Franzer Pazos Sings “P.Y.T” By Michael Jackson On La Voz Kids Finale

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The party started with the six finalist on stage singing “Que suenen los tambores” by Víctor Manuelle. The coaches -Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee, Pedro Fernandez- wore their best outfits for the finale and with a wide smile each said that they were sure their team was the winner.

Franzer Pazos, who is 14 years old, was the first one to go on stage and sing “P.Y.T” by Michael Jackson. His carisma and interpretation got him a standing ovation. By the way, Pazos can sing in Spanish, English, and Italian.

When Jersen Ruiz, 14, surprised everyone when he sang the salsa song “El Cantante” by Hector Lavoe. Ruiz confessed that he wanted to sing pop music when he arrived at the show but changed his mind after experimenting with salsa. He basically will pursued a singing career in salsa. Unfortunately, he was the first to be eliminated on tonight’s show.

Alberto Castro, who is 15 years old, sang “Shut Up and Dance”. The youngest of all the finalist, Jonael Santiago, 11, sang “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Castro was eliminated from the competition and it was filled with a lot of tears.

Milenia, 14, sang “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten and Shanty Zumaya, picked “Yo vivire”. Unfortunately, Milenia was eliminated from Team Pedro.

Shanty, Franzer, and Joanel became the three finalist and each took home $10,000.

Jonael, from Team Natalia, became the winner of La Voz Kids 2015. The winner of the third season received $50,000 cash prize and a recording contract from Universal Music Group for the production of a song and a music video.


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Gauransh Chauhan To Do Michael Jackson In ABCD 2

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Gauransh Chauhan, who wowed audiences with his Michael Jackson moves on the reality show Dance India Dance, will show off his skills in the forthcoming Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor film ABCD 2.

“I’ve been fascinated with dance since the age of three. I started with school performances, then performed for the show India’s Got Talent. Then I showcased my skills on Dance India Dance season two where the judges Remo D’Souza, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor got extremely impressed with my Michael Jackson style of dancing,” Chauhan said.

“On DID, Remo sir was so impressed with my moves, that he promised me that if any suitable opportunity came up, he would definitely inform me. He fulfilled his promise and gave me the opportunity to dance in his film ABCD 2as they required me for an MJ sequence. He has been the decisive factor in my success.


“Both DID and ABCD 2 have been distinct turning points in my career,” said the former reality show participant, who said he “learnt these dance moves and tricks all on my own”.

ABCD 2, directed by D’Souza, will release later this month.


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Shy Kid Ignores His Bullies By Walking On Stage And Doing THIS!

Sources: Little Budha – By Barbara  Diamond | The Bully Project | All Things Michael


14-year-old Julian was born with a special gift. Most people dream of being able to dance like he can.

But kids can be cruel, especially when they’re intimidated by or jealous of someone’s confidence in the face of bullying. The more his classmates call him names, threaten him, and try to turn him off from his passion, the more Julian dances.

Though he’s never taken a dance class or lesson, watching Julian dance is like watching Michael Jackson himself. As soon as he’s finished with his homework after school, he rolls up the rugs, puts on the music, and dances throughout the house. Luckily, his parents are incredibly supportive. They refuse to stop their son from doing the one thing that makes him truly happy.


Julian even dances in public places, on the streets, and inside skating rinks where his classmates socialize. He responds to those who ridicule by saying, “They call me stupid, I don’t care. I know who I am, I know what I am.”

Now, other students who are drawn to the music — and to Julian’s courage — have been showing up to dance with him. As this group of inspirational kids grows, they plan on dancing for other kids as advocates against bullying.

Watch Julian in action below, and please SHARE this incredible story about this young man with your friends!


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Four-Year-Old Shows Off Top Michael Jackson Moves

Sources: Irish Daily Star | All Things Michael


This pre-school toddler clearly already knows his ABC — as he can sing and dance to King of Pop Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

Talented Kodie Fitzsimons, from Dublin, can be seen in a hilarious video donning a Jackson outfit and reproducing the lyrics and moves of hits like Thriller, Bad and Man In The Mirror.

Parents Philip and Claire, from Walkinstown, believe that the four-year-old is destined for the big time as he is already starring in a musical show in Drimnagh.

The wannabe star is also a big fan of other current chart acts such as Ed Sheeran.


Dad Philip (29) yesterday told The Star: “Kodie has always loved to watch Michael Jackson DVDs since he was very young and he picked up the performances very fast.

“He loves performing. He even does his song and dance routine in the aisles when we’re in Dunnes Stores doing the shopping and the other customers would be watching him.”

Philip added: “He isn’t into football so this is his passion.”

All-singing all-dancing Kodie still hasn’t started school as he’s only enrolling in St Damien’s National School in Walkinstown in September.

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Second Grade Siblings Imitate Michael Jackson For School Talent Show

Sources: Muscatine Journal – Ky Cochran | All Things Michael


MUSCATINE, Iowa — Mulberry Elementary School’s gym was filled with students and their families on Tuesday for the school’s annual student talent show.

Brothers Zach and Skylar DeLong, second graders, pulled out their best Michael Jackson moves to his song “Love Never Felt So Good.” They kicked and spun as the audience clapped to the beat, cheering them on.

“We watched videos of him,” Skylar said, explaining how they learned to dance like Michael Jackson.

It’d taken a lot of practice, the duo said.

Their favorite Michael Jackson song was “Billie Jean,” they said, and their favorite dance move of his was the moonwalk.

