Indore Cop Manages Traffic ‘Moonwalk’ Style

Sources: Z News | All Things Michael


Indore: At a time when continuous downpour has created havoc here and around 700 people have been shifted to relief camps, a traffic police man was captured on camera doing ‘moonwalk’ on the drenched streets while handling the traffic with great care.

The video went viral on the social media and people are really liking the iconic officer’s way of performing his duty – controlling traffic Michael-Jackson-style.

It seems that while showcasing Jackson as his inspiration, the officer could also be seen in the video helping an auto to move on the rain-soaked roads of the state’s commercial hub Indore.

Some passers-by also got captured in the video which shows them gazing at the officer with curiosity.

Hope such an act will encourage other traffic cops as well to handle the tense traffic with great ease.


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Medical Robot Teaches Autistic Children

Sources: KSL – By Heather Simonsen | All Things Michael


DRAPER — A robot is doing what parents and teachers of autistic kids often can’t — narrowing the gap. “Medi” the medical robot can do a mean Michael Jackson. As it danced to “Thriller,” 7-year-old Owen Johnson, who has autism, and his siblings danced along with it.

Medi can also walk, talk, sing, hear and answer questions. The $20,000 robot has four microphones on its head, two cameras for its eyes and a microchip for a brain that connects to the Internet. It acted out emotions and Owen and his siblings guessed them.

“He’s having a hard time reading the other kids’ social cues,” said Cally Johnson, Owen’s mother, who lives in Draper. “‘When do I stop telling my story,’ or ‘Are they paying attention,’ or ‘What do their facial expressions mean? Are they making fun of me? Are they listening?'”

But with Medi, the bond is instant.

“That’s the most normal we’ve seen him act, with a robot, as opposed to a person,” Johnson said.

Robert Stokes said the robot makes breakthroughs with children who are hard to reach mentally and emotionally.

“Sometimes kids who haven’t ever communicated with an adult, and are almost noncommunicative, they’re communicating with the robot, and then that transfers,” said Stokes, president of Stokes Educational Services.

The robot can also be effective in reducing pain in pediatric patients after surgeries, Stokes said. That’s also good news for the Johnson family, whose youngest, Evie, suffers from a rare syndrome and faces her 30th surgery.

Medi made a “happy” face and raised its arms in the air. “Joy,” Owen exclaimed. “Well done,” Medi answered.

“It was so fun, you know; sometimes as special-needs parents you get a tear,” Johnson said. “It’s joyful to see him have such a good time and just to have no stress. I think that’s what you want as a parent: no stress, no anxiety, but to have a sincerely good time.”


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You Won’t Believe How Much Money Michael Jackson Gave To Charity

Sources: Financial Juneteenth – By Robert Stitt | All Things Michael


I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change. — “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the undisputed King of Pop. Whether you loved him or not, he changed the face and sound of music forever. He also changed a lot of lives for the better along the way.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jackson gave generously to the United Negro College Fund; the AIDS project in Los Angeles; various programs for Africa, Thailand, India, Poland and Romania; the Make a Wish Foundation and many, many more known and unknown charities.

Jackson was only 12 years old and singing with the Jackson 5 in 1970 when he performed at his first benefit concert. It would be the first of many. In 1981, the Jackson 5 organized and held a concert for the Atlanta Children’s Foundation. Later, Jackson co-wrote the hit song, “We are the World,” raising almost $70 million to help combat famine in Africa, and after the terrorist attack of September 11, he helped raise $15 million with a self-organized benefit concert.

Apart from concerts, Jackson also donated his personal time and money. After his notorious hair-on-fire incident while filming a commercial for Pepsi, he donated millions of dollars, including his entire salary from the Pepsi endorsement, to the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children.

He held an art auction to raise over $2 million to provide assistance to needy families in South Africa. The British Children’s Charity and the Heal the World Foundation also received generous amounts. Elizabeth Taylor’s AIDS Foundation received $500,000, and “Families Caring for Families” was blessed with $5.5 million.

He supported the 1995 Million Man March, gave to needy children in Romania and Bangkok, and assisted the “Motown Museum Historic Foundation.” Children in Bombay received millions of dollars and children in Poland received almost a million dollars worth of toys.

These numbers are the type that boggle the mind. Most of us don’t write checks with five numbers before the decimal, let alone six and seven of them. In all, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that in addition to large amounts of time and effort to support charities and causes, Michael Jackson gave in excess of $100 million over the course of his life to try to make the world a better place.

The old saying goes, “put your money where your mouth is.” Michael Jackson did that and more.


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16 of Michael Jackson’s Greatest Non-Musical Achievements

Need Style Inspiration? Look To These Men’s Style Icons

Sources: The Cheat Sheet – By Meghan Foley | All Things Michael

By: sashanaa

By: sashanaa

Male fashion may not get the same level of attention as its female counterpart, but there is no doubt there are a number of actors, rock stars, artists, athletes, and writers whose styles have become the literal representation of a generation. Outfits evoke particular moods and feelings; they say a great deal about what a generation wants, how it sees the world, and what it values. The men who make up this list did more than listen to the right designer or have an innate sense of style. So, in a sense, these men are not just style icons but simply icons. And therefore it’s not just the clothes they wear (although that matters too) — but also the image they project, the feelings they evoke, and how they wear their clothes. They embody an era’s cultural zeitgeist. Style icons are not just celebrities who inspire our wardrobes, but people who create a entire sartorial identity that defines them completely and that endures the test of time, as Stella’s style director Kate Finnigan told the Telegraph.

