How Michael Jackson Got Me VIP Tickets To The “Sabotage” Premiere (Excerpt)

Source: Movieplot – By Ken Anderson


A normal Los Angles event except for one big difference; the perfectly improbable, highly unlikely, positively surreal fact that I was in attendance. Improbable for the reason that I am not in show business (I teach dance); unlikely owing to the fact that, although a film fan, I have NEVER seen a single Arnold Schwarzenegger movie; surreal because, as guests of one of the film’s stars’, UK actress Olivia Williams,my partner and I attended as members of her “entourage” and were afforded VIP seats to the movie premiere and admission to the after-party. What kick!

Sabotage, as reads the official synopsis, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as head of an elite DEA task force that takes on the world’s deadliest drug cartels. When the team successfully executes a high-stakes raid on a cartel safe house, they think their work is done – until, one-by-one, the team members mysteriously start to be eliminated. As the body count rises, everyone is a suspect. The premiere was held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live (yes, that’s the complex’s unwieldy name), where many, if not all, of its theaters were taken over for the celebrity-attended red carpet event on one side, and a promotional advance screening on the other.

The red carpet was lined with one of those sponsor promo walls against which stars get to pose while simultaneously advertising Budweiser, and oversize Sabotage posters which afforded the screaming fans barricaded across the street a picket-fence glimpse of their favorite stars as they walked the press gauntlet. For those of us in attendance hoping to be spared the wall of puzzled stares, angry PR reps, and inevitable choruses of “Who’s that?” sure to greet any attempt to personally partake of the red carpet experience, there was a red carpet-adjacent walkway lined with smiling ushers … in all, a far cheerier alternative to the bank of voracious-looking paparazzi.

As for the experience of my first Hollywood premiere, I have to say that it was every bit as fun and glamorous as I always thought it would be.

Oh, and as for the title of this post, it might be called misleading, but it isn’t false. Michael Jackson, or, more accurately, his music, was indeed instrumental in getting me into the Sabotage premiere. For it about six years ago when Olivia Williams and her husband, actor Rhashan Stone, first took my old-school funk dance class (see if you can spot Williams in the clip) – a class that just happened on that day to be devoted entirely to Michael Jackson. both being huge Jackson fans, they soon after became class regulars, then friends, ultimately resulting in my being graciously invited to dress uncomfortably and attend my first movie premiere in style. Thank you Olivia Williams, and thank you Michael Jackson.

Sabotage opens at theaters March 28, 2014.

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Michael Is The Top Baby Name In New Jersey; Jackson Is the Top Baby Name Nationally For 2013!

Source: Daily Record


Michael remains king in New Jersey, but Sophia is so 2012, at least in Morris County.

As the inevitable end-of-the-year-list season begins, Michael remains atop the tally of names for newborn males in New Jersey in 2013, as it has been since at least 1980, according to the Social Security Administration’s online records that only go back that far.

For the Jersey girls, Isabella vaulted ahead of Sophia, the 2011-12 winner, to become the most popular female moniker for 2013. Isabella also was the top name in 2010 and No. 2 in 2011-12.

Morris County girls, though, bucked the state trend in 2013 as Emma became the most popular name, with Olivia, Ava and Mia following close behind.

Jackson, by comparison, is the No. 1 name nationally for boys in 2013, according to a report by (SSA has yet to report on names for 2013). Sophia is the top girl’s name in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year, according to the same report. Michael was 14th nationally in 2013.

“The names are different every year, and they cycle,” said Donna Paplawski, who manages the Maternity Center at Morristown Medical Center. “People mix names, too, sometimes, and we are always interested to see what they come up with over the years.”

Other parents pull newborn names from their family history, while others point to friends or inspirational heroes.

Then there’s Matthew and Tania Kallish of Jefferson, who welcomed their second son, Michael, into the world on Thursday at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville.

Matthew and Tania Kallish with their second son, Michael, who was born Thursday at St. Clare's Hospital in Denville. The couple let son Shaun pick Michael's name. / Photo courtesy of St. Clare's Health System

Matthew and Tania Kallish with their second son, Michael, who was born Thursday at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville. The couple let son Shaun pick Michael’s name. / Photo courtesy of St. Clare’s Health System

Michael — allegedly — was named after a Power Ranger.

According to Matthew Kallish, he and his wife agreed to let their first son, Shaun, come up with the name “so long as he picked a name we could all live with.”

“He chose Michael, and we all agreed,” Kallish said. “He didn’t say where he got it, but we’re pretty sure it was a character he liked from the Power Rangers. But if you ask him, he’ll deny it.”

In a nod to tradition, the Kallishes gave Michael the middle name “Paul” in honor of Tania’s late uncle and godfather.

As for Shaun, “We just picked it after looking through some baby books.” But they went back to the family tree for his middle name, Israel, to honor Matthew’s late grandfather.

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Here’s some sweet baby pics to brighten your day! Who can stay sad looking at these little angels! CP ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Make A Change: Drunk Driving Victim Shares Experience At Michael Jackson Tribute Show

Source: Aiken Standard – By Teddy Kulmala

Staff photo by Teddy Kulmala At a show on Friday featuring Aiken native Jimmy Lucas, left, performing a collection of Michael Jackson hits. Pictured, right, is Brock Baxley. Read more: ‘Make a change’: Drunken driving victim shares experience at Michael Jackson show | Aiken Standard Follow us: @aikenstandard on Twitter | aikenstandard on Facebook

Staff photo by Teddy Kulmala At a show on Friday featuring Aiken native Jimmy Lucas, left, performing a collection of Michael Jackson hits. Pictured, right, is Brock Baxley.

SALLEY ­— Few people would associate Michael Jackson with drunken driving, but the show put on Friday night by Aiken native Jimmy Lucas also sought to raise funds for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Lucas, known by his stage name J Lucas, is famous for his performances of the late Michael Jackson’s music. On Friday, he wowed the audience in the Salley Civic Center with a show that paid homage to the King of Pop with performances of classics such as “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Near the end of the show, though, the music died down, and the artificial fog cleared as Brock Baxley took the stage.

Baxley was 18 years old when he and several other Lexington High School students were involved in a drunken-driving collision on Feb. 26, 2010, an accident that he said changed his life physically and spiritually.

Before a drunken driver traveling the wrong way on Interstate 26 struck their vehicle head-on, Baxley said he was a “big-headed” athlete with football scholarships at three schools waiting on him.

“I was running from God. … I started getting into things that you don’t get into at 14,” he said on Friday. “The girls thought I was pretty and cute, and that got me in trouble. I was focusing on getting Cs to pass because that’s what you had to do to play football. That got me in trouble because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd.”

Baxley was one of the more seriously injured passengers after the three-car collision. He suffered 17 broken bones and four dislocations in his right foot, which had been pinned between the floorboard and the passenger door in the wreck. He pulled himself out of the wreck but couldn’t walk on the shattered foot.

