Make Up Effects Artist Rick Baker’s Collection Headed To Auction – Includes Items From Thriller And Moonwalker

Source: Daily Mail – By Evan Bleiber | All Things Michael

This Michael Jackson robotic transformation face is from the film Moonwalker and it has a value of $3,000 Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

This Michael Jackson robotic transformation face is from the film Moonwalker and it has a value of $3,000

Fans of blockbusters like Men In Black, Batman Forever and How The Grinch Stole Christmas will have a chance to own a piece of Hollywood history when an amazing collection of props and puppets goes under the hammer at the end of May.

The collection, which was created by legendary make-up effects artist Rick Baker, will be auctioned off at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles, California, and on starting May 29.

The collection from Baker’s Cinovation studio is worth an estimated $746,100 and some of the items are expect to fetch more than $40,000 when they are offered to the public for the first time.

The 417 original items are from more than 50 productions, according to Icon Versus Icon.

During Baker’s 30-year career, the 64-year-old worked on other films like An American Werewolf in London, Planet of the Apes, Batman & Robin, Hellboy and Mighty Joe Young.

The Hero Joe head from Mighty Joe Young has a value of $6,000. Baker also worked on Planet of the Apes.

The Hero Joe head from Mighty Joe Young has a value of $6,000. Baker also worked on Planet of the Apes.

Items from those movies, as well as from Michael Jackson’s 1988 Moonwalker film and 1983 Thriller music video, will all be sold to the highest bidder.

Brandon Alinger of Prop Store said: ‘“We are delighted to offer a no reserve live auction of over 400 items direct from Rick Baker’s Cinovation studio to the public.

‘Baker’s career needs no introduction and it’s been an honor to work with him to prepare this sale, which spans his 30-plus years in the business.

‘The Rick Baker auction is an exciting opportunity for collectors and fans of the make-up artist to have a chance to take home some of the brilliant creations from their favorite films.”’


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SketchSHE Is Back With ‘Mime Through Time’

Sources: DC101 | All Things Michael


The beautiful and hilarious Australian trio SketchSHE returns.

In March, their lip-sync cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody grabbed people’s attention.

Now, they’re taking it up a notch.  In their new video, called Mime Through Time, the ladies take us through music history from The Andrews Sisters to The Beatles to Queen to Michael Jackson to Nirvana to Beyonce.



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Houston Beauty Queen And Speed Artist Uses Michael Jackson’s Music To Inspire Others

Sources: – By Don Maines | All Things Michael


Chyna Wheatley dashes out a painting in just 90 seconds as a crowd watches with bated breath.

Rhythms from a “Fast and Furious” movie intensify each sweeping motion of brush strokes. Time ticks away as the music shifts to a Michael Jackson song, then Wheatley steps back to reveal her creation.

What seemed like random flourishes now appears as a portrait of the King of Pop.

Drawing was a leisurely pastime for Wheatley, 23, from the time she could hold a crayon, but she picked up the pace when she took up speed painting.

The West Oaks resident recently graduated with a degree in interior design from The Art Institute of Houston at 4140 Southwest Freeway.

But that’s not where she “stumbled upon” speed painting.

She decided to enter the Miss Texas pageant, which picks the Lone Star State’s representative to the annual Miss America scholarship pageant.

“One of the main things that separates Miss America from other pageants is the talent competition, and I saw another contestant create a charcoal drawing for her talent,” Wheatley said.

That gave her an idea to paint art in a 90-second exhibition.

Wheatley was crowned Miss Houston 2015 at a pageant Nov. 2 at the University of Houston’s University Center.

Wheatley often speed paints in her appearances as a Miss Houston titleholder, such as her performance for an audience of youngsters at Miller Outdoor Theatre that launched Domestic Violence Awareness Month last fall. For that presentation, she chose the Michael Jackson song “Beat It” for musical accompaniment.

“I was inspired in that Michael was all about peace and more specifically, peace through his music,” Wheatley said.

“In the actual video (of ‘Beat It’), he stopped a gang fight and everyone danced with him. This is what I want to encourage our youth to do.

“Bullying and gang violence plague our school systems and our community,” Wheatley said.

“Using an illustration of an iconic figure such as Michael Jackson allows me to reach the hearts of students and engage them in rethinking their actions before they commit acts of violence.”

For more information about Wheatley, visit


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Who From History Would You Like To Meet?

