Fans Of Michael Jackson To Form Largest Flash Mob For 32nd Anniversary Of Thriller Album – Nov 30

Sources: 24 -7 Press Release |Picture By – BenjaminART | Edited By – All Things Michael


LOS ANGELES, CA, October 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Sunday November 30, 2014, the 32nd anniversary of the release date of the Thriller LP thousands of dedicated fans of Legendary Recording Artist, Michael Jackson, will gather at the site of Thriller Run in Los Angeles and in cities around the world to perform the “Thriller ” dance.

At noon PST flash mobs across the country will perform the dance made famous by Jackson in his long form video in 1982.

Michael Joseph Jackson was a multi-Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. Known worldwide as the King of Pop, his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a key global figure in popular culture.

World Races Is set to present An All Fan Tribute to the King Of Pop, THRILLER RUN, Sunday November 30, 2014.

Thriller Run is an incredible combination of danger and undead terror. From the moment the humans leave the start line, they’ll be running and fleeing in horror from the hordes of undead whose only mission is to devour them alive! Will the humans survive not only the obstacles and the ravenous monsters, but the fear within themselves? Only the humans can decide.

For event information visit or call 888-246-2430.

World Races heartbeat is spotlighting local charities. If your an awesome charity organization contact us about what your group is doing locally.

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Zombies Set To Thrill All Over The World With Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Sources: Get Surray  – By Laura Nightingale| Edited By – All Things Michael

Scare yourself silly this Halloween by dancing like a zombie, dressing up like a zombie or going to the theatre and watching other zombies swallow swords and throw knives!

Zombie (1)

People in cities across the globe are gearing up to be part of Thrill the World, an official world record attempt for the largest annual dance performance on Saturday (October 25) in aid of the NSPCC and SOS Children’s Villages.

The undead dancing in the UK capital will be synchronising their feet with thousands of other zombies in other cities including Hong Kong, Toronto, Los Angeles, Salvador, New York, Melbourne, Kigali and Antigua.

To take part, get yourself zombied-up and catch a train to Covent Garden where you can dance with grizzly ghouls from every corner of the earth at 10pm.

With World Zombie Day having taken place earlier this month, G Live in Guildford has also jumped on the Thriller bandwagon and is hosting a dance workshop on October 31 for 8-14 year olds to learn Michael Jackson’s classic killer moves.

Youngsters will also be able to join an expert make-up artist to create somehorrifyingly brilliant stage make-up effects on the same day.

Circus of Horrors: The Night of the ZombieBut if you don’t fancy dressing up and would rather watch others do it, Circus of Horrors is bringing The Night of the Zombie to the south east as part of a UK tour.

The show that stormed into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and is now a West End smash is back to mark its 20th anniversary in spectacular style.

The latest incarnation is set in the year 2020, in a decrepit and corpse-ridden Londonplagued by zombies.

The story twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shocks – all interwoven with bizarre circus acts, sword swallowers, knife throwers, daredevil balancing acts, astounding aerialists, a demon dwarf, Sinister Sisters and fire-limboing acrobats.

The show at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, takes place on November 17 and 7.30pm. For tickets, call 01329 231942.

The show at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, takes place on November 10 at 7.30. For tickets, call 020 8688 9291.


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Michael Jackson ONE’ Is Thrilling Indeed – Plus So Much More!

Sources: Examiner – By Christine Zeiger | Edited By  – All Thing Michael

maxresdefault (1)

On Oct. 25, 2014 official “Thrill the World” events will take place around the globe, giving Michael Jackson fans the opportunity to gather and dance to the beat of one of pop music’s foremost icons.

The next day, the fun continues, as thousands more are set to join even more flash mobs. Thrilling, indeed. When he was alive, thrilling audience seemed to come naturally to Jackson. And so it is with Cirque de Soleil.

Accordingly, the combination of Jackson’s legendary music and Cirque’s breath-taking fanfare can only equal genius. That genius comes to life in “Michael Jackson ONE”.

In this intimate look at Jackson, the production covers an expanse, complete with soul, splendor, sensation, strife, sex, seeking, sensuousness and satiation. “Thriller” is but a part of the fantastic story, written and directed by Jamie King, that elevates Jackson the artist to a pedestal well deserved. As a tribute to Jackson, the show reminds us why he was–and is–loved so much.Yet beyond his ever-popular music, infused with life on stage through the performances of the 61 Cirque dancers and acrobats, there is the promise of something more…


In fairytale fashion, “ONE” does have a definitive plot. Four unlikely heroes combat the evil one. Perchance, victory comes through the magic of Michael. Along the way, a repertoire of MJ’s hits is the landscape for all the action, stirring up a gamut of emotions and (for those old enough) unforgettable memories.

