One Direction’s Video Morph Similar To Black Or White

Source: Mashable – By Brian Anthony Hernandez

One Direction’s new video for “You & I,” reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White,” has some odd face-morphing special effects.

One Direction didn’t give fans much warning about going heavy on special effects (freeze frames included), though the band did tease the video in a series of Instagram videos in the days leading up to Friday’s release.

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Gorillas, Alternate Endings, Michael Jackson – The Untold Story of the Making The Goonies

Source: – By David Sztypuljak


With a name like HeyUGuys, it’s hard for us to hide our love of The Goonies and after being talked about for years and last week Richard Donner (known by everyone as Dick Donner) confirmed to the world that a Goonies sequel is in the works. We’ll still believe it when we see the cameras start to roll but for now, a fantastic documentary entitled ‘The Making of a Cult Classic, The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies’ has been released on YouTube.

In 2010 the home of the Goonies, Astoria Oregon played host to the 25th anniversary of the movie where many stars from the film gathered to celebrate it’s awesomeness. During that event, the photo you see atop of this post was taken and the documentary was played to a crowd of people who had flown from all over the world to be there.


The documentary is completely unofficial but has fantastic interviews with cast and filmmakers including Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Corey Feldman (Mouth), Richard Donner (Director), Sean Astin (Mikey), Robert Davi (Jake) , Joe Pantoliano (Francis), Curtis Hanson (Mr. Perkins) and Lupe Ontiveros (Rosalita). If you’re a fan of The Goonies and think you knew all there was to know about the movie, think again! In the documentary you get to hear about Michael Jackson visiting the set, Steven Spielberg shooting gorillas as Second Unit Director and having them break-out of a zoo and stealing Troy’s car. Alas the footage never made it as it got lost…. LOST!?

Back in 2010, Donner said that The Goonies sequel would become part of a Broadway musical. I guess time will tell but for now, check out this brilliant documentary and remember, Goonies Never Say Die!

 (The part about Michael starts at 14:02 – 15:13)

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Exclusive: Didier Drogba On Style, Jose Mourinho And Michael Jackson

Source: GQ – By Paul Henderson | Photos by Rick Guest | Styling Tanja Martin


Meeting Didier Drogba at Galatasaray’s training ground in Istanbul, the Ivorian striker is every bit as as cool and calm as the 2012 Champions League final penalty shoot out would have you believe. We’re here to discuss his new underwear collaboration with Marseille brand Hom, with one euro from each pair sold going towards the Didier Drogba Foundation, dedicated to providing healthcare and education in the Ivory Coast. To mark the collaboration one of the world’s best strikers talks about being dressed by Ozwald Boateng, wearing Kanye’s trainers and Jose Mourinho’s best piece of advice.

GQ: No one has filled your boots since leaving Chelsea – who would you choose to sort out their strike force?
Didier Drogba: I really think that the players that are there now are the ones. Why? Because when I was playing there the team was different. The strikers… maybe they don’t score 35 goals, but they score very, very important goals. With Demba Ba came off the bench [against Paris St Germain] and hadn’t played for many games? He scored a goal. And Fernando, when Chelsea came to play here, nobody expected him to play and he delivers, he scores. Big players, big strikers are there for big games and I think they’ve showed that many times. Samuel Eto’o has been scoring important goals for Chelsea too. I think it’s a different system, a different time, a different Chelsea. It’s a successful one as well.
What would you rather happen this year: Galatasaray win the Süper Lig or Chelsea win the Premier League and Champions League?
I’d pick the league here with Galatasaray. I took the league with Chelsea three times and only one time here! [Laughs]

What’s the best piece of advice Jose Mourinho has ever given you?
He once told me a story about the good orange and the bad orange. We had a match and after a few days off I had an injury but I didn’t tell him. When you’re injured you’re not allowed to fly. So I went to the Ivory Coast and came back two days later and in the morning I said: “Coach, I can’t train. I feel pain – I need to rest a little bit.” And then he said to me [puts on Mourinho voice]: “Y’know, Didier? I’m going to tell you something. Y’know, those oranges? When you put one in a basket with the others and one is bad – what happens to the other ones? They become bad as well, yeah? So make sure you don’t become a bad one!” [Laughs] All I could say is: “I’m not a bad one!”

Who is the best defender you have ever played against?
It’s a big question. I like to judge players when I’ve played them many times. If I play against a player one time, it can be good or a bad day, so it’s difficult to judge. The defenders who put up a good fight and gave me a good game were Jamie Carragher, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. They were good defenders, but also played a fair game. I always had to think the week before a match of how to score, I had to put a lot of thought into it.

When were you last starstruck?
The only person I was really, really impressed by was Michael Jackson. I’m a big fan. I was in L.A. around 2007 or 2008 when I met him. I didn’t get to talk to him, otherwise I wouldn’t be here – I’d be doing my moonwalk! [Laughs]

Who was the most clothes-obsessed player you’ve ever met?
I think Claudio Pizarro was very elegant, but with the team they have now it’s probably Ashley Cole.

We hear you collect trainers…
I’m a big fan of Jordans and Yeezys. I was lucky to get the recent Kanye West Red Octobers from Nike.

As a young man you spent a lot of time in Paris. Were you influenced by the Parisian style?
Of course. I think it has a big influence on how I dress now because obviously the French dress well – so I hope I do!