Sources: Statesman Journal | All Things Michael


Some kids were asked by a local newspaper to name someone from history that they would like to meet.

Here are a few of their interesting and delighful responses:

Bridget Raffensperger, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

I would meet Jesus because I could get to learn more about him and hear his teachings.

Hannah Estrabo, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

If I could go back in time I would meet Adam and Eve so I could tell them not to screw up.

Anthony Saltarello, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

Moses, because I could find the Ark of the Covenant.

Samuel Schindler, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

I would meet Lewis and Clark to go on their adventure with them to the west.

Spencer Elliot, Grade 6, Judson

I would want to meet Michael Jackson because I need to learn some of his dance moves.

Kyle Fromwiller, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

If I could meet one person in history it would be John F. Kennedy before he got killed and tell him not to drive in the car he got killed in. Then my president report on him would be more interesting.

Aidan Ayres, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

If I could visit someone from history, it would be Galileo so I can see the planets and stars with him.

Santigo Blanco-Mills, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

I would meet Walt Disney because I could see him create all the Disney magic we have today!

Skyla Troxell, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

I would meet Abraham Lincoln because I am doing a report on him.

Ismael Lopez, Grade 5, Queen of Peace

I would meet George Washington and steal his presidency.



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Tech Firm Linked With Michael Jackson

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AN Australian technology investment company has bought a stake in a new American social media app linked with Michael Jackson’s estate.

YONDER and Beyond, which listed locally in February, is buying 10 per cent of PlayMeet, which will connect users who share similar musical tastes, whether it’s Kylie Minogue, Elvis Presley or One Direction.

“Tinder for music is the best way to explain it,” chief executive Shashi Fernando told AAP, comparing it to a popular dating app.

“If you’re playing a lot of Kylie underneath, it will also know that and match you to different groups of people that you can interact with.

“PlayMeet launched as a Sony joint venture 2013 but it won’t go live in Australia and the US until May.

It has been likened to the era of cassettes, when friends shared personal mix tapes with each other.

“That whole ability to share and work with each other to create stuff for each other is not there anymore so PlayMeet plays into that,” Mr Fernando said.

Renowned music producer John McClain, an executor of Michael Jackson’s estate who has previously worked with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, helped create PlayMeet.Yonder and Beyond is acquiring a 10 per cent interest in the app for $US1 million, staged over two $US500,000 transactions.

Yonder is based in London, with offices in Perth and Los Angeles.It joined the Australian Securities Exchange by taking over shell company Quintessential Resources, which had been a Papua New Guinea gold miner.

Yonder and Beyond shares fell two cents to 18 cents.


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25th Anniversary Of Ryan White’s Passing From AIDS

Source: WTHR – By Matt McCutcheon | All Things Michael


April 8, 2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Ryan White. The Indiana teenager died of AIDS just days before his high school graduation.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s been 25 years because he lived five and a half years with AIDS which was a long time at that time, and those five and a half years, he got a lot of life out of them,” his mother, Jeanne White-Ginder said.

The Russiaville teenager made national headlines just trying to go to school when the disease was so scary and unknown.

“Everybody thought the number one priority in my life was Ryan going to school; that was not my number priority. My top priority was keeping Ryan alive as long as I could; number two was keeping my daughter Andrea involved in our family because it was so chaotic. Number three was my job at GM which I needed so badly and down the list was the fight to go to school, but it gave Ryan hope. It gave him a purpose,” she explained.

Jeanne White-Ginder is in Indianapolis for a book launch about her son. The book “The Quiet Hero: A Life of Ryan White,” was written by Nelson Price, a newspaper reporter who followed the family’s story. The Indiana Historical Society published the book, which chronicles the family’s struggles.

all things Michael edit
“Your hometown was against you, but you had the world that was really pulling for you,” she said.

When asked if there was ever a time when she said, ‘why me, why did this have to happen to me and to our family,’ Jeanne White-Ginder said, “Ryan never said it, but I said it a lot because I felt with him being born with hemophilia, that was kind of a curse in itself.”

In 1985 at the age of 13, Ryan White received a tainted blood treatment, infecting him with AIDS.

“It was just like how could this happen. There’s no way this should have happened to a young kid that’s already been through so much,” she said.

His Russiaville school fought to keep him out.

Knowledge about the disease then was low, while fear was high.

“I wanted to go to school and be like everyone else because it’s no fun sitting at home,” Ryan White said in a WTHR file interview.

