Mo Pleasure Presents The Music Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's "This Is It."

One of the greatest keyboard players and multi-instrumentalists of our generation, Morris ‘Mo’ Pleasure is in constant demand from some of the world’s biggest musical names. When Michael Jackson put his band together for his This Is It tour, Mo’s name was top of the list. Tragically, that band never got to play the This Is It show, but they can be seen on the This Is It Blu Ray and DVD released after the superstar’s untimely death.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It."

We’re delighted that Mo will be in store this December. As well as playing songs from This Is It, Mo will also talk about the production of the show and about Michael Jackson’s vocal percussion techniques. As a long-time Yamaha Motif Synthesizer player, this is un-missable event both for Yamaha Motif players and fans of Michael Jackson.


Tickets will go fast – book yours today!

In store at Yamaha Music London, Free Entry – Book Tickets here

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Company ‘Illegal’ To Register Michael Jackson Trademark

Sources: cn – By Zhang Rui | All Things Michael


Beijing Daily reported that, in early November, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court gave its verdict that a China’s fashion company acted illegally when it rush-registered the name of Michael Jackson as a Chinese trademark.

Triumph International, Inc., a wholly-owned merchandise licensing company owned by the estate of the late singer, filed the complaint against Fujian Funson Fashion Corp. Ltd. which registered “Michael Jackson” as their own apparel trademark. Triumph called it a “malicious action.”

However, the Chinese company argued that the “Michael Jackson” trademark was just a name and had nothing to do with the pop singer, and it had produced and sold several products including a cleansing foam using the singer’s images and likeness in their promotion.

The Trademark Review & Adjudication Board had decided that, according to China’s trademark law, though Jackson had enjoyed prior rights, the singer was dead so that the subject to be protected doesn’t exist anymore. The board, therefore, maintained the usage right of the trademark by the Chinese company.

Triumph International then filed the suit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, seeking reversal of the Board’s decision.

It was argued in court that Jackson, being dead, no longer enjoyed rights to his name and Triumph International didn’t have standing to sue on his behalf.

However, the court decided to accept the company’s evidence that, although the singer had passed away on June 25, 2009, his name and likeness still have outstanding economic value. Hence, the Chinese company was clearly seeking economic gain when it frequently used Jackson’s name and images on their trademark designs and products, though it had nothing to do with the singer. This action was likely to mislead the public into thinking the products were licensed by Jackson himself or affiliated with his company, creating a wrong assumption regarding the qualities and sources of products and services and harm the public interest.

The court, therefore, revoked the board’s decision and asked it to review and make a new decision according to Triumph International’s appeal.

Former basketball superstar Michael Jordan also encountered a similar trademark dispute with a Chinese sports firm earlier this year. The former Chicago Bulls star sued Qiaodan Sports in 2012, saying the sportswear firm in southern Fujian Province had built its business around his Chinese name and famous jersey number “23” without his permission.

Qiaodan Sports said the trademark was legally registered in China and protected by domestic law. It countersued Jordan for violating Qiaodan Sports’ reputation.

The Trademark Review & Adjudication Board decided in 2014 that “Jordan” was a normal name in English and “Qiaodan” differed from it, while the likeness used in Qiaodan trademark design was not particularly intended to point to or resemble Jordan himself.

A Beijing intermediate court ruled in favor of Qiaodan over the dispute in February, 2015, and this ruling was upheld by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court in June. However, the basketball star vowed to take the matter to China’s Supreme Court, a spokesman for Jordan’s legal team said.

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Jackson Estate Dismissed From Hologram Case

Source: Courthouse News | All Things Michael


LAS VEGAS (CN) – A federal judge dismissed Michael Jackson’s estate and Dick Clark Productions from a patent lawsuit stemming from a Jackson hologram performance during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Plaintiffs Hologram USA, Musion Das Hologram and Uwe Maass filed the joint stipulation to dismiss without prejudice MJJ Productions, Dick Clark Productions and the estate of Michael Jackson from an amended complaint that continues against Pulse Evolution, Pulse Entertainment, Musion3D, and three people.

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro signed the order on Nov. 9.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Ryan Baker said the move enables the hologram companies to focus on the defendants who were most involved in the patent infringement.

