The Trials of Michael Jackson: The Media Exposed

Source: The Examiner – Rev Catherine Gross



A good reputation is the most valuable thing we have—men and women alike. If you steal my money, you’re just stealing trash. It’s something, it’s nothing: it’s yours, it’s mine, and it’ll belong to thousands more. But if you steal my reputation, you’re robbing me of something that doesn’t make you richer, but makes me much poorer. (Othello Act 3. Scene 3, Page 8) William Shakespeare

The Trials of Michael Jackson is an extraordinary documentary/movie. Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw, who produced the movie, came like others to film the trial. However, as they began to see the unspeakable reality, they stopped filming the trial. They began to film themedia and the fans. “No one could have been prepared for what was to come. They had not anticipated all the compassion that would come from Michael’s fans, more importantly, they had no idea of how vicious the media was. Money grabbing media had already prepared headline reading guilty, and the verdict hadn’t even come in! Journalists, who for money did all they could possibly do remove fans from the trial, even assaulting them. The trial was a money maker for journalists, but this movie was their nightmare!” Riogirl left this comment for Dana and Barry, who were joined by Gregory Son on their broadcast.…

Riogirl Shirley · Top Commenter · Concordia University

“Excellent film regarding what REALLY went on in Santa Maria at the Michael Jackson trial in 2005, and what media people were REALLY doing to manipulate the public to sell their reports and shows and make as much money go into their OWN pockets, rather than simply INFORMING AND TRUTH.”

The Trials of Michael Jackson is a movie that reveals what really happened in the trial of 2005.It shows how media lies encompassed Michael Jackson. He was victim to the evils of slander, and the horror of propaganda. Propaganda does not just happen, it is well thought out. The game is to successfully use deceptive messages to create an emotional reaction to the lies being presented. Michael Jackson was used as the subject of massive propaganda. They were lies, and the perpetrators made unimaginable amounts of money. Here are just a few propaganda tactics used to crush Michael Jackson. The public was hugely deceived, and many have never recovered. Propaganda is like a virus. It is actually mind control of the masses. The Trials of Michael Jackson may well bring some healing. Here are just a few of the tactic used in propaganda.

1) Name calling- is abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group, a verbal they called him a child molester.

2) Bandwagon- is an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as well.It was lucrative, so everybody wanted to get in on it,

3) Testimonials-are quotations or endorsements, in or out of context, which attempt to connect a famous or respectable person with a product or item. They paid people to give testimonials that were lies.

This is an important documentary that has been suppressed so as not to disturb the heinous lies of what really happened at the trial. It is not enough to just hear from one person. This is far too significant. We are going to listen to several commentaries about The Trials of Michael Jackson. Some will be those who were there, some will be those actually experienced the film, and some will be friends of Michael Jackson.

The important thing is to show why this documentary is so significant. Did you know that there is one specific group of people that own almost all of the airwaves? They are main stream media. You will only see what they choose to broadcast. This is a truth that many do not know about. Think about it Comcast owns NBC, it is an enormous cable distributor, and now it is buying Time Warner, AOL. That means that Comcast has power over much that you see on TV, much that occurs on the internet, and will have a huge effect upon what you read.

Now why is this important? The answer is that but for films like The Trials of Michael Jackson, which Dana and Barry made, we are not likely to see a lot of truth from main stream media. The Trials of Michael Jackson is our opportunity to see something fresh new and true. This film belongs in everybody’s library. Michael’s good friend David Nordahl also wants to see truth.

Nordahl, 68, became not only Jackson’s favorite living artist (Michelangelo led the historic ranking) but a trusted adviser and confidant who designed Neverland carnival rides and joined family outings. He ducked the media for years, “because they wanted to talk about negative stuff, and I don’t know anything bad about Michael,” “I always thought of him as normal,” he says. “He’s the most thoughtful, respectful person I’ve ever met. In 20 years, I never heard him raise his voice.” When I interviewed David, what he had to say was chilling, He told how far the media would go for lies and greed.…

David Nordahl ~ An Unforgettable Journey, Michael and Me: DAVID NORDAHL

[David Nordahl] I got a call from all the rags and they had cash money. They were running around with the rags from England who are over here with suitcases full of money. (Rags are tabloids)

[Rev Dr Catherine M Gross] 1:04:27: To pay you?

[David Nordahl] 1:04:30: Yeah. To pay anybody that would talk about Michael, but it had to be negative stuff. I told him I said “I don’t know anything bad about Michael, I said I can’t help you”. I know that one time they wanted to know who all those children were in the–to fill the dreams. I say “hey they are all made up. I made them up”, you know, I did not know photos to work from. I just made all that’s stuff up and so they were disappointed at that but I got many calls, you know, that wanted me to talk about Michael something they could dig up, you know, something new that was bad about Michael but I didn’t know anything. So, what can I say?

Did you catch that? A multitude of things the world heard were paid for lies. The Trials of Michael Jackson uncovers what has been hidden so long. The truth effects out hearts. B. Anderson comments;

B. Anderson ~ The Trials of Michael Jackson February 12, 2014

“The Trials of Michael Jackson offers a seldom seen before and fascinating look into the workings of how the media reported on the Michael Jackson trial in 2005. I highly recommend it. It reveals eye-opening insights into how the media operates behind the scenes in order to present their version of the “truth”. From reporters rehearsing a guilty speech before the verdict was even announced, to their reactions when the camera was turned on them for a change, to their attempts at manipulating the fans and how those in support of Michael were viewed.

‘The producers were able to gain a view of the trial the public did not get to see. Not just outside the courthouse, but from also inside as they watched the proceedings for themselves and listened to actual testimony, not just from the prosecution’s side but also from the defense side as well. Because of this they are able to present a clearer picture than most of the media who were only interested presenting the prosecution’s side.

‘The media’s disdain for facts and downright cruelty in their depiction of Michael Jackson and those who were out there to show their support, is something everyone who cares about truth and how its depicted should see. Truth is a precious commodity and should never be thrown lightly aside because it doesn’t fit a specific agenda or may not attract enough advertising dollars. And we as the public hold a responsibility to ensure we receive the full story instead of accepting what a media driven by profit feed to us, just because it’s easier to do so.

‘My thoughts watching this film, continuously turned to Michael Jackson himself. Can you imagine being the target of all of that hate, animosity, and derision every day for months? On a global scale no less? How do you convince people of your innocence when it seems no-one is listening or wants to listen?”

Next,Author Charles Thomson. He is an multi-award winning court reporter, feature writer and investigative journalist. Charles has become internationally known for challenging the media’s unfair coverage of Michael Jackson. One of the youngest writers ever to be given his own Huffington Post blog, his first two pieces dealt with shoddy reporting on Michael Jackson, using the star’s coverage as a microcosm for wider journalistic failings.

Charles Thomson, who is an unshakable defender of Michael Jackson, is a multi-award winning court reporter, feature writer and investigative journalist. His stories have appeared in numerous papers.

Charles Thomson ~ One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History

“Looking back on the Michael Jackson trial, I see a media out of control. The sheer amount of propaganda, bias, distortion and misinformation is almost beyond comprehension. Reading the court transcripts and comparing them to the newspaper cuttings, the trial that was relayed to us didn’t even resemble the trial that was going on inside the courtroom. The transcripts show an endless parade of seedy prosecution witnesses perjuring themselves on an almost hourly basis and crumbling under cross examination. The newspaper cuttings and the TV news clips detail day after day of heinous accusations and lurid innuendo.” Charles was on the money. In fact, his article corroborates The Trials of Michael Jackson. We can see the evils of the media.