“Coach always told me to walk it off. My dad always told me, ‘Son, walk it off,’” he recalled. “I couldn’t walk it off. I dropped straight to my knees, and now, three years and 10 months later, I believe it was for a reason. I was too bigheaded, I stood tall and thought I was my own guy. Jesus basically told me, ‘No, you’re not.’”

No one was killed in the collision. The driver later pleaded guilty to two counts of felony DUI with bodily injury and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

After the wreck, Baxley said he endured 10 surgeries. Doctors told him he’d never be able to run or to walk without crutches or a cane. He also become addicted to painkillers and alcohol, the latter of which he struggled with even before the wreck. Nearly two years after the wreck, he found out he’d suffered brain injuries in the collision.

“Basically God took everything away from me,” he said. He later witnessed someone’s testimony that centered on a shiny new watch being smashed and then put back together.

“No matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how much you sin … (God) can pick up all your pieces,” he said.

After Baxley’s speech, Lucas returned to the stage to perform the King of Pop’s hit “Man in the Mirror.”

“Make a change for yourself, so you can change the world and the people around you,” Baxley said. “So that they can see God through you.”

Tina Hartley of Salley wanted Baxley to come speak to the people of Salley and was later inspired to get Lucas to perform. Her daughter Lauren and husband Chris also sang several selections.

“I was just laying in bed one night and thought it’d be a good thing to have,” she said. “Lauren would get up to sing, then Michael, then let Brock come up and then do ‘Man in the Mirror,’ where he made the change. I feel like that’s where Michael Jackson was going when he passed away.”

There wasn’t a huge crowd at Friday’s event, but there was a passionate one. Kaitlyn Jordan of Waterloo wore a replica of the red and black jacket Jackson wore in the video for “Thriller.”

“I told (Lucas) before I came here today that I drove two hours to see him and that I would not do that for anyone else,” she said.

In addition to a portion of the ticket proceeds going to MADD, donations were also being taken up for the nonprofit.

“People don’t have to go somewhere to a club or to get drunk in order to have a good time,” Hartley said of Friday’s show. “They can come see people in concert, hear something good, something about the Lord, and maybe leave feeling better. Or, if they’ve never heard about the Lord before, they’ve heard about him tonight.”

Teddy Kulmala covers the crime and courts beat for the Aiken Standard and has been with the newspaper since August 2012.

He is a native of Williston and majored in communication studies at Clemson University.

Administrator’s Note: The irony of this story is that Michael Jackson was a part of the campaign against drunk driving back in the 80′s.  He was recognized by President Reagan for his efforts. See below. Cutie Pie ♥

What MSNBC’s Parting With Martin Bashir Says About Their Taste In Hosts

Source: Think Progress – By Alyssa Rosenberg


Martin Bashir, who’d come under fire after spinning a lurid suggestion, drawn from the history of American slavery, that someone ought to defecate in the mouth of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, has resigned from hosting his show on MSNBC. The network had previously suspended him, recognizing that even widespread liberal distaste doesn’t justify such language. But Bashir’s larger departure from the network, the second high-profile loss of a host for MSNBC in as many weeks, illustrates the weakness of part of the network’s model. Hiring people who are not fundamentally journalists, or who operate by a different set of journalistic rules, can bring fresh perspectives and approaches to an outlet. But it also carries considerable risks.

Bashir was a journalist before he joined MSNBC, though his reputation was hardly impeccable. As Tina Brown reported in The Diana Chronicles, Bashir faked documents suggesting that News Of The World was paying former employers of the Spencer family for stories to build Princess Diana’s trust in him in the leadup to her remarkably candid interview with him on the BBC.


Much more famously, Bashir wooed Michael Jackson by telling him that he wanted to do a special on Neverland Ranch, which he described in a letter as “an extraordinary, a breathtaking, a stupendous, an exhilarating and amazing place.” The resulting expose suggested strongly that Jackson was having sexual contact with children.

The signature moments in Bashir’s career have been aimed at getting the biggest possible reaction, by whatever means available to him. And his insult to Sarah Palin is in keeping with that modus operandi. Some liberals do hate the former governor of Alaska for reasons and in ways that are exceptionally ugly and sexist. Playing to dark undercurrents like these is the commentariat’s version of binging on fast food. It’s frustrating and unsatisfying that thoroughly debunking Palin’s policy credentials and political seriousness hasn’t been enough to make her go away, just as it’s deeply annoying that tofu doesn’t taste as good as steak, but the temporary high of a huge box of Chicken Nuggets or a nasty swipe at Palin often gives way to regret and shame. And while a McDonald’s run occasionally probably won’t kill us, giving in to your worst instincts for a traffic spike or to give a nasty treat to a segment of your viewers or readers can be disqualifying or career-ending. Bashir’s built his career on walking very close the edge of acceptable journalistic behavior. It’s not surprising that at some point in his MSNBC career, he’d waltz over it.

Alec Baldwin’s departure from MSNBC after he was caught on camera shouting homophobic insults at a photographer has similar roots. As I wrote when his interview show was announced back in September, Baldwin’s experience in public radio had proved that he could be a sensitive and perceptive host who drew good insights out of his subjects. But that’s only one of the skill sets required to be treated like a good, credible journalist these days.

Baldwin’s error was two-fold. He seems to have assumed that his private reputation and his publicly reported-upon bursts of temper would be considered separately from his work on MSNBC. And in his self-defense, published after he was filmed walking down the street and shouting at a photographer who was taking pictures of his family, Baldwin seems to have assumed that his loss of temper would be understandable because he was provoked. But I can’t imagine a working journalist today who doesn’t understand that your personal–as opposed to private–conduct reflects on your work and your credibility. If you throw tantrums in public, your audience and potential audience may not trust you to be an even-tempered interrogator of people who disagree with you, and if your mind goes to homophobic insults when you’re searching for the worst thing you can say to someone, it’s hard to blame observers who wonder if your financial contributions to equality are cover for a conflicted heart and mind.

The knowledge that a journalist must guard her or his reputation may make for more cautious on-air commentary and off-air behavior. But what’s lost in momentary fieriness is a gain in long-term stability and credibility. As MSNBC struggles to establish its brand identity, it would at minimum be better off in a place where the network isn’t constantly shuffling its roster, and where it doesn’t seem to be choosing talent based more on the glamor a host brings to a spot–like the addition of Ronan Farrow to the lineup–than a clear plan for the content that will air in that slot. MSNBC wants, after all, to be in the news business. And even if its hosts are going to be doing more commentary and interviewing than airing long reported pieces, the network might be wise to find a way to remind its hosts that they are journalists, a stature that comes with perks to accompany the restrictions.



Rabbi Shmuley: Martin Bashir Has More Apologizing to Do

Dear Readers:

I debated much about posting this article because of the author, but I decided to because although he is not on my favorites list, he does make a good point about Bashir’s deceitful actions against Michael.  I did remove a paragraph, but other than that, the article is left in tact as written without the direct link. Thanks. CP ♥

Source: The New York Observer – By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Slander of Sarah Palin Echoes Mistreatment of Michael Jackson


MSNBC host Martin Bashir recently apologized for one of the most offensive remarks ever uttered on an American TV news program, insinuating that Sarah Palin, “America’s resident dunce,” and “world-class idiot,” be defecated and urinated on.

