Chris Tucker Will Debut His First-Ever Comedy Special On Netflix In July

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Chris Tucker will debut his first-ever full-length stand-up comedy special on Netflix this summer on July 10.

The special will feature Tucker’s bevy of impersonations (maybe a few of his Michael Jackson ‘shom-ons’?), his well-known physicality, and his experience moving from childhood to stardom. Fittingly, it was filmed at the Historic Fox Theatre in his hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, calls Tucker “one of the funniest comedians of our time.”

While he started out doing stand-up, Tucker is best known for big screen roles like Smokey in the iconic film Friday, and his turn as one-half of the odd-couple pairing in the popular Rush Hour series, playing Detective James Carter opposite Jackie Chan. He’s also known for his friendship with The King of Pop, making an appearance in MJ’s music video You Rock My World; and as a regular on Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. His most notable recent role came in the Oscar-nominated film Silver Linings Playbook, starring Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper.

Tucker says despite his lengthy movie career, standup has “always been a part” of him. “I’m excited to share it with my fans around the world.”

This is a particularly big deal for Tucker – not only is it his first full-length standup performance special, but it’s also the first project in which he will both star and produce through his new company, Chris Tucker Entertainment. He has, however, previously starred and executive produced a film project in the hit movie Money Talks with Charlie Sheen. Phil Joanou will direct the comedy special.

The performance will be available to stream in all of Netflix’s territories, beginning July 10.

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Mary J Moves Like MJ

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On Tuesday night, Mary J. Blige performed at the Samsung Supper Club in Austin, Texas.

During one of the sets, she performed her funky hit, “Just Fine” and incorporated some MJ moves.

Though we don’t have actual footage of her performance, here is a fan made video mash up of Mary and MJ dancing to “Just Fine” and “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” together.  Both songs have the energy of Michael and you can clearly see Mary imitating some of his jubilant moves as well some some of his fashion style.

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Footballer Jamie Mackie Pulls Off A Michael Jackson-esque Dance Celebration

Sources: 101 Great Goals | All Things Michael


Who knew that Reading striker Jamie Mackie had such moves?!

Reading claimed three points on the road on Saturday in the Championship, as they picked up a narrow 1-0 win away at Ipswich.

Jamie Mackie scored the only goal of the game with a long range bobbler that evaded Town’s keeper, and after finding the target Mackie brought out his dance moves.

Looking like a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Mackie dazzled the away supporters with his dancing skills.

Watch match highlights of Reading’s win at Ipswich below.


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Paul McCartney Has First Top 5 Single Since Working With Michael Jackson

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock – By Jeff Giles | All Things Michael


It’s hard to argue with success, so the next time someone gives Paul McCartney guff for collaborating with Kanye West and Rihanna on their recent “FourFiveSeconds” single, he can just point to the pop chart.

ABC News Radio reports that the trio has leaped to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “FourFiveSeconds” this week, in the process delivering the former Beatle his first Top 5 single in 31 years. That sets a new record for longest gap between Top 5 hits; the previous record holder, Carlos Santana, went nearly 29 years between 1971′s “Black Magic Woman” and his 1999 collaboration with Rob Thomas, “Smooth.”

Some might quibble that since this isn’t a solo McCartney single, it doesn’t count — but McCartney’s last Top 5 hit, “Say Say Say,” was a duet with Michael Jackson, as was the one before it, “The Girl Is Mine.” The one before that, “Ebony and Ivory,” found McCartney singing with Stevie Wonder; to get to his last truly solo single to reach that high, you have to go all the way back to “Coming Up,” which topped the U.S. charts in the summer of 1980.

The moral of the story, as fans of his work with John Lennon have known all along, is that collaborating agrees with McCartney — and perhaps more importantly, that taking unexpected creative chances can pay off in big ways. Here’s hoping Sir Paul keeps surprising us for many years to come.

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New York’s MTA Subway Etiquette Video Inspired By Michael Jackson’s Bad

Sources: AMNY – By DAN RIVOLI | All Things Michael


“Some New Yorkers are afflicted with the disease of not waiting ‘til people leave before they enter … that’s just the nature of New Yorkers.” –MTA CEO and Chairman Thomas Prendergast, Dec. 17, 2014.

The best video by three white guys from Brooklyn since the Beastie Boys is a PSA about people who stand in front of the train car doors blocking the flow of riders.

The video–“Subway Etiquette – Let People Off Before You Get On,” from Mike Rizzo and Brian Bonz, under the name Bobo Touch, with a friend, Rich Varroney—is a synthesizer-laced art-school rap about the bad train behavior passengers face daily.

“Especially when you’re feeling groggy in the morning or even after work, you see people being very aggressive, not letting people on or off the train, or giving up seats,” said Bonz, 28, a musician and composer. “And it happens on almost every line.”

The 95th Street station in their native Bay Ridge was the backdrop, inspired by Michael Jackson, who filmed “Bad” at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn.


For the grainy look, the recording had been filtered and processed through a VHS deck, said Rizzo, a film and TV editor.

“We just wanted to really make it over-the-top ‘80s, like from the start,” said Rizzo, 30, a TV and film editor.

The song had been written for months before the MTA had started its new etiquette campaign to combat manspreading, finger-nail clipping, and people who make pregnant women and the elderly stand—an effort they appreciate.

