Bastille Premieres Michael Jackson Inspired Music Video For ‘Torn Apart’

Sources: Digital Spy – By Lewis Corner | Edited By – All Things Michael


Bastille have premiered their new music video online.

The band will release new single ‘Torn Apart’ on November 30 as the first cut to be lifted from their new mixtape VS. (Other People’s Heartache Pt. III).

The accompanying music video offers a new twist on Michael Jackson’s visual for his 1991 hit ‘Black or White’.

It was directed by Keith Schofield, who is known for pushing boundaries after creating Duck Sauce’s video for ‘The Big Bad Wolf’.

VS. (Other People’s Heartache Pt. III) will be released on December 8 and follows their previous two mixtapes of the same series.

Warning: This video may be graphic for young viewers.  Please use caution.

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NBA’s Rudy Gay And Derrick Williams Take The Court With The Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Sneakers

Sources: Kicks On Fire – By Juan Martinez | Nike Inc| Edited By – All Things Michael


In a rare national TV appearance, the Sacramento Kings defeated the Chicago Bulls in an impressive fashion. Rudy Gay and Derrrick Williams both broke out the Nike Kobe 9 Elites last night against the Bulls.  Gay took wore the “Beethoven” in gray while Williams wore the “Michael Jackson” tribute show in purple.


Via Nike Inc

The KOBE 9 Elite Low brings Bryant’s muses to life.  The artistry of music and its ability to move and inspire people has always intrigued the athlete. From classical to pop, he has appreciation for multiple genres.


The ‘Hyper Grape’ colorway, inspired by Michael Jackson, sports a vivid purple upper with hints of black all over, metallic silver branding, and some carbon fiber on the heel counter. Not to be neglected, the translucent outsole is adored with a lunar surface graphic.

Via Nike Inc

The KOBE 9 Elite Low Beethoven pays tribute to the German composer and pianist, and more specifically the power of his Ninth Symphony from the early 1800s. The grey color of this colorway represents Beethoven’s timeless quality.


The ‘Grey’ colorway, inspired by Kobe’s love for Beethoven, features a mostly flyknit upper of white and black making it grey looking, and also features carbon fiber on the heel counter.

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GlaDOS The NAO Robot Shows Off Her “Thriller” Moves For Elementary Students

Sources: Columbia Missourian | Edited By All Things Michael


COLUMBIA — Parkade Elementary School students giggled and gasped in awe as GlaDOS the NAO robot showed off her “Thriller” dance moves, her mechanical foot tapping to the beat.

Parkade Elementary School hosted its first Hi-Tech Day on Wednesday, which brought in volunteer guest speakers and educators from the Columbia School District to teach interactive sessions that showcased technological programs and tools.

Twelve sessions took place in classrooms throughout the school, and students rotated in groups every 30 minutes. Innovations such as Google Glass, the GoPro Camera, a 3-D printer and green screen technology took center stage. One session took students back in time, teaching them about 19th century cameras.

First-graders at Parkade Elementary School wait eagerly for a demonstration showing how a GoPro camera can be used underwater during Hi-Tech Day on Wednesday. Six-year-old Journey Gaines, left, demonstrated the camera's ability to work underwater.

First-graders at Parkade Elementary School wait eagerly for a demonstration showing how a GoPro camera can be used underwater during Hi-Tech Day on Wednesday. Six-year-old Journey Gaines, left, demonstrated the camera’s ability to work underwater.

But the session featuring the NAO robot by Aldebaran Robotics was the clear favorite among students.

The robot is the latest addition to Smithton Middle School’s technology department. GlaDOS, as computer technology teacher Charles Hoover affectionately refers to her, is 2 feet tall with two cameras, four microphones, two speakers, an inertial sensor and communicates via an infrared Wi-Fi voice. She is controlled via a fully programmable on-board computer.

Hoover said NAO robots are generally used at Smithton as tools for autistic students to practice their communication skills.

“We tell the computer what to do and that tells GlaDOS what to do,” Hoover explained to a class of second graders, who were eager for the teacher to stop talking and the robot to start moving.

And move, she did. GlaDOS did martial arts exercises and the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. Her finale was a story from “Star Wars,” with lightsaber, R2D2 and Chewbacca sound effects.