Even those who despise Gov. Palin agreed that Bashir had entered a place so repulsive that his reputation might never return.

Yesterday, he said he was sorry and I am someone who believes in granting forgiveness. I trust that Mrs. Palin will do so and move on.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bashir is developing a pattern of unethical behavior that is deeply troubling. And there is lasting damage for previous incidents for which he has yet to apologize, most notably with regards to Michael Jackson.

Among those of us who knew Michael and prayed that he would get his life together, the mention of Martin Bashir’s name evokes contempt.

One of Mr. Bashir’s producers had initially contacted me in about 2000 to pitch a documentary about Michael’s life. I told Michael about it and strongly advised him to decline. “Your life’s not ready to be opened to the public.” I argued that for Michael to be in good physical and emotional health should be a precursor to any elective, much less extensive, public exposure. At the time, Michael seemed lethargic and unfocused. Besides, he was already famous enough and didn’t need this documentary.

Three years later, Mr. Bashir’s documentary Living With Michael Jackson appeared. Mr. Bashir had gone through a different friend of Michael’s who had introduced the two and a deal was made. The documentary depicted Michael as excessively materialistic with a seemingly bizarre relationship with a boy. Mr. Bashir called Michael’s Neverland Ranch a “dangerous place” for children. Mr. Bashir’s voice-over expressed uneasiness about what he viewed as an apparent obsession with children and pledged to confront Michael on certain areas of his life that Bashir found disconcerting.

What was not absolutely not right was Martin Bashir’s deception. What later emerged from footage Michael’s own cameraman took of Mr. Bashir’s conversations with Michael was the interviewer pretending to adore Michael’s unusual lifestyle, parenting and care for other children so as to gain the singer’s trust. What also seemed to emerge was Mr. Bashir using only that material which supported an unflattering image of Michael, prompting even The New York Times to criticize Bashir’s documentary as “callous self-interest masked as sympathy.”

During the 2005 trial involving allegations against Michael, Mr. Bashir was nearly held in contempt of court for refusing to answer questions about deceiving or manipulating Michael for the purposes of his documentary. Mr. Bashir declined to comment on such basic inquiries such as whether Michael signed documents in the presence of a lawyer and how many hours of footage were omitted from the documentary.

Of course, what made Mr. Bashir’s reputation was his interview with Princess Diana in 1995 about her failed marriage to Prince Charles. There are allegations that Mr. Bashir used the same deceptive techniques, feigning support for Diana in order to earn her trust. But at least in that case we have no actual footage of Bashir being two-faced.

Martin Bashir has never been held accountable for pretending to care for Michael in order to persuade him to open up, while all along, it seems his intention was to enhance his own reputation by burying Michael’s. A weird Michael Jackson was going to be a lot more saleable than a mostly normal yet highly eccentric performer. And let’s not forget that Michael faced trial over the boy who appeared in the documentary but was acquitted on all 10 felony and 4 misdemeanor charges.

I want to make it clear that I strongly disagree with Sarah Palin’s comparisons between the national debt and slavery. It was a misinformed and unfortunate comment. But the fact that it evoked such horrible hatred from Martin Bashir should give us pause about a man who seems ready to trample on basic decency in order to get ahead.




Guests Make Their King Of Pop Connection At FOX19

Source: Fox19 – By Kelly Taylor

Omar Edwards (left) taught MJ how to tap dance and Michael Bush (right) was one of his longtime costume designers.

Omar Edwards (left) taught MJ how to tap dance and Michael Bush (right) was one of his longtime costume designers.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -Would you believe it if we said Michael Jackson, King of Pop, was the connection between two guests Tuesday on our show?

Yep. Omar Edwards is starring ‘Fly’ at Playhouse in the Park, which tells the story of World War II’s famed Tuskegee Airmen. Turns out, Edwards first taught MJ how to tap dance!

Michael Bush is appearing at Joseph Beth Booksellers Tuesday evening signing his new book, “King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.” So yes, you guessed it. Bush was one of Michael Jackson’s longtime costume designers.

The two had never met in person until their coincidental run-in at the FOX19 Morning News (We pride ourselves on reuniting MJ fans).


Labor Day Dedication Song – “Working Day and Night” – Michael Jackson

Labor Day bad-tour-working-day-and-night-bad-tour 2

Today is the day that we unofficially say good bye to summer.  This is the last time for summer vacations, cookouts and being off work before all the kids are officially back in school.  

To commerate this day, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this song to all the working people who may be off today and to those who are not.  May you enjoy today with your families. 

Much love,

Cutie Pie ♥


The President And The Pop Singer

Source: Huffington Post – By Tom Alderman

What do Michael Jackson, King of Pop and James A. Garfield, 20th president of the United States, have in common? For one, both were charismatic and immensely popular. Both careers ended in premature death — Jackson at age 50, Garfield two months shy of 50. And most significantly, both involved highly questionable medical care that resulted in their deaths. In Jackson’s case, Conrad Murray administered a fatal dose of a major anesthetic and is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The jury is still out as to who is legally accountable for the tragedy.

With Garfield, responsibility is unambiguous and quite devastating. It’s the doctors who killed him, not an assassin’s bullet.

A little back story here: Garfield, a major-general in the civil war, then a congressman, beat out Ulysses Grant to be the Republican presidential nominee and victor in 1881. To this date, he’s the only sitting representative to ever be elected president. In Candice Millard’s absorbing audio and print book, Destiny of the Republic: a Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President, Garfield is seen as a big-hearted and warm man with an expansive laugh who prefers a bear hug over a hand shake.

He’s in office only four months when a rejected and delusional office seeker shoots him in the back at a train station. You’d think a hospital is the appropriate venue for the wounded president. Apparently not. The medical establishment believes hospitals only serve the poor and are not appropriate for a president. Instead Garfield is taken to the White House, which is next to a swamp with disease-carrying mosquitoes — not considered harmful at this time.

The physician-in-charge is a Dr. Doctor Bliss – yes, his first name is ‘Doctor,’ which should be a clue. Dr. Doctor believes that bad air called ‘miasma’ is responsible for all infections. Dr. Doctor does NOT believe in Joseph Lister’s contemporary and ground-breaking bacterial theory of disease that says GERMS are the cause of infection. Lister is a British surgeon and pioneer of antiseptic surgery and the reason your mouthwash is called Listerine. Garfield’s Doctor Bliss says Lister’s theory is experimental medicine and outside the mainstream of medical thought.

Bliss and his team cannot imagine how a germ — something they cannot see — could possibly be harmful. Result: sterilization is not on their minds or their hands, which is why the doctor repeatedly sticks his unwashed finger into the president’s three inch bullet wound. Bliss is more concerned with his role as the alpha-doc. To fend off anyone trying to challenge his position with his famous patient, Bliss sends out a turf warning letter saying, “At the request of the president I write to advise you that his symptoms are at present so favorable as to render unnecessary any further consultations.” In other words: BUTT OUT, DOC!

