Feel Our Love: The Maria Fernandes Homegoing Fund

Sources: Legacy of Love (Facebook) | All Things Michael

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On August 25th, we unexpectedly lost fellow Michael Jackson fan and sister, Maria “Jackson” Fernandes. Help us give her a proper homegoing.

On August 25th, Maria ‘Jackson’ Fernandes passed away in her car between working 4 job shifts. Maria was a committed employee, thoughtful friend and a devoted Michael Jackson fan, who lived as he did by giving back to those who was in more need than herself.


The outpouring of love and support for Maria’s Story has been tremendous and amazing. Because we know so many people want to do something, we have set up a fundraising page. Although we cannot bring Maria back, the least we can do is give her the homegoing she deserves.

All contributions will go to Maria’s final wish of cremation and having her ashes taken to her favorite places including Neverland Ranch and Forest Lawn in California.


Read more about how you can help

Read more about Maria’s Story:

All Things Michael would like to send love and condolences to the Fernandes and Legacy of Love families. We didn’t know Maria personally, but she sounds like a wonderful and special person who touched many people during her short time on earth. RIP dear one. ♥

Michael Jackson’s 12 Best Moments On Stage [Video]

Sources: Vibe Vixen | All Things Michael


It seems every time we celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday, a wave of nostalgia for his music takes over. It’s common knowledge that the late icon laid the blueprint for performing with his countless live performances. Although he unexpectedly died in 2009, we still have a rich catalog of his work to enjoy.

Watch 12 of his best moments on stage.

Jackson Five Medley- Motown 25 Medley

“Billie Jean” on Motown 25 Special

“Man In The Mirror/The Way You Make Me Feel” at 1988 Grammy Awards

1993 Superbowl Halftime Show

“Smooth Criminal” at Wembley Stadium (1988)

Jackson Five Reunion at 2001 MSG Concert

“I Want You Back” on The Ed Sullivan Show

“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”- 1997 Munich Concert

Medley at 1995 VMA’s

“Dangerous”-1993 American Music Awards

“Remember The Time”- 1993 Soul Train Awards

“Billie Jean” on the 1987 “Bad Tour”


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Toto Guitarist Steve Lukather Talks About Tour, Playing For Michael, His Career And More

Sources: NJ.com – By Mark Voger | All Things Michael


Five Grammy wins; $35 million in record sales; 10 Top 40 songs. And yet, Toto ‐ the prog-pop band behind the ’70s-’80s hits “Hold the Line,” “Rosanna” and “Africa” ‐ occasionally finds itself an object of ridicule, owing to its sometimes unabashedly commercial sound.

It doesn’t bother Toto guitarist Steve Lukather.

“We love it; we have a sense of humor about it,” he says in a recent call. “Justin Timberlake has made fun of us. I was a ‘South Park’ character.

“Success is the best revenge. I’m in Ringo Starr’s band. I’m in Toto. I’m just glad to be in a classic-rock band. I wear that term as a badge of pride. I get paid to play the guitar. I get to see the world. I’ve got great kids. Life is good.”

And Toto ‐ now on tour behind Michael McDonald, with two upcoming Jersey gigs ‐ still wins new fans.

“We’re baffled at how young the audiences are, to tell you the truth,” Lukather says.

“They’re finding us through the internet. It’s not a sea of blue hair out there at all. We’re not a trendy band, so people are curious. Some go to college and hear ‘Africa.’ That song took on a life of its own.

“We made our first album in 1977, and we were friends from high school, in ’74. We’ve been around for damn near 40 years.”

Toto in 1984.

Toto in 1984.

Toto is only half the story for Lukather, who is one of pop music’s most prolific session guitarists. Lukather was on hand for some key moments in pop, playing for such artists as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher, to name a few. One Lukather specialty is to inject a rock sensibility into other genres.

“They hired me for that,” says the California native, 56. “I’ve done solos on some silly songs, where people say, ‘What? That was you?’ I could go in, do it fast, have a laugh and then get out. I’ve played on literally thousands of records.”

How many such sessions has Lukather played?