Ruby Lopez and Keeley Fizer, both 7, said the robot was their favorite.

Alijah Fleming, 11, said he learned a lot from the session with GlaDOS.

“I learned that she has a lot of talents like playing soccer and seeing small things that we can’t see,” Fleming said.

In a computer coding session, 7-year-old Liam Perry worked with an iPad to create basic codes to move a cartoon dinosaur across the screen.

Perry said social media is his favorite type of technology.

“I’m an expert at technology,” Perry said. “I usually use math to help me with technology like real scientists do.”

He confessed he’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up so for now, he’s collecting business cards.

Anisia Hernandez, 10, who participated in the green screen session led by Ken Koster, a teacher at Parkade Elementary, said she was a little scared at first to be on the green screen but liked it. She was projected over a video of children playing Four Square on a playground and was asked to to describe the scene.

“I felt like I was really on the news,” Hernandez said.

Principal Amy Watkins said every trimester Parkade Elementary has a school-wide celebration, and Hi-Tech Day was the event this time.

Watkins said Parkade Elementary has had a strong focus in technology for the past couple years and that she hoped Hi-Tech Day will become an annual event.

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Ne-Yo and Sonna Rele Cover Michael Jackson’s Earth Song On New EP For Climate Change – HOME (Heal Our Mother Earth)

Sources: National Journal -By Jason Plautz | All Things Michael


Common’s newest track began with a conversation about water pollution.

“We’re in the studio, and we’re talking about how bad the water is and this drought in Southern California where you’ve got the reservoirs drying up. We’re looking at pictures online and we’re saying, ‘We’re in trouble,’” said producer Malik Yusef. “When we talked about some of the obvious problems, he said, ‘This is real.’ It’s one of these situations where you have to ask what we can do.”

The result was “Trouble in the Water,” one of four new original songs on an album executive-produced by Yusef titled HOME (Heal Our Mother Earth). Besides Common, the Grammy-winning rapper, the album includes contributions from Ne-Yo (the R&B singer behind “She Knows“), Elle Varner, Choklate, and Aaron Fresh.

It’s part of People’s Climate Music from the progressive Hip-Hop Caucus and major environmental groups to raise awareness and “inspire action” on climate change.

Four original songs from the album were released Tuesday on an EP on iTunes. The full 11-track album is out Dec. 2 with covers of some environmental standards. Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me” is tackled by Broadway actress Antonique Smith, while Michael Jackson’s environment and animal-welfare anthem “Earth Song” is covered by Ne-Yo and Sonna Rele.

Joni Mitchell’s folk classic “Big Yellow Taxi?” That’s covered by Karmin, the duo best known for 2012′s “Brokenhearted.”

Yusef, who has won five Grammys including Best Rap Song for “All Of The Lights” by Kanye West, said the covers were of songs that “mean something to people … not just people in this movement, but everyone.”

As for the originals, Yusef said he hoped they could reach a new audience that isn’t necessarily engaged on the ins-and-outs of the Keystone XL pipeline or the EPA’s climate rules. “I’ve been blessed with the kind of ear to make great music, and I have the accolades to go with it. People will take this much more from me as a purveyor of the arts rather than just some guy out there with Occupy Wall Street,” he said.

On “Trouble in the Water,” (which also features Kumasi, Aaron Fresh, Choklate, and Laci Kay) wonky issues like fracking get name-checked amid bigger concerns about water safety and pollution, but it’s not all earnest. It’s got some NSFW language, also deals with police violence in Chicago, and even includes the line “We think our opponent is overseas, but we’re messing with Mother Nature’s ovaries.”

The album was created by the Hip-Hop Caucus, the activist group that has allied with and other environmental groups, in partnership with the entertainment agency The Private Plane. Also partnering on the project were environmental heavyweights, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club.

“I am an environmentalist in whole, and I and my family do my small part to recycle, conserve water, reduce our carbon footprint. But we need more,” Yusef said. “I think the biggest lesson here was that everybody was able to come away with a bigger, broader sense of purpose. … We’re artists and we have a bit of a megaphone, but we’re regular people. So let’s use our regular-people spirit in conjunction with that and make a difference.”


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Band Aid 30 Video Revealed

Sources: Mirror – By Kara O’Neil | All Things Michael

Bob Geldof gave an inspirational speech about the importance of the video and the fight against Ebola.


