Update From Taj Jackson Regarding His Complaint Against The Mirror

Source: Taj Jackson


Hey guys. Here’s a quick update on my @IpsoNews IPSO complaint against the @DailyMirror Mirror in the UK. The Mirror published a headline and story saying my uncle paid £134m to 20 ‘victims’ he abused.

After months and months of investigation by IPSO, the Mirror has still failed to produce a single piece of evidence to support the story. The Mirror has offered repeatedly to run a minor clarification, but the wording has been completely unacceptable to me as it refuses to state in print that it ran the story and headline with no evidence, even though it has effectively admitted this during our correspondence.

As such, I have asked IPSO to investigate and rule on the case. If the case is determined on the facts, the IPSO will find against the Mirror. I can’t go into all the details as the case is still on going, but I will try to remain opptimistic and hope that everyone does the right thing.

Lies like these spread throughout the world like wildfire. Other media outlets take them and spread them even further. Then the “lie becomes the truth”.

The people who start or help spread these fires must finally be called out and held accountable.


Read more here: https://twitter.com/tajjackson3/status/628978922022170624

June 13, 2005: Vindication Of An Innocent Man


Neverland – A place of joy, beauty, peace, innocence and fun…


Then Came The Lies, Accusations and Pain…

Lyrics To An Innocent Man – By Michael Jackson

California’s lost her love for me.
Seems she’s trying to convict me now
Seems her heart has turned against me now

if I sail to Acapulco or Cancun Mexico then the odds are all against
me, but god knows that I’m innocent

If I sail to Acapulco or Cancun Mexico there the law is waiting
for me and God knows that I’m innocent
If they won’t take me in Cairo then Lord knows where will I go.
I’ll die a man without a country and only God knew I was
innocent now.

if I sail to Acapulco or Cancun Mexico there the law is waiting for
me but God knows that I’m innocent
If the British try to find me then lord where will I go let the whole world go against me
long as God knows I’m an innocent man now

Farewell to all my years in Hollywood Or Farewell to all my dreams in Hollywood

Let the whole world be against me long as God knows I’m an innocent

Now if the British try to find me then lord knows where will
I go

Let the whole world try to find me long as God knows

Sometimes I feel just like a fugitive I’m running for my life
and deep inside I ask the question why

But I’m not running at all I’m just healing a lonely wounded heart
The truth becomes the lie I wish I could fly away  Source

But God sent two angels to help Michael clear his name. They totally believed that he was innocent and brought the truth to light. They were his friends, allies and confidantes. They were his rock during his darkest hours….


And as the result, he was found NOT GUILTY! Victory at last! Michael was a free man….


The reaction to the verdict was intense. Fans rejoiced and wept bitterly…..

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“Without God, my children, my family and you, my fans, I could not have made it through. Your love, support and loyalty made it all possible. 

You were there when I really needed you. I will never forget you. Your ever-present love held me, dried my tears, and carried me through. I will treasure your devotion and support forever. You are my inspiration.”

Love, Michael Jackson

The Aftermath – Our Work Continues….

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Writing About Writing About Michael Jackson: What Some Critics Still Get Wrong

Sources: Forbes – By Zack O’Malley Greenburg | All Things Michael


If Michael Jackson were still alive, tomorrow would be his 56th birthday. And though he passed away more than five years ago, fans across the country–from his onetime home of Las Vegas to his birthplace of Gary, Indiana–and around the globe will be celebrating the King of Pop as though he never left.

In many ways, he hasn’t. Songs from his latest posthumous album, Xscape, have been soaring across the summer airwaves. And from a financial perspective, Jackson couldn’t be more alive: he’s raked in over $700 million in the past half-decade–the most lucrative stretch of his career since the late 1980s–and has out-earned every living act measured by FORBES over that span.

Yet amidst this Jacksonian renaissance, a few stubborn narratives persist in corners of the mainstream and tabloid media, even as his image and finances have undergone something of a metamorphosis. That unfortunate reality is one of the more fascinating ones I’ve observed since releasing my book, Michael Jackson, Inc., earlier this summer.

