Brett-Livingstone Strong

Brett-Livingstone Strong is an Australian-born artist, best known for his sculptures of Hollywood celebrities, and was an art mentor and friend of Michael Jackson.  Brett-Livingstone is also a long-time friend of Tom Cataldo (founder of BVC).

Tom Cataldo with one of the Michael Jackson’s drawings

Tom Cataldo with one of the Michael Jackson’s drawings



See “Michael Jackson the Ewok” In Mike Leavitt’s STAR WARS Mash-up Action Figures [Images]

Source: The Geek Twins


Have you ever wondered what the late Michael Jackson would have looked like as an Ewok? Your wish has been granted!

The actors in Star Wars are iconic, but sculptor Mike Leavitt has brilliantly taken those characters and turned them on their ear by combining them with famous people living and dead. He carved 18 articulated action figures with some really amazing detail. Here are some of my favorites.

Mohandas Gandhi \ Yoda

Mohandas Gandhi \ Yoda

Abraham Lincoln \ Han Solo

Abraham Lincoln \ Han Solo

Steve Jobs \ C-3PO

Steve Jobs \ C-3PO

Michael Jackson \ Wicket the Ewok

Michael Jackson \ Wicket the Ewok

Charles Darwin \ Chewbacca

Charles Darwin \ Chewbacca

Albert Einstein \ R2-D2

Albert Einstein \ R2-D2

Nelson Mandela \ Obi-Wan Kenobi

Nelson Mandela \ Obi-Wan Kenobi

Mike Tyson \ Darth Maul

Mike Tyson \ Darth Maul

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A Mirror Entrance in the Secret

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8 inches tall, 5 articulating body parts.
With aboriginal microphone staff accessory.
Hand-sculpted polymer clay, steel, wood and mixed media details.
Structural steel armatures and elastic strand posing mechanisms.
2.5in. tall wood and white-finished base.

MichaelEP2Wicket the Ewok is an instrumental flashpoint at the heart of a revolution. Michael Jackson takes pop culture to the level of dynasty. Each is the diminutive trigger that flicks the right switch. Just at the point of peril during their military take-over, Wicket provides the rebellion the local knowledge they need to finish the job. It’s not much, but the entire movement may be dead without him. Michael arrives when a cultural revolution is at a crossroads. Some still believe Michael is a king of campy pop fluff. Others believe there is substance in his innovations. He’s vindicated in the end. Michael carries generations from political turmoil to self-contained commercial empire. Through the shimmering distractions of his glittering glove finger nubs and media know-how with the microphone, Michael is the uncomfortable angel of human nature. We want to love the cute little Ewok but we know a rising power rests in the heart of this little creature. He can take down an empire. Michael and Wicket tell us to love the earth, respect our planet and appreciate nature. We’re advised not to mess with them. Unpredictable forces lay in wait under their innocent presentations.MichaelEP6MichaelEPDetail2MichaelEPDetail4MichaelEP3MichaelEP4MichaelEP7MichaelEP8MichaelEPDetailMichaelEPDetail3MichaelEPSketch