“We always wanted to do it, but the campaign I think definitely pushed us further,” Rizzo said.


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Eddie Murphy: “Not A Lot Of People Have Footage Of Themselves Dancing With Michael Jackson In Clouds’”

Sources: The Guardian | Edited By – All Things Michael

MJ eddie

You recently told Rolling Stone: “I can’t make a wack track because I know what wack is.” But most people panned your 1993 single with Michael Jackson, Whatzupwitu. 

You know, I was dancing around in the clouds with Michael Jackson. However wack anyone thought Whatzupwitu was, there’s not a lot of people that have footage of themselves dancing around in the clouds with Michael Jackson. I do have that for ever.

And obviously you’d known Michael, and imitated him in your standup about a decade before collaborating.

Yeah, I knew Michael for years and years before that track came out. What’s interesting, when you watch that routine from Delirious when I’m doing Michael Jackson jokes, that was actually the first time anybody even did a joke about him. It’s not mean-spirited at all, it’s just all about how he was so sensitive. And then I sang. Michael loved Delirious, it was playful and fun.

How’d that compare to Saturday Night Live, where you imitated Stevie Wonder while stood right beside him?

Michael and Stevie were people that I knew, and they were part of my social circle. I was able to play around and poke fun – they would never get mad. If you look at it, and compare it to the stuff that people are doing now, it’s totally not mean-spirited. And going back to what I was saying, people are allowed to not like something. And maybe a lot of people did think Whatzupwitu was wack, and that’s what’s cool about music: you have a visceral response to it, and you either like it or you don’t, as soon as you hear it. The good thing about that is that if you come with a hot track, they’re gonna like it. So just because somebody didn’t like a track I put out, that never stopped me. I’ve always written, recorded and produced – I never stopped doing it. I stopped putting music out, but I didn’t stop making it. Then it got to now where if you listen to Whatzupwitu and then you listen to Oh Jah Jah, you can tell that I’ve been in the studio working at this.


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Cyclist Bradley Wiggins Compares Difficulty Of Paris-Roubaix To Moonwalking

Sources: Velo News –  By Gregor Brown | All Things Michael


DOHA, Qatar (VN) — Sir Bradley Wiggins (Sky) has won the Tour de France and Olympic gold medals, but said winning his last big road race, Paris-Roubaix on April 12, could be as hard as moonwalking.

“I’d love to win Roubaix, and a lot of people are saying it’s a fairy tale ending, but it’s so unpredictable,” the Englishman explained.

“I’d love to moonwalk as well, but sometimes you have to accept you can’t do certain things in life, and I may never win Roubaix. It won’t be for the lack of trying, same as if I took lessons to try to moonwalk, which I’ll never do to the extent of Michael Jackson.”

Wiggins, who began his season in the Tour of Qatar this week, said racing Roubaix is “massively” different than anything he has ever done.

“It’s so unpredictable, Roubaix. You’ve got 200 guys that think they are Marc Madiot when they start the race and then you get to the end, there’s a handful of people. So it’s getting through all the mess and carnage to get to a position where you can use your physical form,” Wiggins said.

“With a time trial, you can predict what you are going to do on the day, every second counts, but in Paris-Roubaix, you can be minutes down, come back into the race, crash five times and all sorts. And that’s part of the magic of the race.”

“And they are all very different races, Paris-Roubaix is so different than the others,” Wiggins continued. “It’s not about just me preparing for Roubaix, ’cause there are guys like Ian Stannard, Luke Rowe, and Geraint Thomas who have goals in other races, it’s about being a part of that group and doing a good job for those guys so that when it comes my turn, they will repay it.”

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Ebony/Jet Publisher Seeks Buyer For Historic Photo Archive

Sources: BET  By Patrice Peck| All Things Michael

Five million exceptional, intimate photographs documenting what could be considered the African-American experience since 1942 are now up for sale, Reuters reports.

Johnson Publishing, the parent company of Ebony and Jet magazines, recently confirmed that it is seeking a buyer for its massive, Chicago-based photo archive, which is reportedly worth an estimated $40 million.

“Nothing exists like it. It’s almost like an African-American Getty,” Johnson Publishing chief executiveDesiree Rogers told Reuters, referring to the prominent Getty Images photojournalism archive. “We are still the curators of the African-American experience. That’s the mantle the editors wear.”

Rogers did not disclose whether historical or commercial archives had expressed an interest in buying the collection. She did, however, mention that Johnson Publishing does not make much money off the rights to the images.

The archive is home to photographs of countless influential African-American figures, including renowned singer Billie Holiday, boxing legend Muhammad Ali and politician and civil rights activist Adam Clayton Powell. Photographer Moneta Sleet Jr.’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of Coretta Scott King holding her daughter Bernice at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral is also in the archive.


Some critics took to the Internet to lament the sale of such an iconic Black archive. Blogger Luvvie Ajayi expressed concern over the collection’s alleged value of $40 million, pointing out that the figure valued each image at only $8 each.

“Michael Jackson paid $48 million for the Beatles’ music catalog, which included, like, 260 of their songs,”wrote Ajayi. “And five million pics that chronicled some of the most memorable moments in 20th-century Black history is being put up for less than that? Yup. I’m pretty offended.”

MJ Covers


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