The multifaceted Jackson lived a complicated life, no doubt. Choosing what parts to highlight in “ONE” could have been daunting. Yet, the essence of Jackson is clearly communicated through song and dance…and the Cirque cast’s peerless, fearless endeavors.

Remembering Jackson as the ultimate entertainer is easy. So is sitting back and being mesmerized by incredible acrobats and dancers. Those MJ Girls in “The Way You Make Me Feel” show what real girl power can be. Sassiness, plus all those feminine curves (and muscles), are liberating for any female worried about her size!


But as true art cannot help but reflect society at large, remembering Jackson as a social activist cannot be overlooked. “They Don’t Care About Us” is a poignant look at the things we often try so hard not to look at—our weaknesses, our failings, our sins.

There are twenty-three “scenes” associated with musical numbers in the production, each vignette helping to move the plot along its course and helping to further reveal something about Jackson. In rearranging Jackson’s hit songs, producers made it a point to maintain the basic essence of the music, so his diehard fans can be glad. Newcomers to Jackson’s music will have a chance to discover and enjoy his far-reaching talents.

Yet, in the true Cirque spirit, there is more. Several of the technical aspects of the production were painstakingly developed to further enhance the entire audience experience. The sound system was designed so that the music and sound effects penetrate the entire theatre through specially angled speakers. Plus, there are actual speakers in the seats—5,412 to be exact. As well, the utilization of a wide variety of video clips shown on non-conventional projection surfaces is key to adding the utmost visual interest and significance.



By the end of the show, that (earlier mentioned) “promise of something more” is fulfilled. For Jackson appears there on stage, bearing a message of hope and love. In this unraveling of his complexity, comes the celebration of Jackson the man and the elevation of his spirit that promises to live on and on.

(Performances of “Michael Jackson ONE” are ongoing at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119. Click here for ticket information.)



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Michael Jackson Themed Event To Raise Money For Spartanburg Little Theatre

Sources: Goupstate – By Dustin George | All Things Michael


 Michael Jackson fans from the Upstate will meet at the Marriott on Saturday in downtown Spartanburg to join a worldwide attempt to set a new world record for the largest simultaneous dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and to raise money for the Spartanburg Little Theatre.

“I happened to find it online, and I thought the concept was really cool,” she said. “We don’t have a lot of this sort of offering in the Upstate.”

Participants in Thrill the World play the role of the zombies in the original “Thriller” music video, dressing up as the undead and dancing behind Jackson throughout the six-minute song.

Holmen hosted the event at the Marriott in 2011, with 200 participants showing up to dance; she’s hoping to have more than 500 zombies dance with her this year.

The event begins at 3 p.m. and will feature a haunted maze, zombie face-painting stations and performances from a number of dancers to fill out the afternoon.

“We want people who come to get as much bang as possible for their buck,” Holmen said.

Holmen, who teaches dance fitness, will bring all of this year’s zombies together at 4 p.m. to begin teaching the choreography of the dance, which takes about an hour and 45 minutes to learn.

“It seems daunting, because (the song) is so long,” said Holmen. “But the dance is repetitive, and it’s taught in sections. It’s not as hard as it seems.”

The world record attempt will begin at exactly 6 p.m., as groups around the world begin dancing to the song at the same time. The last time the record was broken was five years ago, just after Jackson’s June 25, 2009, death.

While she’d like everyone to learn the moves in the time given, Holmen said, in the end, the event is all about having fun.

“Worst case, I say that when in doubt, everyone should just act like a zombie,” she said.

After the world record attempt is over, a dance party will close out the event, which is scheduled to end at 7 p.m.

Registration for this year’s Thrill the World is $10 for adults and $5 for children younger than 12. All proceeds from the event will be given to the Spartanburg Little Theatre.

Jessica Holmen has participated in the event, known as Thrill the World, twice before and is excited to be organizing this year’s event.

“We do a different charity each year,” said Holmen. “The (Little) Theatre is very near and dear to me, I’ve worked with them several times.”

Thrill the World Upstate will take place 3-7 p.m. at the Spartanburg Marriott, 299 N. Church St.

Want to go?

What: Thrill the World Upstate benefit for Spartanburg Little Theatre
When: 3-7 p.m. Saturday
Where: Spartanburg Marriott, 299 N. Church St.
Admission: $10 adults, $5 children younger than 12

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Voorhees Town Center Hosts ‘Thriller Night’ With Outdoor Viewing And Live Reenactment Of MJ’s Short Film

Sources: – By Kirstie Rearick | Edited By – All Things Michael


The Voorhees Town Center is getting ready for the spookiest holiday of the year with its annual “Thriller Night” set for Friday, Oct. 24 from 7 to 10 p.m.

