Kimberly Nichole Sings “Dirty Diana” On The Voice

Sources: Celebrity Dirty Laundry – By AnnieMarie Leblanc| All Things Michael


Kimberly Nichole of Team Christina Aguilera sang, “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson this week for one of her song choice.  On tonight’s show the top six artists performed live in front of coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams for America’s votes. Each of the Top 6 will have to give the performance of a lifetime to make it to the next round.  Just in case you missed last night’s show, we have you covered! You can read our full and detailed recap here!  If you missed the videos, click right here.


Kimberly sang “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson and this is what the judges said about her rendition:  Pharrell says she just had her first official rock and roll moment in front of millions of people. He says she rocked out and that’s clearly her destiny. Christina says she knows it’s always going to be electrifying when Kimberly comes out and says she’s incredible and embodies how to perform and says she can’t say enough. She says she’s truly a rock star.


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Doctors May Soon Operate On Digital Humans

Sources: CNBC – By | All Things Michael

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show

Music fans received a surprise last year when a lifelike hologram of Michael Jackson performed at the Billboard Music Awards. Now, the creators behind that technology want to bring the first digital human to healthcare.

Florida-based Pulse Evolution creates computer-generated human likeness, or ‘virtual humans.’ Its technology has already been featured in Hollywood blockbusters like ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,’ and ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.’ In the education sector, Pulse is working on a recreation of Albert Einstein to teach math at the University of Beijing.

Speaking to CNBC on the sidelines of the Smart Nations Innovation conference in Singapore, managing director Rudy Mazzocchi said he intends to turn the company’s focus to medicine.

“We can do a MRCP scan of your brain or heart and create a hyper-realistic holographic image of your organs and help educate physicians, train nurses, technicians, show you what’s wrong with an abnormality in your heart and how the physician is going to correct it.”

Personalized healthcare

The goal is to provide doctors a personalized map of a patient’s body, according to Pulse. Doctors already use advanced mapping technology like positron emission tomography for that purpose, but Pulse’s software will have the extra benefit of touch, Mazzocchi said.

“It’s data capture, so we can take data from an MRI, do a merge with CT images, positron emission and recreate the organ. Eventually, we’re going to integrate sensors so we can actually put on a surgical glove and have the feel of a real organ. We’ll match the biometrics of the tissue with the sense of touch.”

This means surgeons can do accurate pre-surgical planning with personalized recreations of a patient’s organs. “A surgeon can run through an iteration of different procedures and ensure they are going to optimize the outcome,” Mazzocchi said.

Personalized healthcare solutions have rapidly gained traction over the past year.

Last May, a UK research team at the University of Sheffield began engineering a computer simulation of the human body. Called ‘The Virtual Physiological Human,’ it’s aimed at testing treatments and the effects of new drugs before giving them to real patients.

Challenges ahead

The use of artificial intelligence and virtual human software is spreading beyond traditional fields. For example, demonstrators in Madrid took part in the world’s first hologram protest earlier this month to challenge a law that penalizes citizens for protesting in front of parliament buildings.

Like any technology, the software must be properly regulated to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, Pulse Evolution noted.

So, who will regulate this?

“Regulation is going to come from each individual industry. In the U.S., we have our FDA regulatory agencies for medicine and we’re going to have FAA intervene as we put a face to artificial intelligence. It’s going to vary country by country,” Mazzocchi said.


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University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences Salutes King of Pop And Raises $53,000 For Cancer Research

Sources: NWA Online – By Helaine R. Williams| All Things Michael


“Party like a rock star” is a popular catchphrase. Well, guests of RockStar Lounge took it literally. Not that they weren’t encouraged by organizers, who describe this happening as “a rock ‘n’ roll event where ‘groupies’ of the [University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences] Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute ‘band’ together to raise ‘fans and funds’ for cancer research.”

The sixth annual RockStar Lounge took place April 17 amid an intriguing backdrop … barrels of maturing whiskey at Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock. Guests were encouraged to wear their “best concert chic rock-star attire.”

The “rock star” highlighted this year was the late King of Pop himself … Michael Jackson, whose ’80s-era silver, glittery glove was duplicated in a wearable party favor given to each guest. Refreshments consisted of food-truck fare from Waffle Wagon, Loblolly Creamery, Southern Salt Co. and Hot Rod Wieners. Representatives from Delete Blood Cancer showed up to sign up potential bone marrow donors.

Featured entertainment was by the renowned Who’s Bad, the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band. Two “Michaels” — the physically and vocally skilled Joseph Bell and Taalib York — kept the concert flowing continuously with dizzying, infectious performances of a bevy of Jackson hits, including “Thriller,” “Beat It,” “Billy Jean” and “Man in the Mirror.” Big screens blasted bits and pieces of Michael Jackson videos. After the concert, disc and video jockey G-Force kept partygoers moving with a mix of dance-able hits.