Have you ever made a major style mistake?
Maybe, but not with my watches. They are a good investment because they never lose their value. I got a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph as a gift, and I quite like its shape.

What’s the well dressed man on the Ivory Coast wearing these days?
African people like to dress well and they like to look good. So anything that looks good on you, will look good on them. [Laughs] I wear a lot of Ozwald Boateng suits. I like them because they look good on me and because of how he keeps that African touch in the style.

What was the detail you really wanted the designers to get right with this line of underwear?
The details from the design are very important to me because it’s an African product, so the colour has to be vibrant.

Do you ever feel that African players have to bear an extra burden in their home nations – having to be akin to ambassadors and investors as well as performing at the highest level?
I’d not say it’s a pressure, but more a need for the players to not forget where they come from. To think about the other ones who didn’t have a chance to come and make it here, to be successful even though they are trying very hard. Our need is to change the mentalities in our continent. We have to be able to give a chance to everyone and not only to the rich people. The difference is too big between the rich and the poor. When you come from a poor family like me and most of the other African players, you know where you come from. You know how difficult it is.

Did that give you more passion on the pitch?
I think it’s related. I really think that: “OK, I play with passion”, but it’s because I love what I’m doing. This little extra is just the mentality in Africa to never give up, and always try and fight because there’s always a chance. A bit like with the Champions League…


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Brandon Victor Dixon Talks Legacy of Motown, J5 And More (Video)

Source: Broadway World


MOTOWN THE MUSICAL star Brandon Victor Dixon appeared this week on WLNY-TV’s ‘Live From The Couch’ to speak with host John Elliott about working with Berry Gordy on the smash hit musical from the very beginning, the historical significance of Motown’s legacy, and bringing that story to Broadway.

MOTOWN THE MUSICAL, featuring music and lyrics from the legendary Motown catalogue and a book by Berry Gordy, began performances on Broadway on March 11, 2013 and officially opened April 14, 2013 at The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (205 West 46th Street).

The first national tour of Motown the Musical launches at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre with an engagement from April 22 to July 13, 2014 before continuing across the country, with additional cities to be announced.

Directed by Charles Randolph-Wright, Motown the Musical is the real story of the one-of-a-kind sound that hit the airwaves in 1959 and changed our culture forever. This exhilarating show charts Motown Founder Berry Gordy‘s incredible journey from featherweight boxer to the heavyweight music mogul who launched the careers of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gayeye and many more.

Check out the interview below!


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Dancing Robot Helps Engage Autistic Children (Video & Audio)

Source: CBS New York



RIDGEFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – One school district in Bergen County, N.J. is using a new robot to help teach children with autism.

As WCBS 880′s Sean Adams reported, the 2-foot-tall robot looks like something out of a Star Wars movie and can dance like Michael Jackson.

The humanoid robot made by a French company helps children with autism at Shaler Academy in Ridgefield, N.J.

Frankie, 5, peeping from behind a drawing as he waited for an answer from Peter the robot at Shaler Academy in Ridgefield.

Frankie, 5, peeping from behind a drawing as he waited for an answer from Peter the robot at Shaler Academy in Ridgefield.

“They come in, they want to see him, they want to interact with him,” the school’s speech and language specialist Maryellen Paradiso told Adams. “Just the actions that he does and his face. While it is a very plain face, it’s welcoming.”

She said Peter the robot helps highly functioning autistic children focus on lessons. The robot also helps children practice verbal communication.

“You notice that he has a very neutral disposition. Seems that it really attracts autistic students,” interim school superintendent Dr. Harry Groveman told Adams. “What we do know is that it captures attention, it gives increased attention span for students that have difficulty focusing.”

“We’re really hoping that it will elicit more language from our students,” Pat Drimones, supervisor of special education, said.


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Watch McCarthy Principal and Staff ‘Beat It’

Source: Patch – By Susan Petroni

Fullscreen capture 4142014 80318 AM

One of the highlights of the McCarthy Elementary School 5th Grade Talent Show was a spoof of Michael Jackson’s Beat It, starring Principal Matt Hanlon and the many teachers and staff members at the elementary school.

The McCarthy Elementary School 5th Grade Talent Show took place over the weekend at Fuller Middle.

From singing and dancing, accomplished piano performances, McCarthy’s very own The Voice, karate performances, video for Day in the Life of a 5th Grade boy, commercials by Principal Matt Hanlon and fifth grade teacher Dan Santos, a parent-led flash mob to What Does the Fox Say. as well as several gymnastics performances.

Click here for a slideshow of photos from the talent show.

The highlight of the evening was a video clip to Michael Jackson’s Beat-It, that was created by McCarthy School employees staring Principal Hanlon and Vice Principal Mrs. Nolan.

Fullscreen capture 4142014 80335 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80340 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80424 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80430 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80444 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80519 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80531 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80539 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80544 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80546 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80550 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80555 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80558 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80611 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80621 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80644 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80703 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 80706 AMFullscreen capture 4142014 82553 AM Fullscreen capture 4142014 82620 AM

The event could not have been accomplished without the countless fifth grade parent volunteers led by Kathy Franklin, Catherine Williams and Yuki Shikichi, who rehearsed with the students, according to the McCarthy PTO.