“I forget a lot of them,” he says. “The count varies depends on who you ask.”
We’re asking you, Steve Lukather.

“Somewhere around a couple grand, is what I’ve been told,” he says nonchalantly.

One of those key moments was Michael Jackson’s 1983 “Thriller.” Lukather played on every song on the album.

“I’m honored to be on the biggest selling record of all time,” he says.

As for working with Jackson: “He was really sweet to me. I never saw any weird (stuff). He was young and on fire, and I was happy to be there.”

But things have slowed down since digital sharing put a whammy on the music industry ‐ something Lukather compares with the profession of his interviewer.

“Computers destroyed the music industry, and it destroyed the newspaper industry,” he says.

“People think you shouldn’t have to pay for music, you shouldn’t have to pay for reporting. Everything is bloggers. They think: Anybody can be a writer. Really? Anybody can be a musician. Really?”

One doesn’t even have to sing in key these days, Lukather is told.

“You have no idea,” he says. “It’s ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ now more than you could ever imagine. If you want a steady job, be the guy that auto-tunes vocals. You’ll never be out of work.”

Sept. 3: 7:30 p.m. at Bergen Performing Arts Center, 30 N. Van Brunt Street, Englewood. $55 to $155. (201) 227-1030 or visit bergenpac.org
Sept. 6: 8 p.m. at Harrah’s, Atlantic City, 777 Harrah’s Blvd., Atlantic City. $45 to $85. (609) 441-5000 or visit harrahsresort.com


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Review: Orianthi Impresses Live At Hard Rock Cafe

Sources: ABS-CBSnews – By Jackie Dosmanos | All Things Michael


It’s the third and final leg of female guitar whiz Orianthi’s first visit in Manila. Previously, she strutted her stuff at the Chef & Brewer in Ortigas Center and 19 East in Sucat, Paranaque.

Orianthi flew to Manila primarily to promote her latest single “Every Road Leads To You,” a recent collaboration with Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. The bigger come-on to see her performance begins with the YouTube videos in which she trades licks with the likes of Steve Vai. She also played in rehearsals with the legendary Michael Jackson in rehearsals for a world tour aborted by the Gloved One untimely demise. Her own idol Carlos Santana said Orianthi would be at the top of his list of candidates he’d pass on the baton when the legendary guitar player decides to lay down his axe for good.

All seats were already taken at the appointed show start. The crowd, who spent a two-hour wait feasting on Hard Rock’s gastronomic delights, stood up and cheered when the diminutive (by rock standards) Orianthi finally walked up to the stage.

She wore a top hat, black dress with sequined black coat and a black pair of short pants. The more striking things about her were her long blonde hair and the slight drawl when she greeted the audience with a curt, “How are you?”

After a spiel about loving every minute of her stay in Manila and a promise to be back soon, Orianthi launched into “Heaven In This Hell,” a crunchy pop-metal fare where she regaled the audience with a smooth, virtuosic guitar shredding solo before the fade-out. A batch of songs from her two previous albums got the same treatment before she unleashed a stirring cover of Santana’s blues classic “Europa.”

Orianthi picked up the pace once more with a pop-rocking “According To You,” the song she performed with Carrie Underwood at the 2009 Grammys. With her fluid guitar work, it broke the teenage wunderkind Orianthi from relative obscurity to mainstream fame.


She then delivered a wildly appreciated guitar run that rocked the funk in Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” followed by a luscious jam with former General Luna lead guitarist Caren Mangaran. The latter was particularly impressive because instead of the typical grimace of male shredders, the crowd witnessed two lovely smiling faces comfortably picking melodic chords from their respective instruments.

Occasional wolf whistles issued at the back end of the hall but they came mostly from artist manager Ronnie Henares who had a hand in bringing Orianthi to Manila.

In fact, there was hardly any obvert sensuality emanating from the stage. Instead, an almost reverential awe came from the audience marveling at the peerless playing from Ori and her superb interaction with an all-Filipino back-up band.

The musicians played well together showcasing the support band’s remarkable timing at the beginning of every song, allowing Ori wide room to explore with her guitar. They may have known each another for only a week or so, but the apparent spontaneity of the whole show felt as if drawn from a long experience playing off each player’s strengths.

