Michael Jackson Song Played At Cafe Siege Memorial Site

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A Sydney man is playing the music of Michael Jackson’s Heal The World at the site of the recent cafe siege in the CBD.

The man, identified on Twitter as “Josh from Parramatta” brought a small sound system to the area outside the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place on Wednesday .

He played the song at the site where flowers were being placed as a memorial to the two people who were killed in Tuesday’s siege.

717Australia Police Operation


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Michael Jackson Estate Renews with BMI

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MJdangeroustour atm edit

BMI and the estate of the late global superstar MICHAEL JACKSON have renewed their agreement with for representation of the public performances of his music catalog. JACKSON’s cumulative album sales are in excess of 1 billion and continue to impact the entertainment industry in film, television and music with his classic repertoire.

“We are pleased to announce our continued representation of MICHAEL’s extraordinary and vast catalog,” said BMI Pres./CEO MIKE O’NEILL. “Since 1976, we’ve had the privilege of licensing his works and we’re honored to continue this relationship with his estate.”

JACKSON’s list of accolades include 13 GRAMMY Awards; induction into the SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME; 26 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS; and 21 BMI POP AWARDS. Posthumous projects highlighting JACKSON’s genius include two albums, “MICHAEL” and “Xscape”; the latter featured “Love Never Felt So Good,” a pop-R&B hit that has been named one of the best recordings of the year.

In addition to the estate of MICHAEL JACKSON renewing with BMI this year, stellar songwriters PINK, MAROON 5 and TAYLOR SWIFT have also chosen to continue their partnership with the Company. Moreover, BMI saw its membership swell in 2014 with the signings of breakout writers Sam Smith (PRS), Hozier (IMRO), Nico and Vinz, Tamar Braxton, St Paul and The Broken Bones and Jhene Aiko, among others. BMI now represents over 650,000 songwriters, composers and publishers.

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Sony Hack Re-ignites Questions About Michael Jackson’s Banned Song

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As the Black Lives Matter movement grew in reaction to the lack of indictments in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Michael Jackson’s 1995 song “They Don’t Care About Us” was resurrected at the grass roots level in many cities including Ferguson, New York, and California.

“They Don’t Care About Us” was denounced by The New York Times even before its release, and did not reach much of its intended audience because the controversy caused by the New York Times article would go on to overshadow the song itself. Radio stations were reluctant to play it and one of the short films Jackson created for the song was banned in the U.S.


All Jackson’s frustrations seem to be on display in this raw and angry performance. Behold:


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Judge Skeptical Of Man’s Late Claim Against Michael Jackson’s Estate

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MJ close

A judge expressed skepticism Tuesday about whether a man who alleges he was abused as a child by Michael Jackson can file a late claim against the singer’s estate, but took the matter under submission and said he would rule later.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff noted that James Safechuck told his mother in 2005 about the alleged molestation and broke ties with the pop star.

The judge also noted that Safechuck that year rejected Jackson’s request to testify on his behalf when the singer was on trial on sexual abuse charges involving another young man — allegations for which the entertainer was acquitted.

“Mr. Safechuck said, ‘No, I won’t testify in your criminal trial and don’t call me again,”‘ Beckloff said.

Safechuck did not file his petition for a late claim against the Jackson estate until August.

Attorneys for the estate maintain Safechuck had 60 days to file the claim after he began to understand what allegedly happened to him after seeing a May 2013 television interview with Wade Robson, who also claims he was sexually abused by Jackson as a child.

Safechuck’s attorneys maintain he did not fully comprehend what happened until he obtained therapy and that therefore he is not bound by the 60-day statute.

Howard Weitzman, an attorney for the Jackson estate, has said Safechuck’s claims should be dismissed.

“Mr. Safechuck’s request to file a late claim against the Jackson estate so he can recover money from Michael’s beneficiary will hopefully be rejected,” Weitzman said previously. “This is a person that made his claim five years after Michael died, more than 20 years after the incidents supposedly happened and has given sworn testimony that Michael never did anything inappropriate to him.”


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Google Play Store Is Offering Michael Jackson’s Number Ones Album For Free!

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Get a free Michael Jackson album for Christmas 2014! Google Play Store is currently offering the “Number Ones” album for a free download. If you want to buy the songs individually, you will have to pay 1.29 euros per song, with the exception of  “Billie Jean,” which is also available free of charge.

In addition to “Billie Jean,” the album includes many other hits of the King of Pop such as, “Beat It,” “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Black or White,” “Earth Song” and the legendary track “Thriller,” which topped the charts in 1984 in Belgium, France and Spain.

If you would like to download Michael Jackson’s “Number Ones” from the Google Play Store, you need a Google account to pay, even if though the album itself costs nothing.

More “Legendary albums” available


Also available in the Google Play Store in early December 2014, a free album download of the Fantastic Four was available until December 8. You can also download more “Legendary Albums” and greatest hits of over 100 musicians at the price of 1.99 euros in Google Play Store, including Guns’ N Roses, Frank Sinatra and The Cure.  There should be something for every musical taste.

