Chicago’s Largest ‘Thriller’ Flash Mob Ever Being Planned For Halloween

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Flash mobs may seem beyond passé at this point, yet not even the most jaded flash mobster can resist the siren call of the Thriller dance. And so, I|O Urban Roofscape at The Godfrey Hotel hosts what they are dubbing Chicago’s largest “Thriller Flash Mob on October 31 to celebrate their first Halloween.

Here’s how it goes down:

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the creepy, crawly moves, because instructors at Flirty Girl Fitness will be happy to teach them to both men and women that night. Thriller classes will be held at their studio located at 2215 N Halsted Street at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Come in costume or bring it with you. Either way, Flirty Girl’s staff can help transform you into the living dead with nail, hair and make-up services for $5 – $15.

To complete the party atmosphere, alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase from Flirty Girl’s bar. Take adult beverages into the disco-lit, fog machine enhanced studio while learning when to clap your hands over your head and slide to the right. (That’s the only move I remember from the video.)

After the Thriller choreography is perfected, or at least sort of learned, the mob will head to the Halloween party at I|O Urban Roofscape beginning at 9:00pm. Then, at 10:31pm and again at midnight, all the preparation will pay off as the dance floor will be invaded by ghouls and zombies breaking out into coordinated dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

You’re nobody if you haven’t tried to do the Thriller dance at least once in your lifetime. But whether or not you want to try to do so amongst a group of perfect strangers in Halloween costumes is an entirely different matter. Tickets to this macabre soirée can be bought here.

Just remember to have someone do the Vincent Price narration as well.

Flirty Girl Fitness is located at 2215 N. Halsted Street in Lincoln Park; I|O Urban Roofscape is located at 127 W. Huron St. 


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Massive Zombie Thriller Dance Coming To City Hall (Toronto)

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Those sleepovers where you danced the zombie dance while your friends’ parents begged you to go to sleep and stop making noise up there are about to pay off. Next weekend a spooky cast of dancers are calling on Toronto to rattle its gross, brain eating (costumed) bodies in an attempt to set a new world record for the most people sashaying the zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Toronto held claim to the first such record in 2006, in case you dance best under pressure.

If you’d like to take part, bring a donation for the Prostate Cancer Canada to Nathan Phillips Square, specifically “the washroom, at the skate rental area” (sketchy), at 4:30pm Saturday, October 25th – it’s the same day as Zombie Walk, so you don’t have to worry about over-zombie-ing your pores this year – and join the hour long rehearsal before the 6pm showdown. If you just want to watch, look out for the bitey ones.


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The Michael Jackson “Dittmar Collection” Exhibit Ends Tomorrow

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Gronau – Anyone looking for a cozy place away from the fresh autumnal temperatures can still quickly take advantage of the last opportunity to visit the Michael Jackson exhibition in the rock’n’ popmuseum. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, October 19, before it goes back in private.

In recent months, many fans of the King of Pop have came to rock’n’popmuseum. In addition to the interested museum visitors, fans clubs traveled in buses and even went in costumes through the exhibition.

Visitors get to see an extract from the “Dittmar Collection,” the private collection of Chris Dittmar Julian, one of the largest and most valuable Michael Jackson collections worldwide. The collector has complied hundreds of exhibits from his possession with the aim to bring visitors closer to both the private individual as well as the world famous Mega Star, who held the breath of the world for decades.

Its artifacts include garments of the singer, including an original Billie Jean jacket that he wore in Pensacola during rehearsals for his “BAD World Tour” in 1988 and also a worn shoe signed by the artist.

The exhibit includes several original awards, such as the eye-catching Platinum Award presented to Michael Jackson for 7 million records, CDs and cassettes sold of the album “Dangerous.”


The skurrileren exhibits includes an original invitation to the private funeral and burial of Michael Jackson, which was held in Glendale on September 3, 2009 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Video clips and audio round off the varied appearances of the exhibition.  The audio guide gives the visitor detailed information about the objects that lift the veil of legend.


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Thriller Live Coming To Wolverhampton Grand Theatre November 11-15

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As it continues its record-breaking 6th year in the West End, a brand new production of THRILLER LIVE is to visit only four regional UK theatres including Wolverhampton Grand Theatre (11 – 15 November) before jetting off to Australia and New Zealand into 2015. THRILLER LIVE has now performed to nightly standing ovations in 28 countries.

The West End production of THRILLER LIVE is now the longest-running production in the Lyric Theatre’s 125-year history. It first moonwalked into the West End in January 2009 after three acclaimed UK tours.

Recently, THRILLER LIVE has entered the record books to officially become the 20th longest running musical in West End history. The production overtook the records set by the legendary stage musicals The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, which are no longer included in the top 20.

THRILLER LIVE is a constantly evolving music concert celebration. When Michael Jackson died, the Lyric Theatre became a focus for fans from all over the world, who created a massive shrine of flowers, candles, and tributes. More than 40 books of condolence were signed in the foyer then sent to the Jackson family. A year after his death, a permanent West End memorial to Michael was unveiled in the theatre foyer.

THRILLER LIVE brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye- popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd.

The show was originally conceived and created by Adrian Grant, a long time associate of Michael Jackson, and author of Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary. It is produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts.


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“Thriller” Time: Learn October’s Unofficial Dance

Sources: NBC Los Angeles – By Alysia Gray Painter


You could round up a group of thesis-writing post-doctoral students, and summon the greatest minds of our time, and they’d still reach the same conclusion we all would, to a person, when asked this question: “When dancing the ‘Thriller’ dance, which move do people always, without exception, start with?”

The answer: the claws.

It’s always the claws, in the air, first at one side of the head, then the other, but the funny thing, of course, is that the claws don’t appear in the “Thriller” video, Michael Jackson’s 1983 John Landis-directed, Vincent Price-narrated phenomenon, until deep into the dance of the undead.