June Nycgal is a ‘Top Reviewer’ at Amazon She has written 36 customer reviews, and 258 people were helped by her.

June NYCGAL ~ 2005 Trial – Turning the Camera on the Media! February 1, 2014

This film is a “must see” for anyone who harbors doubts about the Media’s power to manipulate and control public perception. The film makers turned their cameras on certain well known “journalists” reporting from Michael Jackson’s 2005 Santa Maria, CA trial, as said “journalists” attempted to interview Michael’s fans and supporters for the sole purpose of sensationalizing and depicting the fans as fanatical and obsessed.

With no televised coverage of the 2005 trial, the only information received by the public was from “journalists” and reporters who had access to the courtroom, most of whom were only too eager to report the prosecution side of the case while saying little if anything about Tom Mesereau’s decimation of prosecutor Sneddon’s witnesses and slim evidence. This, combined with their wholly inaccurate depiction of Michael’s “crazed fans”, leaves little doubt in my mind why, to this day, there remain so many individuals who believe Michael Jackson, a man totally vindicated by acquittal, was just another guilty celebrity who escaped prison.

To those who hold that erroneous belief, I urge you to view this excellent film, conduct your own research, read all available court transcripts, and then open your eyes to the manipulative power of an out-of-control, greed driven media to shape public opinion and perception.”

Barbara A. Taylor ~ Michael Jackson and media lies January 31, 2014

If you are a fan or even if you’re not, this is a MUST for all. This made me sad, mad, and frustrated all at the same time. What the media did and are still doing to Michael JACKSON is sickening. Watch this and you will see exactly how the media does things and how they change stories to make it appear worse than it appears. The media has gotten worse over the years. Today is no different. This film is a must have! You’ll understand what I mean when you see this film. I’m sorry Michael that they did this to you.

I am sorry too Barbara. I urge you, the reader to acquire this film and keep it in your library. In the meantime we are hoping for a part II. Here’s is where you can find it.

The Trials of Michael Jackson [DVD]

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Vanity Fair Unfair Again

Originally posted on MJ Truth Now:

Recently, the film, “Trials of Michael Jackson,” has prompted education and discussion about what the media was up to in 2005.  Film makers Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw have been interviewed on Blog Talk Radio and offered their firsthand testimony about the skewed reporting and manipulation by the media almost nine years ago. Not only was Michael unfairly and heinously portrayed, but so too were his fans.

Since Michael’s passing, we have been inundated with persistent bias, lies, exaggerations and twisted truth from various sources concerning Michael. Here is one more very recent example of pushing the narrative of a ‘creepy pedophile’ right in the face of someone who is, in effect, saying NO, nothing untoward happened.  It is an excellent example of the blind (by choice) labeling and opinion in the face of truth from the firsthand experience of a person who was there!

A new message from Truth Team advocates says:

Vanity Fair’s history of defining…

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How To File A Complaint Against UK Tabloids

Based on the fabulous investigative team work by many devoted MJ fans, I am sharing with you the information they have gathered to make a complaint against the recent false story published in the Daily Star and the Daily Mail about Blanket Jackson.  I would like to give a big thanks to Ivy (MJJ Community) for uncovering the truth behind the video.  As we all know, the Daily Star, which started the rumor, has cowardly pulled their article with no retraction.  However, there are other publications who are still running the article.  If you wish to file a complaint against these news sources who are abusing their platform, please see below. 


 Blog site:

Press Complaints Commission

You can make a complaint via this website by clicking here. However, please read the information below first, which explains what complaints we can deal with and how we deal with them or click here to download the PDF version.Read more here:
Helen (lasttear4mj) has found out that the Daily Star is not regulated by the UK press commission but you can still pursue. The direct contact information for the Daily Star is listed on the last link under MJ Truth Now.
Complied by Stop Global Airwave Abuse – A list of taboids that continue to run the false Blanket story -The Daily Star, the initial instigator, RadarOnline and Daily Mail have removed their posts – Pls use the information to contact editiors of the remaining who have yet to hear they have posted a totally fabricated story.

“URGENT: The false news story that states Blanket Jackson created the animated series “Kill Them All” is still going full cycle as the following sites are still running this lie. We all know it has been proven false by Ivy in this twitLonger

The creators of the series have also issued a press release stating:

“Prince Michael aka Blanket Jackson II has and has never had any connections with the KTAshow”

We, Morphline Pictures want to categorically state and deny the rumour spread by the Daily mail and other tabloids that Prince Michael Jackson II (“PMJ II”) has had or continues to have any connection with our show. PMJ II is an innocent 11 year old whom these tabloids are smearing with this false rumour.

“Kill Them All” is an animated series produced by Morphline Pictures and written by brothers “Prince” and “Michael” who used to work under the pseudonym “Prince Michael II” which is not connected to and has never been connected to PMJ II.
We, Morphline Pictures would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Jackson Family especially Prince Michael for any harm this may have caused.

Morphline Pictures – Monday, 06 January 2014

I am urging everyone to show their support against this story and tweet, FB or email politely but effectively and let these news agencies know this entire story is a fabrication… a LIE.


Michael Connelly, Entertainment Editor

Max DeNikeManaging Editor —

Erika W. Smith, Assistant Editor – Features


Feedback page:
DMCA (Content removal)


Love TRUTHDRIVE’s philosophy: “The number of lies… is always great, the truth in its count..Points to just One. With little warmth… it evaporates all the lies, and travels era to era… THE BURNING TRUTH!” …. ahem!

Thank you @sgaa_mj

cropped-hands_holding_earth2I would also like to thank and acknowledge MJJustice Project for also helping to pass information along as well. Read more here:


MJ Truth Now, another great MJ advocate site, has shared a link for filing a complaint and or contacting the news source directly:

Read more here:

Many thanks to the numerous fans whose efforts has helped to diffuse this story as well.

Putting Text and Meaning To The Guerrilla Decontextualization Test – Pt. 1 of 2 (Example Michael Jackson)

Source: The Examiner – By Aberjhani – Published January 5, 2014


“He got kicked in the back
He say he needed that
He hot willed in the face
Keep daring to motivate…”
–– from the song History by Michael Jackson

Upon the launch of the Guerrilla Decontextualization website in August 2012, the concept that inspired it was defined primarily in ultra-modern technological terms. Examples of the practice included the following: short clips from longer videos presented as definitive statements of an individual’s beliefs, photographs of private moments marketed for public entertainment, and statements made decades ago reported on the evening news as though they were made just a few hours earlier.

All were instances of events removed from their original context for the purpose of fulfilling an undisclosed agenda. The result often went beyond simple defamation of character, which is generally defined as any knowingly erroneous communication that damages an individual’s or organization’s reputation. By insidious contrast, guerrilla decontextualization usually involves partial truths made to look complete. It goes beyond simple defamation of character or slander because it sustains an entire culture devoted to manipulating public perception for the sake of financial, political, or social gain.

When Knowledge Becomes a Victim

What happens when history itself––as one lives, breathes, and knows it––is guerrilla decontextualized? How can history then provide authentic life-enhancing legacies if the person presenting it chooses to slant reality toward one angle or another because he or she prefers a version that makes his or her preferred demographic look more heroic? More humane? Or more worthy?

