FREE Halloween Boot Camp/Cardio with Thriller Flash Mob

Sources: Evergreen Chamber Of Commerce | All Things Michael

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Don your favorite Halloween costume (make sure you can move in it) and join EPRD on Halloween morning for FREE Boot Camp/Cardio combo class — with the last 15 minutes dancing as a Flash Mob to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!

When: Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9 – 10:30 AM (ONLY THE LAST 15 minutes are the Thriller dance. )
Where: Wulf Rec Center Gymnasium

Prizes will be awarded for best costume.

This event is FREE! Please bring a can to donate to Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO).

Drop your kids off for free at Playschool during the Flash Mob.

We’ll be working on the Thriller choreography for a couple weeks before the event during Zumba classes. Visit for details. (Class rates apply.)

Don your favorite Halloween costume (make sure you can move in it) and join EPRD on Halloween morning for FREE Boot Camp/Cardio combo class — with the last 15 minutes dancing as a Flash Mob to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!

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WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9 – 10:30 AM (ONLY THE LAST 15 minutes are the Thriller dance. )

WHERE: Wulf Rec Center Gymnasium

PRIZES will be awarded for best costume.

This event is FREE! Please bring a can to donate to Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO).

Drop your kids off for free at Playschool during the Flash Mob.

We’ll be working on the Thriller choreography for a couple weeks before the event during Zumba classes. Visit for details. (Class rates apply.)

Contact Kendra Lind, 720-880-1226 or

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Brownman’s HALLOWEEN THRILLER: Michael Jackson’s Music Through The Lens Of Electric Jazz

Sources: The Jazz Room | All Things Michael


Acclaimed jazz / hip-hop trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI  will once again lead an all-star quartet through his popular annual Halloween Thriller concert. The much lauded BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO + 1 will perform the entire Michael Jackson “Thriller” recording, interpreted and re-worked in the Miles Davis-esque fashion this multiple National Jazz Award winning improviser has become known for. In addition to the quartet performing Thriller top to bottom, other MJ classics will be featured through the night for this unique Halloween weekend jazz party at the KW Jazz Room in Waterloo.

“Delving so deeply into that record always leaves us speechless”, states Ali. “Michael birthed so many incredible tunes over the years, but his collaborations with Quincy Jones on Thriller has to be one of the most towering musical achievements in pop music ever. Using that brilliant material every year on Halloween, as jump-offs for what we do makes for a party that’s both danceable, but still rooted in exploratory improvising and deep reaching solos. We approach it the way Miles might have.”

The BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO has won a National Jazz Award, Toronto Independent Music Award, a SOCAN award for composition, and recently won an International Independent Music Award for “2015 Jazz-Funk album of the year” for their latest release “Gravitation”, which hit number 4 on the iTunes USA jazz charts upon it’s release.

:: Brownman Ali – electric trumpet & spookiness
:: Nick Maclean – keyboards & ghoulishness
:: Brad Cheeseman – electric bass & creepiness
:: Paul Delong – drums & goblinishness

Dress up if you like – it’s Halloween!!!



WHEN: October 31, 2015 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm

COST: $20

Please note that, for this event, the passholder ticket price is $10

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Ballroom Dancing ‘Zombies’ Re-create Michael Jackson’s Thriller For Halloween

Sources: Columbia Dispatch – Allison Ward | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 10292015 35734 PM

Hunched over, Alan Marcinonis pretended to eat his wife’s right arm while Gloria Marcinonis picked imaginary bugs out of his hair.

They tried not to laugh; after all, stoic zombielike stares were required.

Video: Thriller dancers

The routine definitely wasn’t a ballroom-dancing number, the type that the Northwest Side couple is accustomed to learning at Danceville U.S.A.

Instead of the cha-cha or rumba, the two have spent eight weeks at the Short North studio perfecting their dead-person dance moves and channeling their inner King of Pop in the Thriller Music Video Choreography 101 classes.

“We’re big Michael Jackson fans,” said Mrs. Marcinonis, 52. “It sounded like a blast, and Halloween is my favorite time of year.”

The couple, along with eight classmates and a few instructors, plan to show off their Thriller steps — and their carefully constructed zombie costumes — on Friday evening in a performance akin to a flash mob.

The entertainment will play out on the lawn of Bollinger Tower, a nearby apartment complex on N. High Street.