Band Aid 30 was revealed tonight in an emotional piece of footage broadcast exclusively on the X Factor and it’s all social media can talk about.

Sir Bob Geldof has pulled together a whole host of stars to be a part of the iconic Do They Know It’s Christmas song which he hopes will raise enough money to tackle the Ebola crisis.

The heart-breaking shows a victim of the devastating virus being carried out of their home by people in masks and protective suits.

And Twitter have been truly moved by the clip.

“It’s harrowing, it’s not meant for an entertainment show, but we thought you ought to see it,” said Bob Geldof of the footage.

“X Factor nation – we are going to war. This is why we did this song.”

Most users on the microblogging site commented on how beautiful the video was and many have already started encouraging others to donate.

One Direction, who took the first line of the song, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Bono and Chris Martin  all took part in this historic occasion,  alongside Paloma Faith, Ellie Goulding and Bastille.

Sir Bob reportedly gave a rousing speech for the musicians began recording and told them: “Today you join Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd and all those other people who at one time have done something for Band Aid.”

The single will be officially released on Monday, costing 99p to download or £4 to buy on CD. Follow the link below to pre-order the track now.

George Osbourne has already pledged to waive the VAT on the song meaning every penny  will go to help the fight against Ebola.

The words of the classic Christmas song have been adapted slightly to better reflect the cause.

While the tune is almost identical to the original,  there are some changes to the lyrics.


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Kingsley Primary School Remake “We Are The World” For Children In Need Charity

Sources: The Northern Echo | All Things Michael


IT’S usually millionaire pop stars who are expected to release a CD just before Christmas.

But the latest hit has come from a bit closer to home.

For more than 240 children at Kingsley Primary School, Hartlepool, have gone the extra mile by releasing a single to raise money for Children in Need.

The song, a rendition of Michael Jackson’s We Are the World, received 4,100 views on YouTube in just three days and has already raised £1,037.

It was recorded after the Key Stage Two pupils won the BBC’s Best Assembly Ever competition, which celebrates the achievements of children who fundraise to help disadvantaged students in the UK.

Brian Bush, educational support, said: “The song was the children’s idea really. They were thinking about things they could do and I overheard them talking about singing to raise money.

“I thought it was a great idea and wanted to make it a reality for them. We chose the song and the children all helped change the words.

“Every one of the children has been really excited and even the ones who were not involved have been talking about it.

“Kingsley primary is a mainstream school but we have a lot of pupils who have special educational needs. The project has really helped the children understand the different disabilities.

“All the parents have been incredibly supportive. It has been amazing.”

Alison Darby, headteacher, said: “I am absolutely over the moon with the finished product. I am so proud of all the children – they have all worked so hard.

“We have had so many positive comments from parents and other teachers.

“It was lovely to see them all supporting and encouraging each other. The children do not usually get to do things like this, so I was really pleased they could be involved in a project that boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence.”

The school’s GoFundMe page has attracted donations and praise from people across the country.

Well wishers leaving comments included Steve Todhunter, who wrote: “Excellent performance by an excellent school for a well-deserved charity.”

Emma Straker added: “Well done guys, great idea. An amazing school that does amazing work every day, not just for Children in Need.”

To donate visit


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Do You Remember These Charity Singles?

Sources: The Straits Times – By Chew Hui Min | Edited By – All Things Michael


A new group of stars coming together to record a new version of Do They Know It’s Christmas this year to raise funds to fight Ebola in West Africa.

The original single, released in 1984, topped the charts and raised £8 million (S$16.5 million) for famine relief in Ethiopia.

Here’s a recap other charity singles we sang along to:

We Are The World
Causes: The original by Michael Jackson raised funds for famine and disease in Africa. It was revived in 2010 for Haiti earthquake relief.

Candle In The Wind 1997
Cause: Princess of  Wales Memorial Fund.

Cause: U2 recorded the song for Aids Research.

Believe,相信爱 (Believe In Love)
Cause: To raise funds for the Fukushima disaster in March 2011.