How could a guerrilla decontextualized history reveal that all individuals hold the potential––just as Nelson Mandela and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Mother Theresa did––to bless the world with uncommon gifts of transformative vision, sacrifice based on a seemingly endless capacity for love, and leadership based on a titanic will to serve humanity to the best of one’s ability? The answer is it likely could not. Such an intentional misrepresentation would lay a foundation for perpetual chaos rather than one for enlightened responses to tragic circumstances. It would serve to create assumptions that too many would accept as valid “facts” until those “facts” crash head-on into what might be experienced as–– a revelation. Or as––a violent conflict of interests.

The Michael Jackson Example

Minister and writer Barbara Kaufmann has addressed the subject of guerrilla decontextualization on both the Voices Compassionate Education website and on Inner Michael, where she offers the kind of insights into the spiritual aspects of Michael Jackson’s creative artistry that mainstream media mostly ignores. On Inner Michael, she included guerrilla decontextualization on a list of toxic strategies employed to: “effectively ‘otherize’ and dehumanize a People,” or, “a singular human being.”

In her discussion of Mr. Jackson as a target of guerrilla decontextualization, she pointed out that, “The ‘diva’ and guerrilla-decontextualized Michael become caricature never existed. The fictionalized Jackson that existed in the mind of a media hypnotized through fascination and indoctrinated via repetition, built the scaffold of that caricature with unexamined (and projected) assumptions.” Moreover, Jackson himself alluded to the syndrome––without naming it as such––in songs like “History” and “Tabloid Junkie.”

The example, if you will, of Michael Jackson in this instance is a particularly apt one because of his impact beyond the world of pop music culture and upon the global community in general. The results of the guerrilla decontextualization campaigns against him have become much better understood since his death June 25, 2009. That expanded awareness has accomplished even more than a much-needed clarification of Jackson’s legacy as a performer, philanthropist, and social activist. It has helped millions realize why the impact of his death was such a powerful one, creating what Kaufmann refers to as a spiritual emergency which left so many in a state of numbed dislocation within their own bodies.

Guerrilla Decontextualization And The King of Pop Michael Jackson

Source: Guerrilla – By by Aberjhani (Published 8/26/12)

Image still from the video-poem Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael. The quote by Aberjhani reads: “A horn of plenty spills from your hands into the starved lives of millions.”

Image still from the video-poem Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael. The quote by Aberjhani reads: “A horn of plenty spills from your hands into the starved lives of millions.”

To what extent might the phenomenal entertainer and humanitarian Michael Joseph Jackson have been the target of an extended guerrilla decontextualization campaign throughout the second half of his life?

Hardcore devotees to Jackson’s music and altruistic humanitarian vision would say there can be no question that he was targeted in such a manner. Hardcore doubters might say maybe he was the one doing the guerrilla decontextualizing through the evolving manipulations of his public profile as a performance artist. They point to his chameleon-like shift from a distinctly afrocentric appearance in one decade to androgynously multi-ethnic in the next, and in his final years to an almost ethereal projection––a figure solidly in the world but somehow already afloat beyond it.

The answer to the question of who was guerrilla decontextualizing whom might be answered with a simple comparison. Examine the size of the newspaper headline fonts, the amount of space allotted in magazines, and the time made available on radio and television stations to coverage of Jackson when allegations of sexual abuse were leveled against him during the 1990s and later in 2005. Then compare those same elements––headlines, etc.–– to those utilized when it came to reports that debunked, disproved, or presented confessions of outright perjury where those same allegations were concerned. The first dominated the media to a nearly overwhelming extent while the latter remains almost non-existent.

Or try this: perform an experiment by looking at some of the more sensational media footage on Jackson with the volume turned down to mute. A particularly interesting specimen for this experiment would be the infamous “OMG-he’s-dangling-the-baby-from-the-balcony” incident. The word “dangle,” as defined in various editions of Webster’s Dictionary, means “to hold loosely and swaying.” Turn the volume down when watching the news clip of Jackson with his youngest on a balcony and you do not see a man holding his child in a loose manner. While the choice to hold the infant on the balcony before the gawking crowd below probably was not the best parenting decision he ever made, it is clear that he had a very firm grip on his son. The idea that he did not comes from a mind other than one’s own. It also came from the media trend, well established at the time, of prepping reading and viewing and listening audiences to expect weirdness from Michael Jackson. In short, people saw and heard what they were told to see and hear.

Slurred Speech or Not…

The essence of who and what Jackson was more than anything else––the context which likely defined him more than anything else–– may have been revealed at a moment painful to witness. It was during Conrad Murray’s trial for manslaughter for Jackson’s death, when the public was allowed to hear a recording of Mr. Jackson heavily under the influence of propofol, which the beloved icon dangerously relied on to put himself to sleep. The powerful drug acted somewhat like a truth serum. Jackson’s compromised consciousness first revealed his anxiety over the planned This Is It concert tour and then insisted through strained articulation on expressing concern for children around the world: “….I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital… I’m gonna do that for them… God wants me to do it…”

Slurred speech or not, it was the words he struggled to speak that revealed the defenseless vulnerable core of his heart and soul. He’s clearly referring to using profits from the tour to build a hospital for children. His years of charitable works and contributions had already demonstrated there was virtually no end to his capacity for serving and giving. Moreover, there is no overboard egoism exploding from the tape: it’s about doing what he believed God commanded him to do. Murray, although unintentionally so, added further definitive proof of who and what Jackson knew himself to be.

Scandal and Integrity

Popular culture itself, mainstream media, and segments of society in general feasted on Jackson’s seemingly larger-than-life personality and talent in a number of unhealthy ways. Scandal is often far more profitable than integrity. Many either envied him or felt threatened by the power of his increasing popularity. The marketplace mechanisms of soulless commercialism driven by heedless greed transformed his image––whether or not it was attached to Jackson’s reality–– into a kind of cash cow that got fatter by the day. Whether certain interested parties liked him or disliked him, they enjoyed slicing off whatever piece of his fame they could claim for their own. Does that mean the narrative of his actual intentions and the authentic substance of his actions were guerrilla decontextualized to such an extent that possibly even he lost––at times, in the flood of false reflections that can swallow an individual’s life––sight of his truest self?

What may be most important to consider at this point are several questions, such as: Why was it so important for so many to emphasize negative accusations capable of destroying a man’s life over proven positive attributes capable of enhancing the quality of life for millions? And just as important: what impact has this need and the public’s enabling of it had on the psyche of those who so eagerly indulge it? What are the ripple effects waving through each of our ordinary lives at this very moment?

Administrator’s Note:  Please click on the links that are included in the article. There are other great articles that can used for further research and posting.

Channel 5 focuses on MJ, Whitney And Anna Nicole Autopsies

Originally posted on Stop Global Airwave Abuse:

As you may or not be aware  Channel 5 in the UK will begin airing the first of their new three one-hour documentaries called “Autopsy:  The Last Hour Of” beginning January 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm.   Channel 5 will begin with none other than Michael with the episode being  “Autopsy:  Michael Jackson’s Last Hours” on Tuesday,  January 7, 2014 at 10:00 p.m.  The description on their website is:

“In the first of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd investigates the death of Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’. He was the biggest-selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a severely sick man. Jackson was plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffered from two rare skin conditions and…

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My Discussion of the Conrad Murray Trial on Reelz Hollywood Scandals

Originally posted on Your Legal Lady:

I recently took part in a new documentary series airing on the REELZ Channel called Hollywood Scandals. Producers asked me to discussed the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in an episode focused on Michael Jackson and his addictions. To watch the episode, check Reelz online for a schedule of airings. Below is a portion of my interview with producers, including my answers to questions regarding the trial.

