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MJ may be gone, but his legend is eternal.

This was our very first music video Sing-Along ever, and it’s still one of the best. Because, as we know, Michael didn’t make music videos, he made short films. Say, say, say what you want, but we’ll be getting our Thriller on, asking Annie if she’s okay, and rocking with you all night.

If you’ve never been to one of The Action Pack’s Sing-Alongs before, this is the show to get started with. We’ll have a moonwalking contest before the show, select members of every audience will get flashlights to shine around the room every time Michael lights up a piece of sidewalk during “Billie Jean,” and when they dance under the water from the fire hydrant during T”he Way You Make Me Feel,” we’ll make you feel the spray

But be warned, Sing-Alongs aren’t just sitting in the theater and cozily watching your favorite artists’ videos. In the past, the audience has been known to stand up and leave their seat behind entirely, and always seem to wannabe starting something. And we never stop ‘em (even when they grab their crotch and yell out “A hee hee!”).

We’re also updating this show for 2014, because Love Never Felt So Good is totaly one of our new jams, and there’s no way we can’t get a little bit of that in the show, too!

Age Policy: 18 and up. No children under 6 allowed. Children 6 and up allowed only with parents.

Where: 7:00 pm – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Richardson)100 South Central Expressway, #14Richardson, TX 5080 (972) 534-2120


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Prinnie Stevens Discusses Thriller Live And The Songs Of Michael Jackson (Audio Interview)

Sources: ABC Radio | All Things Michael


The songs of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five are coming alive.

Prinnie Stevens is the star of Thriller Live, a stage show celebrating the best known songs of Michael Jackson. She spoke to Rebecca Levingston about the show and Jackson’s significant influence.

Prinnie also performed her version of The Way You Make Me Feel.


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Thousands Gather For Lexington’s Annual Recreation Of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Short Film

Sources: Kentucky.com – By Jack Brammer | Edited By – All Things Michael

all things michael

On a dark but not stormy Sunday night, 1,000 zombies danced in the streets of downtown Lexington.

An estimated 20,000 observers gasped and groaned as they watched the Thriller Parade, the fright night spectacular that USA Today calls a Top 10 Halloween destination in the United States.

It was the 13th annual re-creation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. The 13-minute video, voted the most influential pop music video of all time, premiered on MTV on Dec. 2, 1983, and has become a cult favorite.

After a Halloween parade that featured 15 entries ranging from Ghostbusters to a Day of the Dead altar float and a host of ghosts, ghouls, superheroes, villains and other costumed characters, seven Michael Jackson imitators led the army of “zombies” down the Main Street.

There were seven people impersonating Michael during the parade

There were seven people portraying Michael Jackson during the parade

The “zombies” included Judy Bongard of Lexington with her 12-year-old nephew, Nick Stecht of Erlanger, and a niece, Olivia Neltner of Newport.

Bongard said she was enjoying her fourthThriller. It was a first-time experience for her relatives.

Judy Bongard said her daughter did their makeup.

“It’s fun,” Bongard said. “Michael Jackson was my age. “I loved his ABC‘s song with The Jackson 5.”

all thingsmichael484

Before the parade began, “doctor zombie” Eryn Dailey and “cowgirl zombie” Calista Case, 10, both of Lexington lay in pseudo slumber in front of the Metro Government Center.

Although the evening’s zombies were told to grunt, not talk, Dailey said that in real life she is Calista’s nanny. “This is a chance for us to laugh together and have good girl talk,” she said.

Among those in the large crowd were Doug and Kirsten Winkler of Winchester.

They were celebrating their third wedding anniversary in a Beetlejuice sort of way.

“We love Halloween, so we thought we had to go to our first Thriller,” he said.

The event was a ghastly production of Lexington Parks and Recreation, Mecca Live Studio and WRFL, the University of Kentucky’s student-run FM radio station.


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Young Dancers’ Recreation Of Video Routine Is A Real Thriller

Sources: Kent Online – By  Lewis Dyson | All Things Michael

All things michael edit

Do you Remember the Time 203 dancers blamed it on the boogie and performed Michael Jackson’s Thriller routine at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey? It wasn’t Bad.

Adults and children from across Swale recreated the iconic ‘80s music video at the school’s site in Minster Road, Minster, last Wednesday.

Sixth-form dance students Fleur White and Demi Planson came up with the idea to showcase the talents of local youngsters and engage the community as part of a Youth Dance Platform Project.

Children from Eastchurch, St Edward’s, St George’s, Richmond Academy and Elliott Park learned the steps in their own schools and joined the final performance dressed as zombies.

all things michael edit1

Entertainment was provided by a staff band, Star Academy Stage School from Sittingbourne and year 13 pupil Jordan King who warmed up the audience with a drum solo.

Mayor of Swale, Cllr George Bobbin and mayoress, Brenda Bobbin, verified the number of people taking part and helped to judge the best costumes.