The book has put me in a unique position to observe such trends. Thanks to the magic of the internet—Google alerts and Twitter updates, in particular—I’ve been able to find most of the reviews of the book within hours of their publication.

As a writer, I’ve been mostly pleased with the reactions to Michael Jackson, Inc. It’s been covered by outlets from Billboard to Vibe to the Chicago Tribune. Amazon named it Book of the Month in Business & Leadership and USA Today dubbed it one of “the hottest titles this season,” while Kirkus called it “a useful, informative examination” and Ebony said it “offers a perspective fans around the world may have never seen.”

But in a couple of cases, the reviews barely addressed the book at all; rather, they merely seemed like excuses to rehash old arguments and heap judgment on the King of Pop. Quite a few would be better characterized not as reviews of Michael Jackson, Inc., but of Michael Jackson himself.

For instance, the Wall Street Journal review began with the writer’s opinions of the King of Pop, describing him as “a minor god,” “a tricky deity,” “perhaps a child molester” and so forth (never mind the fact that Jackson was cleared of all charges leveled against him).

The Washington Post, meanwhile, focused on Jackson’s “oddball exploits and alleged crimes,” complaining that the book “leaves out the juicy stuff to focus on the pop icon as a business entity” (despite the fact that delving into the finances of Jackson’s career is the title’s stated purpose).

To be clear: as an author, I’m thrilled that such publications took an interest in my work, and I certainly respect the right of fellow writers to state their opinions, even if I disagree with them. But it amazed me that those refrains still often surround any exploration of Jackson’s life and legacy, even one focused on his finances.

Those sorts of attitudes have been noticed by others who’ve studied Jackson in depth, from my friend Joe Vogel, author of Man in the Music, to the late James Baldwin, who famously wrote:

The Michael Jackson cacophony is fascinating in that it is not about Jackson at all. … He will not swiftly be forgiven for having turned so many tables, for he damn sure grabbed the brass ring, and the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo has nothing on Michael. All that noise is about America, as the dishonest custodian of black life and wealth; the blacks, especially males, in America; and the burning, buried American guilt.”

Jackson indeed turned many tables. And though few will deny his eccentricity, his many accomplishments include serving as the Jackie Robinson of the music video era. He forced MTV, once the province of white rockers, to add the work of black artists to heavy rotation, beginning with “Billie Jean.”

By buying the Beatles’ publishing catalogue in 1985, Jackson flipped the paradigm of artist-as-employee on its head, replacing it with the notion of artist-as-owner. He then pioneered new ways of monetizing superstardom, launching his own clothing line, sneakers, video games and more–paving the way for modern celebrity-moguls like Jay Z and Diddy.

Though those narratives are making progress, they haven’t sunk in across all corners of the press. As journalists, we have a duty to push aside subjective notions and focus on the objective truth. In the case of Jackson, it seems for many observers the subjective has settled over the years like sediment at the bottom of an ancient ocean, forming a solid mass still sometimes mistaken for objectivity.

Five years after Jackson’s death, some of those layers seem to have been worn away, judging by the resurgence of his work–his earnings provide unmistakable evidence of a shift. Given his continued impact on global culture and the business of entertainment, it seems likely that trend will continue, but there’s still a ways to go before the objective fully overcomes the subjective.

That’s a good goal to set as a future birthday present for the King of Pop.


Read more at Forbes

He Is The Man In Our Mirror… What Do You See?

Source: Man In Our Mirror – Lisa Brisse| MJJusticeProject |All Things Michael


Wow. I am blown away by the TMZ article released yesterday about the “maids” who painted a very ugly picture of Michael being unclean and someone who just peed all over his house. I am beyond speechless.

I promptly shared the article with my mom, Judi Brisse, because she, too, was a housekeeper at Neverland back in the mid ’90s during the very time when Liz Taylor and Oprah were there. She was enraged by this article and these horrible claims by her supposed “co-workers.” She stated clearly to me that nothing was further from the truth! That the house was impeccably clean and so was the “Boss.” She said Michael was not only clean, but respectful, kind and carried himself like royalty in his humble, gentle way. always.