RockStar Lounge rocked in more than $53,000, which will be used for cancer research, according to Catherine Tapp, director of special events for the institute. Specifically, it’s used for Seeds of Science grants of $10,000 each to the winning applicants. More than $100,000 worth of this seed money — all of which stays in the state — has been distributed thus far, Tapp says.

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Patrick Donoghue Wins The Voice of Ireland With His Rendition Of Man In The Mirror And Mama Knows Best

Sources: Irish Times | All Things Michael


Dubliner Patrick Donoghue has won the final of RTE’s The Voice of Ireland after impressing viewers with a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror and Mama Knows Best by Jessie J.

The 23-year-old Dunnes Stores employee beat off competition from runner-up Emma Humber (19), a student from Dublin; Sarah McTernan (21), a shop assistant from Clare; and Kieran McKillop (23), a sheep farmer from Antrim.

The final, broadcast on Sunday evening, included coaches Bressie, Una Foden, Rachel Stevens and Klan Egan performing their version of Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash.

The judges were effusive in their praise for Donoghue, who wins the prize of a recording contract with Universal Music.


Bressie, who coached the runner-up, confessed to being a big fan.

“You really don’t need me to tell you I think you’re incredible. I don’t think I’ve heard you hit a bum note in this whole series.”

Rachel Stevens said: “Soul diva was out in force tonight. You’ve got such an incredibly powerful voice. It’s faultless. You do get very nervous but you channel your nerves so well.”

Kian Egan said: “I feel really happy for you dude. For me, listening to your story, this is it, you’re here on The Voice of Ireland singing Michael Jackson.

“You’re a superstar. On that performance you could win the show tonight and if you do I’ll be 100 per cent behind you.”

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Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys

Sources: Poli Bruckner – Michael’s Soldiers of Love,, A Humanitarian Group | Dennis Christen

Fullscreen capture 4232015 83627 AM

It’s official, the first phase of production is under way for character and production, for the highly anticipated, Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, starring Paris Jackson. The story’s plot is conducive with saving the planet.

Ancient sea-magic turns a dolphin into a human, an evil spell changes a teenage boy into a dragonfly and a once good and loving jellyfish queen becomes an evil fairy godmother. This story, filled with adventure after adventure uses family love and the magic of belief as weapons to fight a war between the land and the sea. There are a series of five books that are followed by expected films to assist in bringing the storyline onto the big screen and into your homes.

I recently sat down with producer, Dennis Christen. Dennis and I both share a passion for making a difference in the world. We both also have a commitment to Michael’s Dream Foundation. Dennis serves as chairman of the board and is one of their VIP sponsors. Michael’s Soldiers of Love, A Humanitarian Group, partnered with MDF in 2013 to raise funds for sick children, around the world. We are a non profit  organization and we donate 100% of the proceeds to benefit children in need.

Fullscreen capture 4212015 121404 PM

It is through MDF’s, CEO Louise Greer, that I was able to meet with Dennis Christen. We look forward to assisting him in promoting and supporting Paris in her acting debut.

Paris Jackson

Paris in acting class on the set

Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys is expected to premiere, May 2017. You can follow Dennis Christen on Twitter @DennisChristen. The official Lundon’s Bridge Like Page, has been underway and has regular updates. The page serves as an open forum for fans to show their support and ask questions they may have.

With Love,

Poli Bruckner, Michael’s Solidiers of Love, A Humanitarian Group

Dennis Christen, Producer of Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys



Oklahoma Filmmakers Make Stop Motion Short of Dancing Baby Groot

Sources: NewsOK – By Brandy McDowell|  All Things Michael


Kyle Roberts, the director of the award-winning indie film “The Posthuman Project,” and Nathan Poppe, entertainment writer for The Oklahoman and LOOKatOKC editor, have collaborated to create another of their super-fun superheroic stop-motion animated short films.

This time they’ve used their skills and toys to recreate everyone’s favorite scene from the blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”: Baby Groot enthusiastically dancing to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” while trying to avoid the sharp eyes of the knife-sharpening Drax the Destroyer. Oklahoma City musician Denver Duncan coolly covers “I Want You Back” in the short:

This stop-motion short is so amazing that “Guardian of the Galaxy” director James Gunn gave it a shout-out on Twitter, where you really need to be following him @JamesGunn, and praised them on YouTube with the message, “Haha I love it. So cool, guys.

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Cirque du Soleil Sells Majority Stake To U.S. Private Equity Firm

Sources: The Vancouver Sun- By ROSS MAROWITS | All Things Michael


MONTREAL – A 30-year chapter in one of Canada’s major success stories in the business and entertainment worlds ended Monday with the announcement that Guy Laliberte is selling his majority stake in the famed Cirque du Soleil to a U.S. private equity firm.