Bliss’ first task is to find and extract the bullet lodged in the president’s back. Fortunately it hasn’t hit a vital organ, which significantly helps the president’s chances for recovery. A Scottish scientist called Alec Bell is brought in to help locate the bullet. He’s got a metal detecting machine called an induction device. We know this man as telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell. But neither Bliss nor Bell can find the bullet — because the doctor is looking on the WRONG SIDE of the president’s back.

On the 75th day of outrageously inept medical care, President James A. Garfield dies — not from the bullet but from rampant infection due to septic poisoning. Following an autopsy the international medical community condemns Bliss’ team saying that instead of preventing the president’s death, his doctors very likely caused it. Bliss comes across as a wholly owned subsidiary of arrogance. It isn’t that he can’t see a solution; he can’t see the problem. But he does have chutzpah. Following the president’s avoidable death, Bliss presents his bill to congress for $25,000 — equal to a half million dollars today. They pay, but well less than half of that amount.

Aside from the history-altering events that follow Garfield’s death and a Chester Arthur presidency, a new phrase enters our vocabulary in 1881 that is still with us today: ‘IGNORANCE IS BLISS.’

Michael Jackson To Play Alongside John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi

Source: Reuters – By Brian Homewood; Editing by Rex Gowar

Michael Jackson will join forces with John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi after signing for Brazilian Serie B club Atletico Goianiense, the club said in a statement.

The 25-year-old’s real name is Carlos Adriano Sousa Cruz but he is usually known by his nickname which he earned for his eccentric goal celebration where he imitates the late American pop star’s dance.

Also known as Adriano Michael Jackson, he will line up alongside defender John Lennon, who was baptized John Lennon Silva Santos, and Mahatma, full name Mahatma Gandhi Heber Pio, at the midtable side.

The squad also includes a player known as Rafael Gladiador (Gladiator).

Brazilian footballers can be known either by their Christian names, surnames, nicknames or a combination of all three, often leading to exotic results.

A forward named Alain Delon, named after the French actor, is regarded as one of the most successful players to have represented Vitoria, while a Michel Platini, namesake of the former France captain and current UEFA president, plays in midfield for Bulgaria’s Ludgorets Razgrad.

Another Michael Jackson, real name Marileia dos Santos, once played for the Brazilian women’s team, taking part in two World Cups and an Olympic Games.

Street Dance Routine In Blackburn Raised Awareness Of Suicide Charity

Source: Lancashire Telegraph


A FLASH mob packed into King William Street in Blackburn town centre to treat shoppers to a dance routine performed to Michael Jackson’s hit Beat It.

But there was a serious undertone to the event which brought smiles to the faces of onlookers.

It was arranged by the dad of tragic Darwen woman, Vicky Harrison, who took her own life in 2010 after years of unsuccessful job applications.

Tony Harrison looked on and clapped as around 40 dancers, aged from nine to their 60s, performed a carefully choreographed routine they had rehearsed for weeks.

He said: “We did it to raise awareness about suicide, to raise awareness of the PAPYRUS charity and to raise money for them.

“It was very emotional but it was fantastic to see so many people here supporting the cause. With things like this, people stop and ask what it’s about and it makes them aware.”

PAPYRUS is a local charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide among young people.

The flash mob coincided with a five-mile ‘angel’ walk in memory of the 21-year-old. Fifty walkers set out on a trek from Blackburn’s Witton Park to the Havelock Inn in Havelock Street, Mill Hill, on Saturday afternoon.

The walkers thought they were stopping to gather their breath but the group of dancers from DAPA (Dance and Performing Arts) launched into their routine.

After performing to Beat It, one of Vicky’s favourite songs, they danced to Walk With An Angel, a song penned by Tony and recorded by students at Blackburn College.

DAPA’s principal, Jayne Vernon, 47, said: “Vicky came dancing when she was a little girl. It’s a shame we didn’t know her when she was older because we might have been able to help. Vicky’s parents wanted to do a flash mob and we wanted to get involved.

“PAPYRUS has its own education department so they’re filming a video, which they will then try and get into schools to raise awareness among.”

Friday Face-Off Comic-Con Edition: Kanye West Vs. Michael Jackson

Source: VH1


Comic-Con started yesterday, the ultimate convention of all things geeked-out, comic book-clad and science fiction-saturated. So give a nod to the nerds and vote to tell us whether you think Kanye West’s “Heartless” or Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone” does animation better. May the (music) force be with you.


Kanye West “Heartless” – This video is out-of-this world cool. Aside from the celestial awesomeness, the cartoon version of Kanye looks scarily similar to him in real life. So to the crafty geniuses who created this – kudos! This animation makes me wanna watch cartoon marathons in my PJs with a bowl of Fruit Loops. But it also makes me want to throw on some heels and hit the dance floor. I don’t know how you do it Kanye, but you do it so well.

Michael Jackson “Leave Me Alone” - MJ always had it rough with tabloids. The mildest of the wild rumors included him sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Anyway, rather than lashing out, he created this fantastic dream-like video with quirky cartoon elements to push back. There’s a larger than life mouth that swallows him, a snappy alligator and a spinning brain. If that doesn’t sound intriguing, I don’t know what does. Thanks for always keeping us on our toes, Michael!

Click here to listen and vote:

Old McDonald’s Employee Training Video Featuring – “Clean It”

Source: Buzzfeed/You Tube – By Channelsamir

The MJ Crew Leader


The Original McTwerk Team

Next time you are at McDonalds open up the closets – you never know who might be in there!


Yayyyy Happy Meals!


Not sure doing this is up to health code, and are those people always hiding behind the counter?




Workin’ Day and Night!


BONUS: “The Best”

Click here for to see The Best video:

The Connection Between Don Draper’s ‘Mad Men’ And Michael Jackson Thriller House

Source: Popwatch


Don Draper’s childhood home — a Pennsylvania brothel, in the show’s universe — has been actually located. The real estate database Zillow says that the six-bedroom, 126-year-old building is worth just under $600,000, which sounds like a steal — especially considering how all the grime covering it in Sunday’s finale was added in post-production (and, evidently, after AMC took the photo above).

The fake brothel, is located at 1355 Carroll Ave. You know what’s located right next door? 1345 Carroll Ave. — a.k.a. the “Thriller” house.  In Michael Jackson’s seminal music video, that’s where his unnamed girlfriend (Ola Ray) tries to seek sanctuary from the undead dancers who are stalking her. See the second home in action around the 10:35 mark — or, if you’ve got a spare 14 minutes, just rewatch the whole glorious thing:

Note: Donald Francis “Don” Draper is a fictional character and the protagonist of AMC’S television series, Mad Men. The character is portrayed by Jon Hamm.

Billie Jean IS His Lover! Famous Moonwalking Pony Involved In A Paternity Battle!