It’s easy to name check the sources that inspired Orianthi’s young career – ‘70s Santana, ’80 Eddie Van Halen, ‘90s Steve Vai.

On this night however, she was one original figure apart from her idols. Heroine or goddess of shred, all right, but also this generation’s best guitar slinger, to boot.

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Five Michael Jackson Songs That Charted Higher Internationally Than In The US

Sources: Idolator – Mike Wass| All Things Michael


August 29 would have been Michael Jackson‘s 56th birthday. It boggles the mind to think what treasures the King of Pop could have created if he were still alive but his legacy is so incredibly vast that there’s always something new to discover. To celebrate the life of the gloved genius, I’ve put together a list of five singles that performed considerably better overseas than at home.

It’s hard to fathom how classic tracks like 1995′s environmental awareness-raising “Earth Song” could be the highest-selling MJ single of all time in the UK but not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. That has a lot to do with the way charts were compiled in the ’90s and the lack of a physical release but it still feels completely wrong. Discover over such cases after the jump.

1. “Heal The World”

The sixth single from Dangerous only reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 but the inspiring ballad performed considerably better in Europe. It peaked at number three in Germany and number two in France and the UK.

2. “Give In To Me”

The next single from Dangerous received even less love stateside, where it didn’t garner an official release. However, the rock anthem received a lot of attention around the world. It peaked at number one in New Zealand, number four in Australia and number two in the UK.

3. “Earth Song”

As I mentioned earlier, “Earth Song” wasn’t given an official released in the US in 1995. Meanwhile, it’s MJ’s highest-selling single in the UK where it spent six weeks at number one. It also topped the charts in Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

4. “Stranger In Moscow”

This is one of my all-time favorite Michael Jackson songs because I think it gives astonishing insight into the loneliness he was feeling at the time. The HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book Isingle reached number 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 but topped the charts in Italy and Spain. It also reached number four in the UK and 14 in Australia.


5. “Blood On The Dance Floor”

The lead single from the pop icon’s 1997 Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix remix album, “Blood On The Dance Floor” stalled at number 42 in the US but reached number one in New Zealand, Spain and the UK.


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See DSP’s Cool Musical Tribute To Michael Jackson!

Sources: Malligadu.com | All Things Michael

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Devi Sri Prasad the sensational south Indian Music director recently returned from USA. He went there for Live in concerts, mesmerized audience with his on stage performances. He released a Video yesterday as tribute to Michael Jackson on Eve of the great’s birthday on August 29.

Devi Sri Prasad, has created a special track Jalsa and made it a tribute to legendary Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was the king of the pop and he is no more with us but there are many followers who are still in ave of Michael across the world and music director Devi Sri Prasad is one among them.

DSP’s Musical Tribute to Michael Jackson

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[VIDEO] The Jackson’s Talk About Michael’s Birthday With Tom Joyner

Sources: Black America Web | All Things Michael


The famous brothers talked to the TJMS about growing up in his Indiana, their sleeping arrangements in the small home and who pee’d in the bed.

TOM JOYNER:  We are here onstage with the Jacksons.  And I wish you were here, during the break we did Acapulco Jackson Five and Jackson songs and Jermaine Jackson songs and everybody sang along.  It was incredible Jackie.

JACKIE:  Incredible, amazing.

JACKIE:  It’s great to sing with you, Tom.

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah.  Turn these mics up.  You know, they talk soft.  (Laughter).  I don’t know they do it.  Jermaine.

JERMAINE:  Except for Tito.


JERMAINE:  Oh, I don’t …

ANTHONY BROWN: Yeah, Tito’s got that bass.

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah.  Hey, Jermaine, what’s going on, man?

JERMAINE:  What’s going on with you?

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah, good man.  I’m so glad you’re here.  I saw you guys when you opened in Vegas.  I came backstage and I said; would you please, please, please bring your family and your act to the Tom Joyner Family Reunion.  You said; yes, I’ll do it.

JERMAINE:  Here we are.

JACKIE:  Yes, sir.

TOM JOYNER:  And your dad and your mom were backstage and it was a beautiful thing.

