2015 PBS Arts Fall Festival Celebrates Fifth Anniversary Season With Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson

Sources: PBS.org | All Things Michael

BEVERLY HILLS, CA; August 1, 2015 — PBS President Paula Kerger announced today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour the full lineup and airdates of PBS’ annual arts programming showcase. The 2015 PBS Arts Fall Festival returns October 9, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET, celebrating its fifth season, with eight new weekly programs. The Festival will launch with the inventive, high-energy UNITYTHE LATIN TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON, hosted by the legendary and world-renowned percussionist Sheila E. and featuring Michael Jackson’s greatest hits interpreted by award-winning Latin artists.

Audiences will be put in the Halloween spirit on October 30 when the previously unannounced LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER presents “Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton” (w.t.) airs featuring scores from blockbuster films such as Batman, Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland and more. Fresh off of her recent Tony-nominated Broadway run, GREAT PERFORMANCES brings  “Chita Rivera: A Lot of Livin’ to Do” on November 6. This year’s PBS Arts Fall Festival welcomes many more of Broadway and Hollywood’s biggest names, including Vanessa Williams, Norm Lewis, Julian Ovendon from “Downton Abbey” on MASTERPIECE, Tony Shalhoub, Andrea Martin and Andrea Bocelli, among others.

The PBS Arts Fall Festival is an annual cornerstone of PBS’ Friday primetime lineup, reaching more than 15 million viewers last season and underscoring PBS’ ongoing commitment to give audiences the best of the arts on-air and online. This year, the Festival will be hosted by seven-time Grammy Award-winning international music superstar Gloria Estefan, whose own musical journey with her husband Emilio, is told in the new Broadway musical ON YOUR FEET!, premiering in October at the Marquis Theatre in New York City.

“The fifth annual PBS Arts Fall Festival is a celebration of performing arts and music from the stage and screen, from the pop charts, and more. Gloria Estefan serving as this year’s host and a Latin tribute to the music of Michael Jackson are among the many highlights of this year’s festival programming,” said PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger. “The festival is an enduring testament to PBS’ longstanding commitment to the arts, which is reinforced with this fall’s lineup of our signature quality programming and exciting performances that will captivate audiences.”

“The Festival spans generations and genres with contemporary hits, Broadway legends and tributes to groundbreaking artists, with an additional spotlight this year on Latin music stars,” said PBS Vice President of Programming and festival curator, Donald Thoms. “This season promises to be spectacular for the arts on PBS, and reinforces our commitment to arts and diversity programming.”


Friday, October 9, 9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. ET

World-class drummer and percussionist Sheila E. hosts a concert special that showcases award-winning Latin artists and a 37-piece orchestra performing Latin-infused arrangements of the songs on Tony Succar’s album Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. The album and concert feature 16 songs that inspired musicians from all over Latin America to come together to celebrate and reimagine hits such as “Smooth Criminal,” “I Want You Back” and “Billie Jean.” On its release in April 2015, the album topped the Amazon Latin World Music Charts, the iTunes World Music Charts and the Billboard Tropical Charts at #1. Produced by Unity Entertainment Corporation and Oregon Public Broadcasting in association with Universal Music Classics.


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Michael Jackson Shrine May Be Taken Down

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A famous shrine to Michael Jackson in Munich could face closure after violent fights over its appearance between rival fans.

Candles and flowers have stood at the unofficial shrine outside the city’s Bayerischer Hof hotel every day since the singer’s death in 2009.

But now the Bavarian state government says that unless the competing groups of fans who place photos and other memorabilia at the site can learn to get along, the shrine will have to go.

The government has stepped in after scuffles broke out between fans, with one claiming that a rival threw a glass candle-holder at her.

“If peaceful coexistence between the different groups of fans behind the Michael Jackson memorial is not possible, then sadly the memorial will have to be removed,” the Bavarian culture ministry warned in a letter to the fans.

The shrine first appeared the day after Jackson’s death from a prescription drug overdose in 2009.

Fans commandeered the base of a statue of Orlando di Lasso, a Renaissance composer, opposite the hotel where Jackson often stayed while in Munich.

Today, the pedestal of the statue is festooned with photos of Jackson, flowers and balloons.

Although it has never been officially sanctioned, the shrine has become a tourist sight, with national flags left by fans from around the world.