Which means this: People probably need to learn the dance, from scratch, rather than tapping into their memories of what turned out to be one of the most famous, if not the most famous, music videos of all time (if such things can be measured, and we’re sure someone is working on that).

Thrill the World LA is stop one. It’s part of the global Thrill the World event, where zombies — are they zombies, really, or traditional, fresh-from-the-grave undead? — gather in spots around the planet to go claws up in one joyous, seasonal dance. There are typically rehearsals, and you can study past performances on line (hardcore Thrill-the-World-ers are prone to showing up at Staples Center and other local spots for flash mobs outside of October).

Thrill the World LA 2014 goes down at the Queen Mary on Saturday, Oct. 25. It’s free — parking isn’t — and you can come down and watch the merry madness. Or get involved with the “Thriller” crew. They like to wear spooky make-up and zombie-esque duds, which is fun stuff in our workaday world.

And Kim Blank, one of the original dancers from the video (and a ghoul who’s a friend to this writer, disclaimer), also teaches a yearly one-time-only dance class that flaunts all the moves she learned from Michael Peters, the video’s choreographer. Class size is limited, people do dress up, Swerve Studio is on West Third Street, and the moves?

Well, they go way, way beyond the claws in the air, as you’ll see if you sign up for the Sunday, Oct. 18 workshop. Prepare for disciplined and cheeky instruction from a professional dancer who was one of the few to shake it, undead-style, on-screen.

“Thriller,” after all, isn’t just about the big scary eyes and shreddy clothing but about those jerky but precise movements, the low, menacing squats, and, yes, the occasional clawed hand.

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Zombies Will Invade Harlem On Halloween For Rendition Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

Sources: Daily News – By Jan Ranson | All Things Michael

Hundreds of dancing zombies are expected to flood Lenox Ave. near 124th St. on Oct. 31 for a rousing rendition of the late legendary pop artist Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’


The dead will bring Harlem to life on Halloween.

Hundreds of dancing zombies are expected to flood Lenox Ave. near 124th St. on Oct. 31 for a rousing rendition of the late legendary pop artist Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

“It’s iconic,” said organizer Chet Whye, who pulled off a similar, but smaller, event last year. “It’s Michael Jackson’s signature. We feel we had to do this tribute for him on Halloween.”

Harlem played a major role in Jackson’s life, Whye said, noting the world-renowned singer launched his career with the Jackson 5 at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in 1967. The group won.

“Thriller,” the then-unprecedented 13-minute pop music video from 1983, was deemed the most influential of its time because it mixed filmmaking and music. It was the first video to be premiered worldwide on MTV.

“Thriller,” the then-unprecedented 13-minute pop music video from 1983, was deemed the most influential of its time because it mixed filmmaking and music. It was the first video to be premiered worldwide on MTV.

Organizers are calling zombie-wannabes citywide to creep, crawl or moonwalk their way over to Lenox Ave. burger joint Harlem Shake, 100 W. 124th St., for the event, which opens at 6 p.m. The flash mob will begin its dance at 8 p.m


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Interview With Mig Ayesa – Thriller Live

Sources: 3 News | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson fans will get another chance to experience his music live in a theatrical experience coming to Auckland next year.

Thriller Live is a tribute to the late pop star, featuring a roll call of his hit songs and signature dance moves.

The show opened on London’s West End in January 2009 but experienced a surge in popularity after Jackson’s death six months later, and continues to play there today as well as touring the world.

Mig Ayesa is one of the performers tasked with the mammoth job of bringing Jackson’s hits to life. He is careful to point out that the cast are not Jackson impersonators.


“We’re not trying to be Michael Jackson because of course that would be insulting, to think that we’re as good as Michael,” he says.

“What we’re doing is interpretations of Michael’s music, celebrating his mastery and the incredible songs that he had.”

That involves utilising female singers for some songs as well as a troupe of 16 dancers.

Ayesa, who was last seen in Auckland as Rooster Hannigan in Annie, embodies the rock side of Jackson, performing hits like ‘Beat It’, ‘Dirty Diana’ and ‘Black or White’.

Despite not wanting to give cookie-cutter performances of those songs, Ayesa says he has spent a lot of time studying details like phrasing.

“You cannot sing some of Michael Jackson’s songs unless you do it in his way.

“[But] there is a trick to doing Michael’s music without being Michael Jackson.”

Thriller Live opens at Auckland’s Civic Theatre on February 12, 2015.

Watch the video for the full interview with MiG Ayesa.


Dance Out Diabetes With Michael Jackson And DJ Charis!

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Event: Totally Michael Jackson with DJ Charis

WHEN: Saturday 11/8/14 from 1-3 pm (Show up at 1:15 if you do not want the screening.)

WHERE: The African American Art & Culture Complex
(762 Fulton Street, S.F., CA 94102 between Buchanan & Webster). Free parking.

WHO: Everyone, with and without diabetes, all ages and abilities.

WHAT: Join DJ Charis in an exciting afternoon of dancing to all Michael Jackson music!

HOW & WHY: Dance Out Diabetes is a local non-profit that prevents and manages diabetes through dance. Because of volunteers, individual donors and corporate sponsorships, participants get a $277 value health check-up. This includes blood pressure, height, weight, A1C test (3-month glucose average), glucose, and access to certified diabetes educators. And we pay you to go dancing for the health of it!

HEALTHY REWARDS INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Participants who attend the event and get their health screenings will receive a $10 gift card. Diabetes is expensive and can be a burden, so this is our way to inspire you.

MORE INFORMATION: or call Theresa at 1-877-765-4386. Wear comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes and bring water.

COST: $10, but if you can’t afford it, just show up.