The founder of the internationally renowned Cirque, which conquered the world with breathtaking and cutting-edge shows, will maintain a 10 per cent stake in the Montreal-based company and continue to provide strategic and creative input.

“I want to set other creative challenges for myself,” Laliberte, 55, told a news conference in Montreal, which will remain the Cirque’s international creative and management headquarters.

Equity firm TPG has acquired the majority stake for an undisclosed price, while Chinese investment firm Fosun and Quebec pension fund manager the Caisse de depot will hold minority stakes.

Laliberte has five children between the ages of seven and 18 but said having them take over the Cirque was never really an option.

“They have their dreams and as a father I have made the commitment to support them as they chase them,” he said.

“I don’t really believe in the idea of the second generation of entrepreneurs. From the outset, I didn’t want to put the pressure of running the circus on their shoulders.”

Laliberte dismissed any suggestions the Cirque is in financial difficulty, saying it is a profitable venture that sells 11 million tickets a year.

In a statement released before the news conference, Laliberte said the sale will be good for the Cirque.

“After 30 years building the Cirque du Soleil brand, we have now found the right partners in TPG, Fosun and the Caisse to take Cirque du Soleil forward to the next stage in its evolution as a company founded on the conviction that the arts and business, together, can contribute to making a better world,” he said.

Caisse de depot CEO Michael Sabia said it is partnering with Cirque as it seeks to conquer new markets.

“We are pleased that this new era of growth will be directed from Montreal, the Cirque’s decision-making and creative centre, under the direction of Daniel Lamarre as CEO,” he said in a statement.

The agreement will also see Quebec businessman Mitch Garber become chairman of the company.

TPG says its experience building brands like J. Crew and Neiman Marcus, along with its strong media and entertainment relationships, will provide Cirque with new revenue opportunities.

The new owners plan to expand Cirque’s presence in China. They also want to expand third-party licensing deals, digital media and ticket sales.

“We are inspired by Guy Laliberte’s imagination and vision, and look forward to working with him and his talented team, as well as the vibrant Montreal creative community,” said David Trujillo, a TPG partner.

The sale is expected to close in the third quarter.

Since beginning in 1984, Cirque has played to almost 160 million spectators in more than 330 cities in some 48 countries.

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Michael Jackson, Laughter And Prayer Keep St. Jude Memphis To Mobile 400-Mile Relay Going Strong

Sources: | All Things Michael


Editor’s note: This story is part of a series that examines the issue of childhood cancer and other illnesses treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The series also follows runners in the St. Jude Memphis to Mobile Run that benefits childhood cancer research and treatments.

Friday the Memphis to Mobile 400-mile relay continued, as a group of runners made their way through the winding roads of Mississippi raising money for and awareness of St. Jude Children’s research hospital.

The blue team I’m part of ran throughout the night and early hours of the morning, but luckily we were able to shower at a hotel before getting about three hours of sleep Friday morning.

I was nervous about day one because I didn’t know what to expect or how I’d react to such sleep deprivation. Friday evening as I ran my first three-mile section of the day, Michael Jackson had me running strong.

When the other group was running and I was in the “chase van,” I tried my hand at telling jokes to the runners in front of us, however that didn’t go over very well (I’ll blame that on Google). However, those runners knew how to increase my pace with the right music when it was my turn to hit the pavement.

I ran while it was still daylight outside, and could see the beautiful pastures and open road. When Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” came on around mile 2.5, a fellow runner and I picked up the pace (there may or may not have been dance moves involved) and had a nice finish as team-mates stood outside the RV and cheered us on.

After we sent anther group of runners out, we headed to where they would end their run and came across our first real problem of the trip. As the RV went to the side of the road, our tires sunk and the backend of the RV fishtailed. Over the radio the RV behind us told us the left wheels were off the ground.  Everyone in our RV rushed to the left side to weigh it down to ensure the RV wouldn’t move anymore.

A tow truck was instantly called and arrived within 30 minutes, and soon after they freed the RV and it was on its way. However, we hitched a ride with the very hospitable blue team number 2.

My last 3-mile leg of the day began around 10:45 p.m. Running in the dark, I could see the blinking lights on the RV at mile 1 however, the run went by extremely fast.

When another runner and I ended our 3 miles at the RV the red team was there to meet us.

We formed a large circle, prayed, and the red team ran off.

It still amazes me the undying motivation, faith and determination these runners have. For some, they run because they have been directly affected by cancer in some way. Others are lucky enough to have not been touched by the disease, but understand the cause. In the end, we are all running for one mission:

“No child will die in the dawn of life.” – Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 


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