Michael Jackson number one medley HD wallpapers


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Michael Jackson’s Earth Song Voted Top Brit Award Performance

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Michael Jackson’s controversial rendition of Earth Song has been voted the top BRIT Awards performance of all time in a new poll.

The King of Pop performed his hit track at the U.K. awards show in 1996, dancing in front of a wind machine and hanging from a crane surrounded by dancers dressed in rags, and the set became headline news when it was gatecrashed by Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker.

The rocker jumped on stage and made a series of rude gestures as a protest against the music superstar before being removed by security guards.

The memorable moment has now been voted the Most Iconic BRIT Awards performance of all time in a poll by MasterCard, the show’s sponsor.


Jackson’s Earth Song came out on top, followed by Adele’s performance of Someone Like You in 2011 in second place and the Spice Girls’ rendition of Who Do You Think You Are in 1997 in third.

The late Bad hitmaker also topped the company’s poll to find the album Brits would most like to see performed live, with Thriller ahead of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in second and third respectively.

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Pitchfork Names Top 100 Tracks of 2014: “Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version)” Listed At #10

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Presenting The 100 Best Tracks of 2014, as voted by our writers and editors. Any track that was released in 2014 or had its greatest impact in the U.S. this year was eligible.

Michael Jackson – “Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version)” EPIC – #10

Michael and Paul Anka

Despite claims of endlessly fruitful archives, Michael Jackson’s forgettable first posthumous album, 2010’s Michael, suggested otherwise. Soon enough, the nagging worry that we would never hear another great unreleased Jackson song ever again began to harden into sad fact. And then: “Love Never Felt So Good”. The track was released in three separate versions this year, including a winning, swing-laden disco take and a contemporized Timbaland/Timberlake update, but it’s this spare piano-and-vocal demo put to tape in the first half of 1983 that sounds the most lasting.

Jackson wrote and recorded the track with Vegas crooner—and onetime child star—Paul Anka, who was attempting a comeback at the time and wanted to place a duet with Michael on his new album. But at the start of ’83, Thriller was just starting to become the universe-expanding behemoth we all now know. Realizing a collaboration with an aging lounge act may not be the best career move for the biggest pop phenomenon since the Beatles—in modern terms, this would be a little like Drake suddenly dropping a single with Engelbert Humperdinck—Jackson backed out at the last minute. Given Michael’s artistic trajectory, this also makes sense, because “Love Never Felt So Good” is the sort of unabashedly joyous pop song the singer was trying to grow out of back then. But after decades, the track now sounds like a much-needed respite from the darkness.

Without any extraneous embellishments, the demo functions as a singing clinic, with Jackson putting enough force through his lungs to make the the hook’s stacked vocals sound three dimensional. Meanwhile, his finger snaps and beat-boxed hi-hats could very well serve as this year’s most swinging percussion. At the end of the song, we hear him coming down to Earth: “All right, that’s fine,” he deadpans, ostensibly following a vocal take, not sounding tremendously impressed. In 1983, “Love Never Felt So Good” was another classic-sounding song made by someone hell bent on the future; in 2014, it’s a reminder of why everyone fell in love with Michael Jackson in the first place.


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BSBB Round 1: Coldplay, “A Sky Full of Stars” vs. Michael Jackson Feat. Justin Timberlake, “Love Never Felt So Good”

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Best Song Bracket Battle: View the Matchups | Critics and Rules


MAURA JOHNSTON: It’s not quite “Rock With You,” and the addition of Timberlake feels like a superfluous attempt to be down with the “kids” (who aren’t kids at this point). But MJ’s vocal performances still pop out of a speaker like few of his peers.
My Vote: “Love Never Felt So Good”

WILLIAM GRUGER: While Coldplay really managed to set the tone of their newest album with this single, Justin Timberlake helped Michael Jackson have a moment in 2014, five years after his passing. Bonus points because Michael Jackson sounds pretty good as a sampled beat boxer.
My Vote: “Love Never Felt So Good”

DENISE WARNER: The combination of Jackson and Timberlake’s vocals might have beaten Coldplay at their Coldplay-iest , but fake duets between one live and one dead singer are so 1991. Advantage, the former Mr. Paltrow.
“A Sky Full of Stars”

JOE LYNCH: As crassly commercial as it is to pair a contemporary pop star with a deceased legend, “Love Never Felt So Good” sounded so good as a demo that this rejiggered Timberlake version still satisfies. Coldplay’s Avicii collabo is inoffensive, but B-level Michael Jackson beats Coldplay’s EDM crossover.
My Vote: “Love Never Felt So Good”

ALEX GALE: After the serene beauty of “Magic,” “A Sky Is Full of Stars” is like being yelled at by a drunk person at an Avicii gig (partly because Avicii produced it.) The lyrics — “You’re a sky full of stars, ‘cause you light up the dark” — may have come from an online Coldplay Song Generator. “Love Never Felt So Good,” on the other hand, could be mixed into a DJ set of MJ classics and no one dancing would mind much (except for when Justin gets ad-lib-y on the bridge). That’s really, really high praise.
My Vote: “Love Never Felt So Good”

“Love Never Felt So Good”