The McCarthy PTO said it was lucky to recruit sound and lighting experts Mark Wuerthner and Phil Reitz, who kindly donated their time to this fabulous event.


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“Man In The Mirror” Talks Clemson Defense End Tavaris Barnes Into Making A Change His Senior Year

Source: Post and Courier – By Aaron Brenner


CLEMSON – They’ve coaxed Tavaris Barnes to change his ways, trying their darndest to convince the Clemson defensive end he’s capable of being more than just a name on a depth chart.

Only Tavaris Barnes truly held the power and influence for Tavaris Barnes to make a difference.

“So many people have been talking to me through my career, saying ‘it’s time to go’. I had to talk to the man in the mirror, man,” Barnes said after Saturday’s spring game. “The man in the mirror was holding me back. There ain’t no holding me back anymore. The world is mine.”

Clemson’s offensive tackles couldn’t hold back Barnes in its open scrimmage, and he collected five “sacks” – all it took was just touching the quarterback holding the ball, but still – to punctuate an extremely promising spring for the former four-star recruit from Jacksonville.

When Barnes’ “Man in the Mirror” comment was mentioned to Dabo Swinney, the charismatic head coach grinned and busted a dance move, singing a lyric from the same-titled Michael Jackson song – which concludes, by the way, with the words “Make that change,” an appropriate message to Barnes.

“He’s just gotten focused. He got serious about it,” Swinney said. “He knows he’s got the ability; I think he’s just finally figured that out and he’s trying to do everything he can to maximize this year. I’m pulling for him.”

Swinney has decent reason to dance, tantalized by the thought of Barnes bookending Vic Beasley to give Clemson yet another gameplan-wrecking option on a stacked defensive line.

“Vic’s a speed rusher, I’m more of a power rusher,” said the 6-4, 275-pound Barnes. “Vic can flush him to me or I’ll flush him to Vic. (Defensive tackle) Grady (Jarrett) can get movement on guards or whatever. We definitely complement each other’s games.”

“It’s dangerous. There’s no getting away from us.”

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables likes what he’s seen out of Barnes this spring; understandably, he awaits the results that count this fall, on whether it’s Barnes, Shaq Lawson, Ebenezer Ogundeko or someone else to complement the All-American Beasley.

“Vic is proven. He can consistently beat guys one-on-one. Who else has? I don’t know,” Venables said. “We’ve got one. I think guys understand we need to get a couple more. It’s a solid group that can cause disruption and collapse a pocket.”

Recall last spring, when Beasley was the hot topic around practices. Barnes would seem to fit that mold in 2014.

“His commitment level has increased, and therefore his motor has increased also,” Beasley said. “You can just see it today, his effort in being able to get to the quarterback. Usually (last year,) Tavaris would get tired here and there after a couple reps – but he’s been putting in work, and you can see it’s starting to pay off for him.”

Barnes, 22, is in his fifth and final season with the Tigers, and his career numbers are meager: 45 tackles, 4.5 for a loss, and two sacks in 34 games. His new motto is “just get it” and come to practice with a positive outlook.

“Come out with an ‘I don’t care, it don’t matter’ type of attitude, just get it,” Barnes said. “Last year, I’d come out and practice, and I’d just complain. ‘Ah, I don’t want to practice.’ Now, let’s get it. I’m here to work.”

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Irrfan Khan Moonwalks In New 7UP Ad


Irfan Khan Wallpapers -1

In a never-seen-before avatar, Irrfan Khan features as a college student in a soft drink commercial, where he moonwalks a la Michael Jackson. The actor has gone clean-shaven for his latest look. 

The ad starts with the Lunchbox actor walking into his home with his office colleagues, when he figures out that his family (wife Raveena Tandon and kids) is watching one of his college videos.

Ye kya ho raha hai,” a visibly uncomfortable Irrfan asks his son. He offers him a glass of a soft drink and Irrfan breaks out into moonwalk.

This is probably the first time we are watching Irrfan dancing with such abandon. And we’re loving it.

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Proud Galleries Presents ‘Classic Motown: The Invasion Begins!’ Exhibition (May 14 – July 13, 2014)

Source: Proud Galleries /MTV


Proud Galleries, in collaboration with EMI, Bravado and Universal Music Group is thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition ‘Classic Motown: The Invasion Begins!’ The exhibition launches at Proud Camden in May and celebrates the extraordinary, culture-shaping movement in musical history with an exquisite photographic homage to the artists that brought soul and R&B to the mainstream. © EMI Group Ltd


1964, Motown crossed the Atlantic. After several years of growing US achievements for the small, independent record label from Detroit, the distinctive Motown Sound gained success abroad.

In June, Mary Wells’ single ‘My Guy’ became the company’s first chart success in the UK, reaching number five, which was followed in November 1964 by its first UK number one single, the Supremes’ ‘Baby Love.’ The invasion had begun, with promotional visits to London that year by Wells, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and Martha & the Vandellas, paving the way for a full-scale assault in 1965, when the first Motown concert tour came to Britain.

Proud Galleries, in collaboration with EMI, Bravado and Universal Music, are celebrating this extraordinary, culture-shaping movement in musical history with an exquisite photographic homage to the artists that brought soul and R&B to the mainstream. This unique collection chronicles the rise of Motown Records with rare and unseen photographs of Motown’s first UK visitors in 1964, and charts the length, breadth and international success of the label throughout the 60s and 70s.