明天会更好 (Tomorrow Will Be Better)
Causes: Originally written for the World Day of Peace in 1986, it was later used as an anti-piracy anthem by artistes in Taiwan and Hong Kong

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Sources: Esquire – By Dan Hyman | Editing By – All Things Michael


Even when Ne-Yo first emerged on the music scene, a backwards-hat-and-long-tie wearing former member of a female-fronted quartet and an accomplished songwriter for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Mario, and Faith Evans, he carried himself with an air of class. And when he’d soon go on to major solo success with chart-topping singles including breakout “So Sick” and later “Miss Independent,” the man born Shaffer Smith, frequently seen in suits and fine-tailored tuxedos, became a symbol of sophistication and style. “You can go to the thrift store and put together a stylish outfit. It doesn’t have to cost you a million dollars. It doesn’t have to be the flyest, latest brands. It’s about the way you put it together,” he says. “You can put a slob in a suit and he’s just a slob in a suit. It doesn’t make him a gentleman. It’s about the way that it’s worn.” Now, as he puts the finishing touches on his new R&B-heavy studio album, Non-Fiction, due in January, which includes his new suave Juicy J-featuring single “She Knows,” Ne-Yo imparted his sartorial wisdom and told Esquire whom he believes to be the most stylish musicians of all-time.

Michael Jackson

“With the jacket with the zippers. His look maintained a genuine quality to it. Even when he went to something simple like a slacks and a cardigan, he still had the slacks that were slightly higher so you could still see the socks, he still had the penny loafers. And even his cardigan wasn’t a typical cardigan: it had the big crest on it. Everything he did was branded. It was his thing. Even down to just wearing a regular suit: his suits had the armband on it, you know what I mean? It was just something that signified: This is Michael Jackson’s way of wearing a suit.”

The Rat Pack

“The names that innately popped into my mind were Sammy [Davis Jr.], Frank [Sinatra] and Dean [Martin], the Rat Pack. That was definitely an era when it was not an uncommon thing to dress nice. Back then it wasn’t about where you were going. People didn’t dress for the occasion. People just dressed for the day. It’s Wednesday: I’m gonna throw on my three-piece suit and my hat and I’mma go. That’s just what that era was.”

James Brown

“Some of the amazing, I guess you could call them costumes and the things he wore onstage, paved the way for some of the more recent artists. The clothing was one part of it. But there was definitely a method to the madness. The jumpsuits, the fabric that they were made of—cause James was a dancer—so he couldn’t be up there in any old type of fabric. So it had to be a fabric with a little bit of give to it. God forbid James Brown went into one of his trademark splits and his pants split too. That would be bad! It was the shoes—they had to be the right kind of shoes so that he could get his moves off. It had to be a shoe with a slippery bottom but not so slippery so he could lose his footing and fall. All of these things were important and all of these things were calculated. It was the smallest details that were most important. Everything down to the cape: the fabric the cape was made of, the weight of the cape, when he threw his cape over his shoulder, it had to be perfect. All of these things mattered to James. They don’t make a lot of fuss about it, but it’s definitely something James was especially particular about.”


“The whole androgynous thing: he kind of ushered that whole thing in. In that era a little of everybody was dressing like that. There was your Boy George’s and your Madonna’s, that was just kind of the style that was. You couldn’t tell who was a guy and who was a girl. It was the passion behind his performance and his music. It wasn’t a costume with him. It didn’t seem like this was a guy because it was a trend. He wore it like a guy would wear jeans. I could imagine him going into his closet and that’s all that you would see. It’s not regular t-shirts and jeans on this side and then, ‘OK, I’m about to do a show so let me put on my costume.’ It wasn’t a costume for him. That was his clothes.”

Kanye West

“He’s definitely one of those artists who is always looking for great style and whatever the next trend is and being on top of it before anybody is.”

Jay Z

“He has a very less-is-more, very simple kind of style. Which I dig. Hip-hop is normally about the excess—a lot of jewelry or whatever the case. Whereas Jay doesn’t really take it there. His style is really more simple. You see him on stage and he’s go on a blue Yankee or a black one, a nice t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans and a signature chain. It’s simple. It’s easy.”

Cee Lo Green

“He’s probably a bit more unsung. I don’t know if I would call him a style icon but definitely has his own style. Everything that he does and everything that he wears it’s calculated and formulated. People might not pay that much attention to it but he definitely has his own sense of style. It’s an acquired taste.”


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