JERMAINE:  Thank you.

TOM JOYNER:  It was a beautiful show.  And I said then, I said, if anyone gets a chance to see this show, you should.  And we will have it at the family reunion.  Now you’ve been touring, and everywhere you go I get messages that you turned it out and that they were coming here because they saw you in Kentucky and other places.  The act is incredible.  You know what I like most, Tito, and Jackie, is when you do the breakdown and you talk about how you were raised, the behind the scene stories.

JERMAINE:  Uh-huh?

TOM JOYNER:  About Michael.  And one thing that I noticed is that watching the four of you let me know where Michael really got it from.  Being the younger brother, if you’re a younger sibling, you always want to be like your older sibling.  And when you see these guys performing you look on that stage and you go; oh, that’s where Mike got it from.

JERMAINE:  We were blessed but at the same time we had a mother and father who really wanted us to be our best, and my father and mother they really stayed behind us.  And like Tito said, Jackie, myself and Tito, we were trying to be the Isley Brothers when we first started?

TOM JOYNER:  Is that true?


JERMAINE:  That’s what we wanted to be like.  And Michael and Marlon were so young; they were too young to be in the act.  So once we heard Michael singing Climb Every Mountain at a PTA meeting at school we said you’re in the group, you’ve got to be in the band.

JACKIE:  That’s exactly how …

JERMAINE:  That’s how it happened, and Marlon, of course …

SYBIL WILKES:  Now he didn’t sing around the house with you all?  This was out in public at the PTA where he sang and you heard it for the first time?


JACKIE:  Yes, yes.

TITO:  We didn’t want to listen to him at all.  He was just a little baby, actually.  He and Marlon both running around playing with their little toys, and we were serious.  We were digging the Isley.  We wanted to be pros.  And they’re playing cars and just saying we want to be in the group.  And we like, no, get out here.  You know, you’re too little (laugh) you know, you’re our little itty, bitty baby brother

TOM JOYNER:  So, Jackie, you’re the oldest.


TOM JOYNER:  And so you dogged Marlon and Michael all the time, being the older brother.

JACKIE:  Yeah.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: What was his prank?

JERMAINE:  Jackie used to have us fighting all the time.


JACKIE:  But I tried to make them tough.

JERMAINE:  He would, no …

JACKIE:  Yeah.

JERMAINE:  … Jackie would give us a quarter.

JACKIE:  Because once they get outside they’re going to have to fight, so I tried to teach them how to box and …

TITO:  Tell them the story, Jermaine.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Tell the story.

JACKIE:  Tried to make them tough, you know.

JERMAINE:  Jackie would give us a quarter if Tito could be me up.  So he would have us fighting.

JACKIE:  That’s true, though.

TITO:  Yeah.

TOM JOYNER:  Real brothers.

SYBIL WILKES:  And who won those quarters?

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Who won the most fights?


TITO:  The thing about it, Jackie would pop popcorn first, he’d pop corn and watch us fight.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Well, they didn’t have a TV player and they didn’t have a television.

JACKIE:  That’s right.

SYBIL WILKES:  This was entertainment.

JACKIE:  But we had the black and white TV.  And we had the colorful screen, you know.

SYBIL WILKES:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

JACKIE:  And you put it on top of the TV you got color, right?

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Oh, they don’t know about that.

JACKIE:  That’s how we did it back then.

JERMAINE:  They don’t know about that.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  They young ones don’t know – raise your hands if you know about that.  That plastic over the television?

JACKIE:  Yeah.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: That’s right.

SYBIL WILKES:  Now you guys, at our Family Reunion, at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion, what about your family reunion?  Do you all get together?

JACKIE:  Oh, yeah.

SYBIL WILKES:  And so what are those like?

JACKIE:  They were …

JERMAINE:  Well, we just had game day at my mother’s house because she loves Pictionary.  So it was all the guys against the girls and the girls won for the first time ever.




JERMAINE:  The guys always beat.  And so my mother was there, and she’s happy and guessing, and the girls are cheating, of course.

SYBIL WILKES:  Hey, hey.