Alongside the dancers, a further 200 members of the public attended the evening.

Head of dance, Chantelle Crofsky, said: “I am so proud of what we created. I have had the pleasure of working with a talented team of staff and students at the academy who together have created a thrilling and inspiring event.

“We were delighted that five primary schools were able to join us and it was a pleasure to have danced with so many talented and enthusiastic children.”

A total of £250 was raised for the Swale Youth Development Fund through donations and fundraising ideas created by candidates from last year’s Academy Apprentice competition.

Students Abbie Jane Barnes, Keely Smith, Kacy Brend, Keely Riches, Ocean Ratcliffe, Ivanna Aitkin-Thompsett, Caitlin Claringbold, Maddison Drake-Barnett and Chelsey Claringbold looked after the guess the weight of the cake, bobbing apples, hide ‘n’ shriek, lucky dip and raffle stalls.

Executive principal David Millar said: “How wonderful to see so many of our community come together to have fun and raise money for charity.

“The standards of costume and dancing were excellent and everyone had such a great time. Thank you to everyone involved – I can’t wait for next year.”

The academy is looking to create a collage and film about the night and anyone who took photographs or videos can email them to: thrilltheisland@oasisisleofsheppey.org.

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ATL Collective Presents Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Two Nights)

Sources: ATL Collective | Edited By – All Things Michael


Okay. By now, you know what we do. But let’s review quickly: We hand-select the finest albums, match the songs with the best of local acts who collectively cover the record head to toe. We pair all that with a thematic food or beverage and, in short, put on a show that is always memorable. It’s a top shelf operation, our tastes are refined, our standards are sky high, our hearts are in the right place. But we’ve never yet been able to say that this month’s album is the best-selling album of all time. Yes, you read that right, assuming you didn’t stutter over the phrase: “best-selling album of all time,” This month’s album has sold more than any other. And on Wednesday the 31st of October, known by pagans as Halloween, you’ll see why.

Michael Jackson’s epic Thriller. Oh yes. The name itself sends a little tingle up and down the spine. Released in 1982 won 8 Grammies and had 7 singles that hit top 10. Most consider it to be the best album of the 80s, and well, if it’s the best album of the 80s…

Oddly, the first single released was “The Girl is Mine,” which didn’t hit as hard as most expected. But that was followed up with a little song called “Billie Jean,” and more than a handful of kids dug that one. After that, they released a tune some of you may know called “Beat it,” which actually features Eddie Van Halen on guitar. “Thriller” was the third single, and once you toss in “Wanna be Startin’ Something,” it’s hard to deny that Thriller can hold its own against nearly any record ever released.

Of course it’s hard to hear the song “Thriller,” without picturing the masterpiece video (or rather short film) that accompanied it. Its hilarious yet oh-so-cool group choreography has been mimicked all over the globe, from Bollywood to that proposal video that went viral recently. Demand was so high for that video when it was first released that MTV was playing it twice an hour. Clocking in at 14 minutes, you can do the math, it basically means that “Thriller” was virtually all they aired for a while.

We can’t promise Jackson’s dance moves. But we can promise an unforgettable evening as we conjure up the magic, the mystery, the mayhem that made Thriller the King of Pop’s crown jewel.



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Fans Of Michael Jackson To Form Largest Flash Mob For 32nd Anniversary Of Thriller Album – Nov 30

Sources: 24 -7 Press Release |Picture By – BenjaminART | Edited By – All Things Michael


LOS ANGELES, CA, October 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Sunday November 30, 2014, the 32nd anniversary of the release date of the Thriller LP thousands of dedicated fans of Legendary Recording Artist, Michael Jackson, will gather at the site of Thriller Run in Los Angeles and in cities around the world to perform the “Thriller ” dance.

At noon PST flash mobs across the country will perform the dance made famous by Jackson in his long form video in 1982.

Michael Joseph Jackson was a multi-Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. Known worldwide as the King of Pop, his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a key global figure in popular culture.

World Races Is set to present An All Fan Tribute to the King Of Pop, THRILLER RUN, Sunday November 30, 2014.

Thriller Run is an incredible combination of danger and undead terror. From the moment the humans leave the start line, they’ll be running and fleeing in horror from the hordes of undead whose only mission is to devour them alive! Will the humans survive not only the obstacles and the ravenous monsters, but the fear within themselves? Only the humans can decide.

For event information visit http://www.thrillerrun.com or call 888-246-2430.

World Races heartbeat is spotlighting local charities. If your an awesome charity organization contact us about what your group is doing locally.

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Zombies Set To Thrill All Over The World With Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Sources: Get Surray  – By Laura Nightingale| Edited By – All Things Michael

Scare yourself silly this Halloween by dancing like a zombie, dressing up like a zombie or going to the theatre and watching other zombies swallow swords and throw knives!

