When Fans Reflect: Michael Jackson = Uncontained Joy

Originally posted on Flying Of Sparks:

Another wonderful written post I found about Michael:

by Adrianne Murchison /examiner.com

Michael lives in fans` hearts

Michael lives in fans` hearts

In life, there was something about Michael Jackson that could not be explained in words.

In death, he still has the power to overwhelm us.

That was evident on Sunday night when Alica Keys was visibly moved at how Michael’s spirit filled the room during the BET awards show.

A friend wrote to me saying that the pop star’s death suddenly hit him, over the weekend, while listening to “Got to Be There” on a New York City bus. Tears started to flow, uncontrollably, he said.

He switched his i-Pod to “Can you Feel It,” to try to lighten his mood.

Yes, there’s something about Michael that crosses generations.

Here are stories of Michael’s impact during his lifetime.

A momentary glimpse of Michael enjoying childhood

Jaaz Jones remembers a play-date gone wrong with…

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