Studio owner Keith Denlinger decided to offer the class last fall, largely because of the success he’d had with a similar course at a studio where he previously taught.

“It’s so iconic,” he said. “Everyone wants to learn Thriller.”

Plus, the 1982 song puts students of all ages in the Halloween spirit.

The class, open to the public, was limited this year to 10 dancers — about 60 people were involved last year, Denlinger said — because instructors learned that a city permit would be required with more participants. (Still, other curious students and instructors sometimes drop in on studio rehearsals to watch or learn a few steps.)

The Thriller dance isn’t technically difficult, said Kylie Kochert, one of two course instructors; the challenge is in making it look authentic.

“It’s difficult in the fact that Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson,” Kochert said. “He could move like no one else could. There’s tricky timing as well, and he had a little bit of a tic that’s difficult to replicate.”

Before the session last year, she spent several weeks with Tatiana Gonzalez, the other teacher, learning the dance and determining the exact counts for each move.

The students, who are asked to attend at least one of the two weekly sessions, learned the basic steps in September. The instructors unveiled several eight-count sequences each Wednesday night, then reviewed them during the Saturday lesson.

“The teachers, they take their time as we go through it,” said Mr. Marcinonis, 54. “Nobody is left behind.”

This month, more pizazz has been added to the routine.

“That’s where we nitpick and say: ‘Michael Jackson’s really doing more of a head bob there. When you’re dancing, try to incorporate a head tic,’  ” Kochert said.

Students have also received tips on constructing a proper zombie costume.

Oversize clothing, Denlinger said, gives the appearance of an emaciated corpse — the more shredded, the better.

Frizzy hair, maybe with a few leaves, is a must.

And, to achieve a just-out-of-the-grave look, Kochert recommends soaking the clothes in wet coffee grounds.

“Or run them over with a car,” Denlinger said with a laugh.

A makeup artist will visit the studio on Friday evening to add finishing touches to the dancing zombies.

Tamie Rietenbach, 60, needed little help with her get-up: She revived the dead ballerina she wore to her zombie-themed Halloween party last year and added a red letter jacket with “Thriller” across the back.

The resident of the Short North is thrilled to be learning the steps to a music video she recalls watching with friends on the day of its premiere.

For the veteran ballroom dancer, the class offers a distinct way to express herself through movement.

“You can do things crooked and bad, and it looks great,” she said. “You can mess up and make it better.”

Indeed, Gonzalez stressed that notion during a rehearsal in the studio — decorated with bats, cobwebs and gravestones.

“Remember: There are no rules to being a zombie,” she said. “Make it your own. If you feel cool, you’re cool.”

Throughout the 45-minute lesson, she reminded the students to flash ugly faces during the creepy, side-to-side Thriller walk with their hands in the air.

The students should have mastered the moves by Friday for their two-minute performance, to be delivered several times for passers-by — including many who will undoubtedly have their smartphones out to record the spectacle.

The studio plans to host the class again next fall — with the proper permit to open the class to more enthusiasts.

“Thriller has been around so long,” Gonzalez said. “It’s from the 1980s, and it’s 2015 — and we still play it every time we go into October.”


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It’s Thriller Season! Lexington Parties With More Than 1,200 Zombies And Six “Michael Jacksons!”

Source: – By Cheryl Truman | All Things Michael


When you think of Halloween in Lexington, you think of candy, pumpkins — and theThriller community dance during the Halloween parade.

First conceived in 2002, Teresa Tomb of Mecca Dance Studio and Melissa McCartt-Smyth, who works in the office of Lexington mayor Jim Gray, refined the idea by putting out a note to see if Lexingtonians were interested in participating.

The idea was to involve Lexingtonians even if they didn’t have formal dance training.

That first year, McCartt-Smyth recalls, “We worked on it for a couple of weeks. We did a little rolling (street) blockage with the police. We did word of mouth. We even invited my parents”

It was a modest thing.

“We thought it would be just a fun little street performance,” Tomb said.

Tomb and McCartt-Smyth thought that would be the end of it — until the next July, when they started getting calls asking when rehearsals for 2003 Thriller would start.

