getTV To Air Black History Month Programming Featuring The Jackson 5 And More


getTV will be honoring Black History Month in February with a lineup of shows that will feature rare interviews and performances by African-American icons. Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are just a few that will be featured this month.

The kicks off begins on February 1 at 9 p.m. EST with “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” with special guests Michael Jackson at age 14, with his brothers the Jackson’s and Governor Ronald Reagan. The show originally aired January 2, 1972. The Jackson 5 performed “Lookin’ Through The Windows” and “Ben.”

The Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour – Season 2 featuring The Jackson 5 And Ronald Reagan – February 1st –  9:00 PM eastern & 12:00 AM eastern; February 5th – 2:00PM eastern; February 7th – 10:00AM eastern

(The following shows are also featured at other times throughout the month)

February 1

The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Richard Pryor, Phil Spector, And Eartha Kitt – 10:00PM/ET & 1:00AM/ET

February 15

The Bing Crosby Special Featuring Bob Hope, Diana Ross & The Supremes, And José Feliciano – 9:00PM/ET & 12:00AM/ET

The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Woody Allen, Hedy Lamarr, Moms Mabley, And Leslie Uggams – 10:00PM/ET & 1:00AM/ET

February 22

The Andy Williams Kaleidoscope Company Featuring Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach, Simon & Garfunkel, And Mama Cass –  9:00PM/ET & 12:00AM/ET

The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Aretha Franklin And George Hamilton – 10:00PM/ET & 1:00AM/ET

February 29

The Judy Garland Show – Season 1 Featuring Lena Horne And Terry-Thomas – 8:00PM/ET & 11:00PM/ET

The Dionne Warwick Special: Souled Out Featuring Burt Bacharach, Glen Campbell, And Creedence Clearwater Revival – 9:00PM/ET & 12:00AM/ET

The Merv Griffin Show Featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. And Harry Belafonte – 10:00PM/ET & 1:00AM/ET

getTV will also showcase the career of Sidney Poitier on Friday, February 19th. The tribute will start at 8 p.m. eastern with “All The Young Men,” followed by “The Bedford Incident” at 10:05 p.m. and “The Bedford Incident” at 2:40 am.

Find the getTV channel by state here (US only).

“Super Bowl’s Greatest Halftime Shows February 5th On CBS

Sources: Futon Critic |CBS – ABC | All Things Michael



Featuring Interviews with Halftime Show Performers Beyoncé, Bono, Missy Elliot, Bruno Mars, Chris Martin, Sir Paul McCartney and Katy Perry

Narrated by “NCIS: Los Angeles” Star Chris O’Donnell.

Two days before the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers kick off in SUPER BOWL 50, SUPER BOWL’S GREATEST HALFTIME SHOWS will celebrate the best halftime performances in Super Bowl history and trace the evolution of the event over 49 years. Narrated by NCIS: LOS ANGELES star Chris O’Donnell, the new two-hour special will be broadcast Friday, Feb. 5 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. As previously announced, Coldplay will be among the artists that will take the stage during SUPER BOWL 50’s halftime show.

In addition to highlighting past shows, the anthology includes fresh interviews with top performers who have made the Super Bowl Halftime Show one of the most highly anticipated live 12 minutes on television, including Beyoncé (2013), Bono (2002), Missy Elliot (2015), Bruno Mars (2014), Sir Paul McCartney (2005) and Katy Perry (2015).

A variety of producers, journalists, music executives and former NFL personnel will be sharing their memories of past performances like Michael Jackson ’s 1993 show and Madonna ’s 2012 spectacle, among many others.

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Today Marks The 31st Anniversary Of The Recording Of We Are The World

About Entertainment – By Ken Simmons| All Things Michael


The all-star single “We Are The World” was recorded on January 28, 1985 and released March 7, 1985 to raise money to fight poverty, especially hunger, in Africa and the United States. Composed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and produced by Quincy Jones, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, R&B, and Adult Contemporary charts, and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. It is one of the ten best selling singles of all-time.

Entertainer/social activist Harry Belafonte and Richie’s manager Ken Kragen created the idea for the song and formed the non-profit organization USA for Africa (United Support of Artists for Africa). The organization’s achievements include:

  • Raised more than $75 million to fight poverty in Africa
  • More than 6 million people joined hands to fight poverty in America
  • More than $25 million was raised across the US to fight hunger and homelessness in America.

“We Are The World” earned four Grammy Awards in 1985: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, and Best Music Video, Short Form.

Here are the “20 R&B Stars Who Made ‘We Are The World’ A Classic”

1.  Michael Jackson (soloist, writer)

Michael Jackson composed “We Are The World” with Lionel Richie and is one of the soloists on the song. They won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1985.