How Conrad Murray came to be Michael Jackson’s personal physician

The two men met in Las Vegas in 2006, where Murray was practicing at the time. He was called in to treat Michael’s children, who had been suffering from the flu. One of Michael’s security guards who was also the son of one of Murray’s patients, set up the meeting. He then worked as Michael’s doctor and by May 2009 signed on as Michael’s personal physician for a $150,000 monthly salary & agrees…

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Jackson Family And Crime Victims Group Slam 60 Minutes About Murray Interview


Michael Jackson Court Hearing

MICHAEL Jackson’s family has expressed its anger that a doctor convicted of the pop superstar’s death was paid for a tell-all TV interview.

In his first full-length interview, Conrad Murray claimed he loved Jackson, who died from a drug overdose in 2009.

Australia’s 60 Minutes has reportedly paid Murray a ­six-figure sum in a move slammed by crime victims’ support groups.

But a source said the figure was “nowhere near six figures”.

“It’s not even in the vicinity,” the source said.

“More like the fives.”

Murray, who injected the singer with Propofol, was ­released from jail last month after serving almost two years of a four-year sentence.

He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s death.

The interview, to be aired on Sunday night, has made Jackson’s family “sick to the pits of their stomach”.

Tanay Jackson, ­Michael’s niece, said the family could never forgive Murray.

“No matter what he says and no matter what anyone else says the point still remains the same: he was the physical culprit of my uncle’s death,” Ms Jackson told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

“He had that needle in his hand and he injected Michael.

“Whether he meant to overdose him or not, he still injected him. He’s the doctor, he should’ve known better.

“It didn’t matter what Michael told him, he shouldn’t have done it.”

Ms Jackson said she feared the interview could harm Jackson’s daughter, Paris.

“She is trying to find a way to escape and it doesn’t seem like anyone knows what to do. This is a 15-year-old going through a 40-year-old’s problems,” she said.

Murray told 60 Minutes that Jackson still “speaks to me” but wouldn’t elaborate further, saying “it is too emotional to go into”.

Crime Victims’ Support ­Association president Noel McNamara was critical of the interview.

“To think that the family have gone through all that trauma of being in the courts and then to have this bloke come out and try to make out he is Mother Teresa is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting,” Mr McNamara said.

“It is just chequebook journalism.”

Murray has also sued the US state of Texas for revoking his medical licence as a result of Jackson’s death.

He claimed in a lawsuit filed in Austin this month that his conviction was not final until all appeals were exhausted.

Channel 9 spokeswoman Michelle Stamper declined to respond to the Jackson family’s comments.

Ms Stamper also refused to say whether Murray was paid for the interview.

“We don’t confirm deny any of our stories in terms of payment,” she said.


Follow The “Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign” For The Latest News Updates


Good Morning MJ Fans:

Murray was released today under police security in the wee hours of the morning.  Our hearts our heavy right now but our battle has just begun.  If you have not already done so, please join the “Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign.”  This is about the fans coming together for one cause: justice for Michael Jackson.  I encourage you to either sign or adhere to the pledge about not supporting books, news outlets, media or sponsors who are giving Murray air time. This is a media protest movement to prevent Murray from profiting off the death of Michael Jackson.  

If you need to find out the latest news about Murray without actually going to these sources, the boycott campaign will be reporting these articles without the links here:

If you find these stories while searching the internet, please do not click on them to prevent boosting their ratings. Same things goes for TV interviews or shows.

“It’s a time when you are right and you know you might fight,” ~ Michael Jackson.  

Now is the time for the fans to come together. Michael needs us more now than ever…..peace.



Tom Mesereau Returns To The King Jordan Radio Show, August 20, 2013

Source: King Jordan Radio


Defense attorney Tom Meserau returns once again to the King Jordan Radio show on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 10PM eastern and 7 PM PST time.  Amoug the topics for discussion will be Michael’s birthday, the AEG trial, George Zimmerman and the James H. Holmes upcoming trial. You won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Sabotaging a Legacy: Disproving Molestation Claims Speaker: Andjustice4some – A Place In The Heart (Blog Talk Radio), Today At 3:00PM Eastern Time

Source: Blog Talk Radio – A Place In The Heart – By Rev. Catherine Gross


About Today’s Show:

When the average reader views the headline that Michael Jackson molested dozens of young boys, undoubtedly some will believe it. They will not question why the FBI didn’t arrest Jackson with “thousands of pages” of evidence against him. They will not question that the files contain a private investigator’s files, which could be factually incorrect. Nor will they even realize that said private investigator has been convicted of illegally obtained weapons, and 76 counts of an array of charges, ranging from illegal wiretapping to identity theft. They will not question the authenticity of a “document” that alleges that dozens of boys were molested, nor will they question the credibility of its source. They won’t even question whether a disgruntled ex-employee (or five) would sell false stories to the tabloids simply to make a fast buck.

Sunday People Advertisers Boycott

Source: The Michael Jackson World Network


A Michael Jackson fan who is not happy with the standards of journalism in the Sunday People newspaper has set up a Face Book page where he will list all that papers main advertisers, and encourage other people, not only fans, but anyone who is heartily sick of the shoddy journaiism in that newspaper to boycott the advertisers products until a complete retraction of the stories dated (7/1/13) and (7/7/13) is issued.

Here you can connect with this campaign.

Mirror Publishes Another Fraudulent Jackson ‘FBI’ story

Source: Charles Thomson


A pattern is emerging here.

Today the Mirror has published a story claiming that FBI papers released in 2009 ‘admit’ that an investigation into Michael Jackson was halted in the mid-80s to avoid political embarrassment, as Jackson was due to have a public meeting with President Reagan.

The story is a lie and I have to conclude that it is an intentional lie. This is the second time in eight days that the same organisation has run a completely inaccurate story based on ‘FBI files’ accusing Jackson of paedophilia. There are two possibilities. 1) The staff at the Mirror are completely incompetent. 2) They are smearing Michael Jackson with lies on purpose.

The story alleges that files ‘admit’ that Jackson was investigated for molesting two Mexican boys, but the investigation was called off because of the presidential meeting. The story is absolutely bogus.

Here is what the files really say:

After the Jordan Chandler allegations became public, a writer – not named in the files – contacted the FBI to say they had heard a rumour that Jackson was investigated for molesting two Mexican boys in the mid-80s, but the investigation had been called off for the reasons outlined in the Mirror’s story.

These claims are made in the files solely by the anonymous writer, who had been unable to obtain any evidence at all that they were true. The only reason the claim appears in the files is that the writer had contacted the bureau to ask whether it was true. The bureau searched its records and found that the rumoured mid-80s investigation had never taken place – then wrote a document detailing the interaction with the writer, which is what the Mirror has quoted.


The FBI report was written, specifically, to document the fact that a writer had called to enquire about a rumoured investigation, but the FBI had concluded the rumour was untrue. However, the Mirror has chosen to totally misrepresent the contents of the document and state inaccurately that the story was in fact true.

This story – like last week’s – is not only bogus, but old. It was widely misreported in 2009 when the files were released. I addressed it on this very blog, in an article which wound up being quoted in J Randy Taraborrelli’s ‘The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story’ as the only accurate assessment of the FBI files he was able to find.

This is the Mirror’s emerging pattern; it takes a fabricated story which was discredited several years ago, pretends it is brand new, intentionally omits the fact that it is fabricated and uses it to smear Michael Jackson.

At this stage, I feel that serious questions need to be asked about what is really going on here.