So Lexington’s Thriller presentation kept getting bigger, as did the number of “Michael Jacksons.” Now, there are six couples stationed along Main Street playing the roles of “Michael Jackson” and “Ola,” the terrified girlfriend. The “Michaels” are Courtney Cummins, Albert Ignacio, Jared Martin, Cameron Jones-Commodore, Alex Livingood and Cameron Jones (yes, there are TWO Cameron Jones in the lineup). And this year, the annual Thriller parade is part of the Breeders’ Cup week festivities, being followed up by a performance by the costumed funk group Here Come the Mummies on the Courthouse Plaza.

Each of the dancers playing Michael has a distinctive red jacket, like the one made popular by the Jackson himself in videos such as Thriller and Beat It.

Almost anyone can sign up to be a zombie. The zombie walk is open to even those who have no dance or theater training, but they must learn the dance.

“Everyone gets a little creative with their character,” McCartt-Smyth said. “We give them a little bit of guidance if needed, on having a story for their character.”

What if a zombie misses a step?

“It’s perfect, because they’re zombies, and it doesn’t matter,” McCartt-Smyth said.

Although the Lexington Thriller is a massive undertaking, it is not the biggest Thriller dance. A 2013 Rolling Stone article said that distinction belonged to a 2009 Mexico City dance in which 13,957 people participated. The article also notes that Thriller choreographer Michael Peters, who later won a Tony for his choreography of Dreamgirls, died of AIDS at just 46, in 1994.

Albert Ignacio, in his fifth year as the “Michael Jackson” who emerges from the Kentucky Theatre, is a medical massage therapist 364 days of the year.

But on Thriller night, he disappears into the character of the charismatic leader of the zombie dancers.

“I’ve always been obsessed, since high school, with Michael Jackson’s stardom, and trying to learn this dance in detail,” Ignacio, 47, said during a session with Jones-Commodore at Mecca dance studio’s Manchester Street location.

The two went through one pass of the Thriller routine, which Ignacio describes, breathlessly, as a real aerobic workout. Ignacio will probably perform the routine eight times along the parade route; Jones-Commodore, seven times.

“I’ve had a passion for dance since I can remember,” said Jones-Commodore, 25.

He remembers being a young child watching Michael Jackson on television and being transfixed by his dancing style.

This is Jones-Commodore’s third year as a “Michael Jackson.”

He said, “This is one of those spectacular events that you don’t just see everywhere.”


Presented by Mecca Live Studio, Lexington Parks & Recreation and WRFL

When: Oct. 25. Halloween Parade starts at 8 p.m., followed by Thriller at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Main Street Lexington. Six “Michael Jackson” dancers will emerge from buildings along Main Street.

Rain date: Oct. 26.

Cost: Free.

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“Michael Is The One Person In My Life Who Really Steered Where I Was Going,” Says Thriller Live Cleo Higgins

Sources: Hull Daily Mail | All Things Michael


Michael Joseph Jackson sold 750 million records worldwide, was awarded 13 Grammy awards, 26 American Music Awards and his albums collectively spent 4,458 weeks in the Billboard charts – all before his death in 2009.

Jackson earned $125m in 1989 alone from endorsements and album sales, the Bad World Tour sold 4.4 million tickets, Thriller spent 211 weeks in the US charts and $60m of sales from We Are The World was donated to Africa’s famine relief.

Within one year of his untimely death, 35 million albums were sold, and Jackson even released a posthumous record.

Strong work. Shamone.

But, whether you be a fan of old, who allowed his music to be at the forefront as the soundtrack to your younger days, or a newcomer to the Jackson world, there is still chance to see his masterpieces, through the power of theatre.

Created for the West End in January 2009, Thriller promises to fill two and a half hours of your life with hits that pay homage to Jackson’s unprecedented 45-year career, and has been hailed as well worth the watch.

But you can put your Megabus tickets away, as the show is coming to us.

Straight from its seventh year at the top of the charts, Thriller will be descending upon the city from Monday, for a six-date run, and won’t stop until you get enough.

One cast member is particularly enamoured with singing her hero’s hits.

“Michael is the one person in my life who really steered where I was going,” says Cleo Higgins, who found fame as one-third of Nineties girl group Cleopatra.

“I must have cried every day for a year when he died. I felt so attached to him through his music.”

Cast as one of four lead singers in the production, performing live should come naturally to Cleo.

Her original namesake band consisted of her and her two sisters, achieving a top five hit with Comin’ Atcha, and, after disbanding, Cleo made it through to the semi-finals of The Voice in 2013, with the help from super producer and Cheryl’s bestie Will.I.Am.