His smiles hid the struggles of fighting a disease and having to move to a new community for acceptance.

Ryan appeared on TV shows, was in a movie, and spoke in front of politicians.

“I said Ryan how do you do it? How do you keep from getting so nervous? He said mom, let me give you some advice, he said just don’t try to use those big fancy words and you’ll be okay,” Jeanne White-Ginder laughed.

She continues his legacy for education and a cure.

The family that many had turned their back on, suddenly had friends in celebrities from around the world.

“We never kind of got caught up in it, but at the same time, it’s unbelievable,” she said.

The King of Pop flew to the White’s rural Indiana home with Donald Trump when Ryan died. She answered the door and immediately threw her arms around Michael Jackson and exclaimed, “He loved to see you.”

7311679_G 7311765_G
Elton John also visited the family that day. He continues to be a constant in the family’s life today.

The night he sang “Candle in the Wind” at Farm Aid in Indianapolis in 1990, Ryan took a turn for the worse.

“When he left the hospital, Ryan started getting worse and I called him and he said as soon as he’s done, he’s coming back. So “Candle in the Wind” is a reminder that I knew that’s when things were getting bad,” Jeanne White-Ginder said.

Ryan White’s packed funeral brought First Lady Barbara Bush and dozens of dignitaries and celebrities. After they left and friends and family returned to work, Jeanne had to deal with her son’s loss.

“That’s when it’s hard. I had trouble with my daughter. My daughter never wanted to come home because when she came home, her brother wasn’t there,” she said.

In the 25 years since, Andrea White graduated from Indiana University and is now a history teacher and coach.

Jeanne has remarried and moved to Florida.

“I hated to leave Ryan’s grave, I think that was the worst part because I enjoyed being so close to him,” White-Ginder said.

But he’s with her every day on the pages of dozens of scrapbooks.

“I think the emptiness from losing a child is forever. It’s a daily thing,” she said.

There’s a chapter about Greg Louganis.

“He was my inspiration to really fight through and take one dive at a time,” Louganis said.

The Olympic diver felt compelled to meet the Indiana teenager. Louganis was struggling with coming out as a gay man living with HIV.

“One thing Ryan taught me is that it’s important to speak up and speak out and to educate,” he said.

That education continues with the new book, and a special launch event Wednesday night at the Indiana Historical Society. White-Ginder, Louganis, and Price will take part in a special panel discussion about the book and anniversary at 6:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

It’s the latest chapter that’s part of the rich history of a boy who’s fight to fit in made him a celebrity and humanized AIDS.

“I wanted to carry on his message to eliminate this disease called AIDS and to give people hope and to conquer bullying like kids making fun of you, there are so many issues that Ryan’s story dwells on that I think so many people could learn so many issues from Ryan’s story. It puts a smile on my face to think that Ryan did so much in the eyes of the AIDS epidemic,” White-Ginder said.

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MJ’s Magician Franz Harary’s To Open House Of Magic In China

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Hollywood, CA, March/April 2015 – Discovered by superstar Michael Jackson at the age of 20, FRANZ HARARY is today – without question – the most famous, successful, and internationally acclaimed Magician and Illusionist working anywhere on the Planet. Currently, Harary is preparing for his most ambitious project yet – the grand opening, during September 2015, of “Franz Harary’s House of Magic.” This $40-million attraction will be permanently housed within the new “Studio City Macau,” a $ 3.2 billion hotel and casino resort complex located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, China (Asia’s “Las Vegas.”)

Michael and Franz

NOTE: To view Promotional Video of “Franz Harary’s House of Magic” see:   Password:   magic

“Franz Harary’s House of Magic,” which Harary designed and where he will perform his award-winning “Mega Magic” show, represents the world’s most sophisticated, state-of-the-art magic production in history. This new, unprecedented venue, comprised of four live performance theatres, will enthrall millions of fans from around the world. Upon its opening, these fans will witness an array of mind-bending, never-before-seen magic experiences, illusions that Harary has prepared exclusively for this site.

Regarding his new venture, Harary said, “During the course of the past 30 years, my magic has literally taken me around the planet and has introduced me to the world’s greatest illusionists. Today, I am proud to announce that I will be bringing those incredible wizards to Macau, where they can showcase their art in a place designed to let their magic shine. I am thrilled to have created the ‘House of Magic ‘at Studio City— the most advanced magic venue on Earth, and a theatrical setting sure to become the premier performance destination for magicians globally!”