Families and friends can come out to enjoy snacks and take-outs on the lawn while watching the “Nightmare Before Christmas” on a 20-foot outdoor screen.

Also, watch more than 30 theater performers and the public perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in sync with the video playing on the screen and catch up with some strolling characters — a 12-foot strolling skeleton puppet, a seven-foot Frankenstein and a uni-cylcling witch.

“Spirit hours” will be held at the Town Center’s restaurants.

The Voorhees Town Center is located at the intersection of Somerdale and Burnt Mill roads in Voorhees. For more information,


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Shufflin’in Scranton Local Flash Mob ‘Thriller’ Dance To Be Part of World Record Breaking Attempt

Sources: The Times Tribute | Edited By All Things Michael


As Vincent Price once growled, “No mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller.”

Those words will come to life on Saturday, when tens of thousands across the globe attempt to break the world record for the largest simultaneous dance to Michael Jackson’s spooky No. 1 hit, “Thriller.”

The Electric City will join the global event, called “Thrill the World,” at Scranton Cultural Center at The Masonic Temple, which will host a special afternoon of activities that invites area residents to be part of the phenomenon.

Doors open at 4 p.m. for registration and a couple of run-throughs of the routine before the official flash mob starts at 5. Pre-registration is available and team fundraising pages can be shared from

Before the dance takes place, attendees can enjoy children’s activities such as face painting and pumpkin decorating, plus an ice cream truck will be on hand and other foods, including hot dogs and popcorn, will be for sale. There will be a beer garden and cash bar for adults.

In-house choreographer Cristina Sohns Williams has been working with a core group of about 30 dancer-volunteers, who met for lessons in the weeks leading up to the event. On Saturday, the block of North Washington Avenue between Vine and Mulberry streets will be closed for the group dance.

Andy Kurilla, instructor of digital technology at Lackawanna College, with help from some students, will film the event, to be uploaded to the official global website.

The video must be a still shot, with zero panning in or out, so that coordinators can complete a head count to add to the official worldwide count, according to Emily Hibbs, development manager for SCC and the event organizer.

“It’s happening, I think, in 200 places around the world,” Miss Hibbs explained. “We’re aiming to get about 500 participants.

“Everyone we talked to thought it was just the coolest idea,” she said.

A $25 registration fee includes the dance lessons and T-shirts while supplies last. Students can sign up for $15. Additionally, Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors is offering “zombie insurance” to folks who want to be part of the event but who aren’t into dancing. It allows supporters to make a donation to the cultural center for $30, which gives them access to T-shirts and the flash mob event, as well as the zombie crawl, scheduled to pick up immediately where the dance leaves off.

“We’ve partnered with a number of downtown businesses who will offer specials to zombie dancers,” Miss Hibbs said. Guests will receive maps listing participating vendors and specials they’ll offer.

While participants are encouraged to dress like the undead, Miss Hibbs said it’s not necessary to be part of the zombie crowd.

“We want everyone to be comfortable,” she said.

All proceeds from the event will be used for youth programming and the Matthew Flynn Memorial Scholarship. Donations can be made directly by visiting

Despite the ghoulish nature of it all, “Thrill the World” is a fun activity for anyone and everyone, Miss Hibbs said.

“The beauty of the event is it’s really open to all ages,” she noted. “We have some little peanuts that are 6 years old and grandmas.

“It’s something you can bring the whole family out and do together,” Miss Hibbs said.

Contact the writer: pwilding@times, @pwilding on Twitter

If you go

What: Thrill the World, a Worldwide “Thriller” Flash-Mob

When: Saturday, 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Where: Registration and activities take place at Scranton Cultural Center at The Masonic Temple, 420 N. Washington Ave. The block of North Washington Avenue between Mulberry and Vine streets will be closed for the crowd dance.

Details: Registration is $25 per person/$15 for students. For more information or to pre-register online, visit Donations to the Matthew Flynn Memorial Scholarship can be made by visiting For more information, call 570-346-7369.


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In The Studio With Michael Jackson – “The Bad Mixes”

Sources: In The Studio With Michael – By Brad Sundberg | All Things Michael


Whenever I get closer to doing a seminar, I dig into my boxes of memorabilia for two reasons:

1) To look for unique items, music, etc., to share with the group.
2) To get myself back into “MJ World”, if that makes any sense.

I know this likely comes as a shock, but I don’t listen to MJ music 24/7. Particularly after a series of seminars I simply need to take a break from it and instead listen to Beck or Steely Dan or AC/DC or Gloria Gaynor (don’t laugh) for a while. I know… it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true! The seminars bring back a lot of memories and things get to be very real again… and I have to let it go. (Wow, that got deep fast.)