Source: Telegraph – By Hayley Dixon

 Moonwalking Shetland pony Socks was handpicked in X-factor style contest Photo: YOUTUBE

Moonwalking Shetland pony Socks was handpicked in X-factor style contest Photo: YOUTUBE

 After starring in the mobile phone advert dancing to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, Socks was put out to stud with three mares. But instead he took a shine to another mare across a loch and swum to meet her.

The owners are now carrying out a DNA test to see if he is the father of Scamp, a black colt born last month on Shetland.

Hair from Socks, Scamp and the mother, Kimberley, have been sent for genetic testing at a laboratory on the mainland. If conclusive, Scamp will be the first foal that Socks has fathered since his global fame.

Another foal sired by Socks – and her mother – died soon after giving birth last month. He fathered a filly called Quartz – who has the same skewbald markings as him – two years ago.

Mari Williamson’s stallion has already been viewed more than 5.3 million times on YouTube ‘moonwalking’ on a cliff in the advert set to the 1980s track.  

 The 60 second commercial for broadband provider Three sees the dancing horse impress other ponies and almost tumble off a cliff, before hiding his moves from a local farmer, with the slogan “Silly stuff. It matters”.

Now Ms Williamson, 42, who runs the Benston stud farm on Shetland, said five-year-old has another talent – as a stud, but had caused a paternity probe in the process.

“He most definitely has a real eye for the ladies,” she admitted. “He doesn`t need any encouragement.

“But there is a bit of paternity battle involving him at the moment. I put him with three ladies in a field with a loch. But he is a very good swimmer and unfortunately he took a shine to another one of my mares – who I had put in a group with my other stallion Nuggett.

“He just fancied her more and thought the grass is always greener on the other side.

“Socks swam across – and with his three ladies in tow – and now we don’t know for sure who is Scamp’s real father. Socks was put in stables for two weeks after. He’s certainly one for the ladies.

“It is costing an arm and a leg for the DNA tests but it is important to keep the line correct.”

If Scamp is Socks’ son, he will command an extra premium and will be sold.

“Scamp is a real character – cheeky and very friendly,” said Ms Williamson. “He is a very good colt. I’m chuffed to bits with him. Socks has plenty of years as a stud in him, so we hope for more foals.

“There should be lots of little Socks running about. He is a fantastic pony. I`m as proud as punch of him.

The Shetland pony now has his own Facebook page with almost 1,000 friends.

Administrator’s Note:  This story is so ironic on so many levels!  If he gets put up for child support, I’m done! LOL! CP ♥

You Can Be The Light!


My MJ inspiration for today written by a very talented and brillant author. Tragedy and pain is every where but one person can truly change the world. CP ♥

Originally posted on seyisandradavid:

Sun, God and Humans!

When darkness seems to engulf all around you.

You can be the light

When your heart beat rapidly like a Banjo drum.

You can be the light

When all thoughts of courage are far between.

You can be the light

When hopes, seems to fade into oblivion.

You can be the light.

In the midst of gloom and despair.

You can be the light

In the midst of darkness and tyranny.

You can be the light.

When you are the light,

your life, and path are secured.

Many times, I’ve looked to others to do something about a situation or things I find appalling, and when  I realise nobody is willing to do anything, I step in! I’m generalizing here. Aptly put,  what I’m trying to say is this, we can make a change… Things can get better if everyone puts in their quota to make this world a better place. Just a…

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Manny Ramirez Moonwalks Like Michael Jackson After Losing Balance In Taiwan

Source: Yahoo Sports – By David Brown

How is Taiwan ever going to repay the Western Hemisphere for Manny Ramirez?

As Manny continues to hit like Manny, he has seven home runs, he also provides Taiwan’s nightly news with hysterical video clips. Now, it’s hard to tell what is happening in this clip in total because of the language barrier and the overgrown graphics that make CNN or ESPN on NFL Draft day look spartan by comparison. It must be like “Blade Runner” in Tapei City.

But here’s the gist of Manny’s Moonwalk:

Manny takes a big swing on a foul ball, loses his balance, and prevents himself from falling on his bottom by walking backward until he finds his bearings. And it looks like he’s moonwalking like Michael Jackson. (OK, it’s kind of a stretch. But they did a nice job with the video cuts and “Billie Jean” sound clips.)

It’s just Manny being … Michael.

To read full story, click here:

Moonwalk with Ludwig


I thought this was an interesting comparison of Ludwig II to Michael. Maybe you will too. History does repeat itself. I’d like to read more about him. CP ♥

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Ludwig II of Bavaria identified with Louis XIV, the Sun King of France. (In German, Ludwig is the same name as Louis).  The trouble was, the French King Louis XIV actually was an absolute monarch who expanded and presided over quite a large and powerful empire.

Louis XIV was also a warrior. He actually led his own forces in the battlefield.  Ludwig? Not so much. And he had little interest in the day-to-day work of government. Ludwig was a monarch of the kingdom of Bavaria, which was much smaller and less powerful than France.  Through no real fault of Ludwig’s, Bavaria was more or less eaten up by Germany, under Kaiser Wilhelm I of Prussia, during his reign.  But while Bavarian independence lasted, Ludwig was a much-loved monarch of a proud independent kingdom.

He visited Versailles early in his reign.  When he came home, he decided to build a dream…

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How Michael Jackson Saved Me From Embarassment But Got Me Kicked Out of Health Ed

Source: Where’s My Damn – By Jodycakes 


Picture by stormthief19 – Deviant Art

I absolutely have adored Michael Jackson since I can remember…seriously. My folks took me and a girlfriend of mine to Jacksonville (how fitting, eh), Florida for a “business trip”…and surprised us that night at dinner with tickets to the Jackson’s Victory Tour in July 1984, just days before my 13th birthday. Heidi and I screamed at the top of our lungs, probably to the shrieking heights of Twilight Mania…no lie. My father enjoyed it just as much as we did…and for years, attempted (embarrassing the crap out of me) the Moonwalk.

I remember seeing Thriller for the first time and thinking that had to be one of the coolest videos ever done…well, besides Duran Duran’s Rio.

There were SO many jams through the years that I cried, sang, danced, skated, kissed, drove to…MJ was always prevalent during my formative years in the ’80′s. For sure.

Fast forward to Heritage High School…1st floor, Mr. Griebel’s Health Ed class, fall of 1988. Sitting bored, staring longingly at one of the varsity outside linebackers…hearing the “wah, wah, wah…” of Mr. Griebel discussing CPR.

Since I had been riding horses competitively for several years by this point, and we were always put through training classes on injuries, etc. I was completely unaware that we would actually be called up in front of the class to administer CPR to the dummy on the table.

Daydreaming about Mr. Football player…I hear my name a few times, bringing things back into focus. Being a bit shy and leader among nerds, I was MORTIFIED that I was being asked to do the steps. Do you remember how it goes?