Described as “An intimate, two-hour, live experiential presentation,” Franz Harary’s “House of Magic” has been conceived as an immersive experience “designed by a magician, for magicians.” Visitors to the new, $40-million venue, will be treated to brand new, large-scale magical illusions, including: shrinking motorcycles; cars appearing from nowhere, and members of the audience being levitated and teleported to distant locations. “Our show is being designed to  reduce adult audience members back to their days as children, recapturing that sense of wonder and awe we all had when we were very young,” Harary says.

Art designed in a “retro-tech, steam punk” look and feel by noted Art Director Tim Delaney (the man behind Disneyland’s “Tomorrowland,”) Franz Harary’s “House of Magic” will be comprised of four theatres: the “Illusion Laboratory,” where guests can interact with magical toys, gizmos and illusionary gadgets of all shapes and sizes; the “Paris Opera House,” a French Nouveau style theatre featuring the world’s best classical magicians; a “Middle Earth” -style theatre, in which guests will feel  transported to a beautiful, mystical forest right out of “The Hobbit;” and a “Future Tech” Mega Magic theatre, which, through state-of-the-art multi-media technologies, will take guests on amazing odysseys thru the human imagination.

Adds Harary, “We expect that the ‘House of Magic’ is sure to become to Magic what Hollywood has long been to Movies.”


When it opens during September 2015, “Studio City Macau” will establish Macau, China, as an unprecedented entertainment destination. The new hotel/resort/casino complex will offer a “next generation” of outstanding entertainment-driven leisure experiences to visitors from every corner of the planet. Studio City Macau represents the world’s newest international tourism center. See:


Over the course of the past 30 years, more people around the world have experienced the magic of legendary performer Franz Harary than that of any other magician in the history of the art form. The Associated Press once wrote: “Franz Harary’s magic is arguably the most innovative of our time,” while CNN has called his body of work, “An entertainment empire.”

Today, virtually every illusion show in Las Vegas features some element of Harary’s magic design, as he has established himself as the leading designer of illusions in the world. In addition to his work as a designer, he also continues to star in his own live show, “Mega Magic,” the largest touring illusion production in history.

As an on-screen television personality, Harary’s credits are equally massive, both in the U.S. and overseas. His TV series, “Magic Planet,” runs in syndication globally, while his earlier series, “Masters of Illusion,” along with many of his 42 other television specials, remain alive on TV screens around the world via reruns.

As a magic designer and producer, Harary’s work in his chosen field is without precedent – his ground-breaking innovations in the field of live, on-stage magical illusions are unmatched.  His client base has included a “Who’s Who” of celebrities, including Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson, David Copperfield, Cher, Madonna, Usher, and Missy Elliott, and such major brands as Honda, Nissan, AT&T, GM, Pepsi, Sony and Toyota. In addition, his illusions have been featured within dozens of live, televised, world-class events, including the Grammy Awards, the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl, and many others.

For Additional Biography & Background Info on Franz Harary:


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Michael Jackson Visit the Sets of Red Dragon, The Goonies And Home Alone 2

Sources: – By Christopher Campbell | All Things Michael


Did you know that Brett Ratner and Michael Jackson were good buddies? They never worked together, exactly, but they became close following a business matter involving the making ofRush Hour. Ratner needed to get the King of Pop’s approval on a moment in the comedy where Chris Tucker does one of Jackson’s signature moves. “We both had this huge, almost childlike fascination with movies and music and all kinds of entertainment,” Ratner said of their bond after Jackon’s death — their joint-favorite classic: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

In 2002, Ratner was directing Red Dragon, his adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel, and he invited Jackson to the set. Everyone was excited, as you can see in part of the behind-the-scenes documentary A Director’s Journey: The Making of ‘Red Dragon’, which is on the Red Dragon DVD. And best among them was Ralph Fiennes, who acknowledged the music icon’s presence in character as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, aka “the Tooth Fairy,” while filming a scene with Emily Watson. Watch the excerpt of Jackson’s visit below.

And here’s Jackson and Ratner, dancing in a car while listening to R. Kelly, because why not?

Jackson (and/or his chimp Bubbles) was apparently invited to a number of movie sets over the years just as randomly, without having any involvement with the productions. Here are some more videos and images of or about the singer visiting the sets of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and The Goonies:

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