“This is my first ever theatre performing experience,” admits Cleo. “But the minute I knew auditions were being held, I was straight on the motorway. I had to get the part. Michael is such an important part of my life.”

For those whose interests have been peaked, do not expect a story of Jackson’s life with a disclaimer suggesting changes for dramatic effect, or a plotted story at all.

“It’s not a play,” Cleo says. “There are four singers and a Michael dance impersonator, who does an amazing moonwalk.

“But we aren’t impersonating Michael with our voices, it’s still us, we’re just reliving the music for the audience.

“It’s a celebration of his musical work and its the closest thing to seeing what he would have been like live. It’s so good, it’s given me the bug to carry on in theatre – despite the long hours!

“It’s so hard being away from your family, especially my kids, but the music really does pull you through.

“I love singing Blame It On The Boogie, because everyone gets up dancing, but during The Way You Make Me Feel, I have to wear a rather tight catsuit. So that took some nerve getting into.

“But the night is about Michael, who was brilliant at being himself. There is so much passion in this show, which reflects how much passion Michael had to change the world.

“People leave the theatre feeling amazing, but there isn’t a dry eye in the house after Man In The Mirror. It’s a real tearjerker.”

Thriller Live:

When & where: Monday to Saturday, October 31. 7.30pm. Saturday, 4pm and 8pm. Hull New Theatre, Kingston Square, Hull

Tickets: From £22.50

Call: 01482 300300 or visit


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Sources: Highball Columbus | All Things Michael


HighBall is the nation’s fiercest costume party. Staged in the fashion capital of Columbus, this yearly event for the Halloween season bridges runway style with the culture of the Short North Arts District. Be a part of the HighBall street spectacle and model yourself on High Street. At HighBall, you are what you wear.

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Hosted by the Short North Alliance (SNA), HighBall helps raise money to support clean and safe initiatives, promotions, holiday campaigns, public art installations, parking management and more in the Short North Arts District. In other words, HighBall makes the Short North Arts District even more incredible for all who live and visit here.

The Friday night theme is Michael Jackson, and people should come dressed in costumes reminiscent of the “King of Pop.” Who’s Bad: the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band will perform classic hits.


Fullscreen capture 10222015 84301 AM

Schedule – October 23 -24, 2015


6:00PM        The party kicks off with a HIGHBALL Happy Hour and free admission until 7:00PM.

8:00               Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons

9:00               The Floorwalkers

10:00             The Battelle HIGHBALL: On The Rocks MICHAEL JACKSON Public Costume Contest

10:45              Who’s Bad, the ultimate Michael Jackson tribute band

12:30AM       Last call

1:00               Closing time


6:00PM         The party kicks off with HIGHBALL Happy Hour and free admission until 7:00PM

8:00               The Girls!

9:00               MojoFlo

10:00             Highlight of HIGHBALL: Costume Couture Fashion Show

11:15             The Battelle Public Costume Contest

12:30AM        Last call

1:00                Closing time

CONTACT: 21 E. Fifth Avenue #103, Columbus OH 43201

PHONE: +1 614-299-8050




Thrill The World NYC – Zombie Masquerade Ball

Sources: Eventbrite | All Things Michael


Saturday, October 24th, 2015 (Event is from 2pm-6pm) Live World Wide Thriller Dance will happen at 6PM EST/10PM GMT. Followed by a FREE Zombie Crawl from 6:45pm-8:45pm to our afterparty at Phebe’s Bar and Grill (359 Bowery) followed by an optional GHOST WALKING TOUR hosted by Ghosts Of NY Licensed Tour Guide and Managing Director of TTWNYC Amada Anderson for an additional $20 per person to be held in the East Village from 9pm-10:30pm.

Our venue is The COW NYC aka The Celebration of Whimsy located at 21 A Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton) and is part of an annual event that will have thousands of dancers joining us all over the world at the exact same time! THRILL THE WORLD!

This year we are planning a HUGE MASQUARADE BALL! Get ready to dance to Michael Jackson, Donate to charity, and be entertained by Michael Jackson Tribute artists, SINGERS, and surprise raffles and giveaways! Our Philanthropic DJ will be spinning MJ hits all night long while Makeup will be done by local NYC Zombie Makeup Artists. 

Sign up and share with your friends today!