JERMAINE:  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Sorry ladies.

JERMAINE:  But this time they won.  But usually we win.


J. ANTHONY BROWN: How many people would it be when you all would get together.

JERMAINE:  Everybody.

TITO:  It’s about the same capacity here.

JERMAINE:  My mother, our father.


JACKIE:  Janet.

JACKIE:  Yeah.

JACKIE:  Randy.

SYBIL WILKES:  I was just asking Jackie, you are the proud papa of seven month old twins?


SYBIL WILKES:  Isn’t that incredible?


TOM JOYNER:  Seven month old twins?


SYBIL WILKES:  Seven month old twins.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Still got it.


JACKIE:  Still got it.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Jackie, Jackie, right here, still got it, man. Still got it.

JACKIE:  Yeah.  We’re set.

Jackie:  Jayden and River.  (Laughter)

JACKIE:  Seven month old twins.  They’re crawling around everywhere.  They keep me up all night.  But they’re a lot of fun, though.  I love them.  They’re great.

SYBIL WILKES:  And so all of your kids, do they exemplify some sort of talent or another?

JERMAINE:  Oh, yeah.  They’re into sports, golf, singing.  You’re going to hear a lot from Tito’s sons.

TITO:  No, your sons, Jermaine.

JERMAINE:  Jafar, and Jamagesty, which are coming out very soon and I’m very exciting.  And it’s all coming.  It’s coming at you very soon.

TOM JOYNER:  Today is your brother’s birthday.


TITO:  Yes, it is.  Yes it is.

TOM JOYNER:  He’s the youngest of all the kids?

TITO:  No.


TITO:  Janet.

JERMAINE:  Randy then Janet.

TOM JOYNER:  Randy then Janet.  And I’ve seen the house at 2300 Jackson Street.  Tell me about the sleeping arrangements?


TOM JOYNER:  How many square feet?

JERMAINE:  Our bed is probably the size of a closet, but Tito and I slept at the top, and Mike and Marlon slept in the middle and Jackie slept at the bottom, but you always say he got all the showers.  (Laughter)

TITO:  Yeah.

JERMAINE:  We were peeing in the bed.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: Which Jackson pee’d the bed the most? (Laughter)


TITO:  I did.

JERMAINE:  Tito did.  Tito wet the bed every day.  (Laughter)

TITO:  Yeah, every day, I couldn’t help it.

TOM JOYNER:  But really …

SYBIL WILKES:  You did grow out of that though, didn’t you?

TITO:  Sometimes I was afraid to go to sleep, Tom.  (Laughter)

J. ANTHONY BROWN: This explain why they kept Tito on the end. (Laughter)

TITO:  And my grandma used to get so mad at me.  Oh, my gosh, I was scared.  You know, I wouldn’t even sleep because I was scared to wet the bed.

TOM JOYNER:  Scared to wet the bed, huh?

TITO:  That’s right.  That’s right.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: I know your pain, I know what it’s like. I understand.

TITO:  I couldn’t help it.

J. ANTHONY BROWN: I understand, Tito, I understand your pain. Till I was 19.  (Laughter) Hey, you don’t know my pain.  You don’t know my pain.

SYBIL WILKES:  And his wife said he had to do something about that.

TOM JOYNER:  I think there might be a few tickets left for tomorrow night’s concert when the Jacksons, Dennis Edwards and the Temptations Review and the Bar Kays perform.

ANTHONY BROWN: Oh, my goodness.


JERMAINE:  I love it.

TOM JOYNER:  Yes, yes.  Tomorrow night, here at the All State Tom Joyner Family Reunion.  Let’s hear it for the Jacksons!

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Ticket Sales For Live With The Swediens!

Sources: B-2014 (Email) | All Things Michael


The moment has come to announce the upcoming opening of Live With The Swediens’ official ticket sales!!

This will take place on September 12th at exactly noon, on http://www.b-2014.com.

As you can guess, the number of tickets available is limited..So be sure to be on the starting blocks!

You will be given two options: a standard ticket or a VIP package, the details of which will be communicated to you on September 12th.

Thank you for the massive support and don’t forget to book the date!