The plaintiffs claim to own the technology used to create a 3-D Tupac Shakur hologram that appeared during the 2012 Coachella music festival, which they say was used to create the Michael Jackson hologram during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

They claim defendants William James Rock and Ian O’Connell “fraudulently concealed” ownership of the patent, which was assigned in the same series of patents owned by the plaintiffs.

They say the patent is a continuation of two others the defendants used to create the moving image, after which they “made false statements to numerous media outlets and potential customers that they own the technology used to generate the Michael Jackson hologram.”

And they claim the third individual defendant, John C. Textor, a former business associate and CEO of lead defendant Pulse Entertainment, used the patented technology to produce the Michael Jackson hologram.

The Michael Jackson hologram sang “Slave to the Rhythm” and performed with several stage dancers to a full audience at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The performance was broadcast nationally on ABC.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs describe the patented technology as “an amazing new technique of projecting video to create the illusion of life-size, full color, 3D moving images. All of the images used in this system are three-dimensional, but are projected as two dimensional images into a three-dimensional stage set

Without the technology, they claim, the Michael Jackson hologram could not have been created.

Court documents

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Sony/ATV Music Publishing And Pandora Sign Unprecedented Licensing Agreement

Source: Business Wire | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 1162015 95527 AM

Pandora (NYSE:P), the world’s most powerful music discovery platform, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the world’s leading music publisher, today announced a multi-year licensing agreement for Sony/ATV’s catalog of musical works. The direct publishing deal creates business benefits for Pandora, while modernizing compensation for Sony/ATV and its songwriters in the U.S.

“We believe that this agreement with Pandora is a major step in the right direction to ensure that our songwriters are fairly compensated for the use of their music on streaming services,” said Martin Bandier, Sony/ATV Chairman and CEO. “We are pleased that our songwriters will begin to enjoy the benefit of better rates on one of the most important platforms for music consumption and discovery. It is part of our ongoing strategy to ensure that all digital music services recognize the indispensable value that the words and music of a song bring to their businesses.”

“This is a significant milestone in our long-standing effort to strengthen ties with the music maker community,” said Brian McAndrews, chief executive officer of Pandora. “Over 10 years, Pandora has built music’s most powerful marketing engine, which we put into action every day for Sony/ATV’s storied catalog. By partnering directly with Sony/ATV, we are proud to lock in our opportunity to connect an incredibly talented community of songwriters with streaming music’s largest and most passionate audience.”

While specific terms of the multi-year agreement are confidential, the companies worked together to build an innovative win-win approach to publisher economics. Sony/ATV achieved its goal of delivering improved performance royalties for its songwriters while Pandora will benefit from greater rate certainty and the ability to add new flexibility to the company’s product offering over time.

The public performance royalties Pandora also pays to rights holders of master recordings are not affected by this agreement.


Pandora is the world’s most powerful music discovery platform – a place where artists find their fans and listeners find music they love. We are driven by a single purpose: unleashing the infinite power of music by connecting artists and fans, whether through earbuds, car speakers, live on stage or anywhere fans want to experience it. Our team of highly trained musicologists analyze hundreds of attributes for each recording which powers our proprietary Music Genome Project®, delivering billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener, full of discovery, making artist/fan connections at unprecedented scale. Founded by musicians, Pandora empowers artists with valuable data and tools to help grow their careers and connect with their fans.


Sony/ATV Music Publishing, established in 1995 as a joint venture between Sony and Michael Jackson, is the world’s leading music publisher. Together with EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV owns or administers around 3 million copyrights including those from such iconic music catalogs like Leiber & Stoller, Mijac Music, Motown and Famous Music. Sony/ATV also controls many of the best known songs ever written like “New York, New York”, “Hallelujah”, “All You Need Is Love”, “You’ve Got a Friend”, “Moon River”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “The Mission Impossible Theme”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Over the Rainbow”, “Stand By Me”, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Singin’ in the Rain”. In addition, Sony/ATV represents the copyrights of such legendary artists as The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Carole King, Kraftwerk, Joni Mitchell, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Richie Sambora, Sting, The Supremes, Wyclef Jean, Hank Williams and Stevie Wonder, among others. Its ever-growing list of chart-topping artists, writers and producers includes Akon, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Jessie J, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, P!nk, RedOne, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Stargate, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.