This is a classic case of people who lack integrity and will do anything for money. My mom, too has been contacted by tabloids over the years wanting “dirt” and stories about Michael. She simply doesn’t have any stories (other than positive ones) and has denied their requests, despite their offers to her for money.

It is a shame that, in general, our society is so unhappy within our souls that we gloat in seeing people fall hard and then rake them over the coals. Why is that human beings can take someone who did so much good for the world–giving his whole heart and soul in every moment of his life–and instead, make up vile stories? Is it sadly because it’s the only way to feel better about one’s self? And the opportunity to make money?

In truth, what we project onto someone else, such as Michael in this case, says NOTHING about him nor his character, but everything about the ones making the claims, not to mention, a society that eats it up.

In my upcoming book, I talk about Michael being the Man in OUR Mirror… that what we saw in him is ultimately what see in ourselves. The world is our reflection. What do we see? Where is our heart? Where are we wounded within ourselves and therefore project that woundedness out to the world? What is the world WE are creating from that woundedness?

As an Exercises Physiologist and Wellness Coach and founder of State of the Heart Fitness (www.stateoftheheartfitness.com), I know for a fact, true health and well-being on ALL levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – starts when we heal the wounds of our own heart, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. And that is why I believe and know that healing the world begins from within. When we heal our heart, we heal the world.

Thank you, once again, for your reflection, Michael. Thank you for your gift on every level. May we all open our hearts (and send love to those needing it the most), so that we all can heal TOGETHER!

With love… God bless us all!

Read more at Man In Our Mirror

Throwback Article: Michael Jackson Innocent In The Eyes Of Fifth-Graders

Sources: Baltimore Sun – By Sandra Crockett (Published February 22, 1994) | All Things Michael

Michael is innocent

Michael Jackson’s accusers have spoken. The critics have waded in with their opinions. Now it’s the kids’ turn to speak out.

And their opinion is worth hearing because kids will help determine whether Mr. Jackson, who on tonight’s “The Jackson Family Honors” on NBC performs for the first time since being accused of molesting a child, will be yesterday’s news or keep his superstar status.

If the 30 or so fifth-graders in Renee Johnson’s class at Baltimore County’s Deer Park Elementary School are any measure, The Gloved One won’t have much trouble getting on with his musical career.

“There is nothing wrong with his career,” Wayne Lee, 11, says emphatically.

But when Mr. Jackson settled the child molestation civil suit without admitting guilt but paying an unspecified amount (rumored to be between $10 million and $24 million) to his 14-year-old accuser and the boy’s family, he did lose a valuable endorsement.

Pepsi ended a 10-year relationship with Michael Jackson that reportedly paid him $20 million in endorsement fees during that period.

Mr. Jackson, however, is still a rich man. Forbes magazine has estimated his worth as $150 million.

But the charges and the settlement have not dimmed Wayne’s or other children’s enthusiasm for Mr. Jackson’s music.

“The people that accused him are just out for money,” says Wayne, who is into Michael Jackson music “big time.”

Some of the children’s comments revealed their own gentle innocence and belief that this world is an uncomplicated place.

“He gave all of that money to children and sick children,” says 10-year-old Cortney Williams. “He couldn’t have given all of that money away and then done that. Michael Jackson is innocent,”

“I think he’s innocent,” agrees Breyann Corbin, 10. “Michael Jackson can have anybody he wants. He wouldn’t have to sneak around.”

“I know he is innocent,” says Torrey Lewis, 10.

“I’m not reallly a fan of his, but it’s just not like him. From everything I have heard, he could not have done it,” says 10-year-old Sean Quinn.

“That boy is lying,” Tiffany Wilson, 11, says of the child accuser, adding that Mr. Jackson “paid the money to him so he can get on with his life.”

The Jackson who received the most scorn was LaToya, the sole family member who said her brother was guilty. “That LaToya, she just wants to be the famous one,” Wayne says.