Charles Thomson: The Mirror, The People, And The Settlement That Never Was…

Originally posted on Vindicating Michael:

Charles Thomson British journalistIt is funny how different people may be simultaneously struck by one and the same idea though they are continents apart.

It turns out that Charles Thomson, the British journalist also finds it funny that as soon as the AEG trial started the media has become more intent on smearing Michael Jackson.

I wonder if other journalists will also be surprised by this amazing process and notice it as Charles Thomson does.

Time to be getting more attentive, guys – it seems that your media is getting funnier and funnier with each new coming day and may one day turn into a sheer comedy for everyone to look and have a good laugh at.

Charles Thomson is actually being totally serious about it. He is a multi-award winning reporter and investigative journalist, so he knows and seems to genuinely care about the state the media is in now.

I hope…

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Michael Jackson, Delayed Allegations and Witch Hunts

Source: Joel


When Michael Jackson died unexpectedly in June of 2009, then-26-year-old choreographer Wade Robson – who has recently made headlines for accusing the pop star of molestation – wrote about his longtime friend and mentor:

Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of humankind. He has been a close friend of mine for 20 years. His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever. I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

Such a gushing statement came as no surprise to those who knew Robson’s backstory. During Jackson’s Bad World Tour in 1987, five-year-old Robson won a local dance competition in Australia. The reward was attending a backstage meet-and-greet with the King of Pop and the opportunity to join his idol on stage at the end of the concert.

Two years passed before Robson saw Jackson again. This time he was performing at Disneyland when his mother, Joy, decided to reach out to Jackson’s secretary to see if they could meet again. Jackson allowed the Robson family to visit him at the recording studio at Record One where he was working on his Dangerous album. He also invited them to stay at his Neverland Ranch. This hospitality was not unusual for Jackson. Around this same time, Jackson also spent countless hours at his Ranch with AIDS victim, Ryan White, who had been shunned, taunted and bullied at his school in Kokomo, Indiana. “Those trips to California kept me going,” Ryan White said. Similar positive experiences have been shared by hundreds of others.

Not long after their visit to Neverland, the Robson family decided to move to California to allow Wade and his sister, Chantal, more opportunities in the entertainment industry. Over the subsequent years, a friendship blossomed between the Robsons and Jackson. Wade Robson was ambitious and talented, and Jackson took on the role of mentor, teaching him the nuances of his craft and signing him to his MJJ Productions label. Jackson also gave him small parts in his music videos, including “Black or White.”

Robson went on to have a successful career in the industry, choreographing for the likes of Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, and later having his work showcased on shows like So You Think You Can Dance. In 2005, he married Hawaii native Amanda Rodriguez.

That same year, Robson, who had every reason to avoid the circus that was the 2005 Michael Jackson child molestation trial, decided to testify under oath about his experiences with the singer. First questioned by Jackson’s attorney Thomas Mesereau and then under rigorous cross-examination, Robson matter-of-factly gave his account of his time with the artist. Robson repeatedly and adamantly denied being molested or of any other inappropriate sexual activity.

After Jackson was acquitted of all charges a few months later, Wade Robson’s mother Joy spoke of their family’s relief about the verdict. “We were crying and screaming and crying and screaming…We all believed ultimately the truth would come out…I’ve always said to Michael, ‘I wished the world could know the Michael we do.’”

Wade Robson invited Jackson to his wedding later that year, but Jackson decided not to attend because he did not want to turn the joyous occasion into a media circus.

Jackson and Robson, however, remained good friends. Whenever asked, Robson continued to praise Jackson as his biggest inspiration.

They last met in Las Vegas in 2008. Jackson was living there with his three children and Robson was working on a show in the city. “Me, my wife and him and his three kids had a barbecue,” recalled Robson. “It was the most normal thing in the world.”

It had been over twenty years since they first met, and Robson was still, by his own admission, completely unaffected by any past abuse or trauma. His life and career were thriving. He also seemed to have no concerns about Jackson’s own young children.

According to initial reports, Robson’s attorney, Henry Gradstein, claimed the reason his client lied under oath and continued to praise the pop star following his death was because the alleged abuse was a “repressed memory.” Repressed memories — instances in which an individual believes they have blocked or forgotten a traumatic event before “recovering” it years or decades later — has become a highly controversial subject in the field of psychology. According to the American Psychological Association, “experienced clinical psychologists state that the phenomenon of a recovered memory is rare (e.g., one experienced practitioner reported having a recovered memory arise only once in 20 years of practice).” The overwhelming consensus by experts is that such “memories” are not reliable without corroborating evidence. Dr. Richard McNally, Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, describes the phenomenon of belatedly recovered memories as “the most pernicious bit of folklore ever to infect psychology and psychiatry.”

In his interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, however, Robson claimed that that his memories of abuse were not repressed; he was simply unable to process them emotionally or psychologically. Robson claims that he was fully aware Jackson was a child abuser at the time of his 2005 trial, but decided to lie under oath because he didn’t yet realize what happened to him was wrong. Robson was 22 at the time. But perhaps, one might assume, in the months or years to come he regretted his decision and went to authorities — at least to prevent further “victims.” Nope. Instead, he was barbecuing with MJ and family in 2008, and praising him without any pressure or prompt in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

It goes without saying that accusations of abuse must always be taken seriously. When an individual has told one story very credibly and convincingly as an adult, however, and then suddenly changes it with no corroborating evidence (letters, photos, phone conversations, witnesses, etc.) to file a creditor’s claim, it deserves a healthy dose of skepticism. Believing such claims on faith can be dangerous, destroying lives and reputations with absolutely no proof beyond the accusation.

According to Wade Robson’s attorney, Henry Gradstein, it was sometime in 2012 when the choreographer had a mental breakdown, and “collapsed under the stress” of his recovered memory. Robson’s career had also taken a downturn with the choreographer mysteriously dropping out of many projects. Soon after, Robson decided to file a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate. Robson also filed a civil lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, in which he is reportedly targeting companies associated with Jackson. Whatever one makes of his allegations, then, they are not simply to heal. Robson clearly wants a payout.

In a statement, Howard Weitzman, an attorney representing Jackson’s estate, called Robson’s accusations “outrageous and pathetic…This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him. Now, nearly 4 years after Michael has passed this sad and less than credible claim has been made. We are confident that the court will see this for what it is.“

Jackson’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau, feels Robson’s claims are shamelessly motivated by money, given the timing (a high-stakes trial between Jackson’s mother and concert promoter AEG Live, is currently being litigated) and the enormous amount of wealth the Jackson estate has generated since the singer’s death.

Regardless of one’s views of Jackson, Robson’s case raises serious questions about the nature and validity of decade-delayed allegations, especially when attached to money.

Dr. Elizabeth F. Loftus, a renowned cognitive psychologist and human memory expert from the University of Washington, notes that these memories can often be triggered by therapist suggestion. “Some contemporary therapists have been known to tell patients, merely on the basis of a suggestive history or symptom profile, that they definitely had a traumatic experience…Once the ‘diagnosis’ is made, the therapist urges the patient to pursue the recalcitrant memories.”

Wade Robson, then, could very well believe he was abused even if it never happened.

In any case, objectivity and fairness should compel at least some burden of proof. Robson’s own family members have repeatedly defended Jackson over a period of twenty years. Were all of them completely oblivious to what happened until just months ago?

Numerous other individuals who were close to Jackson as children continue to defend him with no apparent incentive for doing so. Since the latest allegations, several people who visited Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as children, have once again spoken out in support of the artist, including Alfonso Ribeiro, Frank Cascio, Brett Barnes, and Jackson’s nephews, Taryll, T.J. and Taj Jackson.