So, without further ado, here is our list of 10 men whose style embodied essential moments in American cultural history and still inspire how we dress today.


Michael Jackson

Describing Michael Jackson simply as a recording artist, or even a musician with great style, is not inaccurate, but those descriptors are far too narrow; like the others preceding him on this list, Jackson is an essential piece of America’s cultural fabric.

The Huffington’s Post’s Dana Oliver notes that he earned the title “style icon” from “the very moment he stole the spotlight as lead singer of the Jackson Five,” dressed in floral button-down shirts and bell-bottom jeans. But this was Michael as part of a group, not his own persona. When he premiered his moonwalk to the world during an Emmy-winning performance of Billie Jean, at the commemorative Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special, he wore a fedora, black sequin jacket, and a single glove.

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Live Life With Vitiligo – World Day Observance June 25

Sources: Sowentan Live | All Things Michael


It’s World Vitiligo Day on June 25‚ the day first observed in 2011 as a memorial to Michael Jackson who had the condition that causes loss of skin color in blotches.

As part of the initiative‚ a local organisation‚ LOVEauthentic‚ invites anyone living with Vitiligo to post a photograph or message on its site.

Baveesha Naran‚ the founder of the organisation‚ hid her condition for more than 30 years. LOVEauthentic is‚ through its photography campaign‚ trying to help people with Vitilogo who are struggling to accept they have condition and to prevent the segregation and bullying of those with the illness.

People’s skin colour is determined by melanin but skin colour changes when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning‚ according to the LOVEauthentic statement.

Although the condition is not life-threatening or contagious it may have a psychosocial effect on a person’s quality of life. Depression‚ anxiety‚ self-consciousness and stigmatisation is frequent among those with Vitiligo.

Learn more about World Vitiligo Day – June 25



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Idris Elba Lauches New Clothing Line And Reveals That Michael Jackson Is His Style Icon

Sources: Evening Standard | All Things Michael


Idris Elba has launched his own fashion range – and revealed his style icon is Michael Jackson.

The Luther star, 42, has spent six months working with British clothing company Superdry to create his 250-piece collection.

The Golden Globe-winning actor was asked about his style icons at the launch of his range, part of a showcase for London Collections: Men.

He said: “I can only think of Michael Jackson but I obviously haven’t stepped into Michael’s threads. My inspiration was the concept of 24-hour business.”

“People describe me as the hardest working man in showbusiness which is true. But the reason I can do that is because I can stay comfortable. I can stay up for long periods of time and get stuff done. Part of that journey is what I wear all day long.”


Guests at last night’s launch party, held at the Superdry Store in Regent Street, included model David Gandy and rapper Tinie Tempah.

Elba, who wore one of his own hoodies printed with his initials, said: “A lot of the designs are based on what I like to wear and what’s comfortable for me. You can wear it in the morning and then you’ll probably end up at work and then end up at dinner later and still wear it. That’s the idea behind it.”

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Sips And Stanzas Presents Remembering Michael: Honoring His Contribution To The Music Industry

Sources: National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) | All Things Michael


Six years ago, the world was stunned with the news of Michael Jackson’s death. During Black Music Month, we will discuss the impact and influence of The King of Pop’s music on American and World culture.  Not only is it the music we enjoy and remember, but we’ll discuss the economic impact, direct influence on other artists and the way his music helped people realize their similarities. We are the world because my music matters…especially Michael’s!

Join us as we discuss the economic impact, direct influence on other artists and the way his music helped people realize their similarities. We are the world because my music matters…especially Michael’s!

Our moderator for this event will be Shanon Sanders. Guest artist TBA.

The event will take place Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 6pm- 8pm at the Renaissance Commerce Grill (downstairs bar/lobby area). Registration is available now through the 24th.

This public event offers complimentary valet and drink specials beginning at 6pm. Donations will be accepted at the door or online. Reserve your spot today by clicking here.

Location: Renaissance Nashville Hotel, 611 Commerce St, Nashville, TN 37203

Have questions about Sips & Stanzas Remembering Michael: Honoring His Contribution to the Music Industry? Contact National Museum of African American Music

Note: Tickets for the event is free, but are listed as sold out.

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Canada Soccer Captain Christine Sinclair Has To Hear The King Of Pop Before Every Game

Sources: Weyburn This Week – Neil Davidson | Chaterlaine | All Things Michael


EDMONTON – Before every match, Canadian captain Christine Sinclair make sure her cleats are clean and her boots polished.

And she listens to the King of Pop as part of her pre-game ritual.

“I have to listen Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ before ever game. It started in college,” Sinclair said. “And I put my left shoe on first.

Christine Sinclair fell in love with soccer as soon as she laced up her first pair of cleats at age four. Now she’s captain of the national team and the country’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Why this sport: “Soccer is a moving art piece. It’s magical what we can do when we perfectly orchestrate our movements.”


Christine Sinclair (right)

Top workout tip: “Exercise with friends. I feel stronger when I train with my team.”

“Lots of carbs, proteins, vegetables and fruits. I stay away from high-fat foods.”

Fave post-exercise fuel: “Chocolate milk.”

She’s an early bird:
“I work out first thing in the morning, so it’s not hanging over my head all day.”

Team player: “I couldn’t do an individual sport; I’m too hard on myself. I love the support of my teammates.”

Her award-winning advice: “Pick your passion and attack it. Go after it with everything you’ve got — and make sure to always have fun.”


Sources: Weyburn This Week | Chaterlaine | All Things Michael