  1. Call out the name of the victim trying to get a response (in this case, we were using a naked dummy named Resusci®-Anne) – Call for 911
  2. Tilt the head back to open the Airway – feel for breath, look to see if chest is rising
  3. Breathe for the victim (pinch nose, place mouth firmly over mouth of victim and blow)
  4. Find area below sternum, and take both hands to pump (or aid circulation) to the chest area
  5. Check airway again – if not breathing, repeat steps until help arrives

Okay, so this may not be exactly how they do it these days…but this is from memory.

So…in all of my embarrassment, I slinked up to the front of the room, looked around at my peers – who sat as interested in this as Spicolli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I cleared my throat nervously, wondering if I would possibly DIE RIGHT THERE

I decided to not only ask if the dummy was okay, I decided it would be better to SING to her in the vein of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal – “Annie, Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie…you’ve been struck by…you’ve been hit by a smoooooooooooooooth criminal…”

tumblr_mhsywpEShR1qf36afo1_500.gif doggone-lover

Source: doggone-lover tumblr

The class roared with laughter and I was immediately sent out of the room.

I think of this moment from time to time, especially when the original song comes on…not the Alien Ant Farm remake.

How Michael Jackson Saved My Life

Source: Glide (Hidden Track) – By Jennifer Kirk (Published 7/07/2009)

It’s been a crazy few weeks since pop megastar Michael Jackson passed away and we’ve seen everything from people randomly starting dance parties in the middle of the street to U2 paying homage to the Man in the Mirror to people leaving gifts in front of Neverland Ranch. These are all just small examples on just how much Michael’s music touched the world.

thriller-michael-jacksonRegardless of what you think of his life, his choices or his actions – I would like to tell you a story of how Michael Jackson once saved my life.

It occurred in the late 1980′s, my parents had just divorced and I lived with my mother most of the time. Every day after school I would go to my across-the-street neighbor’s house where both my best friend and baby sitter lived. I would stay there all afternoon and into the early evening until my mom got off work. At first, it was great. I had access to a go-cart, Atari, mechanically inclined Legos and a club house that my best friend and I would use to play in all the time. I mean, what more could a kid ask for? It was a great place to play after school.

Then one day, things changed. Until now the only people that know what happened to me was my immediate family and a close circle of friends. So here goes: I was molested by my best friend’s older brother. One day turned into the next day, and the day after that and the day after that and it continued for what seemed like a lifetime. I was forced to do things I don’t particularly care to go into detail about, and I have managed to block out a good portion of my childhood memories because of him. It scared me, it angered me and I was ashamed of what I had let happen to me at such a young age.

I eventually got the guts to tell my sister what had transpired, she told my family and it was put to an immediate stop. Charges were not pressed; my family thought it was too much for me to take on. I do recall the day it ended and my step-father standing on the edge of our lawn with a shotgun in hand, threatening him. I received counseling for a few years and my best friend and I parted ways. In time, we moved away from that house, that town and those neighbors. Even today, I see decisions I’ve made along the way that were directly impacted by what happened to me when I was only 8.

Upon hearing about Michael Jackson’s death a memory sparked into my head about how one of those days I managed to escape those early afternoon meetings in his bedroom. It began with an ear infection. I had bad ears as a child but this particular incident stuck out because of the pain and ringing in my ears was so unbearable. It hurt so much that I was screaming. My mother was stuck at work for a couple of hours so my baby sitter did what should could do and provided me with some ear wax removal solution, Q-Tips, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. So I sat in my baby sitter’s bed and concentrated on that cassette tape.

Until this point I had never thought about music as a way to escape. But it worked. I concentrated on every note, every rhythm, every beat and every lyric. I found solace in music – I still do to this day. Music allowed me a way to not think about the bad things that were happening at the time. Now, I know it was only an album, but that afternoon I was free from all the bad things in the world, especially him. Many believe that Michael Jackson did some pretty unspeakable things in the past, but I just wanted to let the world know that one of his best creations helped me escape the one thing he was accused of – even if it only lasted for 42 minutes, that album will never leave my memory. I think that moment was indirectly responsible for my belief in music today. And for that I am thankful. Music heals, music evokes emotions, music brings people together and most importantly – music saves.

“Michaeling” – Some Definitions For The Favorite Past Time Of Michael Jackson Fans!

Source: Urban Dictionary


Do you spend hours on the computer watching MJ videos, searching for new and rare MJ pictures?  Do like to research and read articles to the point of blindness? Are you member of several fan clubs, FB or Twitter because of him? Do you fight for justice and challenge every negative report you see about him?  Do you love doing something positive or just chatting with friends for hours about him? *raises hand* Guilty! LOL!  Well you’re not alone. MJ fans speak our own language and we have our special “Michael” button on our keyboards to help us search the internet! Sike no! 


The “Michaeling” Return key: It’s magic!

But seriously, we understand our love and devotion to Michael.  We find much comfort and support with those who are like us.  Some folks may not understand us, but we don’t care! 

A big thanks to whoever took the time to define what we love to do. I’d like to thank my friend Ingrid for sharing this with me and I think it so neat!  I am sure she found it while Michaeling! LOL! 

I even found all these cute pictures that you see featured in this post to go with it! See what I mean? It’s now a trademark! Awesome! :)

MICHAELING – Definitions

  • When a Michael Jackson fan surfs the web for Michael Jackson, usually videos. It can be a hobby and the word is usually used on youtube.

Sarah – “Hey, what are you doing?”

Luara – “Oh you know, just michaeling.”

  • To keep on being a fan of and supporting Michael Jackson.

“Alright, guys; I gotta go. Keep Michaeling!!!”

  • To do anything (positive) relating to Michael Jackson!Listening to MJ, looking at photos or videos of MJ, speaking to MJ fans, dancing to MJ, reading about MJ, dancing in the style of MJ, thinking about MJ, researching about MJ, talking about MJ, writing about MJ, spreading the truth and love about MJ, anything!The verb ‘To Michael’ shall continue to relate to Michael Jackson forever, as a result of his huge impact across the world.

    Michaeling is generally done by Michael Jackson Fans: the best fans in the world, keeping the MJ Legacy alive For All Time!

    Keep on Michaeling!
  • The act of “Day dreaming” or sleeping with your eyes open.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was just Michaeling.” 
Yep! It’s that serious! Anyways…….


Well Isn’t This Interesting…Colony Said to Lead Bidding for AEG as Guggenheim Exits

Source: Bloomberg News – By Serena Saitto and Andy Fixmer

Tom Barrack

Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital LLC has taken the lead in the auction for Anschutz Entertainment Group after Guggenheim Partners LLC dropped out of the bidding, said people familiar with the matter.

Los Angeles billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who remains in the auction, is unlikely to make an offer near the $8 billion asking price of AEG’s owner, Philip Anschutz, said one person, who sought anonymity because the talks are private. Guggenheim, which bought the Dodgers baseball team last year, may also reconsider if the price drops, the person said.

Colony and its partner, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, are also bidding below the asking price for Los Angeles-based AEG, which owns Staples Center and London’s O2 Arena — leaving open the possibility of another offer topping theirs, the people said. Anschutz also may not sell, the people said.