So I am going over last minute prep for the next series of seminars in London, Copenhagen and Frankfurt, and I opened up my memory boxes. Captain EO shirt (original!), my signed Thriller album, boxes and boxes of tapes, CDs, lyrics, scribbled notes and comp sheets, etc. Then I saw my old “Bad Mixes” CD.

After the “Bad” album was released… I mean almost immediately after it was released, Bruce Swedien and I were back at Westlake Studio D starting the remixes for singles, dance mixes, video mixes, etc. This went on for months – song after song.

Monster Cable was involved in the “Bad” album (no, I don’t get a free anything for mentioning them), and Noel Lee was an occasional visitor to the project. Noel was cool, and always seemed to enjoy his visits to the studio. We had Monster Cable all over the place, which was a mixed blessing: It does sound good, but suddenly I was having to lug cables the size of garden hoses around for speakers, and microphone harnesses with the diameter of a grapefruit everywhere we went. No need to hit the gym in those days.

So I don’t know the exact origin of the “Bad Mixes” (I’m sure there are plenty of readers who know more about it than I do), but Monster had some direct involvement – at least with the Special Edition CD. So one day Noel shows up and Bruce and I were working on something – I have no idea what – with a small box of CDs under his arm. He was very proud and pulled them out of the box. Each one had a number: 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, and so on. Michael was on tour, and I’m not sure where Quincy was, but Noel very graciously gave us the CDs with specific instructions that Michael was to have 0001, Quincy would receive 0002, Bruce got 0003, and I received 0004. Noel would keep 0005 for himself.

Now don’t read more into this than you should because I was treated very well by everyone, but it was pretty cool for Noel to include me in the top four of receiving one of his hand-delivered, limited edition numbered CDs. They could have gone to the endless list of managers and executives and lawyers first, but Noel knew we were on the front lines of making the music sound great, and using many of his products along the way, so I think this was his way of saying “thank you”.

I still have good old 0004, sealed in it’s original packaging, as a cool momento from a long time ago. No, it’s not for sale… It represents way too big a part of my life to sell. So there you go… I’m ramping back into MJ world just by digging in a box of memories.


London, Copenhagen, Frankfurt – tickets are still available, and the new material is pretty cool. I was up late last night putting some new segments together from Dangerous – and I think you are going to like them!

Download the “Bad Mixes” or dig out your old CD of it and crank them up this weekend – “Smooth Criminal” sounds better than ever!

I hope to see you on our European tour starting next weekend. Will You Be There?

(0004 will be staying home, safe and sound).

Tickets are still on sale at, AND – if you are already a ticket holder – I have a few T-shirts still available for purchase here – just scroll to the bottom of the screen:

Have a great week, and thank you to my guests in Europe who have already purchased tickets – we are so excited to see you in the coming days!

Keep The Faith -



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Review: Thriller Live At Eden Court

Sources: The Press And Journal – By Susan Welsh | All Things Michael


Having entered the record books as one of the longest-running musicals in West End history, Thriller Live opened at Eden Court Theatre on Monday night.

The spectacular non-stop show celebrates the career of what some regard as the world’s greatest entertainer, the late Michael Jackson.

Through a combination of dance, video and a talented cast of five singers, 10 dancers and excellent six-piece band, the audience is taken on a musical journey through Michael’s 45 year career.

Playing to a packed house, the show opened with History before immediately launching in a medley of Jackson 5 hits including I Want You Back, ABC sung by Wayne Robinson, J Rome, Alex Buchanan and Deborah Dada and Dak Mashava, while the flexible dancers jigged, somersaulted and back-flipped across the stage.

That set the tone for the evening. Great music, fabulous dancing and numerous hits from different decades.

With favourites such as Can Your Feel it, Off the Wall, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Bad, Rock With You, They Don’t care About Us, Dangerous and Heal the World, it wasn’t long before the crowd were on there feet – 25 minutes in fact, which must be something of a record for Eden Court.

For me, and I suspect I’m not alone, the star of the show was young singer, Alex Buchanan who gave a classy, polished and note-perfect performance.

He made it to the semi finals of TV’s The Voice last year and if he continues to put in performances like this, he’ll be headlining his own shows soon.

After more than two hours of non-stop fun, the show drew to its glitzy end with a fantastic version of Thriller, complete with zombies running through the audience to get to the stage.

If you want to forget your troubles for a couple of hours, and leave the theatre feeling happy, then grab a ticket for this show which is at Eden Court until Saturday, October 25.


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