“This is an absolute final warning,” a spokesman for the culture ministry told reporters.

“We tolerated this memorial until now, but we’ve heard from the police about disputes between fans, and there have even been criminal complaints.”

The dispute appears to be between two rival groups of fans.


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Michael Jackson’s Glove Sells For $65,000

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A Rare, Sequinned White Glove Famously Worn By Michael Jackson Has Sold For Almost $65,000 (£41,000) At Auction.

The garment, one of several hand coverings the King of Pop sported onstage and in music promos, was given by the star to his personal artist Paul Bedard in 1984, and he later sold it to a private collector.


It went up for auction via Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles on Thursday (30Jul15) and fetched an impressive $64,850 (£40,531).

The sale also featured a prototype of the iconic jacket Jackson wore in the video for his 1987 hit Bad, which attracted a top bid of $12,500 (£7,812).


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He Is Here To Change the World (Again): Captain EO Returns to EPCOT

Sources: Disney Insider | All Things Michael


In the fall of 1986 Michael Jackson came to EPCOT Center in Florida as part of “a small group, struggling to bring freedom to countless worlds of despair.” And now he’s back.

Captain EO, the breakthrough 3D science fiction adventure that starred Jackson, was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas, quietly returned to EPCOT earlier this month in all of its breakdancing, stargazing glory. The 17-minute-long attraction is right where it was when it first debuted back in 1986: the Imagination Pavilion in the Futureworld West section of the park.

It’s hard to imagine how huge Captain EO was when it first came to the parks in 1986. This was Michael Jackson at the height of his popularity, five years after Thriller broke every record there was and less than a year before his equally powerful Bad would be unleashed. It was also George Lucas’ first collaboration with the Disney theme parks, three years after Return of the Jedi closed out the original Star Wars trilogy and a year before Star Tours would be joyfully jostling Disneyland attendees. And by 1986 Coppola had cemented himself as a legendary filmmaker, having already helmed the first twoGodfather films, The Conversation, and (more recently) The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. It was almost too good.


There were a number of technical innovations that also went along with Captain EO; it is largely thought of as the first “4D” film, with in-theater effects like smoke, lasers, and a glittery star field that was draped across the theater ceiling. (In both Florida and CaliforniaCaptain EO replaced Magic Journeys, a gentle 3D fantasy.) Captain EO featured two new songs from Jackson, including one (“Another Part of Me”) that would appear on Bad. (The other, “We Are Here to Change the World,” would only be released, in truncated form, in the 2004 Jackson box set The Ultimate Collection.) Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, who lensed The Conformist and would later shoot Disney’s Dick Tracy, was responsible for the 3D photography. The late, great James Horner (whose Rocketeer score we absolutely adore) provided the score. An in-depth hour-long special called Captain EO Backstage, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, premiered on The Disney Sunday Movie on ABC and another hour-long special aired from the film’s Disneyland grand opening (it was hosted by Patrick Duffy and Justine Bateman along with musical guests Starship and Robert Palmer). This was it.

And it goes without saying that the film was (and still is) totally awesome. It features dancing and monsters and Anjelica Huston as a witchy, H.R. Giger-esque space princess (when Jackson compliments her appearance, she hisses, “You find meeee beautiful?”) At 17 minutes, it tells a complete story but never feels flabby or overlong; it zigs and zags and boogies with the best of them.

Back when the film opened, the Imagination Pavilion was a much different place. Journey Into Imagination, the flagship ride, was a sprawling ode to the unlimited capabilities of the human mind, and once you finished riding the attraction, you were funneled up to a play area called the Upstairs Image Works. This is where you got to interact with exhibits like a giant, colorful tunnel (that was a favorite of Jackson’s whenever he would visit the park) and a kind of color canon that would allow you to fire paintbrushes (and virtual paint) at blank canvases. When you would complete your play, you would get on an escalator that would bring you into the specially outfitted theater where Captain EO played. Walk around versions of several of the characters would mill around outside the pavilion. It was the kind of sprawling, synchronous experience that defined those heady early days of EPCOT Center.