“They listen to a lot of Michael Jackson; I’m not kidding you, they do,” said the boys’ dad Jim, who came to watch them perform with their mom Angie and a couple of their brothers.

“They just came home one day like, ‘Dad, you know Michael Jackson? He’s dead,” he added, remembering the start of his sons’ fascination with the King of Pop. “They even made a mannequin of Michael Jackson at one point. They’re unique little boys.”


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Reed Shannon Talks Motown The Musical

Sources: Broadway World | All Things Michael


Actor Reed Shannon is currently on tour with Motown the Musical playing Young  Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. In our chat he talks about preparing for these roles and his young theatre life so far.

Unbelievable! You are playing  Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson when they were young like you. How difficult is it for you to differenciate between the 3 boys? What do you have to do physically and mentally to portray them? Did you watch tapes or listen to CDs to get the voices just right? I know Jackson performed young but I’m not sure about Little  Stevie Wonder.

I have been playing the roles of Little Berry Gordy, Little Stevie Wonder, and Little Michael Jackson since April of 2014, which has been an awesome experience! I watched and still watch YouTube videos about each of these icons. I do not have videos of Mr. Gordy as a child, but I have spent some time with him and have read about him, and he has told me how Stevie and Michael were as kids. For the Stevie role I close my eyes and imagine not being able to see, and really use my sense of hearing every time I perform, and for the Michael Jackson role, I put myself in the mind set of auditioning as a younger child and really trying to show Mr. Gordy that I can perform for the whole world!

Did you know about these people before you became involved in this show? Had you heard Stevie Wonder sing? I’m sure you heard Michael Jackson. Talks about this.

I listened to young and older Michael Jackson before I was cast in Motown, and just a little bit of Stevie Wonder. Since landing the role, I have tried to listen to everything I can that each of them has written and produced! I believe their music has such a great message that if people take it in, it could change the world and help some of the problems in society.

What songs do you perform in Motown?

“Hey Joe (Black Like Me)”, “I Got the Feeling”,”Who’s Loving You”,”The Love You Save”,”ABC”

“I Want You Back”, and “I’ll Be There.”

How old are you? What is your experience onstage before Motown? Be specific!

Fourteen. I was trained to sing, act, and dance at NC Theatre Conservatory and my biggest roles were Gavroche inLes Miserables (regionally), and I was a work house boy in !Oliver, and also I performed as Sonny in In the Heights, and as the Youngest Tommy in The Who’s Tommy. I also had roles at my charter school in Peter Pan, School House Rock, and I was Mr. Bill the Candy Store owner and got to sing Candy Man (like Sammy Davis, Jr.), in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Which character is the hardest for you to play? Which is the easiest? Why?

Stevie Wonder is the easiest to play, since there are just a few lines, and it is mostly acting, and the Little MJ role is the hardest, because there is so much precision dancing and singing at the same time.

How do you prepare before each show? Do you do something special before you go onstage besides vocal warmup?

I always try to get a 45 minute nap, then drink some tea with honey, get something healthy to eat like a salad, maybe play some jokes on my parents or cast mates, then put some good motivation music in my ears!


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Michael Jackson Dance Program For Special Needs

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Let your kids have an AMAZING time by enrolling them in our exciting Michael Jackson dance classes! Dress like Michael, dance like Michael, perform like Michael! From the Moonwalk to Thriller our students get the ultimate Michael Jackson experience every week in our classes.

Special Needs Program (Children & Adult) Increase self confidence, better focus and social skills through dance! Learn step-by-step choreography, enjoy fun Michael Jackson exercises, games and more!

10986915_893044360737733_454065146325917104_n 11046819_883389498369886_5767430546951853011_n

Location: Weekly
Marlboro Dance School
479 NJ-79
Morganville, NJ 07751

Monday 7:00 – 8:00pm – Special Needs Program

* We are a proud member of DDD Real Life Choices

Become part of our growing family!

MJXpressions, LLC
New York Tri-State/International
Phone: 732 859 2541
Toll Free: 844 (266 5659)



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Children’s Ballet Theatre Of Michigan To Present CBT LIVE! With Thriller Finale

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Lansing, MI — The Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan is busy rehearsing an upbeat repertoire show titled CBT LIVE! Creative Director Gregory M. George will transform Holt High School Theatre into an urban street scene complete with a live DJ and laser light show on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd at 7:00 p.m. and again Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00 p.m. Audience members should plan to purchase tickets early at

‘We are so excited to present superbly trained, charismatic young dancers in a high voltage evening of spectacular dance,” said Board Chair Michelle Renfrew. “Contemporary Ballet has come of age and it’s more exciting than ever!”

The adventure includes modern songs by Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift as well as music by classic artists. The highlight of the show is a special zombie finale to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

‘This explosive show will be a fast-paced romp of nostalgia. Children’s Ballet Theatre has excelled in blending traditional ballet, hip hop, contemporary and acrobatics into an unbelievable evening of entertainment,” said graduating senior Shannon Gebaur. “LIVE! will showcase our company in an array of energetic, athletic ballets that are sure to inspire dancing in the audience.”

CBT is a premiere audition based company comprised of over 60 dancers ages 8-18 who reside throughout Michigan. The LIVE! cast will once again partner with Children’s Miracle Network to feature Jordan Goward, Caroline Thomas, McKenzie Robins, Olivia Franklin, Sonya Webster, and Caitlyn Wells.

This is an exciting time to be a part of CBT. The November Nutcracker performance will celebrate the 35 anniversary of the company. Company Auditions for aspiring new dancers will take place May 9th at the studio. Children must be 8 years old to participate. Visit for an audition schedule.


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