These exclusive photographs show The Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder at the peak of their careers. From bold street photographs of Michael Jackson and his brothers enjoying the sights of London to intimate shots of Marvin Gaye joyously embracing his son, this exhibition offers a glimpse at the personalities behind the music.

After fifty years and more than 180 No. 1 hit songs worldwide, founder and visionary Berry Gordy’s legendary Motown Records has had a major influence on modern music. Proud Camden’s exclusive exhibition is a visual tribute to Berry and the groundbreaking artists who helped define the sound of Motown.

The Proud Galleries’ exhibition signals the start of a year of initiatives under the theme Classic Motown that will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Motown’s first international hits which have so inspired music fans and music makers around the world.

Dates 14th May ‘ 13th July 2014
Monday to Sunday: 11am ‘ 5pm Entry
The Horse Hospital Stables Market Chalk Farm Road London NW1 8AH


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Janelle Monáe and Kimbra Team Up For “Rocky Steady/Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” Mashup

Source: New Zealand Herald


They met by chance, and now the friendship between Kimbra and Janelle Monáe has turned into one of the finest co-headlining tours of the year.

Janelle Monáe and Kimbra: The Golden Electric Tour will play one show at Auckland’s Vector Arena on May 24.

They have also released a joint single; a mash-up of Aretha Franklin’s Rock Steady and Michael Jackson’s Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’.

The pair met when they were both playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2013, where they met and started jamming, just for fun.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Monáe and Kimbra’s musical collaboration is hitting the road.

The production will feature both joint and individual performances – both artists will perform separate sets with their bands, as well as performing together.

Monáe released her second album, The Electric Lady, late last year, which hit top five on the Billboard charts. On the album, she collaborated with Outkast’s Big Boi, Miguel, Erykah Badu and Prince.

This will be the first New Zealand show for the Kansas City singer.

However Kiwi audiences will be familiar with Kimbra. The local star made a splash around the world with her debut album Vows, winning five New Zealand Music Awards, an Aria Award and her duet with Gotye scored her a worldwide number one hit and two Grammy Awards.

Kimbra’s second album is expected later this year.

Tickets go on sale April 17 through Ticketmaster, with pre-sale tickets available on April 15 through Live Nation.

Janelle and Kimbra: The Golden Electric Tour
When: May 24
Where: Vector Arena, Auckland

Family Affair: The Top Eleven Sibling Bands In Pop Music

Source: - By Alyssa Pereira


Happy National Siblings Day! Take a day off from giving your little brother a noogie and instead (if just for today), show a little appreciation for your guaranteed lifelong best friend. That’s what family is for, right?

Then, take a look at our list of the best, brightest (and at times, bickering) siblings in pop music history.

1. Jackson 5

The sibling supergroup was made up of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and of course, little Michael.

Jackson Five

2. The Beach Boys

Although the group has come to include different members through the years, the original Beach Boys consisted of siblings Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson (and their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine).

Beach Boys

3. Radiohead

Jonny and Colin Greenwood play lead guitar and bass in Radiohead.


4. Arcade Fire

Win and Will Butler are members of this elite rock group.

2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented By Shell - Day 5

5. Haim

The three Haim sisters—Alana, Danielle, and Este—make up this pop rock power trio.


6. Tegan & Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twin sisters.


7. Sly & the Family Stone

Sly and Freddie Stone started this famous band.

The Family Stone

8. Hanson

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson make up this famous pop trio.

Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Hangover Part 3" - Red Carpet

9. Jonas Brothers

The famous JoBros are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.


10. Atlas Genius

Aussie band Atlas Genius is composed of Keith and Michael Jeffery.

iHeartRadio Hosts Official SXSW Showcase Featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Tegan & Sara, Atlas Genius And More

11. Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon are made up of the Followill brothers: Anthony Caleb, Ivan Nathan, and Michael Jared, as well as their cousin Cameron Matthew.

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet


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Administrator’s Note: I wonder why the Osmond’s didn’t make this list?

Katherine Jenkins Records In Westlake Studio Where Michael Jackson Recorded Thriller

South Wales Evening Post


KATHERINE Jenkins has been recording in the same studios where Michael Jackson made Thriller.

Jackson also recorded other albums in the world famous Westlake Studios in Los Angeles.

Neath classical singer Katherine has made a video for her YouTube channel about her visit.

She said: “I’m going to be recording the album in lots of different places but currently I’m in Los Angeles. I’m in a studio called Westlake which is where they recorded a lot of the Michael Jackson stuff.”

Katherine then takes viewers on a tour of the studios, pointing out Jackson’s white glove, and some of his discs.

She also tucks into some of the sweets on offer in one room, adding: “I can’t have chocolate before I sing because for those who don’t know, dairy products are really bad if you’re going to try and sing.”

But it’s ok, as she’s finished singing for the day, she says.

Later we see the chill out area and even the fridge!

Finally, Katherine introduces us to producer Patrick Hamilton and a man called Tucker in the recording studio itself

She goes on to add that she’s three quarters through the album.

“I cannot wait for you to hear it,” she says.