In defense of his uncle, Taj Jackson wrote movingly on Twitter:

I will not sit back and let someone flat out lie about my uncle. PERIOD. I am writing these words knowing that the minute I press send, my life will never be the same afterwards…I was sexually abuse[d]. By an uncle on my mom’s side of the family when I was a kid. My uncle [Michael Jackson] was a support system for me and my mom. He wrote a letter to her that many have seen already, u just didn’t know what it was about. That is how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor. My hands are still trembling. Don’t forget I was living at Neverland when Wade testified during my uncle’s case. I sat there and ate dinner with him and his family. I will not let them smear my Uncle’s legacy. I don’t want to go on TV. I don’t want publicity, I just want the truth. I hate that Wade made me do this, this way. But since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I will.

The letter Taj Jackson referred to was written by Jackson some time in the 1980s. It reads:

Dee Dee Please read this article about child molestation and please read it to Taj, T.J., and Taryll, it brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even uncles or aunts molesting nephews or nieces, please read. Love MJ.

Later faced with the public perception that he himself was a child molester, Jackson wrote these lyrics to an unreleased song, called “An Innocent Man”:

If I sail to Acapulco

Or Cancun, Mexico

There the law is waiting

And God knows that I’m innocent

If they won’t take me in Cairo

Then Lord where will I go?

I’ll die a man without a country

And only God knew I was innocent now.

As an eccentric, wealthy man who opened his home to thousands of people, including disadvantaged and ill children, Jackson was an undeniably easy target. But is it conceivable that of the hundreds of children who spent time with him, only a handful were abused? Is it possible that after two unannounced, scouring searches of his homes, in 1993 and again in 2003, resulting in no child pornography or other corroborating evidence, that the artist was nonetheless masterfully hiding criminal behavior?

Or have we, as a society, conflated Jackson’s difference and eccentricity with criminality? In 2005, infotainment pundit Nancy Grace infamously deduced Jackson’s guilt from his strange appearance and childlike sensibility. It was inconceivable to her that a grown man would want to spend so much time with children without wanting to have sex with them.

No doubt, after hearing these latest accusations, some will likewise conclude that “where there is smoke there is fire.”

Jackson, of course, is no longer here to defend himself. But the unacknowledged tragedy the fair-minded person must at least consider is this: the life and career of one of the most talented and creative artists of the past century was derailed and ultimately destroyed by allegations, innuendo, sensationalism and speculation, but no concrete evidence and no witnesses or accusers who didn’t want money.

The term “witch hunt” is often used to describe the moral panic and hysteria caused by individuals who threaten our sense of normalcy, order and social assumptions. They must be disciplined or punished to allow people to feel safe, regardless of actual guilt or innocence. So, for example, in the Salem witch trials, women were profiled, accused and sentenced to death for a range of perceived “suspicious” behaviors or traits. Or, historically, African American men have been unfairly targeted and lynched because of myths and culturally-ingrained hysteria about their “predatory” intentions with white women (see D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation).

Over his lifetime (and now in death), Michael Jackson faced more frivolous lawsuits than any individual in American history. During the Thriller era, dozens of women claimed he was the father of their children. As recently as 2010, a woman named Billie Jean filed a $600 million paternity lawsuit against Jackson’s estate.

In 2010, part of Jackson’s FBI file was released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the request of media, including British journalist Charles Thomson. “A lengthy report,” writes Thomson, “shows that when Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was raided in 2003, the FBI went over every computer seized from the property with a fine tooth comb looking for any incriminating files or internet activity. Jackson’s file contained individual summaries of the FBI’s findings for each of the 16 computers. Scrawled in capital letters across each of those 16 reports – ‘NOTHING’.”

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi, an incisive cultural critic with no investment whatsoever in Jackson’s legacy, described the 2005 court case against Jackson like this:

Ostensibly a story about bringing a child molester to justice, the Michael Jackson trial would instead be a kind of homecoming parade of insipid American types: grifters, suckers and no-talent schemers, mired in either outright unemployment…or the bogus non-careers of the information age, looking to cash in any way they can. The MC of the proceedings was District Attorney Tom Sneddon, whose metaphorical role in this American reality show was to represent the mean gray heart of the Nixonian Silent Majority – the bitter mediocrity itching to stick it to anyone who’d ever taken a vacation to Paris. The first month or so of the trial featured perhaps the most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses ever assembled in an American criminal case – almost to a man a group of convicted liars, paid gossip hawkers or worse…

In the next six weeks, virtually every piece of his case imploded in open court, and the chief drama of the trial quickly turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all of his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles. Sneddon’s hard-on for Jackson was a faith-based vengeance grab every bit as blind and desperate as George Bush’s “case” against Saddam Hussein…

Jackson, of course, was acquitted of all charges in 2005 after two grueling years of investigations, testimony and proceedings. Four years later, in 2009, after years of living as a cultural pariah, a vagabond drifting from country to country, he died at the age of fifty in Los Angeles. The silver lining, one assumed, was that at least his many troubles would end and the focus could return to his rich artistic legacy. But as long as big money is involved, it seems, the relentless stream of grifters will continue.

And in the court of public opinion, the Michael Jackson witch trial goes on.




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He has also defended Mike Tyson, Robert Blake, JoeBabijan and Claudia Haro. Although known  for his celebrity cases he has also  received the Humanitarian Award from the Blacks For Criminal Justice. You do not want to miss this interview with one of most respected and leading Defense Attorney in the country today.

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Source: The Examiner – By Catherine Gross


The MTV Movie Awards have come and gone. Many Americans know that, devoid of Michael Jackson there would not be an MTV. Perhaps the first MTV movie was Thriller. It was scary, funny and dramatic, and is yet loved all over the world.

Michael Jackson will soon be playing a posthumous part. It will be scary and dramatic, but it will in no wise be funny. It is a matter of showing his naked body, autopsied on the front of a magazine. Nevertheless, these people are out of sync. The let’s beat MJ days have ended. The world is watching, and the world has much to say. Be careful who you hate.


This article will explore the thoughts of different countries, and will implore you to give great consideration to the request from Greece at the end.

The most important church in Rome says, let us cease devaluing this man.
“On June 25 Michael Jackson will be remembered in one of the most important churches in Rome, “Santa Maria in Montesanto”, known as the “Church of the Artists” because for over 50 years every Sunday a Holy Mass is celebrated in the presence of famous people in the entertainment industry, culture and art. In that same church, located in one of the most beautiful squares in the world – Piazza del Popolo, funerals of people connected to the world of art, film and music are often celebrated.
‘In this church, at 7:30 p.m., to honor Michael Jackson four years after his passing, a Mass will be celebrated by Father Walter Insero, who we’d like to thank for understanding our desire to help others and the real meaning that’s the core of every initiative of ours.”

Millie and Gavin Murray of Ireland say it is time to stop the cruelty. It is time to stop abusing his spirit. “PETROL bomb victims Millie and Gavin Murray never got to meet singer Michael Jackson, in spite of his repeated pleas to see them, but now a major tribute group of the singer wants them to “have a place in his heart.”
The children, who suffered horrific skin burns in an infamous petrol bomb attack in Moyross seven years ago, have been asked to take part in the Michael Jackson tribute portrait, which has seen some of the world’s most famous stars place a dot in a portrait of the late singer.”