A few of his incredible accomplishments:

He is most awarded artist in history. Among his hundreds of awards:

  • 13 Grammy Awards including winning a record eight Grammys in 1984. Also, a Grammy Living Legend Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 86 Billboard Awards
  • 26 American Music Awards, more than any other artist. He was named the American Music Awards “Artist of the Century” and “Artist of the 1980s”
  • 31 Guinness World Records including Best Selling Album in History for Thriller which has sold an estimated 65 million copies worldwide
  • 85 MTV Awards
  • 8 World Music Awards
  • 13 number one singles on the Billboard 100, more than any other male artist
  • First artist to have a Billboard 100 top ten single in five different decades: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
  • Estimated 400 million records sold worldwide
  • Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a member of The Jackson Five and as a solo artist
  • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Jackson Five and as a solo artist


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Still Thrilling: Intimate Photographs Show The Making of Michael Jackson’s Legendary Thriller Video As Album Sales Pass 100 Million

Rare photographs taken by Douglas Kirkland document creation of the music video hailed as the greatest of all time.


It’s the most famous music video of all time – and these intimate photographs give an insight into the making of Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller more than 30 years ago.

And as sales of the King of Pop’s record-breaking album of the same name surpasses 100million worldwide – becoming the first ever to do so – these behind-the-scenes shots show the process behind the creation of the 13-minute spooky short film that has been hailed as pinnacle of the pop idol’s career.

Taken by photographer Douglas Kirkland in 1983, Jackson is shown being transformed into a werewolf and zombie – as well as captured laughing and joking on set with co-star Ola Ray – and of course, clad in his iconic red and black leather jacket.

Hundreds of similar never-before-seen photographs are published in Michael Jackson: The Making of ‘Thriller  in which Kirkland and journalist Nancy Griffin recall their exhilaration at being on the set.

Although it cost an unprecedented $500,000 to make, the video, directed by John Landis, helped Jackson break racial barriers and earned him a place on MTV, which until then had overwhelmingly featured white acts.

The nearly 14 minute long epic also became the first music video to be included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress months after the singer’s death in 2009, cementing forever its place in cinematic history.


Transformation: The singer is shown being transformed into the werewolf for the horror-themed video that runs for nearly 14 minutes.


Michael sits in a chair holding a snake while a make-up artist works to transform the singer into a werewolf for the short film.


Team work: Photographer Douglas Kirkland took these behind-the-scenes pictures on the set of the music video in 1983.


The spooky video features werewolves and zombies, but as the singer was a Jehovah’s Witness at the time, a disclaimer appears at the start, stating: ‘Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult.’


Thriller cost a staggering half a million dollars to make and was the most expensive music video created at the time.


Co-stars: Michael’s girlfriend in the 13-minute long video was played by actress Ola Ray, who has also modeled for Playboy magazine. The immediately recognizable black and red leather jacket worn by Jackson was iconic.


The video is directed by John Landis (pictured with Jackson), who also directed An American Werewolf in London. Jackson wanted Landis to direct the video after seeing the film.


The nearly 14 minute long epic became the first music video to be included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

The epic nature of the video paved a path for artists to create lavish music videos in order to cement a place in pop culture.

Sources: Daily Mail | All Things Michael

Hollywood Flashback: In 2002, Michael Jackson Announced Plans to Launch His Own Movie Studio

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter – By Meena Jang | All Things Michael


“I dream great dreams,” Jackson said. “Everything I’ve achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about.”

Michael Jackson may be best remembered for revolutionizing the music scene, but in 2002, the King of Pop had other ambitions. Just months after the release of his 10th and final album, Invincible, Jackson made plans to enter the film business with the launch of his own independent film company, Neverland Pictures.

The mini-studio was the result of a proposed $20 million partnership between Jackson’s Neverland Entertainment and production company MDP Worldwide. The news was made public at a private dinner reception at MDP chief Mark Damon’s home, where nearly 300 guests — consisting mostly of distributors who had shopped projects at AFM earlier that day — eagerly awaited Jackson’s arrival.

The pop icon made a rare appearance at the event, arriving arm-in-arm with longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor. “He called 
me beforehand and asked if he could bring his friend — his best friend,” Damon tells The Hollywood Reporter. “When the distributors saw Michael and Liz Taylor next
to him, they all fainted. To this 
day, [some] still tell me that it was the greatest experience of their lives.”

At the dinner, Jackson spoke enthusiastically about his vision for Neverland Pictures: He and producing partner Raju Patel would produce family films and reboots of classic fairy tales, some of which Jackson also would direct and star in.

“I dream great dreams,” Jackson said. “Everything I’ve achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about.”

But nothing came of Jackson’s movie-mogul plans, as the deal never closed. “Michael had too many distractions with his life at the time,” Damon recalls. “At times he was totally focused, and other times it was just a vacant stare.”

He had a cameo in the 2004 fantasy comedy Miss Castaway and the Island Girls (he played “a Vatican agent projected by an R2-D2-like droid”) and later starred in the 2009 concert doc Michael Jackson’s This Is It, which was released after his death and grossed $261 million worldwide.