Next stop is another quite famous studios – Abbey Road – where the Beatles recorded most of their hits.

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More on Michael and Westlake Studios

What Does Tracy Morgan Do With Michael Jackson’s Glove?

Source: The Arsenio Hall Show


Tracy Morgan appeared on the Arsenio Hall show and took question’s from the audience. They asked him about his Michael Jackson glove, getting bullied, taking off his shirt, and more.

According to news reports, Tracy paid $17,000 for the glove before Michael died and it is now estimated to be worth $43,000.00.

Here is Tracy wearing his MJ-style jacket at the 2013 Billboard awards and at the Immortal Tour.



GQ: So how did the jacket come to be?
Tracy Morgan: Oh, man, the process took about three months. My boy Leo Velazquez made it for me from scratch. There’s over 200,000 Swarovski crystals on it. I loved the jacket, ever since he wore it to his 30th anniversary concert. It was the day before 9/11, and he walked into Madison Square Garden with Liz Taylor, and I fell in love with it and said, “One day, I’m going to get that jacket.” So we first tried to track it down. And when we couldn’t purchase it or receive it, I decided I was going to have it made. I told Leo Velazquez—a young designer who’s awesome and designs clothes for Usher and everything—what I wanted to do. He thought it was going to be a simple thing. He said, “I can have it done in three weeks.” I said, “You sure about that?” Before you know it, it was three months. He unveiled it to me, and it was an awesome jacket.


Miss D: “Michael Jackson Was an Icon, He Was Important to Me”

Source: BET – By Ronke Idowu Reeves


Dianna “Miss D” Williams has already made her mark in the world of dance. As the star of Lifetime’s Bring It, which airs on Wednesday nights (check your local listings), the dance coach peppers self-esteem, manners and self worth into every hip hop, tap, jazz or modern dance move she teaches her students. When Miss D talked to, she not only shared some secrets behind her Dancing Dolls studio most classic moves, she also chatted about her own dance inspirations.

When you’re teaching on Bring It, you appear to be somewhere in between a dance coach and drill sergeant.
As far as my voice and the way I demand things, I guess that would be somewhat accurate. But I don’t run a military-style coaching technique, nor do I run a military-style practice. In the military, you’re not asked how you feel, you’re just kind of told what to do — and because they are still growing as young adults, I do give the girls the opportunity to have a voice when we’re doing different things with choreography and routines. They do talk to me about how they feel.

How was your studio discovered for a reality show?
The Dancing Dolls have been around since 2001 and like a lot of dance teams and aspiring artists there are things placed online and on social media sites. Our videos were mostly just put out as advertising for new members and Lifetime found us on YouTube. I thought it was really amazing that they found us interesting and thought that what we did here in Mississippi was something worth looking into.

Tell us how Michael Jackson influences the moves of the Dancing Dolls students.
These kids probably weren’t even born when Michael Jackson was doing what he was doing. But I grew up in the ’80s, I’m a fan of Earth Wind and Fire, The Gap Band, Michael Jackson and his whole family were people I grew up listening to. Michael was an African-American icon and he’s important to me. So any style we’re going to do similar to his — we have to nail it. It’s not only important to me but it’s important for our culture and these kids to understand that Michael Jackson had a huge impact on the world. His dance style was unique and funky. He took a chance with the crotch grabbing [laughs]. But it was different and the world just embraced it.

Share some details about your dancing roots and history. How did your style evolve into the unique one that’s featured on Bring It?
I’ve been dancing since I was three or four years old and I started out in ballet. I was an overachiever as a kid and mom would say that I thought ballet was boring. I wanted to try something that was a little difficult and I started tapping. Tap became something that was really important to me and it just trickled over to my mom saying, “Let’s put you in every dance style and see where you shine.” That’s what pushed me to do what I’m doing with the girls — the tap, the ballet, the hip hop and the jazz. As I got older, I said I want to be like Debbie Allen. Fame was a movie that made me say, “Wow, I want to be like her.” Fame was huge for me.

Finally, take us on your road and journey from being a dancer to becoming a teacher.
I tried out for the dance team at the local college here in my city. I tried out five or six times and I didn’t make the team. I said, “You know what? Maybe this is not what I’m supposed to do. Let me give my talents to someone else and let me see if they can succeed.” This was back in 2001, ever since then, I’ve been teaching different members of the community who want to be apart of the team. Every dance style I had in me I was teaching to someone else. I figured if I couldn’t succeed at it on a personal level, then maybe I could change the life of someone else.

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Norm Lewis Is The First African American To Play The Phantom Of The Opera, Michael Jackson First Wanted The Part

Source: Broadway


Soon-to-be-Phantom Norm Lewis was picked as World News with Diane Sawyer’s “Person of the Week” April 4 and if we were excited about the Tony nominee starring in Broadway’s longest-running show before, we’re counting down the hours now. As Andrew Lloyd Webber says in the video below, Lewis’ first performance alongside Sierra Boggess on May 12 is going to be “like an opening night all over again.” Watch the first African American to play the role on the Great White Way rehearse with the legendary composer and also Phans note a little-known fact about the musical that Lloyd Webber reveals: Michael Jackson at one point wanted to play the titular role. See person of the week video here

Webber Talks About Michael After His Death


Source: Telegraph

The first person to call me to say Michael Jackson had died was my 17-year-old son. I had an awful feeling that one should almost have seen it coming. After the sadness came the disappointment that I was never going to see him again.