“Steadfast foundations and faithful fans will ensure that Michael Jackson’s legacy of love never dies.”
Michael Jackson’s Legacy (MJL) is a charitable organisation dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy in his absence, and thereby making the world a better place. Michael Jackson inspired love, hope and compassion worldwide through his music and through his humanitarian work on behalf of the suffering and underprivileged, and we are committed to continuing his legacy of love in his memory and through his example. Our projects will reflect issues that he cared deeply about: the welfare of children and animals, the protection of the environment, and the elimination of needless suffering. We as individuals do not have the influence that a worldwide superstar can procure, but as individuals, we can ‘make that change’ and collectively, we can make a difference.

Still we are left with The National Enquirer, who would rather see Michael Jackson’s naked body on the front of their tabloid, Greece does not agree, and has begun speaking to all media, worldwide. They speak cordially, and have a massive amount of followers from all across the globe.

Greece We encouraged all MJ forums, fan clubs, organization and individuals to join us in this letter to the media and also please do sign our petition.

Soon the case of Katherine Jackson vs. AEG will begin and Michael Jackson’s death and intimate details of his life will once again be a part of the nightly news.

Michael’s fan base is 100 Million strong and growing every day. We are a large part of your audience and you can be sure we are very much interested in a fair, balanced, unbiased and most importantly accurate portrayal of Michael Jackson. We understand that the case will be interesting to the world; not just to his fans.

While the media dissects Jackson’s life again, nearly four years after his untimely death, we have one request. Recently, the National Enquirer posted Michael Jackson’s semi-nude autopsy picture on their front page and then used the same as its background on the National Enquirer, Twitter account.

As journalists, it is imperative you abide by the code of ethics, which specifically calls for you to minimize harm to those adversely affected; using special sensitivity to children. To his multitude of fans, his Estate, his family and especially his three minor children the use of Michael Jackson’s autopsy photo is not only inappropriate and unethical, and unduly cruel to his children.

We are humbly requesting that your respectable news agency will not stoop to such a barbaric display of disrespectful disregard and instead bestow a bit of grace upon his children by refraining from posting this autopsy photograph during any of your coverage of this story.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter.

For the sake of the many, the signatures have not been included. However, the petition is clearly worth much, much consideration.


Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Read About Michael Jackson (Updated)

This picture is for illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement, malicious represention for or against this particular book is intended.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so mad seeing and hearing all the lies, accusations and falsehoods about Michael Jackson.   You can’t even do an internet search about him without trashy articles  popping up all over the place. Today’s social media and technology sends news around the world in a nanosecond.  Scandal after scandal is blasted before our eyes hourly until it reaches the point of unbearable.  Michael may have died three years ago but the news about him is still so constant, you wouldn’t know it!

When it comes to Michael Jackson, anything that anyone has to say or write about him seems to be regarded by many as truth.  These wild stories seem to grow invisible legs, running all over the world, repeatedly.  It doesn’t even matter if the person writing the trash is the scum of the earth! They will be still be quoted and regarded as factual sources of information. It just makes me feel sick and helpless.  

“Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, ‘I’m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight’, people would say, ‘Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He’s cracked up. You can’t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.” ~ Michael Jackson ~

It should be a law to stop the so-called “free press” from portraying people however they like.  What upsets me the most is that reporters of today do not even research a story to see if it is true.  They just copy and paste it from once source and spin it continually.   Do they ever find out if the details presented in the story are correct?  Do they care about their credibility as a respected source of information? No.  Society has long stopped caring about being respectful. The fine journalists of the past, such as Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, would never report such badly spelled, tabloid journalism that we see today.   It has been said that press knew about the affairs of President Kennedy, but never reported it out of respect for his position as a world leader and how the public would view it. But the public is just as much at fault.  If people didn’t read garbage, then they wouldn’t waste their writing it.  I believe that the descent on journalistic integrity began when magazines such as “The National Enquirer,” ” Star Magazine,” ” Globe”, etc. made their way on supermarket shelves in the 70′s.  People first read them as a laughable source of entertainment because of the alien abduction articles and press on celebrities.   Even my dear grandmother used to read them for fun. They paid and still pay top dollar for photos to prove their allegations, but this style of news reporting is too slow, much like snail mail. But what we didn’t realize at the time was how much the tabloids would change how factual news is reported in the future.  Now everything we read or see on TV is like reading a tabloid.    Tabloid shows began to emerge  in the 80′s and 90′s, such “Current Affair” and “Hard Copy” just to name a few.  Their mission was to race to beat the  competition to get the latest dirt for the highest TV ratings.  These shows became the “Federal Express” for spreading yellow fever journalism.

Since he was a child, Michael has been interviewed, talked about and studied as an entertainment phenomena, but hardly ever as a person.  I understand why he could identify with the Elephant Man, another tale that he could never live down.  The Elephant Man was not viewed as a human but as an exhibit, an alien creature, meant to be studied and pawed over for gain, but never a human with a heart, thoughts and feelings.  That’s what happened to Michael.  Michael lived in a world where he couldn’t reach out and be heard as just a human being with feelings.  In his world, he desperately sought to find some comfort or some sort of meaning to the life that he was given to live.  He found it in the most unusual things because he could see beyond physical appearances that others couldn’t see.  He saw the soul, depth and quiet beauty of those deemed the lesser beings of society. That’s one of the reasons why I love him so.  He looked beyond into the invisible and saw possibilities.  He was a unique visionary and extraordinaire when it came to bringing the impossible to life.

As I was watching the video below again, it reminded me how Michael’s words, actions and intentions always got twisted.  He clearly understood how the system worked.  This was why he didn’t like to give interviews.  The Bashir interview was his final attempt to help the world to understand him and to show him simply a single parent, raising his family and wanting very much to enjoy the simple pleasures of  life with them.  

“Remember, the press is a business: Newspapers and magazines are in business to make money – sometimes at the expense of accuracy, fairness and even the truth.” – Michael Jackson

Amen Michael! There were never more truer words spoken.  It is not about fairness or saying what is true.  It’s about what will sell.  It is such a shame that many book proposals about Michael have been turned down by major publishers simply because the author didn’t have anything negative to say about him. Michael’s attorney and former bodyguards have tried to publish positive books about Michael, but no one was interested.  They want the books that have the so-called juicy, fabricated stuff.  When will we ever wake up and stop feeding into all this garbage?  The man is no longer with us because for decades he has been the world’s whipping boy for the press.  If you thought that you have never witnessed a public lynching, you are wrong.  Michael Jackson was beat up and torn down daily while we all watched.  He is gone and he is still crucified.  This is what killed him.  This is what drove him to insomnia.  This is what drove a man who did not swear, drink or even take an aspirin to slightly slip from his religious convictions. This is what drove him to find relief from pain and loneliness wherever he could.  This is why so many so called doctors, posing as trusted friends, were able to get power over him.  This is why numerous con artist business managers and contacts robbed him, pushed him beyond his limits and took his fortune to waste.   Michael wasn’t lazy.  He was tired and worn out.  He had no where or no one to turn to.  The stress of show business and opportunists in his life slowly beat him down and eventually killed him.  The pressure cooker life he lived finally exploded on June 25, 2009.   Yet in spite of all of this, people still want to continue to judge and knock him down.  This man cared for and helped millions of people all over the world, but who was there for him in his darkest hour?  Who protected him?  He died alone in his bed, while some so called doctor was on the phone,  planning his next booty call! Where could Michael go when he needed  a shoulder to cry on? Who would be loyal and caring enough not to go back and tell his all his secret fears and doubts to anyone?  Hardly no one, but God.  That’s who carried him for all these years.  I really believe had it not been for Michael’s faith in God, he would have given up many years before.