In 1994 Captain EO closed and a year later Honey, I Shrunk the Audience premiered. It was aired (once) on MTV in 1996 in a downscaled two-dimensional version. But after Jackson’s tragic passing in 2009, the film returned to the Imagination Pavilion theater (it also reappeared at several other parks, including Disneyland). This new version of the attraction premiered in the summer of 2010 at EPCOT and was labeled a “tribute.” It swapped some of the earlier effects for those installed for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, including a nifty gag where the floor bounces up and down as the villainess’ dark forces approach, and was digitally projected. When it returned, Captain EO was even more beautiful than when it first premiered. Audiences clapped and sung along and snapped up merchandise, including T-shirts modeled after Michael’s nifty rainbow model and plush versions of the characters.

Over the past few months, the theater has been used for a variety of purposes, mostly to exhibit upcoming Disney features like Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland and Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out. But now Captain EO is back and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s an attraction thatfeels so classically EPCOT, one that has one foot in fantasy and the other in science fiction; that is both futuristic and warmly nostalgic. It’s an attraction shares EPCOT’s view of the future as a place where anything is possible and everything is super fun. Captain EO is the story of “a ragtag band led by the infamous Captain EO,” and almost 30 years later, it’s enough to make you smile … and dance.


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Patriarch Of Musical Jackson Family Hospitalized In Brazil

Sources: The Denver Post- AP| All Things Michael


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A Brazilian hospital says Joe Jackson — the father of the late Michael Jackson and the patriarch of the musical family — suffered a stroke while visiting the South American nation.

An emailed statement early Monday from the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo says only that Jackson was admitted to the hospital Sunday afternoon. He is in the intensive care unit. The statement also said he was suffering from an irregular heartbeat.

The statement does not say exactly what condition Jackson is in. Calls to the hospital’s public relations department were not answered before business hours Monday.

Jackson is in Brazil in part to celebrate his 87th birthday — which was on Sunday.

Local media say Jackson was absent from his own party because he was already in the hospital. Photos from his official website show him dining in Sao Paulo restaurants.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown: Michael Jackson’s Nephew Pays Tribute

Sources: Billboard – By Austin Brown | All Things Michael

Before Brown’s death on July 26, Austin Brown penned an essay for Billboard in which he relates and reflects on the girl he came to know as the adoring daughter of a very famous mom.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobbi Kristina at the 2009 American Music Awards. It was only a few months after losing our beloved Michael. My family was still grieving through our own personal pain as the world was grieving the public loss of someone who meant so much to so many.

Attending in support of my aunt, who was opening the show, I was sitting with [producer] Rodney Jerkins, a family friend to both the Jackson and Houston families. Right before the show started, I saw a woman approaching us with a young lady clamped to her arm. As the pair drew closer, I could see that it was Whitney Houston and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney offered her cheek for Rodney and I to kiss as her daughter said hello. During the quick conversation, Bobbi Kristina didn’t let go of her mom’s arm for one second. You could tell that Whitney was truly the light in her eyes and her safety zone. Whenever I saw Bobbi Kristina after that, it was always the same thing: her clamped tightly to her mother and never letting go, evidence of the deep bond between the two.

With the death of Houston three years ago, we lost another icon. But it saddened me that many people forgot — first and foremost — that her death was about the loss of a mother and the pain it caused a family. No matter what the public perception is, the human factor should be evident: the loss of a family member, especially a parent, is extremely painful beyond comprehension.

I experienced the same personal struggle after losing my father in 2013 to pancreatic cancer. I was trying to work through the inevitable downhill spiral while fighting to find inner peace and discover the new person I was moving forward to be. At these moments, families do one of two things. Either they come together and grow from the loss so they can move forward. Or they bicker over the mundane material possessions or financial matters, not realizing the real anger and pain they are experiencing stems from the hurt and void caused by the loved one’s loss. But no matter the outcome, the family can grieve, cry, fight and emote in private without public opinion judging their actions.

When I think about Bobbi Kristina, it pains me to see that her grief has turned into a story full of public judgment and opinion since the passing of her mother. As she continues fighting for her life, public perception is still inquiring about her rights as a celebrity child and her personal relationships with her family. Have we come to this as a society?

Yes, we all know the answer to that question. But let’s take a real look inside at what that can be like. When our family lost Michael, we grieved with the world. When there were internal struggles, these were headlined as “Entertainment” for the world to watch unfold. The reality: we all had to adjust to who we were now as a family moving forward and, most important, help the children he left behind handle their pain and adjustment. The public’s intrigue only further fueled the stress and internal struggles. Fortunately, however, through faith, prayer, and love we got through it and weathered the storm to rebuild a new family foundation.