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FREE Halloween Boot Camp/Cardio with Thriller Flash Mob

Sources: Evergreen Chamber Of Commerce | All Things Michael

Screen Captures24

Don your favorite Halloween costume (make sure you can move in it) and join EPRD on Halloween morning for FREE Boot Camp/Cardio combo class — with the last 15 minutes dancing as a Flash Mob to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!

When: Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9 – 10:30 AM (ONLY THE LAST 15 minutes are the Thriller dance. )
Where: Wulf Rec Center Gymnasium

Prizes will be awarded for best costume.

This event is FREE! Please bring a can to donate to Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO).

Drop your kids off for free at Playschool during the Flash Mob.

We’ll be working on the Thriller choreography for a couple weeks before the event during Zumba classes. Visit for details. (Class rates apply.)

Don your favorite Halloween costume (make sure you can move in it) and join EPRD on Halloween morning for FREE Boot Camp/Cardio combo class — with the last 15 minutes dancing as a Flash Mob to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!

Screen Captures23
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9 – 10:30 AM (ONLY THE LAST 15 minutes are the Thriller dance. )

WHERE: Wulf Rec Center Gymnasium

PRIZES will be awarded for best costume.

This event is FREE! Please bring a can to donate to Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO).

Drop your kids off for free at Playschool during the Flash Mob.

We’ll be working on the Thriller choreography for a couple weeks before the event during Zumba classes. Visit for details. (Class rates apply.)

Contact Kendra Lind, 720-880-1226 or

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Brownman’s HALLOWEEN THRILLER: Michael Jackson’s Music Through The Lens Of Electric Jazz

Sources: The Jazz Room | All Things Michael


Acclaimed jazz / hip-hop trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI  will once again lead an all-star quartet through his popular annual Halloween Thriller concert. The much lauded BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO + 1 will perform the entire Michael Jackson “Thriller” recording, interpreted and re-worked in the Miles Davis-esque fashion this multiple National Jazz Award winning improviser has become known for. In addition to the quartet performing Thriller top to bottom, other MJ classics will be featured through the night for this unique Halloween weekend jazz party at the KW Jazz Room in Waterloo.

“Delving so deeply into that record always leaves us speechless”, states Ali. “Michael birthed so many incredible tunes over the years, but his collaborations with Quincy Jones on Thriller has to be one of the most towering musical achievements in pop music ever. Using that brilliant material every year on Halloween, as jump-offs for what we do makes for a party that’s both danceable, but still rooted in exploratory improvising and deep reaching solos. We approach it the way Miles might have.”

The BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO has won a National Jazz Award, Toronto Independent Music Award, a SOCAN award for composition, and recently won an International Independent Music Award for “2015 Jazz-Funk album of the year” for their latest release “Gravitation”, which hit number 4 on the iTunes USA jazz charts upon it’s release.

:: Brownman Ali – electric trumpet & spookiness
:: Nick Maclean – keyboards & ghoulishness
:: Brad Cheeseman – electric bass & creepiness
:: Paul Delong – drums & goblinishness

Dress up if you like – it’s Halloween!!!



WHEN: October 31, 2015 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm

COST: $20

Please note that, for this event, the passholder ticket price is $10

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Ballroom Dancing ‘Zombies’ Re-create Michael Jackson’s Thriller For Halloween

Sources: Columbia Dispatch – Allison Ward | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 10292015 35734 PM

Hunched over, Alan Marcinonis pretended to eat his wife’s right arm while Gloria Marcinonis picked imaginary bugs out of his hair.

They tried not to laugh; after all, stoic zombielike stares were required.

Video: Thriller dancers

The routine definitely wasn’t a ballroom-dancing number, the type that the Northwest Side couple is accustomed to learning at Danceville U.S.A.

Instead of the cha-cha or rumba, the two have spent eight weeks at the Short North studio perfecting their dead-person dance moves and channeling their inner King of Pop in the Thriller Music Video Choreography 101 classes.

“We’re big Michael Jackson fans,” said Mrs. Marcinonis, 52. “It sounded like a blast, and Halloween is my favorite time of year.”

The couple, along with eight classmates and a few instructors, plan to show off their Thriller steps — and their carefully constructed zombie costumes — on Friday evening in a performance akin to a flash mob.