I first met Michael when he came to see Phantom of the Opera in New York when we’d just opened in 1988. He was clearly interested in the piece. He saw it several times and used to come backstage, often without the entourage that followed him around in later life.

The story got to him. I think he had a connection with the lonely, tortured musician. He found the idea of somebody working through music and having a girl as a muse very intriguing – and he loved that there was illusion in the show.

Michael became interested in playing The Phantom himself, in a movie version of the show. We talked about it a lot, but we’d only just opened and, at the time, I felt that it was too early for it to become a film. I felt his interest in Phantom was because he was interested in doing something theatrical himself.

He was a highly theatrical animal. I remember him saying to me that he’d seen Cats and how happy he was that dance was making a comeback in the theatre. He certainly talked about theatre a lot, and when he was last in London, he went to see Oliver!. Of course, he was a great showman himself, but he found the whole stagecraft of musicals extraordinary.

Seeing clips of Thriller on the news this week reminded me what an extraordinary dancer he was. He really brought dance and staging into the pop world, through his videos and concerts. Nobody before him had really done anything much like that. He was ahead of his time with all that he did.

I saw him a couple of times in concert. Thriller was probably the best stage event I’ve ever seen. From my musical-theatre perspective, I could see that he was bringing a completely new vision about dance to the stage. A tremendous amount of what he was doing then you see in musicals now.

Musically, Michael was also different to anyone before him. He was clever at taking pop hooks and using them in original ways, developing them theatrically. It’s an influence that is now everywhere today. I remember listening to a Justin Timberlake album and hearing Michael’s influence.

Young people still keep coming to his music because so many of his songs are classics. In the history of pop, Thriller will possibly stand out more than Sergeant Pepper because there were even more stand-alone hits on it. It’s right up there with the all-time great albums.

Similarly, I would absolutely put him up there with the all-time greatest performers. I’ve seen most of the top rock acts – I saw Elvis several times – but with Michael’s concerts, his showmanship was consummate. Very few rock singers have such quality.

Everybody was so looking forward to seeing what he would do when he came back to London. From what I was hearing, he was going to push the boundaries of what we’d seen in a rock arena much, much further.

The debts, all the court cases, and the trouble he got himself into, it was all so sad. But you can probably say already that his music has transcended all of that. Nothing sticks to him. In the end, the music will always survive.


Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” Organ Cover By Self Taught Blind Teen Kuha’o

Source: You Tube – By Kuha’o Case /


When he was just 12, Hawaiian-born Kuha’o Case discovered that he had a special connection with the piano, a connection that has changed his life forever. He was able to teach himself how to play when he would visit his grandparents’ house on the weekends. Since he didn’t have a piano in his home at the time, his practice was only limited to a few hours a week during those visits. But the lack of practice didn’t keep him from developing his special gift. As if this accomplishment is not impressive enough, the most inspiring aspect of this young man’s extraordinary talent is that he does it all without his sight; Kuha’o is blind. 

1272981 Kuha’o was born premature and wasn’t expected to live, and although he beat the odds, complications from a surgery left him blind. Although Kuha’o can’t see, his vision and outlook on life is inspirational and compelling. Kuha’o’s message is that we should look at our goals and dreams and SEE NO LIMITS! Sometimes our sight dictates what is and isn’t possible. We tend to base our abilities on things which we have seen, and if our eyes haven’t seen something done, our mind has a hard time believing that it is possible. If we can catch the vision that Kuha’o has, every one of us can achieve beyond our perceived boundaries and limits.

This past year Kuha’o was able to not only realize his dream of getting his own piano, he was also able to produce his first CD. 

All of this was possible because of wonderful people who supported his Kickstarter project which was a success. We would like to thank all of those who played a part in that project and those who have helped him in his musical endeavors. This is only the beginning for Kuha’o and he looks forward to all the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

Kuha’o’s Videos

Kuha’o has the ability to listen to a song a few times and then play it on the piano. Below are some popular songs that he has uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to check out all of his videos YouTube and subscribe to his channel.

YouTube page:


King’s Lynn Minster Concert To Feature Michael Jackson And Katy Perry Hits

Picture source:

Source: Lynn News / Picture Source:

King’s Lynn Minster hosts an eventide concert tomorrow night with The Gentlemen of York Minster Choir set to perform stunning classical pieces alongside Katy Perry and Michael Jackson songs.

The fourteen singers will dedicate the first half of their performance to their presentation of the subliminal Lamentations of Alonso Lobo, and other pieces by Lauridson, Gombert and Cousins.

For those who prefer something a little more recent, the performers will be letting their hair down in the second half with hits like Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl,” Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and The Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More.”

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, a show tune and popular song from the 1940 Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey, along with a collection of folk and spiritual music completes the program.

The group are making their first visit to the town for this performance.

The show will be at the Minster tomorrow night from 7.30pm. Tickets cost £10 and are available from the office on 01553 767090, online at and also on the door.