“She’s jealous of her brother,” Tiffany adds.

Of course, a few of the 10- and 11-year-olds were left wondering about Mr. Jackson’s guilt or innocence after he paid the settlement. “At first, I thought he was innocent. But when he went and paid all of that money, it made him look guilty,” says Justin Mills, 10.

And like many adults, some children don’t know what to make of the accusations and the payoff. “I’m kind of stuck in the middle,” says 10-year-old Jennifer Ball, who leans slightly more toward thinking he’s innocent.

The children’s parents have talked about the case with their curious children. “We’ve discussed whether or not he could be guilty or whether he was a victim of circumstance,” says Roslyn Corbin, Breyann’s mother.

Breyann enjoys Michael Jackson’s music, which is fine with Mrs. Corbin. “I support her decision,” the mother says of her daughter’s desire to still listen to and buy Michael Jackson music. “Yes, I would buy his music.”

One parent was surprised that her child’s interpretation of what happened to Michael Jackson was different from hers. “Sean believes that he could not have possibly done it,” Robin Quinn says. “But it sounds suspicious to me.”

Read more at Baltimore Sun

A Hard Victory Won – June 13, 2005


Our hearts pounded fiercely as each verdict was read

Not guilty! Not guilty! Over and over, they said


To our ecstatic joy and great relief

The King was released to go home to live with his children in peace


But peace he did not find there, so he took them and fled very far

From the pressure and judgmental thoughts that he should be behind bars


Though he was proclaimed innocent, some folks still refused to see

That he was not the monster they made him out to be

Broken in many ways, abandoned by so-called friends

Can his shattered heart ever trust again?


But grace saves him, love brings him back

He travels across the ocean again to get his life on track

From the ashes he rises, like a phoenix reborn

Victory did not come easily, but thankfully, he won


© All Things Michael 2014 – vallieegirl67.com (Written By MJ Was A Cutie)

Help LMJ Stop Dutch TV Network RTL5 To Broadcast The MJ Autopsy Program

Source: Legendary Michael Jackson

MJ 717

Following the Michael Jackson Estate message of this morning we have contacted RTL5 to try and convince them to stop the broadcasting of the program “Michael Jackson Autopsy: His body tells the realy story”, which will be aired this Monday evening.

RTL states it has heard the people against it but that they have heard from the UK broadcasters that there were no serious problems after broadcasting the documentary. They do not care about our claims that this is UNETHICAL, AGAINST the family’s en Estates WISHES and that it is UNTRUTHFUL.

“We are trying to sell a program and try to get as many viewers as possible”. This is the only thing that counts for RTL 5.

Please help us convince them to stop this broadcast!

Send a message via Twitter:
@rtl5 Respect this human being. Stop the broadcasting of ‘Michael Jackson Autopsie’ immediately! #untruthful #unethical #tabloid #STOPRTL5

Send a message via Facebook:

Phone their public service to explain why you are against this:
+31 (0)35 – 6718630


Read more: http://www.legendarymichaeljackson.nl/news/help-lmj-stop-dutch-tv-network-rtl5-stop-broadcast-the-mj-autopsy-program/

Chandler Timeline

Turning the Table on the Chandler Allegations

July 1966 – Evan and Raymond Charmatz are members of a band named The Fugitives who’s single “Your Girl’s A Woman”, co-written by Evan, breaks into the top 40. Evan spends 4 years in college followed by 4 years of dental school according to his brother Ray.


September 19, 1972 –At 28 years old (born 1/25/1944) Evan registers his dental license with the New York Dental Board. It’s unknown what address he used in 1972 but his license is currently listed with the board at the address he committed suicide in. He meets June at NYU’s free clinic (Ray says ‘73 when finishing school)

1973- Evan Chandler moves to West Palm Beach to practice dentistry– changing his last name to Chandler. According to Mary Fischer’s source he felt Charmatz was too Jewish sounding. But feeling that Chandler might have changed his surname for a more sinister reason, I requested information…

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