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Hello there!

Over the past two years, thousands of you have had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to see Michael Jackson ONE. From the moment you start down the hallway to the Michael Jackson ONE Theater, we hope you’ve had a thrilling, emotional, wonderful, experience. Now, you can share a bit of your experience with the worldwide community.

Visit to upload your photos from your visit to the Michael Jackson ONE Theater to the brand new fan gallery. Your photo may be picked to be displayed on the Michael Jackson social media pages! Any photos taken in the lobby area or right outside of the theater are welcome; photography is prohibited once inside the theater itself.

Participation is easy. Once you arrive at the community gallery page, click the UPLOAD button in the top center of the page. Make sure to fill out each entry in the form. Also be sure to choose “Fans At Michael Jackson ONE” from the gallery drop down menu. This will ensure that your photo goes to the appropriate gallery AND that it is eligible to be featured on Michael’s social pages.

We look forward to sharing your memories!

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Statement From The Estate Of Michael Jackson Regarding False Tabloid Reports


We have received a number of inquiries from the community regarding the most recent Stacy Brown story.  As many of you are aware, the Estate generally prefers not to legitimatize the lies and rumors spread in the media or expand the coverage by other media of those stories. However, the Estate has asked that we share with you the following statement that was issued by Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Estate of Michael Jackson, in a response to a request for comment yesterday:

“We are aware of recent false “reports” regarding Michael Jackson having, among other things, paid over $200 million to 20 “victims.”  There is not a shred of evidence to support these ludicrous “reports.”  It is unfortunate that, even in death, Michael cannot be free of these types of allegations, but we are confident that the truth will prevail in the end, just as it did in 2005 when a jury fully exonerated him.”

The Estate is steadfast in its defense of Michael in courts and that will not change regardless of what lies and rumors are spread by journalists with their own agendas.

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Announcement Coming April 8 From The Estate Of Michael Jackson And Cirque du Soleil


Members of the mailing list at will receive a special announcement from the Estate and Cirque du Soleil on April 8.  If you are not yet registered for the mailing list, you can do so now at Only members will receive this news on April 8, so sign up today and don’t miss out!

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From The Estate Of Michael Jackson – Plaque Promotion Announcement



We wanted to reach out and thank all of the clubs who organized promotional events for Xscape. The Estate and Sony Music were impressed by the creativity in many of your promotions. We are happy to announce that they have selected a club to receive the plaque in recognition of their efforts, and the winning club has been notified. Congratulations to all the clubs that informed us of your activities!

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From The Estate: Upgrades To


We are happy to share with you that there are upgrades to the site coming soon that we think will make for an even better and smoother experience. The Estate and Sony Music have taken fan feedback into consideration and are excited to announce the following changes will occur in the next few weeks:

A faster-loading site across all devices
The developers have been working to ensure that the site remains robust while also allowing for the best experience for all visitors, regardless of whether they are using a computer or mobile device.

New, sleeker design
The new site will feature brighter accent and background colors to improve the graphic display as well as to make the text easier to read.

Facebook comments integration
Fans have previously been able to log into the website using their Facebook account, but now that functionality will be expanded to make integration throughout the site more seamless and allow easier participation in fan-to-fan communication, comments, and discussion threads. It will also integrate discussions with the rest of the content on the site more organically, rather than pushing them off to a separate forum section. As a result, the separate forum section will be eliminated from the website, so it is important that if you communicate with anyone solely through the website forums, you should reach out and exchange other contact information with them in order to stay in touch.

Fan art that has been previously submitted will still be available in the fan galleries, and users will no longer have to create an account to participate in discussions or submit original fan art.

The new site will be a significant improvement to the user experience on, and we look forward to seeing you on the site!

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From The Estate: Michael Jackson Nominated For Three Soul Train Awards


We are thrilled to share that Xscape has been nominated for three Soul Train Awards: Album of the Year for Xscape, Song of the Year for “Love Never Felt So Good,” and Best Collaboration for “Love Never Felt So Good.” These nominations further highlight the enduring appeal of Michael’s music and the undiminishing appreciation of his art. For US fans, you can watch the Soul Train Awards on November 30 on CENTRIC and BET.

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From The Estate: Submit Your Entry For The “A Place With No Name” Contest


Great news! There is still time for you or your American friends to participate in the contest for “A Place With No Name!” We are particularly excited about this because these tablets will give a leg up to students in lower-income neighborhoods in their education. Tablets have proved to be extremely effective tools in engaging students in learning material, encouraging further discovery, and helping students at different levels learn at their own pace. The distribution of the tablets also carries on Michael’s legacy of charitable giving and community engagement. It’s easy to participate!

If you live in the United States, visit, upload a video of why YOUR community deserves to win, and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote!

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