The entertainment will play out on the lawn of Bollinger Tower, a nearby apartment complex on N. High Street.

Studio owner Keith Denlinger decided to offer the class last fall, largely because of the success he’d had with a similar course at a studio where he previously taught.

“It’s so iconic,” he said. “Everyone wants to learn Thriller.”

Plus, the 1982 song puts students of all ages in the Halloween spirit.

The class, open to the public, was limited this year to 10 dancers — about 60 people were involved last year, Denlinger said — because instructors learned that a city permit would be required with more participants. (Still, other curious students and instructors sometimes drop in on studio rehearsals to watch or learn a few steps.)

The Thriller dance isn’t technically difficult, said Kylie Kochert, one of two course instructors; the challenge is in making it look authentic.

“It’s difficult in the fact that Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson,” Kochert said. “He could move like no one else could. There’s tricky timing as well, and he had a little bit of a tic that’s difficult to replicate.”

Before the session last year, she spent several weeks with Tatiana Gonzalez, the other teacher, learning the dance and determining the exact counts for each move.

The students, who are asked to attend at least one of the two weekly sessions, learned the basic steps in September. The instructors unveiled several eight-count sequences each Wednesday night, then reviewed them during the Saturday lesson.

“The teachers, they take their time as we go through it,” said Mr. Marcinonis, 54. “Nobody is left behind.”

This month, more pizazz has been added to the routine.

“That’s where we nitpick and say: ‘Michael Jackson’s really doing more of a head bob there. When you’re dancing, try to incorporate a head tic,’  ” Kochert said.

Students have also received tips on constructing a proper zombie costume.

Oversize clothing, Denlinger said, gives the appearance of an emaciated corpse — the more shredded, the better.

Frizzy hair, maybe with a few leaves, is a must.

And, to achieve a just-out-of-the-grave look, Kochert recommends soaking the clothes in wet coffee grounds.

“Or run them over with a car,” Denlinger said with a laugh.

A makeup artist will visit the studio on Friday evening to add finishing touches to the dancing zombies.

Tamie Rietenbach, 60, needed little help with her get-up: She revived the dead ballerina she wore to her zombie-themed Halloween party last year and added a red letter jacket with “Thriller” across the back.

The resident of the Short North is thrilled to be learning the steps to a music video she recalls watching with friends on the day of its premiere.

For the veteran ballroom dancer, the class offers a distinct way to express herself through movement.

“You can do things crooked and bad, and it looks great,” she said. “You can mess up and make it better.”

Indeed, Gonzalez stressed that notion during a rehearsal in the studio — decorated with bats, cobwebs and gravestones.

“Remember: There are no rules to being a zombie,” she said. “Make it your own. If you feel cool, you’re cool.”

Throughout the 45-minute lesson, she reminded the students to flash ugly faces during the creepy, side-to-side Thriller walk with their hands in the air.

The students should have mastered the moves by Friday for their two-minute performance, to be delivered several times for passers-by — including many who will undoubtedly have their smartphones out to record the spectacle.

The studio plans to host the class again next fall — with the proper permit to open the class to more enthusiasts.

“Thriller has been around so long,” Gonzalez said. “It’s from the 1980s, and it’s 2015 — and we still play it every time we go into October.”


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Thriller Is Is The UK’s Most Played Halloween Track According To Spotify

Sources: Yahoo | All Things Michael

Screen Captures

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is the UK’s most played Halloween track, according to Spotify.

The streaming service has revealed that Jackson’s 1984 hit sees a massive 2800% increase in plays over the Halloween period.


The top five most played spooky tracks also features ‘This is Halloween’ from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ along with Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster’.

Alice Cooper’s 1989 hit ‘Poison’ also makes an appearance.

For those looking for some spook-tacular music to add some spirit to their Halloween party, Spotify also revealed that it is home to a staggering one million Halloween playlists.

In preparation for the weekend’s Halloween festivities, the music service has also come up with a series of spooky genre-based playlists including Doom Metal, Ghoststep and Brutal Deathcore.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the seventh single from the album of the same name – one of the bestselling albums of all time.

The epic 14-minute long music video, helmed by ‘An American Werewolf in London’ director John Landis, won three MTV Video Music Awards.


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