David LaChapelle

This grieves me to end.  Sometimes I just sit and cry about what happened to him.  It is so unfair.  Only God will be able to make things right.  I am trying very hard to let it go.  I pray in time I can.  This blog is my outlet to help my grief over losing Michael.   That’s why I work on it day and night.  I don’t care if I get on people’s nerves with my tweets and posts.  I used to be scared of using social networks but losing Michael made me reach out to others who felt like I did.  Now I am learning to use it to help people understand him.  To love and respect him.  That’s all he wanted.  

Watching this video again has further stirred up the resentment that I feel about how unfairly Michael is treated.  All I can see is the hurt, pain and loneliness in his face.  You can see it as he realizes that he is being betrayed once again. I am glad he was smart enough to film the entire interview but it still didn’t stop the damage that followed.

I hope that you will remember this interview the next time you are tempted to believe the latest juicy gossip about Michael Jackson.  Remember to always look at the credibility of the source.  If you don’t know what believe, do your research from credible sources.  Listen to your heart, then make your decision.  Please don’t be so quick to believe the negative things that others have to say about him.  Michael was not perfect, but he is not a weirdo as some people make him out to be.  He was certainly not a monster, preying on innocent children either!

Matter of fact, put yourself in Michael’s shoes.  We all love our privacy and fight for it everyday.  Think about how you feel if you had your personal live taken away and paraded daily on the news and in books.  I know we all would be as hurt as he was.  I love you, Michael. May you rest in peace.  Cutie Pie ♥

“Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair program.” Michael Jackson

One more thing, I forgot to add the following video of Bashir’s comments after Michael’s death.  He ruined Michael’s final years and made a extremely poor attempt to come clean about the allegations, which were started as the result of his interview.   Further proof of what liars are reporting and writing the news.

Beware Of New Book, “Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson,” by Randall Sullivan



The reason that I am posting this as front page news is because I want everyone to be aware of this book “Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson,” by Randall Sullivan.   I have heard reports about it and it sounds like nothing but inaccurate, tabloid trash.  In my opinion, books such as these, are printed at the expense of Michael’s image to continue to tarnish his memory as nothing more than a sideshow for spectators.   I write this post in support for Michael because he deserves far more respect than this. He couldn’t live in peace when he was alive and apparently some folks aren’t going to stop the gossip train after his death either.  I am so hurt and fed up that even three years after his passing, the drama and unfounded allegations continue.  

Next year we will have to endure more media spin surrounding the Jackson vs. AEG trial and the prison release of Conrad Murray, another promotional circus in itself.  We are still celebrating the recent release of BAD 25 and the Jackson family saga seems to have quieted down, at least publicly.  Now this guy wants to stir up trouble again.   These leeches keep coming out of the woodwork again and again.  The only way they will prosper is if you buy the crap they are peddling.  What purpose is the book going to serve?  It’s not going to bring harmony to the mostly rocky relationship between the Jackson family and Michael’s fan community.  

Vanity Fair magazine, who coincidentally printed the fabulously hot picture spread of Michael back in 1989, has shamelessly promoted and clamored for the rights to print excerpts of this book in their next upcoming issue.  

Image copyright by Vanity Fair

Image copyright by Vanity Fair

I see Sullivan’s writings as nothing more than an attempt to make a quick buck, as Ian Halperin and many others tried to do back in 2009, right on the cusp of Michael’s passing.

I hope that people will remember the real facts surrounding Michael’s funeral. I remember that one reason the funeral was delayed was because of the autopsies and waiting for results from pathology reports samples, like his brain, to be returned.   The family also couldn’t decide where to bury him.  His funeral was not held for money as this book claims.  I hope this book flops big time!  Please don’t feed into this mess! If you absolutely have to read it, check it out from the library. That way he does not get a dime!  I am so disgusted with people like him.  Everybody wants to “expose” Michael’s life and those of whom he cared about.  I would like to see the personal lives of those who write and report this garbage exposed and see if they like it! Sullivan sounds like he’s trying to be the new J. Randy Taraborrelli  after the fact, except he isn’t touted as “a Jackson insider.”  I’m not a Taraborrelli fan either.   

Let’s focus on remembering Michael for the beautiful, loving and gifted person that he was and not hearsay.  That’s all I care about.

Thank you for listening to my opinion…………moving on.  

Much love,

Cutie Pie♥





Rumors, Flat Out Lies and Insinuations


Picture Credit: Donald Miller Blog

Lately there has been a string of people from Michael’s past stirring up rumors about paternity or the seeking to the opportunity to bash him in the spotlight while building their own fame for political or social reasons.  As the old saying goes, with friends like these, you sure don’t need any enemies!  Apparently, they are still trying to stay relevantly linked to Michael Jackson.  I have been silent on the matter, but I do feel that it should needs to be addressed to some degree. If you are looking for those articles here, you won’t find them.  I try to keep up with practically everything that concerns Michael Jackson.  I think really hard before I post an article because I don’t want to do anything that would be hurtful to Michael.  I always love to post positive news and events from all over the world, but I also post news that is relevant to him, such things that will affect his estate or legacy and so forth.  I want people to know what is going on without promoting yellow fever journalism.  If I feel that the article is in poor taste or flat out lies, I won’t post it at all or I may leave out the part in question. I may also comment on it, even though my decision to post may be kind of in the gray.  But I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to reprint anything that I feel is tabloid trash to prevent giving it more attention than what it deserves.  I also don’t want to promote the agenda of those spreading it.

These vultures, who I won’t bother to name, have a track record of lies and inconsistent statements. The proof is there if you really want to know the character of the individuals telling us “the truth” about Michael.  No one had ever heard of half of these folks until they became affiliated with Michael Jackson and now you can’t get them to shut up! They give interviews galore or they write unauthorized, so called, tell-all books about him!  If they were silent when he was alive, why talk now?  I’ll tell you why! They are greedy, selfish, low-life, scum buckets! Yeah, I said it! If what I’m saying offends you, then maybe it because you’re one of the guilty parties I’m talking about.  Maybe you still have some conscience left to amend your ways, so listen up!

Michael Jackson’s name has been tarnished for too many years by the press and by these so called former friends and associates.  They act as though they had his best interest at heart, but yet they smear his name at every turn.  You would think that almost three years after his death, this type of drama would have died down and we would only be focused on continuing the legacy of Michael Jackson, but yet we are still seeing the same old routine.  There are people who will believe anything negative that they hear about Michael and these vultures count on that to stay in the news.  They never talk about about all their dirty little secrets, which I am sure we will find plenty if we dig far enough.  But I forgot, no body wants to read about them, so back to selling out Michael for profit and popularity!

Michael was not a perfect human being. None of us are, including those who continue to judge him.  The last time I checked, only God can make that claim.  Michael made mistakes and sadly, the one he seemed to make the most was trusting the wrong people.  Michael was perfect IN HIS HEART AND IN HIS INTENTIONS.  He tried his best to use his celebrity as a mouth piece to bring attention to the nations about the plight and suffering of many people, especially children.  Why don’t these informers ever blast on the news about his humanitarian efforts, his kindness, his love and compassion for people?  No doubt they have benefited from some of it.  I am so sick of people trying to tear down the man I love at every opportunity and I tired of people feeding into it. 

So don’t buy their trashy books and newspapers and don’t waste time debating on whether not what they are saying is true!


Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. – Carol Burnett

Much love,

Cutie ♥