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Why Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Will Always Be The Best-Selling Album Of All Time

Sources: Business 2 Community – By Ben Taylor | All Things Michael


On Nov. 30, 1982, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” hit music stores across America. Along with the famous title track, the record featured a parade of hit singles, from “Billie Jean” to “Beat It.” The album went on to win a record eight Grammys, top the Billboard 200 for two straight years and sell over 50 million copies worldwide — a Guinness-verified world record.

“Thriller” has since ceded its Grammy crown (Santana’s “Supernatural” and U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” each won nine awards), while Adele’s “21” matched Jackson’s two-year run at the top of the charts in 2011 and 2012. But over 30 years later, “Thriller” remains unbeaten in the biggest category of all; it’s the undisputed top-selling album of all time.

The numbers say “Thriller” will never be beat.

How is the King of Pop’s lead so safe? New albums face a slew of economic and distribution problems — challenges “Thriller” didn’t have to overcome. The most obvious issue, however, is the skyrocketing growth of the single, which has been the format of choice since the early 2000s.

Fullscreen capture 10212015 83438 AM

If you want to point fingers, you might start by blaming file-sharing sites like Napster. As the Internet went mainstream, consumers figured out how to get their favorite hits for free, rather than buying a steady stream of $16 CDs.

But if file-swapping opened the coffin, iTunes nailed it shut. Ever since Apple offered tunes for 99¢ a pop, album sales have fallen precipitously. Single sales may still be at historic heights, but it’s cold comfort for record labels, which earn almost all profit from pricey albums.

And then there’s the streaming revolution. With Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora and Apple Music all offering monthly subscriptions for a near-unlimited catalog, the album has gone from marginal to practically irrelevant. Even the mighty single seems headed for trouble. With the industry’s economics looking worse every year, big record labels are less likely to bet millions on a single album. Consider that “Thriller’s” production budget was roughly $750,000 — nearly $2 million in 2015 dollars.

Fullscreen capture 10212015 83625 AM

That’s not to say that the “Thriller” legacy was guaranteed from the moment the album came out. The ‘80s and ‘90s were golden decades for the multi-track format, as the CD made albums cheaper to make and more accessible to the masses. In the decade leading up to “Thriller,” there were an average of two 10x platinum* albums per year. By the ’90s, there were 4.5 each year — culminating in a record seven smash hit albums in 1994.

*A record achieves “platinum” status after selling one million copies.

Fullscreen capture 10212015 84455 AM

Whitney Houston (“The Bodyguard”), Shania Twain (“Come On Over”) and the Spice Girls (“Spice”) each flirted with Jackson’s record, settling in just a few spots below on the all-time list. Jackson himself rode the CD revolution to two more hits, with “Bad” (1987) and “Dangerous” (1991) — each selling well enough to crack the top 30 all time.

But the window would close for good at the turn of the millennium, and the album-friendly CD would go on to die a quiet death, just like every popular music format before it.

Fullscreen capture 10212015 84556 AM

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Administrator’s Note: According to Michael’s estate and other sources, it has been documented that Thriller has actually sold over 100 million copies worldwide. (Source) (Source)10151955_10152367747476473_5401832316763104596_n


Michael Jackson, Live In Bucharest

Sources: Today’s OZY – Shannon Sims | All Things Michael


In 1989, a swell of Romanians wanted just one thing for Christmas: the death of their leader. And as the 42-year-old communist regime was swept away in a flood of violent unrest, on Christmas Day, wrists bound in a wintry backyard, Nicolae Ceaușescu was executed. Just a few short years later, in 1992, 70,000 desperate, agitated Romanians gathered at the National Stadium in Bucharest, screaming for something different: “Michael! Michael! Michael!” Mr. Jackson was in town.

He enters the stage and freezes for an exaggerated amount of time, wearing gold lamé briefs over pants and a visible bandage on his arm: the ever-complicating details now familiar in Jackson’s legacy. As the seconds tick by and smoke swirls around the still figure, as much a mirage as a man, the effect is that of a building pressure, pressing down on the jugular of the crowd until they almost can’t stand it; watching now, it still releases goosebumps. And then, suddenly, he’s alive.

The King has taken full command of a broken empire…..

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On This Day In History 1992: Jackson Concert Sets HBO Record

Sources: Variety | All Things Michael


HBO’s airing of Michael Jackson’s concert in Bucharest, Romania, on Saturday night was the pay cable net’s highest-rated special ever, scoring a 21.4 rating, 34 share in HBO’s 17.5 million homes.

That means approximately 3.7 million homes tuned in to the 90-minute special, which was part of the pop singer’s “Dangerous” tour.

The Oct. 10 telecast was the first time Jackson has allowed one of his concerts to be aired on TV.

While the performance was a high for HBO, it translates into about a 4 rating for the traditional TV networks.

Network viewing levels were somewhat lower Saturday in the overnight markets, which may be attributable in part to the Jackson special. Aggregate network viewing was boosted by tune-in for the baseball playoffs.

The performance put the Jackson concert on par with the airing of one of Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” tour concerts on HBO. That special scored a 21.5/31.


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