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See Tom Thum Beatboxing Billie Jean And More At TEDxSydney

Source: One Name Global – By Rock Genius


Tom Thum: Armed with just a microphone, Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

Quoting from ABC’s Triple J Unearthed website:

“TOM THUM, THE VERSATILE VOICEBOX ‘Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers’ – The Guardian (UK)

‘There are not enough superlatives to describe the wonder of this beatboxing virtuoso – I am still trying to figure out how he got those sounds out of his mouth’ – The Daily Telegraph (UK)
‘The mic master seems to have an orchestra living in his throat: trumpet blasts, guitar strums and samples from classic songs including Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” effortlessly spout from his mouth’ – Time Out, NY

These are apt quotes to describe the performance of one of Australia’s most prominent and respected beatboxers and serial pests. Only in his mid-twenties Tom Thum has achieved and experienced more than most artists could hope to achieve in a lifetime. From winning the team battles (alongside Joel Turner) in the World Beatbox Championships in 2005, to fulfilling every artists dream and performing on Broadway in New York with the Tom Tom Crew, Tom has seen his fair share of accolades and well and truly paid his dues. Raised by the small but accommodating Brisbane hip hop scene, Tom started out as a graffiti writer and a Bboy but slowly rose to recognition through his ability to produce unhuman sounds and his natural knack for performing and weaselling his way on stage…

Although the stage seems the ideal habitat for Tom he is also no stranger to community and has been helping the scene improve through conducting a plethora of workshops in many places that usually wouldn’t have access to such knowledge and skill. Tom has travelled from the very top of Australia teaching in the Indigenous communities of Mornington and Thursday Islands all the way to the very bottom with a series of workshops in Tasmania and Adelaide.

He has also spent considerable time teaching on Palm Island and in Charleville and many other places that would otherwise be Starved for education about proper hip hop and the positive message that music preaches.

As Tom’s experience within the music industry expands, he plans to push the limits of the human voice as far as inhumanly possible. Enrolling the help of numerous loop stations, Tom has been conducting DJ sets using only his voice and nothing else, propelling crowds across the country into a frenzy of jaw-dropping disbelief, as he re-creates and remixes classic joints and jams from all eras and genres. At present Tom is working on an album ranging across many different generes and features and hopes to have it finished by early 2012. You might see him on a stage at a festival looping up a storm or supporting anyone from the Hilltop Hoods to Blue King Brown, or you might catch him annoying the hell out of commuters on public transport. Either way, you will notice him soon enough. Keep an ear out for Tom Thum.”

 (Tom performs Billie Jean at 2:30 – 3:04)

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‘Wobble Cop’ Honored For Mardi Gras Dancing

Source: WSFA


New Orleans Police Detective Winston Harbin does the ‘Wobble’ during Zulu. (Source: YouTube)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police detective Winston Harbin was honored by the New Orleans City Council at Thursday’s meeting. The council announced a proclamation recognizing his contributions to Mardi Gras.

A Facebook video of Harbin and his partner, DeCynda Barnes, doing the Wobble during Endymion went viral. The video had hundreds of thousands of shares just days after it was posted. His dancing gained worldwide attention and he became an instant celebrity on the streets during the carnival season.

Barnes was also recognized by the council. The duo investigates cold-case homicides for the NOPD.

Harbin said that he also enjoys dancing to Cupid’s ‘Cupid Shuffle’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Dancing Machine.’ He said his police officer uniform makes the dance happen.

This weekend, Harbin plans on cutting off his hair for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and he will participate in a Wobble contest.


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Students Take Zombie Lesson To The Stage

Source: SC Times – By Sarah Colburn

(Photo: Courtesy photos)

The cast of the Little Falls Community Middle School’s “Ten Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” will give audiences a checklist and a chuckle with this year’s one-act play.

“It’s all tongue-in-cheek humor with the zombie situation. It’s over-the-top funny,” director Dave Girtz said.

Cast members give practical tips for escape after the grandma in the show gets taken by zombies. Girtz has expanded the original script, which called for an eight-member cast. The show includes 22 zombies and an on-stage performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.

Though Girtz said zombies aren’t the usual middle-school one-act fodder, his students were interested in a zombie-themed show. He spent hours researching scripts to find one that focused on the humor and absurdity of the situation.

“They’re dressed in crazy costumes, hair and makeup,” Girtz said.

The show begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday on the Little Falls Community Middle School gym stage. Admission is $3 or $1 with a nonperishable donation for the Morrison County Food Shelf.


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Watch a One-Woman Band Cover Michael Jackson, Nirvana And More

Source: Elle


“Heart Shaped Box” is a killer song by Nirvana. It captures a certain kind of lethargic, mid-’90s teenage angst so well that unfortunately it forever bears the distinction of sounding exactly like an entire record store (remember those?) collectively rolling their eyes at you. Yet it’s still a pretty great song, and it’s basically uncoverable without sounding trite, overdone, or insincere.

But it has now been covered by a Hawaii-born, Lawrence, Kansas-based one-woman band who goes by Kawehi. And what she manages to do with the song (and one large bottle of red wine, apparently) is nuanced and big and, hey, not trite, overdone, or insincere. It is a little too EDM-ish at moments. (Why do all of these songs have 90 seconds of Enya at the start? Discuss.) But it’s an admirable effort. No eye rolling.