Zombie (1)

People in cities across the globe are gearing up to be part of Thrill the World, an official world record attempt for the largest annual dance performance on Saturday (October 25) in aid of the NSPCC and SOS Children’s Villages.

The undead dancing in the UK capital will be synchronising their feet with thousands of other zombies in other cities including Hong Kong, Toronto, Los Angeles, Salvador, New York, Melbourne, Kigali and Antigua.

To take part, get yourself zombied-up and catch a train to Covent Garden where you can dance with grizzly ghouls from every corner of the earth at 10pm.

With World Zombie Day having taken place earlier this month, G Live in Guildford has also jumped on the Thriller bandwagon and is hosting a dance workshop on October 31 for 8-14 year olds to learn Michael Jackson’s classic killer moves.

Youngsters will also be able to join an expert make-up artist to create somehorrifyingly brilliant stage make-up effects on the same day.

Circus of Horrors: The Night of the ZombieBut if you don’t fancy dressing up and would rather watch others do it, Circus of Horrors is bringing The Night of the Zombie to the south east as part of a UK tour.

The show that stormed into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and is now a West End smash is back to mark its 20th anniversary in spectacular style.

The latest incarnation is set in the year 2020, in a decrepit and corpse-ridden Londonplagued by zombies.

The story twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shocks – all interwoven with bizarre circus acts, sword swallowers, knife throwers, daredevil balancing acts, astounding aerialists, a demon dwarf, Sinister Sisters and fire-limboing acrobats.

The show at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, takes place on November 17 and 7.30pm. For tickets, call 01329 231942.

The show at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, takes place on November 10 at 7.30. For tickets, call 020 8688 9291.


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Michael Jackson ONE’ Is Thrilling Indeed – Plus So Much More!

Sources: Examiner – By Christine Zeiger | Edited By  – All Thing Michael

maxresdefault (1)

On Oct. 25, 2014 official “Thrill the World” events will take place around the globe, giving Michael Jackson fans the opportunity to gather and dance to the beat of one of pop music’s foremost icons.

The next day, the fun continues, as thousands more are set to join even more flash mobs. Thrilling, indeed. When he was alive, thrilling audience seemed to come naturally to Jackson. And so it is with Cirque de Soleil.

Accordingly, the combination of Jackson’s legendary music and Cirque’s breath-taking fanfare can only equal genius. That genius comes to life in “Michael Jackson ONE”.

In this intimate look at Jackson, the production covers an expanse, complete with soul, splendor, sensation, strife, sex, seeking, sensuousness and satiation. “Thriller” is but a part of the fantastic story, written and directed by Jamie King, that elevates Jackson the artist to a pedestal well deserved. As a tribute to Jackson, the show reminds us why he was–and is–loved so much.Yet beyond his ever-popular music, infused with life on stage through the performances of the 61 Cirque dancers and acrobats, there is the promise of something more…


In fairytale fashion, “ONE” does have a definitive plot. Four unlikely heroes combat the evil one. Perchance, victory comes through the magic of Michael. Along the way, a repertoire of MJ’s hits is the landscape for all the action, stirring up a gamut of emotions and (for those old enough) unforgettable memories.

The multifaceted Jackson lived a complicated life, no doubt. Choosing what parts to highlight in “ONE” could have been daunting. Yet, the essence of Jackson is clearly communicated through song and dance…and the Cirque cast’s peerless, fearless endeavors.

Remembering Jackson as the ultimate entertainer is easy. So is sitting back and being mesmerized by incredible acrobats and dancers. Those MJ Girls in “The Way You Make Me Feel” show what real girl power can be. Sassiness, plus all those feminine curves (and muscles), are liberating for any female worried about her size!


But as true art cannot help but reflect society at large, remembering Jackson as a social activist cannot be overlooked. “They Don’t Care About Us” is a poignant look at the things we often try so hard not to look at—our weaknesses, our failings, our sins.

There are twenty-three “scenes” associated with musical numbers in the production, each vignette helping to move the plot along its course and helping to further reveal something about Jackson. In rearranging Jackson’s hit songs, producers made it a point to maintain the basic essence of the music, so his diehard fans can be glad. Newcomers to Jackson’s music will have a chance to discover and enjoy his far-reaching talents.

Yet, in the true Cirque spirit, there is more. Several of the technical aspects of the production were painstakingly developed to further enhance the entire audience experience. The sound system was designed so that the music and sound effects penetrate the entire theatre through specially angled speakers. Plus, there are actual speakers in the seats—5,412 to be exact. As well, the utilization of a wide variety of video clips shown on non-conventional projection surfaces is key to adding the utmost visual interest and significance.



By the end of the show, that (earlier mentioned) “promise of something more” is fulfilled. For Jackson appears there on stage, bearing a message of hope and love. In this unraveling of his complexity, comes the celebration of Jackson the man and the elevation of his spirit that promises to live on and on.

(Performances of “Michael Jackson ONE” are ongoing at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119. Click here for ticket information.)



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