“We are not going to comment either on the identities of bidding parties or values being proposed by bidders during the sales process,” said Robert Siegfried, a spokesman for Anschutz. “We are gratified by all of the interest being shown in AEG, and at the conclusion of the process we will make the appropriate announcement.”

Colony, which is actively investing in U.S. real estate, owns the Miramax film library and Neverland Ranch, the former home of the late pop star Michael Jackson near Santa Barbara, California.

On Hold

Anschutz Co., AEG’s Denver-based parent, hired Blackstone Advisory Partners to assist with the sale, the company said in a Sept. 19 statement.

The negotiations to sell AEG are on hold as Anschutz, 73, recovers from back surgery, according to the people. He is worth $10 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

AEG also has interests in the Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball team, the Kings NHL hockey team, and the L.A. Galaxy professional soccer team. The company is second in the concert business to Live Nation Entertainment Inc. (LYV)

Led by Chief Executive Officer Tim Leiweke, AEG developed L.A. Live, a hotel and entertainment complex adjacent to Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. In London, the O2 is surrounded by piazzas, bars and restaurants as well exhibition space.

AEG’s proposal to build a $1.2 billion NFL stadium next to Staples Center received city council approval last year.


Celebrities Protecting Their Children….Michael Wasn’t The Only One

Source: Global Grind – By BlogXilla

This weekend, the world got a personal glimpse at Beyonce‘s daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The baby hasn’t clearly been seen since the power couple released pictures of their heir to the throne on a Tumblr page more than a year ago.

But just because Beyonce is starting to open up and reveal more of herself, don’t think that will mean more of Blue Ivy.

Bey just told E! she isn’t changing what she’s doing.

“I think for us, protecting our daughters is so important and … keeping things on our own terms, so I will still be protective and make sure [Blue Ivy] has a childhood and a great time.”

But it’s not just like that for Beyonce, there are a bunch of celebrity parents who are overprotective of their kids. So protective … that it makes Beyonce seem like a Kris Jenner!

The architect of Beyonce’s ways, Gwyneth Paltrow, has eased up recently, but she’s still protective of her children. She recently explained why, saying: ‘I was very strict for a while, I was macrobiotic for a couple of years, then I got pregnant and just ate ice cream.”

Then there’s Christian Bale, who is so protective of his daughter, he hasn’t even told a soul her name.

“I’ve absolutely fallen into that cliché of a dad who could just happily talk about my daughter endlessly,” he tells Esquire in 2010. “But it’s not what I’m about in terms of being an actor. I don’t want people to know about that.”

Erykah Badu is also a protective mommy. If it weren’t for fathering her child, Jay Electronica would barely be allowed around her! Think about it: when was the last time you saw Erykah with her children in public? We’ll wait.

Adele has also proven to fall into this category. She hasn’t told the press her son’s name, but she has been spotted with a gold necklace that reads Angelo…maybe a hint?

Did you know that Pharrell Williams had a son? Probably not. The Neptunes producer has yet to be photographed with his son; he also doesn’t talk about his child to the media.

The King of them all was probably Michael Jackson. MJ literally hid his kids from the public, making them wear masks whenever he took them out. It wasn’t until his death that we got a clear glimpse of Michael’s children.

Administrator’s Note:  People beat him up about it, but Michael was wise to hide his kids.  He knew what would happen to them.  Now that he is gone, they can’t go anywhere without the press following them.  It doesn’t seem like Prince and Paris mind it as much as Blanket.  He hates being in public and you can clearly see it in his face on most pictures. 

Tamar Braxton Has Same Skin Condition As Michael Jackson

Source: Music

Singer and reality TV personality Tamar Braxton seems to be everywhere these days. She has her fair share of screen time on Braxton Family Values; she stars in her own spin-off show with her husband Vincent Herbert, Tamar & Vince; she recently landed a spot on the upcoming VH1 talk show, Tiny Tonight; and she’s the host of Centric’s new lifestyle show, CultureList

Braxton has successfully stepped out of Toni’s shadow, but even with all of her new accomplishments, there’s been talk regarding the singer’s complexion. The couple recently sat down together for an interview with Bossip and Braxton revealed she does not bleach her skin, but suffers from the same skin condition Michael Jackson had. “vitiligo — but I don’t like to talk about that,” she said.

“I just want to know what time do I have to do that?” she asked when referring to skin bleaching rumors. “If you really think about it, we’ve been shooting Braxton Family Values for two years and then, in between that, it was Tamar & Vince, and now we’re back into production with Braxton Family Values. So when did she change her face? I just think I grew up, and I don’t look the same that I did when I was 19. I don’t think any of us do.”

Herbert said he encourages his wife to stay away from the chatter regarding her complexion on the Internet. “I tell her not to read it because it’s so ignorant, it’s just not appropriate,” said Herbert. “It’s wrong and you can’t satisfy everybody. We know what goes on in our household. I would never be in a relationship with a vain person like that.”

Despite the rumors of her skin bleaching, Braxton’s first single “Love & War” has reached the number one spot on iTunes.

Jackson and Braxton aren’t the one celebrities to be diagnosed with the condition – The Cosby Show star Tempestt Bledsoe, former Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs, and Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bacchan have all opened up about their experiences with the pigment-changing skin condition.


Duluth Teen 1 of 4 Finalists For National Humanitarian Award

Administrator’s Note:  I found this inspiring story about a brave and strong young man, whose name happens to be Michael Jackson.  I can also identify with it because my youngest son was also born prematurely with bleeding in the brain.  Thank God he is perfectly fine today.  Although Michael Jackson the entertainer is not mentioned in this article, you will see many elements of what he was about in this young man and again ironically, the charity that this young man is trying to raise money for is one of the charities that our Michael supported. 

The teen Jackson has a very mature outlook on life.  His deep love and concern for others despite his circumstances, mimics the example that Michael Jackson the entertainer embraced each and every day of his life.   I am sure that Michael would have been one of his biggest supporters.  They both let nothing stop them, dispite the odds being stacked against them. I feel that this young man’s triumphant and humanitarian efforts are worth mentioning here and I hope that it leaves you as encouraged as it did me.   We truly are truly blessed and have nothing to complain about. Cutie Pie ♥

Source: Duluth News Tribune – By John Lundy

In his 18 years, Duluth’s Michael Jackson has been through 60 surgeries. Ask him what was hardest, though, and he’ll tell you about the two months this summer when he couldn’t talk about one of the most exciting accomplishments of his remarkable young life.

Michael Jackson, 18, of Duluth has cerebral palsy and has undergone 60 operations. Jackson is one of four finalists for a NASCAR Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. If he wins, the Starlight Children’s Foundation that has helped him through the years will get $100,000 in his name; if he’s a runner-up, the foundation will get $25,000. (Clint Austin /

Michael Jackson was born prematurely, with bleeding on his brain. In his 18 years, he has been through 60 surgeries. When he walked across the stage to accept his diploma at Duluth East High School this year, it was the first time most of his classmates had seen him out of his wheelchair.