I pray and hope to see Bobbi Kristina live to show us why her love for her mother was so strong that she continually clamped onto her arm. Before only seeing her as the beloved daughter of a legend we all adored, we have to remember this is a daughter who lost her mother. And that she is not the first person in the world to have a hard time with grief.

Energy is the battery of the universe. Through prayer and love we can shift the negativity that is being portrayed publicly into a positive effort for someone to live through their sadness and struggles and hopefully move on to help others in the future. Bobbi Kristina, we as a family have you in our prayers.

Austin Brown is the son of Rebbie Jackson, eldest of the Jackson children and sister of the late Michael Jackson.

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Sapphire Resorts Group Spotlights The Best Events In Las Vegas This August

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Vegas is known as Sin City, but there are plenty of wholesome events offered year-round. The city has no trouble attracting some of the world’s top talent and those wishing to see them perform. Though it’s always a great place to spend leisure time, this August in Las Vegas is shaping up to be one of best times to visit.Sapphire Resorts™ Group is happy to share some of the most exciting reasons to visit Vegas this summer.

1.    Aerosmith at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Known as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band,” Aerosmith has been rocking the roof off stadiums for over four decades. These Bad Boys of Boston will be opening the month of August on the 1st at the MGM Grand Garden with a one-night-only performance that is sure to be one to remember. Hear the songs that were written into our cultural consciousness played by the guys who originally performed them.

2.    Ron White at The Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort
A senior member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron White may not be for the kids, but he sure is funny. Ron’s style of cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking comedy is unique and his delivery unmatched. There are several chances to see “Tater Salad” this August in Vegas. He’ll be at the Mirage hotel and casino resort on the 7th, 8th, 21st and the 22nd. Bring a sense of humor and some country sensibilities to have a laughter-filled night to remember.

3.    Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson One at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
Sapphire Resorts™ Group knows that the late Michael Jackson had a lasting, profound influence on our culture in many ways. Cirque du Soleil pays homage in this synthesis of dance, music, visuals and acrobatics. Hear Jackson’s music as never before in this stunning display of artistry which seemingly summons the spirit of Michael. One is playing throughout the month of August at the Mandalay Bay resort. Read more here


Administrator’s Note: This show is ongoing and not just for August. MJ One will celebrate Michael’s birthday on August 29th.



Friday – Tuesday 7:00p.m. & 9:30p.m.
(Only 4:30p.m. & 7:00p.m. performances on July 4, October 4, October 11, October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15, November 22, November 29)

Dark days are Wednesday and Thursday.

Michael Jackson ONE will not perform on the following dates in 2015:

  • August 11
  • October 14 – 22
  • December 15

Added performances in 2015:

  • August 6
  • August 19
  • November 25
  • December 30


Neverland Ranch: Realtor Says, “I Think You Need To Let The People Know It’s Michael Jackson’s Estate”

Sources: CBS8 News | All Things Michael


SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – More than six years after the death of Michael Jackson, his Southern California ranch is still up for sale, but the property has undergone a dramatic transformation.

The listing calls it Sycamore Valley Ranch, and boasts a 12,500 square-foot main house. The main house is surrounded by extensively landscaped gardens and a four-acre lake complete with a waterfall.

The asking price? $100 million.

The Sycamore Valley Ranch used to be Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, but missing from the estate listing is any mention of the amusement park and the train station.

In fact, the amusement no longer exists.


La Jolla Real Estate Agent Marti Gellens sells multi-million dollar homes, and said dealing with famous property tricky. Sometimes, highlighting its history can work, and sometimes it can work against a deal, she said.

“I think you need to let the people know it’s Michael Jackson’s estate. I would definitely let them know that, but I would get rid of all those things that’s a reminder of it. So now, they can imagine themselves there. It’s not Michael’s house, but it used to be Michael’s house,” said Gellens.

Jackson bought the property in 1987 for $19.5 million. He lived there for more than 15-years, but lost the property in 2008, following financial problems.

After he died in 2009, fans turned the front gate into a huge memorial site.


The property had been neglected for several years, but since then has been cleaned up. Only a single llama still lives in the zoo.

Also still remaining from Michael’s day is the the station house modeled after the one at Disney World, with topiary Neverland clock in front of it.

You can view the real estate listing, which includes more pictures of the property here.


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