Rehearsals are currently scheduled for Saturday, October 10th from 7pm-8:30pm and Sunday, October 18th from 3:30pm-5:30pm. With an additional rehearsal scheduled for Friday, October 23rd from 8PM-9:30pm. Bring a friend for an additional $20. RSVP by joining our meetup group Thrill The World NYC.


Click Here For Our Press Release.

Thrill The World NYC Team
Saturday, October 24th @6pm EST
Visit our Website Follow on Twitter and join our Facebook Group!


How do I sign up?

1. Make sure you purchase your ticket from above.  Then join our MeetUp Group: and RSVP on the the two classes that are included with your registration fee. All classes will be 90-120 minutes and will include a podcast, dance script, and YouTube video tutorials located on our website: We will be charging an additional $20 per class for anyone else who just wants to learn THRILLER and join us for the classes.

2. We will have professional MakeUp artists available to help you get ready. However this service is on a first come first serve basis. A sign up sheet will be sent to those who purchase tickets.

3. On THRILL DAY we will be collecting NEW Pajamas and NEW Books for The Pajama Program. We ask everyone to bring a donation with them which we will count in as the day goes on and take a picture of the group holding what they brought! The Pajama Program is an amazing organization that we have donated to since 2010. For more info on them visit their website:



Please note that this event is run by Michael Jackson fans and is no way endorsed by Sony Music Entertainment. All Thriller Classes not included as part of the registration will be extra and we will charge $20 per Thriller class. Payments made thru Eventbrite will go directly to the event itself and the event manager for immediate reinbursements (Deposits for venues, rehearsal spaces rentals, equipment, website and marketing, etc.) via paypal.

(Thrill The World NYC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of Thrill The World NYC may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.) Visit this link for tax deductible donations:

For tickets and more, click here

Three Public Libraries To Live Stream The Music of Michael Jackson On October 24

Sources: Business Wire | All Things Michael


BERKELEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) is proud to announce its participation in the Music of Michael Jackson, a live-streamed jazz concert of the award-winning SFJAZZ Collective on Saturday, October 24th. Visitors to the Peninsula Library System’s San Mateo County Library (SMCL) will have the opportunity to experience the event thanks to the library’s lightning-fast expanded Gigabit network and participate in the discussion afterward.

The Gigabit network was provided to SMCL through CENIC’s California Research and Education Network (CalREN), a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber-optic-based network designed to meet the unique requirements of research universities, K-20 students, public libraries and Bay Area cultural institutions. The concert will stream exclusively from SFJAZZ Center to audiences at the Belmont Library, East Palo Alto Library, and Redwood City Main Library at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

The matinee, part of SFJAZZ’s “Exchanges from the Stage” series, will feature performing artists from the SFJAZZ Collective, an all-star award-winning jazz ensemble made up of eight of the finest performers and composers at work in jazz today. The current octet is an international ensemble comprising alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, tenor saxophonist David Sánchez, vibraphonist Warren Wolf, trumpeter Sean Jones, trombonist Robin Eubanks, pianist Edward Simon, bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Obed Calvaire.

“The CENIC Gigabit network has, for the first time, enabled SFJAZZ to begin to realize its vision of sharing the spontaneity and art of jazz with new audiences that might not otherwise be exposed to this art form,” said Mount V. Allen, III, CFE, Director of Operations for SFJAZZ.

Working with the Califa Group and the California State Library, CENIC is committed to connecting all of California’s public libraries to CalREN. To that end, prior to the state’s funding of the High-Speed Broadband in California Public Libraries initiative, CENIC agreed to waive its typical fees over a five-year period — a gift of more than $1.25M — in order to get the project off the ground. Using the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and the Peninsula Library System as pilot sites, CENIC connected them at 10 Gbps and also loaned these library systems the equipment necessary to make the initial upgrades possible. Because libraries are so central to their communities, connecting them to CalREN will one day effectively provide all of California’s 38 million residents with high-performance access to the myriad resources that constitute 21st-century digital citizenship, and will provide California itself with all of the economic benefits of a fully digitally empowered population.

Both fun and educational, this SFJAZZ family matinee concert will provide a window into the exciting world of live jazz. For more information, visit

Live Stream Locations:
Belmont Library
1110 Alameda de las Pulgas
Belmont, CA 94002

East Palo Alto Library
2415 University Avenue
East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Redwood City Main Library
1044 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063


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