In short, Jackson has had his challenges.

Ask him what was hardest, though, and he’ll tell you about the two months this summer when he couldn’t talk about one of the most exciting accomplishments of his remarkable young life.

“That was the hardest two months of my life,” Jackson said Thursday afternoon in the Lakeside home where he lives with his parents, Mick and Mary Jackson. “I couldn’t tell any of my friends.”

What Jackson learned in July but couldn’t tell his friends until September was that he had been selected as one of four national finalists for NASCAR’s Betty Jean France Humanitarian Award. The winner will be determined by votes on the NASCAR website. If Jackson wins, $100,000 will go to his favorite charity, the Starlight Children’s Foundation. As a finalist, he’s already assured the foundation will get $25,000.


Starlight has been part of Jackson’s life almost from the beginning. He was 2 months old and already diagnosed with cerebral palsy when Mick and Mary Jackson adopted him and took him home from the neonatal intensive care unit. He was the second prematurely born child the Jacksons adopted. Big sister Trisha died when she was 9½.

“We discovered that kids with special needs really are special,” Mary Jackson said.

Michael Jackson has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. That means his arms and legs are spastic, or tight. With leg supports, he can walk as far as 200 feet, but he normally uses a wheelchair. His breathing and speech are affected, and he can be difficult to understand at first. None of this fazes him.

“It might be more frustrating for other people,” Jackson said. “I understand myself just fine.”

So undaunted is Jackson that he performed a comedy routine as part of a talent show two Fridays ago at the College of St. Scholastica, where he is a first-year psychology major. He did it wearing a black hat and single white glove, a takeoff on his famous name. You can see it on You Tube by searching for “Michael Jackson’s Sit-Down Comedy.”

Susan van Druten is familiar with Jackson’s wit. An English teacher at East, she met Jackson when he was in ninth grade.

“He’s a delight, and he’s very outgoing,” van Druten said. As a ninth-grader, he had “just sort of this unsophisticated sense of humor. He developed over the years to having this lovely way with words. It shows in his writing.”

Within the past week, he had a blog titled “That’s How I Roll” published in the Huffington Post.

You can find that online as well. “I’ve only looked at it 40 or 50 times,” Mick Jackson said.

‘He’s going places’

Michael Jackson notes in his blog that he has participated in archery, sailing, kayaking, downhill skiing, wheelchair soccer and water skiing. “I can do anything anyone else can do, just in a different way,” he writes.

That’s affirmed by JoHannah Orman, a child life specialist at Essentia Health.

“He’s just one of the bravest guys I know,” Orman said. “He’s fearless. Some people in his situation would not pursue their goals and their dreams. They would sit back. That’s not Michael at all. He’s going places.”

But Jackson has gone through frequent hospitalizations along the way. That’s how Starlight Children’s Foundation came into his life. The nonprofit seeks to improve the quality of life for children and teens with chronic and/or life-threatening conditions by providing entertainment, education and family activities. It operates a website called Starbright World that allows Jackson to keep in touch with other chronically ill teens. When he was younger, he could communicate with other kids via a video link from his hospital bed.

“He used to be excited about going to the hospital and having surgery,” Mary Jackson said. “He thought it was fun to talk to other kids at other hospitals.”

Giving back

Jackson didn’t just accept Starlight Foundation’s support. He gave back, setting up a website in 2006 that raised $1,700 for the foundation. When Starlight invited him to speak at its annual gala in 2007, he lobbied on behalf of Essentia Health for a Starlight Fun Center — a video game system on a cart. Essentia was awarded the Fun Center and since has added more, Orman said.

“They help normalize the environment,” Orman said. “Kids that have to be in the hospital for a period of time, they get bored.”

But Jackson’s fundraising efforts don’t end with his favorite charity. Starting with his seventh birthday, he asked his friends for Barnes & Noble gift cards so he could buy books to donate to children’s hospital libraries. He sold brownies and cookies to raise money to fight ALS and for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. He used graduation money to buy an Xbox Kinect for Essentia’s Polinsky Rehabilitation Center.

Starlight Foundation nominated Jackson for the Betty Jean France Humanitarian Award. The only requirements are that nominees be involved in a children’s charity and that they be NASCAR fans. Michael Jackson has been a NASCAR fan since he was about 4, he said, and his childhood bed was in the shape of a race car.

The finalists were chosen from among hundreds of nominees, Mary Jackson said, so all four are winners already. The $25,000 consolation prize would provide enough money to purchase five Fun Centers for hospitals.

“We’ll get $25,000 at least,” Michael Jackson agreed. “But I want more. So vote.”

Clark- Atlanta Offers Course on Michael Jackson


Clark-Atlanta University takes a modern approach to education and taps into the legacy of the Michael Jackson as both a successful businessman and pop icon. Prominent entertainment attorney, James Walker, will teach the class, “Micheal Jackson: The Business of Music,” concentrating on a curriculum that focuses on Jackson’s approach to business, from how he worked with record companies, tours, and legally marketing himself in terms of copyrights and trademarks.

According to Walker, “The goal is to help students who have an interest or future desire to work in the entertainment industry whether as an artist, attorney, business manager, accountant or other…[and] to really provide my students with a comprehensive understanding of the music industry and the business mechanics involved.” Clark-Atlanta University will become the first to offer a class on the legendary pop singer.

James Walker, along with being well versed in the industry, runs a successful law practice, and authored the bestselling book, “The Business of Urban Music.” His offices are located in Monroe, Connecticut, and Atlanta, Georgia.


Attorney James L. Walker, Jr. Prepares to Write His Second Book About The Late Michael Jackson

Entertainment Attorney James L. Walker, Jr. is preparing to write his highly anticipated book about the Two Billion Dollar Man, Michael Jackson. This book will be the successor to Walker’s 2008 release, This Music of Urban Music.

It has almost been a full year since the King of Pop has past, and many people around the world are still mourning his untimely death. Michael Jackson has been well known for more than just his music. Throughout the duration of his career, Jackson has been involved in many legal issues; many of which are still ongoing, even after his death.

Although the title is currently unknown, Walker plans to provide readers with much information and insight on the late singer’s business deals.

“Michael Jackson did more for the music “business” than any other artist in the history of mankind. His publishing catalogue alone broke landmark records and standards on how business should be done,” says Walker, “So, I felt it imperative that I write a book detailing his business deals and the landmark precedence.”

Immediately following Jackson’s death, Walker was invited by many major news networks to appear as a legal analyst on their shows to discuss the legalities surrounding the pop-star before, and after his death.

Walker’s first book, This Business of Urban Music, is the first reference book all about the business side of gospel and urban music. It includes information such as securing a record deal, starting a label, publishing music, and marketing and promoting. With insightful examples, quotes, and anecdotes from dozens of top artists and executives, Walker’s book is entertaining as well as informative.

Administrative Note:  A friend of mine is an acquaintance of Mr. Walker.  He will let me know when the classes will officially start and then I will update this thread. Cutie Pie ♥