For an added bonus, here she is covering Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” and a few other songs you may know and love:

Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Britney Spears’ “Criminal”

Some Maroon 5, too

And finally an original track! This is called “I’d Never Tell”


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Thrill The World LA Will Peform As A Flash Mob for “Lights Camera Cure – Hollywood Dance Marathon”


Source: LA Zombie – Facebook

Date: Sunday, March 23 at 2:00pm – 7:00pm in PDT

Address: Avalon Theatre: 1735 N Vine Hollywood, CA 90028

Thrill the World LA will perform a J5 and Thriller melody as a Flash Mob at a very special annual pediatric cancer benefit – “Lights Camera Cure – The Hollywood Dance Marathon!”

Proceeds from the event benefit pediatric cancer programs at Four Diamonds fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital… and Children’s Hospital LA, which was VERY close to MJ’s heart, where the Jackson Estate donated original MJ artwork on display exclusively at hospital to bring hope to child cancer patients! 

Dance Marathon runs from 2pm – 8pm. The  J5 dance medley will be at 4:45pm and Thriller melody at 6:30pm.

Tickets for Lights Camera Cure are available at the door:

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King The Kid Covers Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”



King the Kid has just released a cover and video of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. The trio, comprised of Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank and Jose Mostajo (left to right), define their style into a mix of styles, from rock to pop to indie, stemming from their individual musical preferences. The group is known for their reditions of other popular song covers such as Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” and Taylor Swift’s “22.”

The group currently has a sophomore album in the works which is co-produced by the band and Adam Sliger. They are also preparing for a full US tour with the UK Pop/Rock band Hollywood Ending and a slew of new singles and covers in the works.

Avid Collector Puts Celebrity Autographs On The Auction Block

Source: Brisbane Times


As a boy growing up in England, Tim Fredman was an avid autograph hunter at a time when this was one of the most popular hobbies.

Tim had a bit of an advantage. His grandmother knew variety artist Sophie Tucker whom he regarded as a second grandmother. One of his first treasures was a signed photo of her, dated 1959.

Tim’s father played golf with Douglas Bader, the World War II flying ace, affectionately known as ”Tin Legs”. His father helped finance the 1956 film Reach for the Sky, based on Bader’s biography.

Guests at his parents’ home in Surrey included Danny Kaye. And Tim soon had the hottest autograph book in the district.

Fredman eventually became a barrister in London but his fascination with history, which he studied at Oxford, inspired him to continue his fascination for what is now known as celebrity memorabilia.

Fredman now lives in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. His collection will be sold at the Theodore Bruce showrooms in Sydney on March 30. The auction starts at 2pm with his collection of Dinky toys, another of his childhood hobbies.

The sale catalogue reflects a life spent on the fringes of showbusiness. The soundtrack album of the James Bond movie Thunderball was signed by Sean Connery because Fredman was invited to attend the London premiere.

He also asked Connery to sign some lobby cards. He notes that the music was composed by John Barry who was married to actress Jane Birkin. He’d gone to school with Jane’s brother.

Another friend in London was recording engineer George ”Porky” Peckham who worked at The Beatles’ Apple Studios from 1968. Through Peckham he organised to have copies of LP records signed by John Lennon and Led Zeppelin, among many others.

Later he became fascinated by Michael Jackson and through a contact in America bought some memorabilia, including the hat worn on the Billie Jean video. More recently, he has became interested in Lady Gaga. ”To me she’s like Michael Jackson re-incarnated.”


How he came to own one of her stage dresses is a typical Tim Fredman story. He has a friend in Britain whose daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The daughter, now 16 and doing well, runs an online shop to raise funds for her medical expenses.

Lady Gaga has donated several items of clothing with her endorsement. Tim bought the dress which comes with an email of authenticity from Lady Gaga.

Also in the mix are signed photos of Clarke Gable, a shirt worn by James Dean, signed autobiographies by Alfred Hitchcock and Nelson Mandela, and a formula one poster signed by Aryton Senna. His tastes are nothing if not eclectic.

Celebrity-based auctions are big in Britain and America, but a rarity here, where bidders still seem suspicious of signed items. Fredman has supplied documentation for much of the sale, ranging from certificates of authenticity to personal emails, as is the case with Lady Gaga.

James Nicholls of the auctioneer Theodore Bruce is also cautious. ”If anyone doubts anything before the sale, we’ll pull it out,” he says.

Auction houses are sensitive about this issue. Buyers are protected up to a point by the Trade Practices Act if the catalogue description is considered misleading, but auction houses would rather delete an item than risk their precious reputations.

Fredman says he tends not to buy from online auction sites where, according to various guesstimates, up to 70 per cent of ”signed” items are either phoney or not verified. ”There are a lot of fakes out there” he says.

In his case, he was usually there when the celebrities supplied their signature. He didn’t realise the potential value of what he had collected until he donated a signed John Lennon LP to a charity auction and was surprised when it sold for $7000. Most items in this sale are offered for a lot less.

A percentage of proceeds will go to The Hush Music Foundation which Fredman and his wife, concert pianist Janine Sowden, support.

Melbourne viewing is on Sunday, March 23 (10am to 4.30pm) at Higinbotham Hall, Parliament and Bay streets, Brighton. Auction is on March 30 at the Theodore Bruce showrooms, 31 Queen Street, Beaconsfield, Sydney.

The sale starts at 2pm. The catalogue is online.

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